Fielding stats are given overall and by position. In some cases, they will be identical.

2008 Fielding Gamelog (overall)

2008 Fielding Gamelog (overall)
Rk Gtm Date Tm Opp Rslt Inngs BF Inn PO A E Ch DP Pos
12 (1)Apr 1SFG@LADL,2-3102.000000PH LF
23Apr 2SFG@LADW,2-1GS164.000000LF
35 (1)Apr 5SFG@MILL,4-5GS256.010010CF
48 (2)Apr 8SFGSDPW,3-261.020020LF
511 (2)Apr 11SFGSTLL,2-8CG449.030030CF
612Apr 12SFGSTLL,7-8GF223.100000CF
717 (4)Apr 18SFG@STLL,1-11GF214.120020CF
818Apr 19SFG@STLW,3-0GF72.010010RF
Player went from San Francisco Giants to Oakland Athletics
923Apr 24OAKMINW,11-2CG359.040040CF
1024Apr 25OAK@SEAW,4-3GF143.020020CF
1125Apr 26OAK@SEAL,3-5GS256.010010CF
1226Apr 27OAK@SEAW,4-2GF72.000000PR CF
1327Apr 28OAK@LAAW,14-2GF103.000000PR CF
1428Apr 29OAK@LAAL,0-2CG298.020020CF
May Tm Opp Rslt Inngs BF Inn PO A E Ch DP Pos
1530 (1)May 1OAK@LAAW,15-8GF102.000000PR CF
1632 (1)May 3OAKTEXL,3-6CG369.050050CF
1734 (1)May 5OAKBALW,2-1CG3710.010010CF
1835May 6OAKBALW,4-2CG339.040040CF
1936May 7OAKBALW,6-5GF143.000000CF
2038 (1)May 10OAK@TEXL,4-6GF132.010010PR CF
2139May 11OAK@TEXW,12-6GF62.000000PR CF
2240May 13OAK@CLEL,0-4GF71.000000CF
2341May 14OAK@CLEL,0-2CG318.030030CF
2442May 15OAK@CLEL,2-4CG368.000000CF
2544 (1)May 17OAK@ATLW,5-4GF133.010010CF
2645May 18OAK@ATLL,2-5GS225.001010CF
2746May 19OAKTBRL,6-7GF185.040040PR CF
2847May 20OAKTBRL,2-3CG389.040040CF
2948May 21OAKTBRW,9-1GF72.000000CF
3049May 23OAKBOSW,8-3GF103.020020CF
3150May 24OAKBOSW,3-0GF103.000000CF
3251May 25OAKBOSW,6-3GF72.000000CF
3352May 27OAKTORW,3-1GF102.010010PR CF
3453May 28OAKTORL,1-2GF92.010010CF
3554May 29OAKTORL,0-12CG509.020020CF
Jun Tm Opp Rslt Inngs BF Inn PO A E Ch DP Pos
3657 (2)Jun 1OAK@TEXW,13-8GF113.010010CF
3760 (2)Jun 4OAKDETW,10-2GF31.010010CF
3863 (2)Jun 8OAKLAAW,7-3GF205.010010PR CF
3964Jun 10OAKNYYL,1-3GF41.010010PR CF
4065Jun 11OAKNYYW,8-4GF102.010010CF
4167 (1)Jun 13OAK@SFGW,5-1GF103.000000CF
4268Jun 14OAK@SFGW,4-0GF92.000000PR CF
4369Jun 15OAK@SFGW,5-3GF102.020020CF
4470Jun 17OAK@ARIW,15-1GF103.000000CF
4571Jun 18OAK@ARIL,1-11GF31.0000002B
4673 (1)Jun 20OAKFLAW,7-6CG5111.040040CF
4774Jun 21OAKFLAL,4-6CG429.030030CF
4875Jun 22OAKFLAW,7-1GF92.000000PR CF
4978 (2)Jun 26OAKPHIW,5-0GF288.030030CF
5079Jun 27OAKSFGW,4-1CG339.030030CF
5180Jun 28OAKSFGL,0-1CG299.010010CF
5281Jun 29OAKSFGL,1-11CG439.040040CF
5382Jun 30OAK@LAAW,6-1GF72.000000CF
Jul Tm Opp Rslt Inngs BF Inn PO A E Ch DP Pos
5483Jul 1OAK@LAAL,3-5GF61.000000CF
5584Jul 2OAK@LAAL,4-7CG368.050050CF
5685Jul 3OAK@CHWW,3-2GF82.010010CF
5786Jul 4OAK@CHWW,7-1GF154.020020CF
5887Jul 5OAK@CHWL,1-6CG388.020020CF
5988Jul 6OAK@CHWL,3-4CG338.011020CF
6089Jul 7OAKSEAW,4-3GF51.000000CF
6192 (2)Jul 10OAKSEAW,3-2GF368.040040CF
6295 (2)Jul 13OAKLAAL,3-4GF61.000000CF
6397 (1)Jul 19OAK@NYYL,3-4GF203.100000PR CF
64103 (5)Jul 26OAKTEXL,4-9CG399.040040CF
Aug Tm Opp Rslt Inngs BF Inn PO A E Ch DP Pos
65109 (5)Aug 2OAK@BOSL,2-12GF102.010010CF
66112 (2)Aug 5OAK@TORL,3-4GF91.210010PR CF
67115 (2)Aug 8OAK@DETW,4-2CG339.040040CF
68122 (6)Aug 16OAKCHWL,1-2CG429.060060CF
69124 (1)Aug 18OAK@MINW,3-2GF92.000000CF
70125Aug 19OAK@MINL,2-13GF72.010010CF
71126Aug 20OAK@MINL,1-3GS297.030030CF
72128 (1)Aug 22OAK@SEAL,5-7GF316.000000CF
73129Aug 23OAK@SEAW,5-1CG339.030030CF
74131 (1)Aug 25OAK@LAAW,2-1GF72.000000CF
75132Aug 26OAK@LAAL,1-5CG368.020020CF
76133Aug 27OAK@LAAW,6-5CG459.030030CF
77134Aug 28OAKMINW,3-2CG349.030030CF
78135Aug 29OAKMINL,2-12CG499.040040CF
79136Aug 30OAKMINW,3-2CG359.040040CF
80137Aug 31OAKMINL,4-12CG479.010010CF
September Tm Opp Rslt Inngs BF Inn PO A E Ch DP Pos
81138Sep 2OAK@KCRL,2-5CG358.010010CF
82140 (1)Sep 4 (2)OAK@KCRL,6-9CG398.020020CF
83142 (1)Sep 6OAK@BALW,5-1CG369.031041CF
84143Sep 8OAK@DETL,8-14CG468.040040CF
85144Sep 9OAK@DETW,3-2CG389.010010CF
86145Sep 10OAK@DETW,5-2CG389.041051CF
87146Sep 11OAKTEXL,1-6CG449.030140CF
88147Sep 12OAKTEXL,0-7CG399.060060CF
89148Sep 13OAKTEXW,7-1CG349.000000CF
90149Sep 14OAKTEXW,7-4CG419.010010CF
91151 (1)Sep 17OAKLAAW,3-2GF51.000000CF
92152Sep 18OAKLAAL,4-6CG449.040040CF
93153Sep 19OAKSEAW,2-0GF61.000000PR CF

2008 Fielding Gamelog (as 2B)

2008 Fielding Gamelog (as LF)

2008 Fielding Gamelog (as CF)

2008 Fielding Gamelog (as RF)

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