For all seasons after 1973, the play-by-play data is complete (summary of missing data for pre-1974). For some games from 1930 to 1973, we do not have complete play-by-play.

Summary of 244 Home Runs

0 leading off, 3 walk-off, 10 tying, 32 go ahead, 129 lacking some details

3 Tms
CHC 190
BRO 38
NYG 16
vs RHP 179
vs LHP 65
Home 137
Away 107
Unk 107
1 48
0 45
2 44
8 Opps
PHI 45
STL 45
NYG 35
BSN 33
PIT 27
8 Parks
Wrigley Fld 109
Ebbets Fld 39
Baker Bowl 28
Sprtsmn3/Busch 27
Polo Grounds 21
Where Hit
9 70
8 10
7 7
78 4
89 2
General field locations
when available.
Game Totals
1·HR gms 189
2·HR gms 26
3·HR gms 1
Gms w/ this # = 0
are not shown.
--- 38
1-- 27
12- 12
--3 6
-2- 5
1 30
2 23
3 35
4 28
5 24
+4.. 16
+3 6
+2 10
+1 13
Tied 21
Before event,
for batter
CF 199
RF 24
LF 15
PH 4
2B 2
4th 133
Unk 75
5th 17
3rd 7
6th 6
High Lev 21
Medium Lev 41
Low Lev 34

Play By Play

Play By Play
1924 #car #yr #gm Date @Bat   Pitcher Score Inn Out RoB RBI BOP Pos WPA bWE Notes Play Description
11111924-06-25NYG@BROBurleigh Grimest 61138
22211924-07-02NYGBRODazzy Vanceb 9138
33311924-07-08NYG@STLBill Sherdelt 6138
44411924-07-10NYG@STLLeo Dickermant 8138
55511924-07-12NYG@CHCRip Wheelert 6138
66611924-07-13NYG@CHCTony Kaufmannt 7138
77711924-08-03NYGCHCTony Kaufmannb 1138
88811924-09-06 (1)NYG@PHIClarence Mitchellt 5168Bounced
99911924-09-19NYGCHCRip Wheelerb 7167IPHR
10101011924-09-24NYGPITEmil Ydeb 5168
1925 #car #yr #gm Date @Bat   Pitcher Score Inn Out RoB RBI BOP Pos WPA bWE Notes Play Description
1111111925-04-19NYG@BRORube Ehrhardtt 2267
1212211925-05-07NYG@PHIArt Decaturbehind 7-8t 9139PH
1313311925-05-21NYGPITBabe Adamsbehind 0-1b 20167
1414411925-05-22NYGPITLee Meadowsbehind 2-5b 61267
1515511925-07-01 (2)NYG@PHIClarence Mitchellbehind 1-3t 30228
1616621925-07-01 (2)NYG@PHIJack Knightahead 7-3t 32328
1926 #car #yr #gm Date @Bat   Pitcher Score Inn Out RoB RBI BOP Pos WPA bWE Notes Play Description
1717111926-04-20CHC@STLArt Reinhartt 618
1818211926-04-29CHCSTLSyl Johnsonb 5258
1919311926-05-02CHCSTLBill Sherdelb 20148
2020411926-05-16CHCPHIErnie Maunb 11248
2121511926-05-23CHCBSNLarry Bentonb 5248
2222611926-05-29CHC@PITBabe Adamst 938
2323711926-06-02CHCSTLVic Keenb 11248
2424811926-06-03CHC@PITEmil Ydet 128
2525911926-06-14CHC@PHIDutch Ulricht 428
26261011926-07-01CHCCINPete Donohuetied 1-1b 111148Walk-Off
27271111926-07-03 (2)CHCCINDolf Luqueb 8148
28281211926-07-10 (1)CHCBROJesse Pettytied 4-4b 102248Walk-Off
29291311926-07-13CHCBSNJoe Genewichb 6248
30301411926-07-19CHCNYGJack Scottbehind 2-4b 31148
31311511926-08-02CHC@BROBob McGrawbehind 1-4t 61148
32321611926-08-15CHC@STLFlint Rhemt 918
33331711926-08-16CHC@STLJesse Hainest 418
34341821926-08-16CHC@STLJesse Hainest 828
35351911926-08-24 (2)CHCPHIDutch Ulrichb 12148
36362011926-09-04 (1)CHCPITBullet Joe Bushahead 3-2b 50248
37372111926-09-10CHC@PHIClaude Willoughbyt 628
