Summary of 143 Home Runs Allowed

2 leading off, 1 walk-off, 7 tying, 33 go ahead

6 Tms
OAK 60
CIN 29
TEX 20
CHC 19
DET 11
vs LHB 77
vs RHB 66
Home 82
Away 61
2 51
1 47
0 45
29 Opps
TEX 14
CHW 12
MIL 11
108 Batters
Lance Berkman 4
Will Clark 3
Mickey Tettleton 3
Rafael Palmeiro 3
Bob Hamelin 3
31 Parks Coliseum 31
GreatAmer BP 22
Rangers Bpk 15
Wrigley Fld 12
Tiger Stad 8
Where Hit
9 50
7 40
8 24
78 17
89 12
General field locations
when available.
1 30
3 27
2 24
4 21
5 20
Pitches in PA
when available.
Game Totals
1·HR gms 84
2·HR gms 22
3·HR gms 5
Gms w/ this # = 0
are not shown.
--- 69
1-- 22
12- 19
-2- 14
--3 6
1 17
2 16
3 20
4 16
5 17
+4.. 27
+3 13
+2 9
+1 29
Tied 28
Before event,
for batter
0-0 29
3-2 16
1-0 16
1-1 15
2-1 15
1B 27
RF 27
3B 20
LF 17
CF 14
3rd 27
5th 26
4th 23
6th 19
1st 16
High Lev 24
Medium Lev 56
Low Lev 63

Play By Play

Play By Play
1991 #car #yr #gm Date Batter @Bat   Score Inn Out RoB Pit(cnt) R BOP Pos bWPA bWE Notes Play Description
11111991-09-11Carlton FiskCHW@OAKahead 2-1t 41--33,(1-1) SBX25213%82%Home Run (Line Drive to Deep LF); Pasqua Scores; Fisk Scores
1993 #car #yr #gm Date Batter @Bat   Score Inn Out RoB Pit(cnt) R BOP Pos bWPA bWE Notes Play Description
22111993-07-08Mo VaughnBOS@OAKtied 0-0t 111235,(3-1) BBSBX45323%82%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep LF); Fletcher Scores; Hatcher Scores; Greenwell Scores
33221993-07-08Billy HatcherBOS@OAKahead 4-1t 221--1,(0-0) X22812%88%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep LF); Pena Scores
44311993-07-19Albert BelleCLEOAKahead 1-0b 11-2-4,(3-0) BBBX24713%79%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep LF); Baerga Scores
55411993-08-01Rafael PalmeiroTEX@OAKbehind 0-1t 411--4,(2-1) BBCX23323%60%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep RF); Davis Scores
66511993-08-16John JahaMIL@OAKbehind 0-4t 72---4,(2-1) CBBX1833%6%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep LF)
77611993-09-03Brady AndersonBAL@OAKahead 1-0t 301--5,(3-1) BBCBX21715%80%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep LF-CF); Reynolds Scores
88721993-09-03Mike PagliaruloBAL@OAKtied 3-3t 41---5,(2-2) FFBBX16513%60%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep RF)
99811993-09-15Kent HrbekMINOAKbehind 0-1b 20---1,(0-0) X14311%55%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep RF)
1010911993-09-30Juan GonzalezTEXOAKahead 1-0b 32--31,(0-0) X24716%82%Home Run (Line Drive to Deep LF); Strange Scores
11111021993-09-30Dean PalmerTEXOAKahead 4-1b 821--3,(0-2) .FFX2652%99%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep LF Line); Dascenzo Scores
1994 #car #yr #gm Date Batter @Bat   Score Inn Out RoB Pit(cnt) R BOP Pos bWPA bWE Notes Play Description
1212111994-04-23Paul O'NeillNYYOAKtied 1-1b 101235,(2-2) BCCBX45915%85%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep RF); Boggs Scores; Mattingly Scores; Tartabull Scores
1313211994-04-28Scott CooperBOS@OAKahead 2-1t 621--1,(0-0) X26521%84%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep RF); Vaughn Scores
1414311994-05-04Rafael PalmeiroBAL@OAKahead 1-0t 31---1,(0-0) X13310%69%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep RF)
1515411994-05-10Mickey TettletonDETOAKahead 2-0b 1112-1,(0-0) X36914%89%Home Run (Line Drive to Deep CF-RF); Fielder Scores; Gibson Scores
