Fielding stats are given overall and by position. In some cases, they will be identical.

2016 Fielding Game Log (overall)

2016 Fielding Game Log (overall)
Rk Gtm Date Tm Opp Rslt Inngs BF Inn PO A E Ch DP Pos
12 (1)Apr 5OAKCHWL,4-5GF51.000000PH 2B
24 (1)Apr 7OAKCHWL,1-6CG409.0050502B
35Apr 8OAK@SEAW,3-2GS359.010010RF LF
46Apr 9OAK@SEAW,6-1CG349.000000LF
57Apr 10OAK@SEAW,2-1CG4110.0120303B
610 (2)Apr 13OAKLAAL,1-5GS317.0130402B
713 (2)Apr 17OAKKCRW,3-2CG359.0050512B
814Apr 19OAK@NYYW,3-2GS286.010010LF
915Apr 20OAK@NYYW,5-2GS359.0240612B 3B
1016Apr 21OAK@NYYW,7-3CG399.0030303B
1117Apr 22OAK@TORW,8-5CG389.0020203B
1218Apr 23OAK@TORL,3-9CG398.0120313B
1319Apr 24OAK@TORL,3-6GS398.0110203B 2B
1420Apr 25OAK@DETL,3-7GS316.0000003B
1521Apr 26OAK@DETW,5-1CG329.0220403B
1622Apr 27OAK@DETL,4-9GS336.0000003B
1723Apr 28OAK@DETL,3-7CG398.0220413B
1824Apr 29OAKHOUW,7-4CG369.0200203B
1925Apr 30OAKHOUW,2-0CG329.0050513B
May Tm Opp Rslt Inngs BF Inn PO A E Ch DP Pos
2026May 1OAKHOUL,1-2CG369.0110203B
2127May 2OAKSEAL,3-4CG389.0140502B
2228May 3OAKSEAL,2-8CG409.0110213B
2329May 4OAKSEAL,8-9CG479.0030303B
2431 (1)May 7 (2)OAK@BALL,2-5CG358.0020203B
2532May 8OAK@BALL,3-11CG418.0230512B
2633May 9OAK@BOSL,7-14GF407.0010103B 2B
2734May 10OAK@BOSL,5-13GS448.0320512B RF
2835May 11OAK@BOSL,3-13CG468.0010102B
2936May 13OAK@TBRW,6-3GS317.0021302B
3037May 14OAK@TBRL,0-6CG388.0220412B
3138May 15OAK@TBRW,7-6GF93.001010PH 2B
3240 (1)May 17OAKTEXW,8-5GS348.0140522B
3342 (1)May 19OAKNYYL,1-4GS358.0530812B
3444 (1)May 21OAKNYYL,1-5CG389.0340712B
3545May 22OAKNYYL,4-5GS348.0030312B
3646May 23OAK@SEAW,5-0GS257.0130422B
3747May 24OAK@SEAL,5-6GS287.0030312B
3848May 25OAK@SEAL,3-13CG418.010010RF
3949May 27OAKDETL,1-4CG399.050050RF
4050May 28OAKDETW,12-3GF31.000000LF
4151May 29OAKDETW,4-2GS246.000000RF
4252May 30OAKMINW,3-2CG369.010010RF
4353May 31OAKMINW,7-4GS255.000000RF
Jun Tm Opp Rslt Inngs BF Inn PO A E Ch DP Pos
4455 (1)Jun 3OAK@HOUL,2-12CG458.010010RF
4556Jun 4OAK@HOUL,5-6CG4811.140040RF
4657Jun 5OAK@HOUL,2-5GS337.000000RF
4758Jun 7OAK@MILL,4-5CG328.020020RF
4859Jun 8OAK@MILL,0-4CG348.020020RF
Player went from Oakland Athletics to Chicago Cubs
4960Jun 11CHC@ATLW,8-2GS246.030030LF
5061Jun 12CHC@ATLW,13-2GS236.000000LF
5162Jun 13CHC@WSNL,1-4GS367.020020LF
5267 (4)Jun 19CHCPITW,10-5GS266.010010LF
5369 (1)Jun 21CHCSTLL,3-4GS287.010010LF
5470Jun 22CHCSTLL,2-7CG439.010010LF
5572 (1)Jun 24CHC@MIAW,5-4CG369.040040LF
5673Jun 25CHC@MIAL,6-9GF123.010010PH RF
5774Jun 26CHC@MIAL,1-6CG398.030030RF
5875Jun 27CHC@CINW,11-8GS306.000000RF
5976Jun 28CHC@CINW,7-292.100000PH LF
Jul Tm Opp Rslt Inngs BF Inn PO A E Ch DP Pos
6080 (3)Jul 2CHC@NYML,3-4GS123.010010RF
61102 (21)Jul 29CHCSEAW,12-1CG399.020020LF
62104 (1)Jul 31CHCSEAW,7-6GS306.000000LF
Aug Tm Opp Rslt Inngs BF Inn PO A E Ch DP Pos
63106 (1)Aug 2CHCMIAW,3-2GS348.030030LF
64113 (6)Aug 11CHCSTLW,4-3GS338.011020LF
65114Aug 12CHCSTLW,13-2GF92.010010PH 1B
66116 (1)Aug 14CHCSTLL,4-6GS267.030030LF
67117Aug 16 (1)CHCMILW,4-0GS308.030030LF
September Tm Opp Rslt Inngs BF Inn PO A E Ch DP Pos
68133 (15)Sep 1CHCSFGW,5-4GS277.000000LF
69134Sep 2CHCSFGW,2-1GS196.010010LF
70136 (1)Sep 4CHCSFGW,3-2GS339.010010LF
71137Sep 5CHC@MILW,7-231.010010PH RF
72138Sep 6CHC@MILL,5-12GF61.000110PH 3B
73139Sep 7CHC@MILL,1-2GS226.000000LF
74147 (7)Sep 16CHCMILW,5-4CG4010.0400411B
75148Sep 17CHCMILL,3-11CG419.010010LF
76150 (1)Sep 19CHCCINW,5-2GS267.030030LF
77152 (1)Sep 21CHCCINW,9-2GS267.011020LF
78153Sep 23CHCSTLW,5-0GS247.000000LF
79154Sep 24CHCSTLL,4-10GF102.0100101B
80156 (1)Sep 26CHC@PITW,12-2GS389.040040LF 1B
81157Sep 27CHC@PITW,6-4GS429.040041RF 1B
82158Sep 28CHC@PITL,4-8GS234.210010LF
83160 (1)Sep 30CHC@CINW,7-3GS257.020020LF
84162 (1)Oct 2CHC@CINW,7-4GF185.0500501B

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