1927 #car #yr #gm Date @Bat   Pitcher Score Inn Out RoB RBI BOP Pos WPA bWE Notes Play Description
3838111927-04-15CHCSTLBill Sherdelb 20148
3939211927-04-17CHCPITRay Kremerb 4248
4040311927-04-30CHC@PITJohnny Morrisont 928
4141411927-05-01CHCPITRay Kremerb 4148
4242511927-05-10CHC@PHIHal Carlsont 418
4343611927-05-11CHC@PHIAlex Fergusont 218
4444711927-05-21 (2)CHC@BRODoug McWeenyt 818
4545811927-05-29CHCPITCarmen Hillb 31248
4646911927-05-30 (2)CHC@PITVic Aldridget 3348
47471011927-06-04CHCBSNBob Smithb 20148
48481111927-06-08CHCBRODazzy Vanceb 70148
49491211927-06-11CHCNYGBurleigh Grimesb 42148
50501311927-06-14CHCNYGLarry Bentonb 60248
51511411927-06-22CHC@STLPete Alexandert 538
52521511927-06-25CHC@PITVic Aldridget 528
53531611927-07-20CHC@NYGBurleigh Grimest 3228
54541711927-07-24 (1)CHC@BROJesse Pettyt 418
55551811927-07-27CHCNYGFreddie Fitzsimmonsb 32148
56561911927-07-31CHCPHIArt Decaturb 62248
57572011927-08-06CHCBRODazzy Vanceahead 1-0b 30248
58582111927-08-24 (1)CHC@PHIAlex Fergusonahead 2-0t 62248
59592211927-08-24 (2)CHC@PHIJack Scottahead 6-0t 21148
60602321927-08-24 (2)CHC@PHIArt Decaturahead 11-1t 92248
61612411927-09-07 (2)CHC@STLArt Reinhartt 718
62622521927-09-07 (2)CHC@STLArt Reinhartt 918
63632611927-09-11CHCNYGVirgil Barnesb 2158
64642711927-09-12CHCNYGFreddie Fitzsimmonsbehind 3-7b 60158
65652811927-09-22CHCPHIHub Pruettb 6158
66662911927-09-24CHCPHIRuss Millerb 528
67673011927-10-02CHC@STLJesse Hainest 6358
1928 #car #yr #gm Date @Bat   Pitcher Score Inn Out RoB RBI BOP Pos WPA bWE Notes Play Description
6868111928-04-19CHCCINDolf Luqueb 11248
6969221928-04-19CHCCINDolf Luqueb 22448
7070311928-04-21CHCCINRed Lucasb 51148
7171411928-05-11CHCBRODazzy Vanceahead 2-0b 60148
7272511928-05-17CHCBSNJoe Genewichb 4148
7373611928-05-19CHCBSNCharlie Robertsonb 40148
7474711928-05-21CHC@STLPete Alexandert 128
7575821928-05-21CHC@STLPete Alexandert 328
7676911928-05-22CHC@STLArt Reinhartt 718
77771011928-06-07CHC@PHIRay Benget 918
78781111928-06-09CHC@PHIHub Pruettt 6348
79791211928-06-15CHC@BSNArt Delaneyt 218
80801311928-06-23CHCSTLFlint Rhemb 218
81811411928-06-24CHCPITRay Kremerb 20148
82821511928-06-30CHC@CINPete Donohuet 418
83831621928-06-30CHC@CINPete Appletont 828
84841711928-07-03CHC@STLBill Sherdelt 418
85851811928-07-04 (1)CHC@STLFlint Rhemt 1248
86861911928-07-04 (2)CHC@STLPete Alexandert 2148
87872011928-07-06CHCBROJesse Pettybehind 0-1b 20148
88882121928-07-06CHCBROJesse Pettybehind 2-3b 32248
89892211928-07-07 (1)CHCBRODoug McWeenyb 41248
90902311928-07-25CHC@BSNEd Brandtt 718
91912411928-07-29 (2)CHC@NYGVic Aldridget 718
92922511928-08-06 (1)CHC@PHIBob McGrawt 428
93932621928-08-06 (1)CHC@PHIBob McGrawt 828
94942711928-08-12CHC@STLFlint Rhemt 1148
95952811928-08-20CHCPHIAlex Fergusonb 51248Bounced
96962911928-08-25CHCBSNEd Brandtb 20148