1616511994-05-21Robin VenturaCHW@OAKbehind 0-4t 4012-2,(0-1) CX35517%38%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep RF); Thomas Scores; Franco Scores
1717621994-05-21Frank ThomasCHW@OAKbehind 3-4t 60---1,(0-0) X13316%50%Home Run (Line Drive)
1818711994-05-27Jim ThomeCLEOAKtied 0-0b 30---6,(3-2) BCBSBX18511%66%Home Run (Line Drive)
1919821994-05-27Sandy AlomarCLEOAKahead 1-0b 30---2,(0-1) CX1929%76%Home Run (Line Drive to Deep LF Line)
2020911994-06-01Ed SpragueTOROAKtied 0-0b 22---4,(2-1) BFBX16510%61%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep LF)
21211011994-06-06Darryl HamiltonMIL@OAKahead 3-0t 21---3,(2-0) BBX1187%83%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep RF)
22221111994-06-12Edgar MartinezSEAOAKbehind 1-8b 70---7,(2-2) FFBFFBX16DH1%3%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep LF)
23231211994-06-22Felix JoseKCR@OAKtied 0-0t 21---1,(0-0) X16910%58%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep RF Line)
24241321994-06-22Bob HamelinKCR@OAKahead 3-0t 521--4,(2-1) BBFX24DH11%92%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep RF Line); Joyner Scores
25251411994-07-02Mo VaughnBOSOAKahead 1-0b 11-2-3,(1-1) CBX24312%77%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep RF Line); Fletcher Scores
26261511994-07-18Danny TartabullNYY@OAKahead 2-1t 30---1,(0-0) X14DH10%71%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep CF-RF)
27271611994-07-23Rafael PalmeiroBAL@OAKtied 0-0t 12---3,(1-1) CBX13310%56%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep RF)
28281711994-07-29Kirk GibsonDETOAKbehind 0-3b 20---5,(2-2) CCBBX15DH9%36%Home Run (Line Drive to Deep LF-CF)
29291811994-08-02Bob HamelinKCROAKbehind 0-2b 20---5,(3-1) BBBCX14DH9%46%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep RF Line)
30301911994-08-07Doug StrangeTEX@OAKbehind 0-6t 50---1,(0-0) .X1843%7%Home Run (Line Drive to Deep CF-RF)
31312021994-08-07Ivan RodriguezTEX@OAKbehind 1-8t 80-2-3,(2-0) BBX2221%2%Home Run (Line Drive to Deep LF); McDowell Scores
1995 #car #yr #gm Date Batter @Bat   Score Inn Out RoB Pit(cnt) R BOP Pos bWPA bWE Notes Play Description
3232111995-05-13Marty CordovaMINOAKbehind 3-7b 71-2-3,(1-1) BSX25811%20%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep LF); Clark Scores
3333211995-06-24Mickey TettletonTEXOAKtied 5-5b 80---16924%86%Home Run (Deep RF Line)
3434311995-07-03Matt MieskeMIL@OAKahead 4-3t 102-233,(2-0) .B>B.X34914%98%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep LF); Hamilton Scores; Cirillo Scores
3535411995-07-28Ed SpragueTOROAKahead 1-0b 411--3,(2-0) BBX26516%84%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep LF); Olerud Scores
3636511995-08-02Jeff FryeTEX@OAKbehind 1-2t 5112-1,(0-0) >X32432%73%Home Run (Line Drive to Deep LF Line); McLemore Scores; Frazier Scores
3737621995-08-02Will ClarkTEX@OAKahead 4-2t 51---5,(3-1) CBBBX1339%82%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep RF)
3838711995-08-17Edgar MartinezSEA@OAKahead 1-0t 60---5,(3-1) .BCBBX13DH12%78%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep LF)
3939811995-08-27Mike GreenwellBOS@OAKtied 1-1t 42---4,(2-1) FBBX15713%58%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep LF Line)
