Fielding stats are given overall and by position. In some cases, they will be identical.

2008 Fielding Game Log (overall)

2008 Fielding Game Log (overall)
Rk Gtm Date Tm Opp Rslt Inngs BF Inn PO A E Ch DP Pos
15 (4)Apr 5CHCHOUW,9-7GF51.2010102B
27 (1)Apr 7CHC@PITW,10-8GS398.051170SS
38Apr 9CHC@PITW,6-4GS247.011020SS
411 (2)Apr 12CHC@PHIL,1-7GS224.1101202B
512Apr 13CHC@PHIW,6-5GF143.001010PR 2B
614 (1)Apr 16CHCCINW,12-3GF51.0000003B
717 (2)Apr 19CHCPITW,13-1CG379.0210302B
818Apr 20CHCPITW,13-6CG429.0020202B
919Apr 21CHCNYMW,7-1CG319.042063SS
1020Apr 22CHCNYMW,8-1CG379.044080SS
1121Apr 23CHC@COLW,7-6CG4110.0130412B
1222Apr 24CHC@COLL,2-4GF71.001010PR 2B
1323Apr 25CHC@WSNL,3-5GS277.0240612B
1424Apr 26CHC@WSNW,7-0CG379.0240612B
1525Apr 27CHC@WSNL,0-2GS318.0000002B SS
1627 (1)Apr 30CHCMILW,19-5GF113.001010PH 2B
May Tm Opp Rslt Inngs BF Inn PO A E Ch DP Pos
1731 (3)May 4CHC@STLL,3-5GF62.001010PH 3B
1833 (1)May 6CHC@CINW,3-0CG339.0431822B
1934May 7CHC@CINL,0-9GS438.0220402B SS
2038 (3)May 12CHCSDPW,12-3GF153.0210312B
2141 (2)May 15CHCSDPW,4-0CG349.0110202B
2242May 16CHCPITW,7-4GS348.0210312B
2344 (1)May 18CHCPITW,4-3CG359.012031SS
2448 (3)May 23CHC@PITW,12-3GS369.0110202B 3B
2549May 24CHC@PITL,4-5GF337.122040PH 2B
2652 (2)May 27CHCLADW,3-1GS369.022151SS 2B
2753May 28CHCLADW,2-1GF41.000000PR 2B
2854May 29CHCCOLW,8-4GF41.000000PR 2B
2955May 30CHCCOLW,10-9CG419.013041SS
Jun Tm Opp Rslt Inngs BF Inn PO A E Ch DP Pos
3057 (1)Jun 1CHCCOLW,5-3GF31.000000PH 2B
3159 (1)Jun 3CHC@SDPW,9-6CG439.0520722B
3264 (4)Jun 8CHC@LADW,3-1CG339.013040SS
3368 (3)Jun 13CHC@TORL,2-3GF41.000000PH CF
3469Jun 14CHC@TORW,6-2CG359.022040SS
3571 (1)Jun 17CHC@TBRL,2-3CG398.0010102B
3672Jun 18CHC@TBRL,4-5CG358.0350832B
3774 (1)Jun 20CHCCHWW,4-3CG389.0120312B
3879 (4)Jun 26CHCBALL,4-11GF93.000000PH 3B
3980Jun 27CHC@CHWL,3-10CG418.025071SS
4081Jun 28CHC@CHWL,5-6CG378.022041SS
4182Jun 29CHC@CHWL,1-5CG358.0030302B
4283Jun 30CHC@SFGW,9-2CG369.0430712B
Jul Tm Opp Rslt Inngs BF Inn PO A E Ch DP Pos
4384Jul 1CHC@SFGL,1-2GS246.010010SS
4497 (12)Jul 19CHC@HOUL,1-4CG358.0420602B
4599 (1)Jul 21CHC@ARIL,0-2GS247.0010102B
46102 (2)Jul 24CHCFLAW,6-3CG409.0240602B
47103Jul 25CHCFLAL,2-3GF51.000000PH 2B
48106 (2)Jul 28CHC@MILW,6-4GS246.0200202B
49109 (2)Jul 31CHC@MILW,11-4GF71.0100103B
Aug Tm Opp Rslt Inngs BF Inn PO A E Ch DP Pos
50110Aug 1CHCPITL,0-3GS317.022041SS
51111Aug 2CHCPITW,5-1GS287.0310412B
52113 (1)Aug 4CHCHOUL,0-2GS287.012030SS
53115 (1)Aug 6CHCHOUW,11-4GF103.020020SS
54117 (1)Aug 9CHCSTLL,3-12GF81.0000003B
55118Aug 10CHCSTLW,6-2GS296.212030SS
56128 (9)Aug 22CHCWSNL,5-13CG459.0340712B
57131 (2)Aug 25CHC@PITW,12-3GF164.001010SS
58133 (1)Aug 27CHC@PITW,2-0GS308.0140502B
59135 (1)Aug 29CHCPHIW,3-2GF51.200000SS
60137 (1)Aug 31CHCPHIL,3-5GS296.013040SS
September Tm Opp Rslt Inngs BF Inn PO A E Ch DP Pos
61139 (1)Sep 2CHCHOUL,7-9GF61.0000002B
62140Sep 3CHCHOUL,0-4CG389.0220402B
63141Sep 5CHC@CINL,2-10GF123.0000003B
64142Sep 6CHC@CINW,14-9GF162.000000LF
65143Sep 7CHC@CINL,3-4GF173.101010SS
66147 (3)Sep 14CHC@HOUW,5-0GS258.0040412B
67148Sep 15CHC@HOUW,6-1CG319.011020SS
68149Sep 16CHCMILW,5-4GS296.2100102B
69152 (2)Sep 19CHCSTLL,6-12GF245.001010SS
70154 (1)Sep 21CHCSTLW,5-1CG349.036091SS
71155Sep 22CHC@NYMW,9-5CG439.0430722B
72156Sep 23CHC@NYML,2-6CG398.040040SS
73157Sep 24CHC@NYMW,9-6CG4610.0060602B
74160 (2)Sep 27CHC@MILW,7-3GS338.012140SS
75161Sep 28CHC@MILL,1-3CG318.0210302B

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