97973021928-08-25CHCBSNEd Brandtb 51348
98983111928-09-29CHC@NYGFreddie Fitzsimmonsahead 2-0t 41148
1929 #car #yr #gm Date @Bat   Pitcher Score Inn Out RoB RBI BOP Pos WPA bWE Notes Play Description
9999111929-04-18CHCPITJesse Pettyb 528
100100211929-04-28CHC@CINRay Kolpt 528
101101321929-04-28CHC@CINEppa Rixeyt 818
102102411929-05-01CHC@CINDolf Luquet 328
103103511929-05-09CHC@BROJumbo Elliottt 318
104104611929-05-12CHC@NYGCarl Hubbellt 418
105105711929-05-17CHCCINPete Donohueb 648
106106811929-06-04CHCNYGFreddie Fitzsimmonsb 5158
107107921929-06-04CHCNYGDutch Henryb 7158IPHR
1081081011929-06-08CHCBSNBob Smithb 618
1091091111929-06-09CHCBSNBen Cantwellb 728
1101101211929-06-18CHCSTLHal Haidb 128
1111111321929-06-18CHCSTLHal Haidb 548
1121121411929-06-19 (1)CHCSTLBill Sherdelb 338
1131131511929-06-20CHCSTLPete Alexanderb 118
1141141621929-06-20CHCSTLHal Haidb 418
1151151711929-06-21CHCPITBurleigh Grimesb 318
1161161811929-06-24CHCPITErv Brameb 628
1171171911929-06-28CHC@STLJesse Hainest 218
1181182011929-07-10CHC@NYGDutch Henryt 918
1191192111929-07-11 (2)CHC@NYGJack Scottt 518
1201202221929-07-11 (2)CHC@NYGJoe Genewicht 938
1211212311929-07-15 (1)CHC@PHIRay Benget 4148
1221222411929-07-24CHCNYGJack Scottb 418
1231232521929-07-24CHCNYGFreddie Fitzsimmonsb 738
1241242611929-07-25CHCNYGLarry Bentonb 718
1251252711929-07-27 (2)CHCPHIHal Elliottb 618
1261262811929-07-29CHCPHIRay Bengeb 828
1271272911929-07-31 (2)CHCBSNBob Smithb 338
1281283021929-07-31 (2)CHCBSNBob Smithb 718
1291293111929-08-17CHC@BROClise Dudleyt 128
1301303211929-08-22CHC@PHIClaude Willoughbyt 138
1311313311929-08-23CHC@PHIRay Benget 638
1321323411929-09-01CHCSTLJesse Hainesb 618
1331333511929-09-02 (1)CHCSTLClarence Mitchellb 338
1341343611929-09-04 (1)CHC@STLCarmen Hillt 428
1351353711929-09-09CHCBSNPercy Jonesb 728
1361363811929-09-11CHCPHILou Koupalb 518
1371373911929-09-12CHCPHIClaude Willoughbyb 718
1930 #car #yr #gm Date @Bat   Pitcher Score Inn Out RoB RBI BOP Pos WPA bWE Notes Play Description
138138111930-04-21CHC@CINArchie Campbelltied 0-0t 1112-3480.19373%Home Run; Blair Scores; Cuyler Scores
139139211930-04-22CHCSTLBill Hallahanbehind 0-6b 7112-3480.08313%Home Run; English Scores; Cuyler Scores
140140311930-04-25CHCCINRed Lucastied 0-0b 20---1480.09065%Home Run
141141411930-04-30CHCPITPercy Jonesahead 4-0b 72---1480.02398%Home Run
142142511930-05-06CHCBRODazzy Vancebehind 0-1b 12--32480.15260%Home Run; English Scores
143143611930-05-08CHCBRORay Phelpsahead 6-4b 80---1480.03997%Home Run
144144711930-05-10CHCNYGJoe Genewichbehind 0-3b 12-2-2480.14142%Home Run; Cuyler Scores
145145811930-05-12CHCNYGLarry Bentonbehind 5-14b 71---1480.0031%Home Run
146146911930-05-13CHCBSNBen Cantwellahead 4-0b 30-233480.03996%Home Run; Heathcote Scores; Cuyler Scores
1471471011930-05-18 (1)CHC@STLSyl Johnsont 628
1481481121930-05-18 (1)CHC@STLHi Bellt 818