4040921995-08-27Bill HaselmanBOS@OAKahead 2-1t 80---2,(1-0) BX18212%86%Home Run (Fly Ball)
41411011995-09-08Ray DurhamCHW@OAKahead 3-2t 62---7,(3-2) CBBFFBX17413%75%Home Run (Line Drive to Deep RF)
42421111995-09-12Bob HamelinKCR@OAKahead 2-0t 90---4,(1-2) BCSX15DH4%97%Home Run (Line Drive to Deep RF)
43431211995-09-22Ken GriffeySEAOAKbehind 0-6b 40---2,(1-0) BX1384%11%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep RF)
44441321995-09-22Vince ColemanSEAOAKbehind 2-6b 421232,(1-0) BX41733%51%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep RF); Blowers Scores; Sojo Scores; Wilson Scores
45451411995-09-27Will ClarkTEXOAKtied 0-0b 12---3,(0-2) CCX1339%61%Home Run (Line Drive to Deep CF-RF)
46461521995-09-27Rusty GreerTEXOAKahead 2-0b 1212-4,(2-1) FBBX37716%88%Home Run (Fly Ball); Tettleton Scores; Rodriguez Scores
47471631995-09-27Mickey TettletonTEXOAKahead 7-2b 51-2-3,(1-1) BCX2593%98%Home Run (Line Drive to Deep RF Line); Clark Scores
1996 #car #yr #gm Date Batter @Bat   Score Inn Out RoB Pit(cnt) R BOP Pos bWPA bWE Notes Play Description
4848111996-04-04Bobby HigginsonDET@OAKahead 2-1t 5012-3,(1-1) BCX32916%88%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep CF-RF); Trammell Scores; Curtis Scores
4949221996-04-04Travis FrymanDET@OAKahead 5-1t 50---1,(0-0) X1354%92%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep LF-CF)
5050311996-04-09Turner WardMILOAKtied 0-0b 201--4,(2-1) BCBX26914%73%Home Run (Fly Ball); Jaha Scores
5151421996-04-09Kevin SeitzerMILOAKahead 2-0b 31--34,(2-1) BBFX2338%87%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep LF-CF); Vina Scores
5252511996-04-14Robin VenturaCHWOAKahead 1-0b 40---5,(3-1) FBBBX15510%78%Home Run (Line Drive to Deep RF Line)
5353611996-04-25Shawn GreenTOROAKahead 2-1b 41---3,(1-1) BSX17910%75%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep LF)
5454711996-05-01J.T. SnowCAL@OAKahead 1-0t 12-2-9,(3-2) BF>FBBF>F>F>X25315%71%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep RF); Salmon Scores
5555821996-05-01Rex HudlerCAL@OAKahead 3-0t 22--33,(0-2) CTX21411%85%Home Run (Fly Ball); Arias Scores
5656931996-05-01Jim EdmondsCAL@OAKahead 5-0t 22---2,(0-1) CX1284%90%Home Run (Fly Ball)
57571011996-05-17Wil CorderoBOSOAKtied 3-3b 1121--2,(1-0) 1BX21443%100%Walk-OffHome Run (Fly Ball to Deep LF); O'Leary Scores
58581111996-06-02Tino MartinezNYY@OAKahead 4-2t 82---1538%90%Home Run (Deep RF)
59591211996-06-13John JahaMILOAKahead 9-3b 60---1,(0-0) X1431%99%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep LF-CF); Jaha Scores
60601311996-07-05Darin ErstadCAL@OAKbehind 7-16t 90---1,(0-0) X1180%0%Home Run (Line Drive to Deep CF-RF)
61611411996-08-14Juan GonzalezTEXDETbehind 2-3b 30---1,(0-0) X14910%56%Home Run (Line Drive)
62621511996-08-20Tony PhillipsCHW@DETbehind 1-5t 2112-5,(2-2) BCCBX31717%38%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep RF); Lewis Scores; Guillen Scores; Phillips Scores
63631621996-08-20Robin VenturaCHW@DETtied 5-5t 30---5,(2-2) FBBSX15510%60%Home Run (Line Drive to Deep RF); Ventura Scores
64641711996-08-25Keith LockhartKCRDETbehind 1-4b 52-2-7,(3-2) S.BBBFFX23518%37%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep RF); Goodwin Scores; Lockhart Scores
