Fielding stats are given overall and by position. In some cases, they will be identical.

1922 Fielding Gamelog (overall)

1922 Fielding Gamelog (overall)
Rk Gtm Date Tm Opp Rslt Inngs BF Inn PO A E Ch DP Pos
118 (17)May 6CHC@PITW,11-7CG09.060060
219May 7CHCPITL,5-11CG09.010010
320May 9CHCPHIL,4-9CG09.010010
421May 10CHCPHIL,0-4CG09.030030
522May 11CHCPHIL,9-11GS0 10010
623May 12CHCPHIL,4-7GS0 10120
726 (2)May 15CHCNYGL,0-1GF0 00000
832 (5)May 23CHCBROL,2-6CG09.040150
933May 25CHC@CINT,2-2CG08.010010
1035 (1)May 26 (2)CHC@CINL,1-2CG08.010010
1136May 27 (1)CHC@CINL,1-8CG08.010010
1237May 27 (2)CHC@CINL,6-7CG08.030030
1338May 28CHC@CINW,8-7CG09.010010
1439May 29CHCSTLL,4-5CG010.040040
1540May 30 (1)CHCSTLW,4-1CG09.000000
Player went from Chicago Cubs to St. Louis Cardinals
1643May 30 (2)STL@CHCL,1-3CG08.021030
Jun Tm Opp Rslt Inngs BF Inn PO A E Ch DP Pos
1745 (1)Jun 3STL@PITW,9-6CG09.020020
1846Jun 5STL@BSNL,0-6CG08.010010
1947Jun 6STL@BSNL,2-7CG08.020020
2048Jun 7STL@BSNL,2-5CG08.030030
2149Jun 8STL@BSNW,5-1CG09.020020
2250Jun 9STL@PHIW,4-3CG09.010120
2351Jun 10STL@PHIW,5-1CG09.010010
2452Jun 12STL@PHIW,14-8GS0 20020
2554 (1)Jun 14STL@BROL,0-4CG08.020020
2655Jun 15STL@BROW,4-3CG010.010010
2756Jun 16STL@BROL,2-12GS06.010010
2858 (1)Jun 18STL@NYGW,4-2GS0 00000
2959Jun 19STL@NYGW,5-4GS0 00000
3060Jun 23STLCHCL,2-5CG09.011020
3162 (1)Jun 25STLCHCW,11-1CG09.010010
3263Jun 26STLCINL,4-7CG09.020020
3364Jun 27STLCINW,9-8GS0 20020
3465Jun 29STL@PITW,8-5GS0 20020
3566Jun 30STL@PITW,6-0CG09.030030
Jul Tm Opp Rslt Inngs BF Inn PO A E Ch DP Pos
3667Jul 1 (1)STL@PITW,9-5CG09.020020
3768Jul 1 (2)STL@PITL,8-9CG08.010010
3869Jul 2 (1)STL@CINW,8-3CG09.020020
3970Jul 2 (2)STL@CINW,2-1CG09.020020
4071Jul 3STLCINL,3-6CG09.020020
4172Jul 4 (1)STLCINL,9-11CG09.010120
4273Jul 4 (2)STLCINW,6-5CG09.020020
4374Jul 5STLCINW,11-4CG09.020020
4475Jul 6STLBROW,14-2GS0 20020
4576Jul 7STLBROW,6-5CG09.020020
4677Jul 8STLBROW,10-7CG09.000000
4778Jul 9STLBROW,6-5CG09.010010
4879Jul 10STLBROW,4-1CG09.051061
4980Jul 11STLPHIW,3-0CG09.020020
5081Jul 12 (1)STLPHIL,2-8CG09.050050
5182Jul 12 (2)STLPHIL,2-3CG09.030030
5283Jul 13STLPHIW,1-0CG09.011021
5384Jul 14STLPHIW,9-5CG09.020020
5485Jul 15STLNYGW,4-3CG09.031041
5586Jul 16STLNYGW,1-0CG09.030030
5687Jul 17STLNYGL,2-3CG09.020020
5788Jul 18STLNYGW,9-8CG09.020020
5889Jul 19STLBSNW,7-6CG09.010010
5990Jul 20STLBSNW,5-4CG010.010010
6091Jul 21STLBSNW,6-1CG09.000000
6192Jul 22STLBSNW,9-8CG09.020020
6293Jul 23STLBSNL,1-4CG09.000000
6394Jul 25STL@NYGL,8-9CG08.040150
6495Jul 26STL@NYGL,5-10CG08.020020
6596Jul 27STL@NYGL,7-12CG08.000000
6697Jul 28 (1)STL@NYGL,4-8CG08.010010
6798Jul 28 (2)STL@NYGW,4-3CG09.000000
6899Jul 29STL@BROL,2-9CG08.010010
69100Jul 30STL@BROW,3-2CG09.020020
70101Jul 31STL@BROW,6-2CG09.010010
Aug Tm Opp Rslt Inngs BF Inn PO A E Ch DP Pos
71102Aug 3STL@PHIW,7-1CG09.000000
72103Aug 4STL@PHIW,9-7CG09.050050
73104Aug 5STL@PHIL,1-9CG08.040040
74105Aug 7STL@BSNL,8-9CG08.010010
75106Aug 9 (1)STL@BSNL,0-5CG08.030030
76107Aug 9 (2)STL@BSNW,6-5CG09.020020
77108Aug 10STL@BSNW,7-3CG09.030030
78109Aug 12STLCHCL,4-6CG09.030030
79110Aug 13STLCHCL,5-16CG09.020020
80111Aug 14STLCHCL,6-8CG09.000110
81112Aug 16STLBROL,2-3GS0 00000
81gm 144561553

1922 Fielding Gamelog (as CF)

1922 Fielding Gamelog (as RF)

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