1491491211930-05-20CHC@STLBill Sherdeltied 0-0t 20---1480.08759%Home Run (LF-CF)
1501501311930-05-26CHCCINJakie Maytied 0-0b 401--2480.15977%Home Run; Hornsby Scores
1511511411930-05-30 (2)CHCSTLBill Hallahanbehind 0-4b 20---1480.07129%Home Run
1521521511930-06-01CHCPITGlenn Spencerahead 6-2b 411-33480.05697%Home Run; English Scores; Cuyler Scores
1531531621930-06-01CHCPITJesse Pettyahead 13-2b 71---1480.000100%Home Run
1541541711930-06-05CHC@BSNBob Smithbehind 3-4t 51---1480.12347%Home Run
1551551811930-06-07CHC@BROJohnny Morrisonahead 3-0t 301--2480.09288%Home Run (LF-CF); Cuyler Scores
1561561911930-06-19CHCBSNSocks Seiboldahead 1-0b 11--32480.09677%Home Run; Cuyler Scores
1571572011930-06-21 (1)CHCBSNBob Smithb 528
1581582111930-06-22CHCBSNFred Frankhouseb 418
1591592211930-06-23CHCPHIClaude Willoughbyahead 1-0b 10-233480.09484%Home Run (CF-RF); English Scores; Cuyler Scores
1601602311930-07-01CHCNYGFreddie Fitzsimmonsahead 1-0b 12---1480.08368%Home Run
1611612411930-07-06 (1)CHC@CINBenny Freytied 2-2t 60---1480.14364%Home Run
1621622511930-07-18CHC@BROJumbo Elliotttied 0-0t 20---1480.09059%Home Run
1631632611930-07-19CHC@BRODazzy Vancebehind 0-1t 61--32480.18861%Home Run; English Scores
1641642711930-07-20CHC@NYGFreddie Fitzsimmonsahead 4-3t 30---1480.09169%Home Run
1651652811930-07-21CHC@NYGTiny Chaplintied 0-0t 41---1480.11258%Home Run
1661662921930-07-21CHC@NYGTiny Chaplinahead 1-0t 621--2480.20781%Home Run (Line Drive); English Scores
1671673011930-07-26CHC@PHIPhil Collinstied 0-0t 12--32480.14062%Home Run (CF-RF); Blair Scores
1681683121930-07-26CHC@PHIPhil Collinsahead 6-0t 211--2480.04994%Home Run; Cuyler Scores
1691693231930-07-26CHC@PHIClaude Willoughbyahead 15-2t 82---1480.000100%Home Run
1701703311930-07-29CHCCINEppa Rixeybehind 0-4b 601--2480.13530%Home Run; Cuyler Scores
1711713411930-08-02CHCPITRay Kremerbehind 7-14b 92---1480.0000%Home Run
1721723511930-08-03CHCPITErv Brametied 4-4b 511--2480.19977%Home Run; Cuyler Scores
1731733611930-08-05CHC@STLBill Hallahanbehind 0-4t 621--2480.11120%Home Run; Cuyler Scores
1741743711930-08-10 (1)CHCBSNBob Smithb 128
1751753821930-08-10 (1)CHCBSNBob Smithb 328
1761763911930-08-10 (2)CHCBSNEd Brandtb 238
1771774011930-08-13CHCBRORay Phelpsbehind 0-6b 40---1480.04213%Home Run (Line Drive)
1781784111930-08-16 (1)CHCPHIRay Bengeb 3248
1791794211930-08-18CHCPHIBuz Phillipsahead 11-2b 80---1480.000100%Home Run (Line Drive)
1801804311930-08-19 (1)CHCPHILes Sweetlandb 718
1811814411930-08-26CHCPITLarry Frenchahead 6-4b 72---1480.07091%Home Run
1821824511930-08-30CHCSTLJim Lindseytied 0-0b 1112-3480.18277%Home Run (Line Drive to LF-CF); Blair Scores; Cuyler Scores
1831834621930-08-30CHCSTLAl Grabowskiahead 8-0b 411--2480.01099%Home Run; Cuyler Scores
1841844711930-09-06CHC@PITAndy Bednarahead 16-12t 911--2480.017100%IPHRInside-the-park Home Run to LF (Line Drive); Blair Scores