65651811996-09-04Tony PhillipsCHWDETahead 3-1b 51--31,(0-0) X2178%92%Home Run (Line Drive to Deep RF Line); Slaught Scores
66661911996-09-10Paul O'NeillNYY@DETbehind 3-4t 32-2-3,(1-1) BCX26918%56%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep CF-RF); Fielder Scores
67672011996-09-15Brady AndersonBAL@DETtied 0-0t 10---6,(3-2) BCBFBX1189%59%Lead-OffHome Run (Line Drive to Deep RF)
68682121996-09-15Cal RipkenBAL@DETahead 1-0t 121-34,(2-1) CBBX36620%78%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep LF); Alomar Scores; Bonilla Scores
69692231996-09-15Mark ParentBAL@DETtied 4-4t 32-232,(1-0) BX39224%75%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep LF); Bonilla Scores; Murray Scores
70702311996-09-21Jose ValentinMILDETahead 1-0b 1112-6,(3-2) BCFBBX35616%83%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep RF); Nilsson Scores; Jaha Scores
71712421996-09-21Jeromy BurnitzMILDETahead 6-2b 221232,(0-1) CX47910%97%Home Run (Line Drive to Deep RF); Nilsson Scores/unER; Jaha Scores/unER; Valentin Scores/unER; Burnitz Scores/unER
1998 #car #yr #gm Date Batter @Bat   Score Inn Out RoB Pit(cnt) R BOP Pos bWPA bWE Notes Play Description
7272111998-06-20Darin ErstadANATEXbehind 0-3b 10---1,(0-1) X1138%37%Lead-OffHome Run (Fly Ball to Deep RF Line)
7373211998-06-25Travis LeeARITEXbehind 0-3b 321--6,(3-2) CBCBBX23318%39%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep LF); White Scores
7474321998-06-25Damian MillerARITEXbehind 2-7b 80---1,(0-0) X1822%4%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep LF Line)
7575411998-07-01Raul MondesiLAD@TEXtied 0-0t 111--2,(0-1) FX23815%65%Home Run (Fly Ball); Guerrero Scores
7676511998-07-13Edgar MartinezSEATEXahead 1-0b 101-31,(0-0) X34DH11%85%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep CF-RF); Rodriguez Scores; Griffey Scores
7777611998-07-27Vinny CastillaCOLPITbehind 0-4b 21---4,(2-1) BSBX1557%26%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep LF)
7878721998-07-27Larry WalkerCOLPITbehind 2-7b 61---3,(1-1) FBX1394%10%Home Run (Line Drive to Deep LF)
7979831998-07-27Vinny CastillaCOLPITbehind 3-7b 62---6,(3-2) BSBBCX1556%14%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep LF Line)
8080911998-08-07Charles JohnsonLADPITtied 0-0b 30---2,(1-0) BX18212%67%Home Run (Fly Ball)
2000 #car #yr #gm Date Batter @Bat   Score Inn Out RoB Pit(cnt) R BOP Pos bWPA bWE Notes Play Description
8181112000-06-16Vladimir GuerreroMON@CHCbehind 5-8t 50-2-5,(2-2) BSBSX24914%37%Home Run (Fly Ball); White Scores
8282222000-06-16Rondell WhiteMON@CHCbehind 7-9t 71---2,(1-0) BX13711%27%Home Run (Fly Ball to LF-CF)
8383312000-06-29Jason KendallPITCHCbehind 2-4b 821--3,(2-0) BBX22240%53%Home Run (Fly Ball to LF-CF); Morris Scores/unER; Kendall Scores/unER
8484412000-07-26Brian HunterPHICHCbehind 5-8b 8212-2,(1-0) BX39PH44%53%Home Run (Fly Ball); Gant Scores; Relaford Scores
8585512000-08-08Darren DreifortLADCHCahead 6-3b 50---6,(3-2) FBBBFX1915%93%Home Run (Fly Ball)
8686612000-08-19Steve FinleyARICHCahead 9-1b 32-2-9,(2-2) CBCBFFFFX2581%99%Home Run (Fly Ball); Williams Scores
8787712000-08-25 (1)Adrian BeltreLAD@CHCtied 2-2t 821-35,(1-2) CFBFX37541%91%Home Run (Fly Ball); Leyritz Scores; White Scores
