Many detailed statistics are based on play-by-play accounts accumulated by Retrosheet. These totals may be incomplete (3.6% of all plays from 1925 to 1973 are missing or have incomplete accounts, click link for year and team summary of data completeness) for some players prior to 1974 and even complete seasons may not match the official totals due to errors in both the official totals and the play-by-play accounts. Pre-1954 seasons have a substantial numbers of games missing play-by-play accounts and should be viewed as essentially incomplete.

Summary of 216 Home Runs Allowed

2 leading off, 0 walk-off, 23 tying, 70 go ahead, 1 lacking some details

4 Tms
NYY 133
KCA 60
CLE 22
vs RHB 115
vs LHB 101
Away 116
Home 100
2 81
0 69
1 65
Unk 1
11 Opps
DET 37
CLE 32
BOS 30
CHW 22
120 Batters
Rocky Colavito 13
Frank Malzone 6
Norm Cash 6
Leon Wagner 6
Charlie Maxwell 5
14 Parks
Yankee Stad 64
Munic. Stad 43
ClevelandStd 24
Tiger Stad 21
Fenway Pk 20
Where Hit
7 91
9 78
89 9
8 5
78 5
General field locations
when available.
Game Totals
1·HR gms 119
2·HR gms 37
3·HR gms 5
4·HR gms 2
Gms w/ this # = 0
are not shown.
--- 125
1-- 50
12- 12
-2- 12
--3 6
1 24
2 27
3 25
4 25
5 22
+4.. 7
+3 10
+2 15
+1 20
Tied 61
Before event,
for batter
LF 45
RF 39
1B 35
CF 25
2B 17
4th 45
3rd 37
5th 37
2nd 27
6th 21
High Lev 36
Medium Lev 76
Low Lev 103

Play By Play

Play By Play
1956 #car #yr #gm Date Batter @Bat   Score Inn Out RoB R BOP Pos bWPA bWE Notes Play Description
11111956-08-06Jim PiersallBOSNYYbehind 1-4b 621--26820%34%Home Run; Vernon Scores
22211956-08-11Tito FranconaBAL@NYYahead 3-0t 30---1236%86%Home Run
1957 #car #yr #gm Date Batter @Bat   Score Inn Out RoB R BOP Pos bWPA bWE Notes Play Description
33111957-06-10Charlie MaxwellDETNYYahead 6-1b 71-2-2271%100%Home Run (CF-RF); Bolling Scores
44211957-06-23 (2)Frank MalzoneBOSKCAahead 4-0b 51-2-2554%98%Home Run; Williams Scores
55311957-07-12Mickey MantleNYY@KCAtied 0-0t 12---13811%57%Home Run
66421957-07-12Harry SimpsonNYY@KCAtied 1-1t 8112-35336%93%Home Run (LF-CF); McDougald Scores; Mantle Scores
77511957-07-17Jackie JensenBOS@KCAbehind 0-1t 421--25926%59%Home Run; Williams Scores
88611957-07-28 (2)Roy SieversWSHKCAtied 1-1b 61---14719%73%Home Run
99711957-08-09Vic WertzCLEKCAtied 0-0b 50---14315%72%Home Run
1010821957-08-09Roger MarisCLEKCAbehind 1-2b 92---15849%53%Home Run
1111911957-08-14Al KalineDET@KCAahead 3-2t 51---15912%75%Home Run
12121011957-08-26Frank MalzoneBOS@KCAt 315
13131111957-09-02 (2)Vic WertzCLEKCAbehind 0-3b 20---1439%33%Home Run
14141221957-09-02 (2)Cal McLishCLEKCAbehind 2-3b 4212-39136%77%Home Run; Carrasquel Scores/unER; Naragon Scores/unER; McLish Scores/unER
15151311957-09-11 (1)Al PilarcikBALKCAbehind 2-7b 90---1591%1%Home Run
16161411957-09-17Jackie JensenBOSKCAtied 2-2b 11--325913%72%Home Run; Malzone Scores
17171511957-09-22 (1)Red WilsonDET@KCAtied 1-1t 41---17214%61%Home Run
18181611957-09-29Harvey KuennDETKCAtied 4-4b 621--23630%83%Home Run; Boros Scores
