Fielding stats are given overall and by position. In some cases, they will be identical.

1967 Fielding Game Log (overall)

1967 Fielding Game Log (overall)
Rk Gtm Date Tm Opp Rslt Inngs BF Inn PO A E Ch DP Pos
19 (8)Apr 23BOSNYYL,5-772.010010PH LF
May Tm Opp Rslt Inngs BF Inn PO A E Ch DP Pos
220 (10)May 7BOS@MINW,9-6GS358.000000RF
327 (6)May 14 (2)BOSDETW,13-9GS469.020020CF LF
429 (1)May 17BOSBALL,8-12CG449.010010RF
530May 19BOSCLEW,3-2CG349.030030RF
631May 20BOSCLEL,3-5GS185.031041RF
734 (2)May 23BOS@DETW,5-2CG369.010010RF
837 (2)May 26BOS@BALL,3-4GS224.010010RF
938May 27BOS@BALL,0-10GF103.000000LF
1039May 28BOS@BALW,4-3CG389.020020RF
1140May 30 (1)BOSCALW,5-482.001010PH 3B
1241May 30 (2)BOSCALW,6-1CG319.010010RF
Jun Tm Opp Rslt Inngs BF Inn PO A E Ch DP Pos
1344 (2)Jun 2BOS@CLEW,2-1GF41.000000RF
Player went from Boston Red Sox to Cleveland Indians
1449Jun 8CLE@MINW,7-5GS399.020020CF LF
1554 (4)Jun 11 (2)CLE@KCAW,3-2GS297.021030CF
1656 (1)Jun 13 (1)CLE@CALL,3-8CG408.010010CF
1758 (1)Jun 14CLE@CALL,2-3GS267.030030CF
1861 (2)Jun 18CLEMINL,2-4CG369.010010RF
1968 (6)Jun 25CLE@BOSL,3-8CG378.0210313B
2069Jun 27CLE@DETW,8-1GF92.000000PH CF
2171 (1)Jun 29CLE@DETW,5-3GS297.010010CF
2272Jun 30 (1)CLE@BALW,6-5GS6314.040040CF LF
2373Jun 30 suspCLE@BALL,1-8GS175.020020CF
Jul Tm Opp Rslt Inngs BF Inn PO A E Ch DP Pos
2478 (4)Jul 5CLEDETL,2-3GS368.010010CF
2581 (2)Jul 9 (1)CLEWSAL,5-8GF122.000000PH CF
2682Jul 9 (2)CLEWSAL,2-4CG359.030030CF
2783Jul 12CLECHWW,5-3GS379.030030CF LF
2885 (1)Jul 14 (1)CLE@NYYL,1-2CG308.020020LF
2986Jul 14 (2)CLE@NYYL,0-2GS348.020020CF LF
3087Jul 15CLE@NYYL,1-4CG348.020020CF
3189 (1)Jul 17CLE@WSAL,2-4GF92.010010PH RF
3290Jul 19CLENYYW,5-2GF41.000000LF
3397 (6)Jul 25 (2)CLE@CHWL,5-6GS216.020020CF
34101 (3)Jul 30 (2)CLEBALL,2-4GS205.020020CF
Aug Tm Opp Rslt Inngs BF Inn PO A E Ch DP Pos
35103 (1)Aug 1CLECHWL,5-11GS378.040040CF
36104Aug 2CLECHWW,5-1GS349.000000CF LF
37105Aug 4CLEDETW,11-5GS337.010010CF
38112 (6)Aug 10CLEBALW,2-1GS4512.030030LF
39113Aug 11 (1)CLENYYL,3-5CG429.010010LF
40115 (1)Aug 12CLENYYW,6-2GS349.031040CF LF
41117 (1)Aug 15CLE@WSAW,3-0GS329.030030CF LF
42119 (1)Aug 17CLE@WSAW,8-3GF298.010010PH LF
43120Aug 18CLE@DETL,0-4CG194.100000CF
44123 (2)Aug 20 (2)CLE@DETL,0-4CG318.020020CF
45124Aug 21CLECALL,4-6GS225.010010CF
46125Aug 22CLECALW,3-2CG359.020020CF
47127 (1)Aug 24CLECALW,2-1GF51.010010LF
48130 (2)Aug 26CLEMINW,5-2CG339.010120CF
49131Aug 27CLEMINL,3-6CG419.020020CF

1967 Fielding Game Log (as 3B)

1967 Fielding Game Log (as LF)

1967 Fielding Game Log (as CF)

1967 Fielding Game Log (as RF)