Fielding stats are given overall and by position. In some cases, they will be identical.

1985 Fielding Gamelog (overall)

1985 Fielding Gamelog (overall)
Rk Gtm Date Tm Opp Rslt Inngs BF Inn PO A E Ch DP Pos
11Apr 8CINMONW,4-1GS339.030030LF 1B
22Apr 10CINMONL,1-4CG369.030030LF
33Apr 12CIN@NYML,0-1CG348.030030LF
44Apr 13CIN@NYML,1-2GS328.030030LF 1B
55Apr 14CIN@NYML,0-4CG368.010010LF
66Apr 15CIN@ATLW,9-8GS449.030030LF 1B
77Apr 16CIN@ATLW,2-1GS349.040040LF 1B
88Apr 17CIN@ATLW,6-1CG339.030030LF
99Apr 18CINSFGW,4-3GS4510.010010LF RF
1010Apr 19CINSFGW,4-2CG359.000000LF
1111Apr 20CINSFGW,2-1CG339.031040LF
1212Apr 21CINSFGW,1-0CG349.010101111B
1313Apr 22CIN@HOUL,1-4CG318.010010LF
1414Apr 23CIN@HOUL,4-6CG368.08311231B
1515Apr 24CIN@HOUW,8-3GF61.010010LF
1616Apr 25CIN@SFGL,3-7GS358.010010LF 1B
1717Apr 26CIN@SFGL,6-7CG378.213001311B
1818Apr 27CIN@SFGW,2-1CG299.010001011B
1919Apr 28CIN@SFGL,1-2CG4110.213101421B
2020Apr 30CINATLL,4-8CG409.030030LF
May Tm Opp Rslt Inngs BF Inn PO A E Ch DP Pos
2122 (1)May 3CINNYML,4-9CG439.010120LF
2223May 4CINNYMW,14-2GS349.062081LF 1B
2325 (1)May 7CIN@PHIW,2-0CG379.050050LF
2426May 8CIN@PHIW,8-2GS369.000000LF 1B
2527May 10CINHOUW,5-2GS369.020020LF 1B
2628May 11CINHOUL,7-10GS439.030030LF 1B
2729May 12CINHOUL,5-10CG479.050050LF
2830May 13CINPHIW,7-3CG359.020020LF
2931May 14CINPHIL,1-7CG409.010010LF
3032May 15CIN@MONW,2-1GS329.000000LF 1B
3133May 16CIN@MONW,4-2GS369.020020LF 1B
3234May 17CIN@PITW,6-3GF143.0100111B
3335May 18CIN@PITW,8-0GF62.0300301B
3436May 19CIN@PITW,7-1GS369.040040LF 1B
3540 (3)May 24CINSTLW,7-6GF205.060060PH LF 1B
3644 (3)May 28CINCHCW,13-11GS469.040041LF 1B
Jun Tm Opp Rslt Inngs BF Inn PO A E Ch DP Pos
3748 (3)Jun 2CIN@STLW,8-3GF123.030030PR 1B
3851 (2)Jun 7 (1)CINSDPL,3-9CG439.010010LF
3953 (1)Jun 8CINSDPW,7-4GS389.080080LF 1B
4055 (1)Jun 10CINLADL,4-7CG409.030030LF
4157 (1)Jun 14CIN@ATLL,4-6GS348.040040LF 1B
4260 (2)Jun 17CIN@SFGL,0-4CG328.010010LF
4362 (1)Jun 19CIN@SFGL,2-5CG348.010010LF
4465 (2)Jun 22CINATLW,4-3CG369.040040LF
4567 (1)Jun 25CINSFGW,7-6CG419.030030LF
4671 (3)Jun 29CIN@SDPL,0-3CG308.010010LF
Jul Tm Opp Rslt Inngs BF Inn PO A E Ch DP Pos
4774 (2)Jul 2CIN@LADL,0-3CG338.010010LF
4876 (1)Jul 5CIN@PHIL,2-5GS318.040040LF 1B
4978 (1)Jul 7CIN@PHIW,3-2GS4110.040040LF 1B
5086 (7)Jul 18CINPHIL,3-6GS429.030031LF 1B
5187Jul 19CINPHIW,3-2GF72.020020PH 1B
5288Jul 20CINPHIL,6-10GS398.010010LF
5389Jul 21CINPHIW,7-6GF72.000000PH LF
5490Jul 22CIN@NYMW,5-1GS339.050050LF 1B
5592 (1)Jul 24CIN@NYMW,3-2GF82.0100101B
5693Jul 25CIN@MONL,0-1GF31.0100101B
5794Jul 26CIN@MONW,7-6GS4711.090090LF 1B
5896 (1)Jul 28CIN@MONL,0-6CG378.010010RF
Aug Tm Opp Rslt Inngs BF Inn PO A E Ch DP Pos
59103 (6)Aug 4CINLADW,5-4GF61.010010PR 1B
60105 (1)Aug 8CIN@LADW,6-5GF41.010010PH 1B
61111 (5)Aug 14CIN@SDPL,1-4CG328.010010CF
62112Aug 15CIN@SDPW,5-4GF41.000000PH RF
63113Aug 16CIN@HOUL,4-5GS398.130030CF 1B
64120 (6)Aug 24CINCHCL,0-4GS298.000000CF
65121Aug 25CINCHCW,5-3GS225.050050RF
66124 (2)Aug 28CINSTLW,7-6GF82.010010PH CF
Player went from Cincinnati Reds to St. Louis Cardinals
67125Aug 30STLHOUL,5-7GF82.2300301B
68126Aug 31STLHOUL,1-3CG399.0900911B
September Tm Opp Rslt Inngs BF Inn PO A E Ch DP Pos
69128 (1)Sep 2STLCINL,1-4CG379.013201511B
70129Sep 3STLCINW,6-4GF82.1200211B
71131 (1)Sep 5STLCHCW,6-1CG299.011001101B
72132Sep 6STLATLW,8-0GF133.030030PH 1B
73134 (1)Sep 8STLATLL,3-7GF61.2200211B
74135Sep 9STLCHCL,1-3CG389.010001001B
75137 (1)Sep 11STL@NYMW,1-0GF103.040042PR 1B
76138Sep 12STL@NYML,6-7GS81.0200211B
77139Sep 13STL@CHCW,9-3GS297.0900911B
78140Sep 14STL@CHCW,5-4GS317.0800821B
79141Sep 15STL@CHCW,5-1GS287.0700721B
80142Sep 16 (1)STL@PITW,8-4CG429.0510611B
81144 (1)Sep 17STL@PITW,10-4GS307.010011111B
82145Sep 18STL@PHIW,7-0GS247.0800811B
83146Sep 19STL@PHIL,3-6CG378.0800801B
84147Sep 20STLMONW,5-3CG379.0700711B
85148Sep 21STLMONW,7-6GF113.000000PH LF
86149Sep 22STLMONW,6-5CG399.010101101B
87151 (1)Sep 24STLPITW,5-4GF41.000000PH 1B
88155 (3)Sep 28 (2)STL@MONW,4-2GS349.0700711B
89156Sep 29STL@MONL,5-7CG388.09101001B
90157Oct 1STLNYML,0-1GF51.010010PH 1B
91161 (3)Oct 5STLCHCW,7-1GS237.000000RF

1985 Fielding Gamelog (as 1B)

1985 Fielding Gamelog (as LF)

1985 Fielding Gamelog (as CF)

1985 Fielding Gamelog (as RF)

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