1958 #car #yr #gm Date Batter @Bat   Score Inn Out RoB R BOP Pos bWPA bWE Notes Play Description
1919111958-04-21Roger MarisCLE@KCAtied 0-0t 62-2-24928%76%Home Run; Minoso Scores
2020211958-04-26Al SmithCHWKCAbehind 0-7b 70---1571%2%Home Run
2121311958-05-02Bill SkowronNYYKCAahead 3-1b 32--325312%90%Home Run; Siebern Scores
2222411958-05-10Ray BooneDETKCAtied 0-0b 21---15311%64%Home Run
2323511958-05-16Frank BollingDET@KCAahead 2-0t 50---1149%85%Home Run
2424611958-05-21Jim LemonWSH@KCAtied 0-0t 20---15911%61%Home Run
2525721958-05-21Norm ZauchinWSH@KCAahead 2-1t 71---17313%81%Home Run
2626811958-05-26Jim BusbyBAL@KCAtied 0-0t 4112347826%88%Home Run (Deep LF); Nieman Scores; Triandos Scores; Pilarcik Scores
2727911958-05-30 (1)Larry DobyCLE@KCAtied 0-0t 21---16811%59%Home Run
28281021958-05-30 (1)Rocky ColavitoCLE@KCAtied 1-1t 42---15914%59%Home Run
29291111958-06-15 (1)Frank MalzoneBOSKCAbehind 2-6b 621--25512%19%Home Run; Gernert Scores
30301221958-06-15 (1)Jackie JensenBOSKCAbehind 4-6b 62---16913%32%Home Run
31311311958-06-20Jackie JensenBOS@KCAtied 1-1t 411--26922%72%Home Run; Gernert Scores
32321411958-06-29Mickey MantleNYY@KCAtied 0-0t 111--23818%68%Home Run; Howard Scores
33331511958-07-02Gail HarrisDETKCAahead 2-0b 60---1437%91%Home Run
34341611958-07-05Mickey VernonCLEKCAtied 0-0b 101--22316%74%Home Run; Avila Scores
35351711958-08-15Frank BollingDET@KCAtied 0-0t 3212-36429%78%Home Run; Bertoia Scores; Kaline Scores
36361811958-08-18Gene WoodlingBALKCAtied 1-1b 601--23724%86%Home Run; Boyd Scores
37371911958-08-27Yogi BerraNYYKCAbehind 2-7b 32--32499%18%Home Run; Siebern Scores
38382011958-08-31Rocky ColavitoCLE@KCAbehind 0-2t 72---16911%22%Home Run
39392121958-08-31Rocky ColavitoCLE@KCAbehind 1-2t 92---16936%40%Home Run
40402231958-08-31Minnie MinosoCLE@KCAtied 2-2t 111---14739%83%Home Run
41412311958-09-09Gus TriandosBAL@KCAbehind 0-4t 411--25212%23%Home Run; Nieman Scores
42422421958-09-09Bob NiemanBAL@KCAbehind 2-7t 6012-34712%21%Home Run; Boyd Scores; Tasby Scores
43432511958-09-14 (1)Gil McDougaldNYY@KCAahead 1-0t 311--22417%79%Home Run; Siebern Scores
44442611958-09-19Al SmithCHW@KCAbehind 1-2t 32---13912%46%Home Run
45452711958-09-24Russ NixonCLE@KCAtied 0-0t 30---17212%62%Home Run
46462821958-09-24Rocky ColavitoCLE@KCAahead 1-0t 42---15912%71%Home Run
47472931958-09-24Bobby AvilaCLE@KCAbehind 2-5t 721--21PH15%22%Home Run; Naragon Scores
1959 #car #yr #gm Date Batter @Bat   Score Inn Out RoB R BOP Pos bWPA bWE Notes Play Description
4848111959-04-18Billy MartinCLEKCAtied 0-0b 11---12411%63%Home Run (Deep LF)
4949221959-04-18Vic PowerCLEKCAahead 1-0b 20---15310%76%Home Run (Deep LF)
5050311959-04-29Jim LemonWSH@KCAbehind 2-4t 60---14912%34%Home Run (Deep CF)
5151411959-05-03Frank MalzoneBOS@KCAbehind 1-4t 40---1558%27%Home Run (Deep LF)
5252521959-05-03Frank MalzoneBOS@KCAbehind 2-6t 61---1555%11%Home Run (Deep LF)