8888812000-09-09Lance BerkmanHOU@CHCahead 10-4t 821--5,(3-1) CBBBX2491%100%Home Run (Fly Ball); Bagwell Scores
8989922000-09-09Richard HidalgoHOU@CHCahead 12-4t 82---2,(0-1) FX1580%100%Home Run (Fly Ball to LF-CF)
90901012000-09-24Will ClarkSTL@CHCbehind 1-2t 521236,(3-2) CBBBFX44341%81%Home Run (Fly Ball to LF-CF); Polanco Scores; Drew Scores; Edmonds Scores
2001 #car #yr #gm Date Batter @Bat   Score Inn Out RoB Pit(cnt) R BOP Pos bWPA bWE Notes Play Description
9191112001-04-11Jose VidroMONCHCbehind 1-4b 80---4,(2-1) CBBX1248%17%Home Run (Fly Ball)
9292212001-04-24Larry WalkerCOLCHCahead 11-1b 501--4,(2-1) BBFX2390%100%Home Run (Fly Ball); Perez Scores
9393312001-04-29Bobby EstalellaSFGCHCbehind 1-6b 71---6,(3-2) BBFBCX1822%5%Home Run (Fly Ball)
9494412001-05-13Larry SuttonSTLCHCahead 7-4b 52---6,(3-2) BBCFBX19PH5%92%Home Run (Fly Ball)
9595512001-05-15Tony EusebioHOU@CHCtied 7-7t 121--35,(2-2) CBSBX29PH25%92%Home Run (Fly Ball); Castilla Scores
9696612001-07-13Paul KonerkoCHW@CHCahead 4-2t 7112-2,(1-0) BX36312%97%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep LF); Lee Scores; Ordonez Scores
9797712001-07-26Mark McGwireSTL@CHCahead 2-1t 90---1,(0-0) X1439%93%Home Run (Fly Ball)
9898812001-07-28Mark McGwireSTL@CHCtied 3-3t 71---1,(0-0) X14321%67%Home Run (Fly Ball)
9999912001-08-23Luis LopezMIL@CHCahead 5-0t 31---3,(1-1) CBX1753%94%Home Run (Fly Ball)
2002 #car #yr #gm Date Batter @Bat   Score Inn Out RoB Pit(cnt) R BOP Pos bWPA bWE Notes Play Description
100100112002-04-06Troy GlausANA@TEXahead 3-2t 9212-3,(2-0) BBX35517%98%Home Run (Fly Ball); Eckstein Scores; Salmon Scores
101101212002-05-07Magglio OrdonezCHW@TEXahead 7-4t 611-31,(0-0) X3498%96%Home Run (Fly Ball to CF-RF); Durham Scores; Thomas Scores
102102312002-05-21Torii HunterMINTEXahead 5-2b 8112-5,(3-1) BBBCX3382%100%Home Run (Fly Ball); Jones Scores; Guzman Scores
103103412002-05-25Carlos BeltranKCRTEXahead 5-3b 70---1,(0-0) X1386%93%Home Run (Fly Ball)
104104512002-06-09Gary SheffieldATL@TEXahead 5-2t 711--2,(1-0) BX2398%96%Home Run (Fly Ball); Bragg Scores
105105612002-06-28Lance BerkmanHOU@TEXahead 5-4t 91---6,(3-2) BCBBFX13710%91%Home Run (Fly Ball)
106106712002-07-28David JusticeOAK@TEXahead 10-2t 91-2-6,(2-2) CFBBFX2570%100%Home Run (Fly Ball to CF-RF); Tejada Scores
107107812002-08-06Carlos PenaDETTEXahead 4-1b 421-35,(2-2) BFBFX36310%97%Home Run (Fly Ball); Easley Scores; Simon Scores
108108912002-08-13Jose ValentinCHW@TEXahead 8-3t 81---3,(0-2) CCX1661%99%Home Run (Fly Ball)
1091091022002-08-13Paul KonerkoCHW@TEXahead 9-3t 9212-5,(2-2) FCBBX3530%100%Home Run (Fly Ball); Rowand Scores; Thomas Scores
1101101112002-08-30Aubrey HuffTBD@TEXahead 6-2t 40---3,(1-1) BSX1335%91%Home Run (Fly Ball to CF-RF)
1111111212002-09-14Tim SalmonANATEXbehind 4-6b 5212-4,(1-2) BFFX37938%67%Home Run (Fly Ball); Wooten Scores; Glaus Scores
1121121312002-09-19Bret BooneSEATEXbehind 3-7b 6012-2,(1-0) BX33421%40%Home Run (Fly Ball); Suzuki Scores; Bloomquist Scores
1131131412002-09-26Tim SalmonANA@TEXahead 6-3t 701--3,(2-0) BBX2397%96%Home Run (Fly Ball to LF-CF); Erstad Scores
2003 #car #yr #gm Date Batter @Bat   Score Inn Out RoB Pit(cnt) R BOP Pos bWPA bWE Notes Play Description
114114112003-05-03Matt LawtonCLETEXbehind 1-4b 221--4,(2-1) BBCX21717%40%Home Run (Fly Ball); Laker Scores/unER; Lawton Scores/unER