1851854811930-09-11CHC@BRODazzy Vancebehind 0-2t 70---1480.11933%Home Run
1861864911930-09-12CHC@PHIClaude Willoughbyahead 3-0t 22-233480.13788%Home Run; English Scores; Cuyler Scores
1871875011930-09-15 (2)CHC@PHIPhil Collinsahead 3-0t 62---1480.07187%Home Run
1881885111930-09-17CHC@NYGTiny Chaplintied 0-0t 121--2480.16163%Home Run; English Scores
1891895221930-09-17CHC@NYGTiny Chaplinahead 2-0t 321--2480.14681%Home Run; English Scores
1901905311930-09-22CHC@BSNSocks Seiboldtied 0-0t 121--2480.16263%Home Run; Cuyler Scores
1911915411930-09-26CHCCINLarry Bentontied 5-5b 711--2480.25685%Home Run; Cuyler Scores
1921925511930-09-27CHCCINRay Kolpbehind 4-5b 421--2480.21763%Home Run (LF-CF); English Scores
1931935621930-09-27CHCCINEppa Rixeyahead 7-5b 601--2480.09094%Home Run; Cuyler Scores
1931 #car #yr #gm Date @Bat   Pitcher Score Inn Out RoB RBI BOP Pos WPA bWE Notes Play Description
194194111931-05-02CHC@STLBill Hallahanbehind 0-2t 31-233480.20259%Home Run; Cuyler Scores; Hornsby Scores
195195211931-05-04CHCCINBiff Wysongahead 11-0b 721--2480.000100%Home Run; English Scores
196196311931-06-04CHCBROPea Ridge Daybehind 2-4b 61---1580.13236%Home Run
197197411931-06-07CHCNYGFreddie Fitzsimmonsahead 6-3b 50---1580.04793%Home Run
198198511931-06-14CHCBSNFred Frankhouseb 8158
199199611931-06-16CHCBSNRay Mossbehind 3-7b 61---1580.05714%Home Run
200200711931-06-18 (1)CHC@BRODazzy Vancebehind 4-7t 80---1580.06514%Home Run
201201811931-06-19CHC@BROCy Mooreahead 11-6t 81---1580.01099%Home Run
202202911931-06-22CHC@NYGJack Berlytied 0-0t 41---1580.13160%Home Run
2032031011931-07-01CHC@PHIJumbo Elliottbehind 2-3t 30---1470.10850%Home Run
2042041111931-07-12 (1)CHC@STLBill Hallahant 7347
2052051211931-08-13CHC@PHIPhil Collinsbehind 0-3t 7212-39PH0.32343%Home Run; Grimm Scores; Bell Scores
2062061311931-08-29CHCCINSi Johnsonahead 2-0b 321--2570.13588%Home Run; Cuyler Scores
1932 #car #yr #gm Date @Bat   Pitcher Score Inn Out RoB RBI BOP Pos WPA bWE Notes Play Description
207207111932-04-15BROBSNTom Zacharyahead 2-1b 7212-3480.18297%Home Run; Frederick Scores; Stripp Scores
208208211932-05-20BRONYGCarl Hubbellbehind 0-2b 121--2490.18851%Home Run; O'Doul Scores
209209311932-05-21 (2)BRONYGJim Mooneybehind 0-2b 3212-3490.31864%Home Run; Taylor Scores; Stripp Scores
210210411932-05-24BRO@BSNTom Zacharytied 0-0t 1112-3490.21976%Home Run; O'Doul Scores; Stripp Scores
211211511932-05-30 (1)BROPHIJack Berlybehind 0-2b 1112-3490.23963%Home Run; Frederick Scores; O'Doul Scores
212212611932-06-02 (1)BROBSNSocks Seiboldahead 4-1b 72--32490.04398%Home Run; O'Doul Scores
213213711932-06-02 (2)BROBSNBob Brownbehind 0-5b 92---1490.0010%Home Run
214214811932-06-03BROBSNFred Frankhousebehind 1-2b 31---1490.12353%Home Run
215215911932-06-06BRO@PHIPhil Collinsbehind 0-14t 601--249-0.0010%Home Run; O'Doul Scores