5353611959-05-06Norm SiebernNYY@KCAahead 3-0t 22-2335713%92%Home Run; Blanchard Scores; McDougald Scores
5454711959-05-10Charlie MaxwellDETKCAbehind 0-3b 3212-33728%51%Home Run; Lepcio Scores; Yost Scores
5555821959-05-10Lou BerberetDETKCAtied 3-3b 42---17214%65%Home Run
5656911959-05-16Bob AllisonWSHKCAahead 2-0b 30---1288%85%Home Run (Deep LF)
57571011959-06-03Charlie MaxwellDETNYYbehind 2-5b 52-2-23719%36%Home Run; Yost Scores
58581111959-06-21 (1)Vic PowerCLE@NYYahead 3-2t 80---12312%87%Home Run
59591211959-07-05Jim LemonWSH@NYYahead 4-0t 8112-3572%100%Home Run; Killebrew Scores; Sievers Scores
60601311959-07-12Jackie JensenBOSNYYahead 1-0b 111-335915%86%Home Run; Keough Scores; Wertz Scores
61611411959-07-28Al SmithCHWNYYahead 2-1b 801--2378%97%Home Run (Deep LF); Fox Scores
62621511959-08-23 (2)Sherm LollarCHWNYYtied 0-0b 70---14221%79%Home Run (Deep LF)
63631611959-08-30Bob AllisonWSHNYYahead 2-0b 70---1785%94%Home Run
1960 #car #yr #gm Date Batter @Bat   Score Inn Out RoB R BOP Pos bWPA bWE Notes Play Description
6464111960-05-12Russ NixonCLE@NYYtied 2-2t 111---16239%83%Home Run (Deep RF)
6565211960-05-18Tito FranconaCLENYYbehind 1-3b 61---14713%34%Home Run (Deep RF)
6666311960-05-22Jerry LumpeKCANYYbehind 6-9b 92---1241%1%Home Run (Deep RF)
6767411960-06-05 (1)Ted WilliamsBOS@NYYbehind 2-5t 721--23715%22%Home Run (CF-RF); Runnels Scores
6868511960-06-15Jerry LumpeKCANYYbehind 0-2b 41---12412%39%Home Run
6969611960-06-25Vic PowerCLENYYtied 0-0b 11---12311%63%Home Run
7070721960-06-25Harvey KuennCLENYYahead 1-0b 611--23916%91%Home Run; Power Scores
7171811960-06-30Jerry LumpeKCA@NYYtied 0-0t 11---12411%58%Home Run (Deep RF)
7272921960-06-30Andy CareyKCA@NYYahead 1-0t 22---17511%68%Home Run (Deep LF)
73731011960-07-10Willie TasbyBOSNYYtied 0-0b 10---11810%65%Lead-OffHome Run
74741111960-07-17 (1)Rocky ColavitoDETNYYtied 0-0b 201--26916%75%Home Run (LF-CF); Kaline Scores
75751221960-07-17 (1)Norm CashDETNYYahead 3-0b 2212344313%96%Home Run; Yost Scores/unER; Bolling Scores/unER; Maxwell Scores/unER; Cash Scores/unER
76761311960-08-01Al KalineDET@NYYbehind 0-1t 22---16811%46%Home Run
77771411960-08-12Jim LemonWSH@NYYahead 9-4t 721--2472%99%Home Run (Deep LF); Killebrew Scores
78781511960-09-05 (2)Carroll HardyBOS@NYYtied 0-0t 11---12711%58%Home Run
1961 #car #yr #gm Date Batter @Bat   Score Inn Out RoB R BOP Pos bWPA bWE Notes Play Description
7979111961-04-11Reno BertoiaMIN@NYYahead 3-0t 811--2755%98%Home Run (Deep LF Line); Battey Scores
8080211961-04-22 (1)Marv BreedingBALNYYbehind 0-2b 51---18413%37%Home Run (Deep LF)
8181311961-04-29Woodie HeldCLE@NYYbehind 0-3t 42---1768%22%Home Run (Deep LF)
8282411961-05-05Ken AspromonteLAANYYtied 1-1b 521--22424%78%Home Run (Deep LF); Pearson Scores
8383511961-05-10Norm SiebernKCANYYtied 0-0b 21---15711%64%Home Run (Deep RF)
8484611961-05-14 (2)Rocky ColavitoDET@NYYbehind 0-5t 20---1495%15%Home Run (Deep LF)
8585721961-05-14 (2)Dick BrownDET@NYYbehind 1-5t 22---1726%18%Home Run (Deep LF)