115115212003-07-07Morgan EnsbergHOUCINahead 6-1b 72---2,(0-1) SX1651%99%Home Run (Fly Ball)
116116312003-07-09Lance BerkmanHOUCINahead 9-1b 621--1,(0-0) X2470%100%Home Run (Fly Ball); Bagwell Scores
117117422003-07-09Richard HidalgoHOUCINahead 11-1b 62---1,(0-0) X1590%100%Home Run (Fly Ball)
118118512003-09-10Abraham NunezPIT@CINtied 0-0t 30---4,(2-1) BFBX18412%62%Home Run (Line Drive)
119119612003-09-15Matt StairsPITCINtied 0-0b 1212-2,(1-0) BX35324%78%Home Run (Fly Ball); Nunez Scores; Sanders Scores
120120712003-09-25Kenny LoftonCHC@CINtied 0-0t 32---6,(3-2) CBCBBX11812%58%Home Run (Fly Ball)
121121822003-09-25Sammy SosaCHC@CINahead 1-0t 321--2,(1-0) BX23919%78%Home Run (Fly Ball); Grudzielanek Scores
2004 #car #yr #gm Date Batter @Bat   Score Inn Out RoB Pit(cnt) R BOP Pos bWPA bWE Notes Play Description
122122112004-05-09Marquis GrissomSFG@CINtied 0-0t 111--4,(2-1) CBBX23817%67%Home Run (Line Drive); Snow Scores
123123212004-05-21Jeff BagwellHOU@CINtied 2-2t 62---4,(3-0) BBBX13318%62%Home Run (Fly Ball)
124124312004-05-26Hee-Seop ChoiFLA@CINahead 1-0t 71---6,(3-2) BFBFBX16313%80%Home Run (Line Drive)
125125412004-06-12Matt LawtonCLECINbehind 0-3b 40---4,(1-2) CSBX1179%31%Home Run (Fly Ball)
126126512004-06-17Mark TeixeiraTEX@CINtied 0-0t 20---1,(0-0) X14310%60%Home Run (Line Drive)
127127622004-06-17Hank BlalockTEX@CINahead 1-0t 31-2-2,(0-1) CX22515%78%Home Run (Fly Ball to LF-CF); Drese Scores
128128712004-06-29Cliff FloydNYM@CINtied 1-1t 41---1,(0-0) X14713%60%Home Run (Fly Ball)
129129822004-06-29Cliff FloydNYM@CINahead 2-1t 6112-1,(0-0) X34721%91%Home Run (Fly Ball to LF-CF); Matsui Scores; Piazza Scores
130130932004-06-29Ty WiggintonNYM@CINahead 5-1t 611--2,(1-0) BX2655%97%Home Run (Fly Ball); Hidalgo Scores
1311311012004-07-02Casey BlakeCLE@CINahead 12-2t 8112-3,(0-2) CSX3550%100%Home Run (Fly Ball to LF-CF); Lawton Scores; Martinez Scores
1321321112004-07-18Reggie SandersSTL@CINahead 6-3t 51---3,(1-1) BSX1696%89%Home Run (Fly Ball)
1331331212004-07-21Sammy SosaCHCCINtied 4-4b 72---4,(3-0) BBBX13923%75%Home Run (Line Drive)
1341341312004-07-28Tony WomackSTL@CINahead 5-1t 51-233,(1-1) .BFX3145%98%Home Run (Fly Ball to CF-RF); Matheny Scores; Suppan Scores
1351351412004-08-11Shawn GreenLAD@CINahead 8-0t 4112-6,(3-2) BCFBBX3591%100%Home Run (Fly Ball); Finley Scores; Beltre Scores
1361361512004-08-13Khalil GreeneSDP@CINahead 8-1t 42-2-3,(1-1) C*BX2162%99%Home Run (Fly Ball to LF-CF); Ojeda Scores
1371371622004-08-13Khalil GreeneSDP@CINahead 11-3t 621--3,(1-1) FBX2161%100%Home Run (Fly Ball to LF-CF); Ojeda Scores
1381381712004-08-29Scott HairstonARI@CINbehind 1-2t 81---5,(3-1) BBFBX15426%45%Home Run (Fly Ball)
1391391812004-08-30Lance BerkmanHOU@CINahead 10-3t 90---2,(1-0) BX1490%100%Home Run (Fly Ball to LF-CF)
1401401912004-09-03Gary BennettMILCINahead 8-2b 30---5,(2-2) FBBFX1822%97%Home Run (Fly Ball to LF-CF)
1411412012004-09-12Geoff JenkinsMIL@CINahead 8-0t 6112-1,(0-0) X3471%100%Home Run (Fly Ball); Podsednik Scores; Overbay Scores
1421422112004-09-17Ben GrieveCHC@CINahead 11-4t 92---2,(1-0) BX1990%100%Home Run (Fly Ball)
1431432212004-10-02Jose CastilloPIT@CINahead 1-0t 22-2-1,(0-0) X28417%76%Home Run (Fly Ball); Wigginton Scores

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