2162161021932-06-06BRO@PHIPhil Collinsbehind 6-14t 71---1490.0041%Home Run
2172171111932-06-09BROCHCPat Malonetied 0-0b 101234490.15987%Home Run; Taylor Scores; Finn Scores; O'Doul Scores
2182181211932-06-22BROPITLarry Frenchbehind 2-6b 60---1490.06416%Home Run
2192191321932-06-22BROPITLarry Frenchbehind 4-7b 801--2490.17030%Home Run; Stripp Scores
2202201411932-06-24BRO@BSNSocks Seiboldahead 2-0t 60---1490.08387%Home Run
2212211511932-06-29BRO@PHISnipe Hansenahead 1-0t 3212-3490.22982%Home Run; Frederick Scores; Stripp Scores
2222221611932-07-10BROPITLarry Frenchbehind 2-5b 301--2490.16443%Home Run; Stripp Scores
2232231711932-07-24BROPHIEd Holleyahead 2-1b 3112-3490.18689%Home Run; Frederick Scores; O'Doul Scores/unER
2242241811932-07-29BROSTLDizzy Deanahead 1-0b 111--2490.14880%Home Run; O'Doul Scores
2252251911932-08-10 (2)BROCINRay Kolpbehind 6-7b 721--2490.45476%Home Run; O'Doul Scores
2262262011932-08-13 (1)BRO@NYGHi Bellahead 12-4t 601--2490.004100%Home Run; O'Doul Scores
2272272111932-08-26BRO@CHCLon Warnekebehind 2-10t 821--2490.0020%Home Run; O'Doul Scores
2282282211932-09-03BRONYGCarl Hubbellbehind 0-3b 71-2-2490.17031%Home Run; O'Doul Scores
2292292311932-09-17 (2)BROCINEppa Rixeyahead 2-0b 3212-3490.16493%Home Run; Taylor Scores; Stripp Scores
1933 #car #yr #gm Date @Bat   Pitcher Score Inn Out RoB RBI BOP Pos WPA bWE Notes Play Description
230230111933-05-14BROPHIAd Liskabehind 4-6b 9012345PH0.522100%Walk-OffHome Run; Taylor Scores; O'Doul Scores; Frederick Scores
231231211933-06-03 (2)BRO@BSNHuck Bettstied 0-0t 411--2470.24074%Home Run; Frederick Scores
232232311933-06-06BRONYGCarl Hubbellbehind 1-7b 91---1480.0010%Home Run
233233411933-06-17 (1)BRO@NYGWatty Clarkbehind 4-6t 721-33470.50467%Home Run; Frederick Scores; Leslie Scores
234234511933-06-28 (2)BROCINEppa Rixeybehind 1-5b 32---1470.06217%Home Run
235235611933-07-09 (1)BRO@STLBill Hallahantied 2-2t 30---1470.11962%Home Run
236236711933-08-25 (2)BROCINSi Johnsonahead 1-0b 11-2-2440.14482%IPHRInside-the-park Home Run to RF; Frederick Scores
237237811933-08-26 (1)BROCINRay Kolpahead 1-0b 62--32440.16692%Home Run; Boyle Scores
238238911933-09-15BRO@STLSyl Johnsonahead 8-0t 62---1470.004100%Home Run
1934 #car #yr #gm Date @Bat   Pitcher Score Inn Out RoB RBI BOP Pos WPA bWE Notes Play Description
239239111934-04-17BROBSNEd Brandtahead 4-1b 3012-3570.07596%Home Run; Stripp Scores; Frederick Scores
240240211934-05-09BRO@CHCGuy Bushbehind 1-3t 32-2-2470.18846%Home Run; Taylor Scores
241241311934-05-18BROPITRalph Birkoferbehind 2-7b 50---1490.04612%Home Run
242242411934-05-22BROCHCLon Warnekebehind 3-4b 91---19PH0.46858%Home Run
243243511934-05-23BROSTLJim Mooneytied 2-2b 51-2-2490.20980%Home Run; Frey Scores
244244611934-05-30 (2)BRONYGJoe Bowmanbehind 2-6b 521--2470.13523%Home Run; Koenecke Scores

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