8686831961-05-14 (2)Charlie MaxwellDET@NYYbehind 3-7t 501--23711%24%Home Run (Deep RF); Bruton Scores
8787911961-05-24Gary GeigerBOS@NYYbehind 1-2t 82---12827%42%Home Run (Deep RF Line)
88881011961-06-03Floyd RobinsonCHWNYYbehind 2-5b 801--29PH17%30%Home Run (Deep RF); Carreon Scores
89891111961-06-11 (1)Ken HuntLAA@NYYbehind 0-2t 92---1582%4%Home Run (Deep LF)
90901211961-07-15Sherm LollarCHWNYYbehind 0-1b 22---16211%51%Home Run (Deep LF)
91911321961-07-15Ray HerbertCHWNYYbehind 1-2b 30---19112%55%Home Run (Deep LF)
92921411961-08-02 (2)Norm SiebernKCA@NYYbehind 2-12t 8212-3430%0%Home Run (Deep RF); Hankins Scores; Causey Scores
93931511961-08-11Bud ZipfelWSANYYbehind 1-9b 611--2331%2%Home Run (Deep RF); O'Connell Scores
94941611961-09-02Rocky ColavitoDET@NYYtied 0-0t 121--24719%66%Home Run (Deep LF); Kaline Scores
95951711961-09-07Tito FranconaCLE@NYYbehind 0-3t 6112-32729%47%IPHRInside-the-park Home Run to CF (Deep LF-CF); Phillips Scores; Stigman Scores
96961811961-09-12Luis AparicioCHWNYYbehind 2-4b 51---11613%38%Home Run (Deep LF)
97971911961-09-16Norm CashDETNYYtied 2-2b 311--25319%75%Home Run (Deep RF); Kaline Scores
1962 #car #yr #gm Date Batter @Bat   Score Inn Out RoB R BOP Pos bWPA bWE Notes Play Description
9898111962-04-14Norm CashDETNYYbehind 0-1b 20---15311%55%Home Run (CF-RF)
9999221962-04-14Norm CashDETNYYbehind 3-8b 60---1534%10%Home Run
100100311962-04-24Floyd RobinsonCHW@NYYtied 1-1t 821--24740%85%Home Run; Cunningham Scores
101101411962-04-28Bob JohnsonWSANYYbehind 0-5b 41---1364%12%Home Run
102102511962-05-06 (1)Gene WoodlingWSA@NYYbehind 1-2t 80---19PH25%50%Home Run
103103611962-05-11Don DillardCLENYYtied 0-0b 31---12712%65%Home Run
104104711962-05-15Carl YastrzemskiBOSNYYtied 0-0b 111--23717%72%Home Run; Bressoud Scores
105105811962-05-19Harmon KillebrewMIN@NYYbehind 0-2t 41---14711%34%Home Run
106106911962-05-23Ed CharlesKCA@NYYahead 2-0t 20---1758%79%Home Run
1071071021962-05-23Manny JimenezKCA@NYYahead 3-2t 5212-34925%89%Home Run; Pfister Scores; Siebern Scores
1081081111962-06-01Lee ThomasLAANYYbehind 1-6b 92---1490%0%Home Run (RF Line)
1091091211962-06-10 (1)Whitey HerzogBAL@NYYtied 0-0t 21---16911%59%Home Run (RF Line)
1101101321962-06-10 (1)Russ SnyderBAL@NYYahead 1-0t 32---12811%69%Home Run (RF Line)
1111111411962-06-15Al LuplowCLENYYtied 0-0b 62-2-22728%83%Home Run; Kindall Scores
1121121511962-06-19Brooks RobinsonBALNYYtied 1-1b 61---13519%73%Home Run
1131131611962-06-23 (1)Dick McAuliffeDETNYYbehind 0-8b 50---1641%3%Home Run
1141141721962-06-23 (1)Steve BorosDETNYYbehind 1-8b 60---1151%3%Home Run
1151151831962-06-23 (1)Rocky ColavitoDETNYYbehind 2-8b 62---1472%4%Home Run
1161161941962-06-23 (1)Vic WertzDETNYYbehind 3-8b 80---19PH2%4%Home Run
1171172011962-06-27Don MincherMIN@NYYbehind 2-6t 70---1735%10%Home Run
1181182111962-07-01 (1)Leon WagnerLAA@NYYbehind 0-3t 611--23916%30%Home Run; Moran Scores
1191192211962-07-06George BanksMINNYYbehind 3-7b 51---19PH6%17%Home Run
1201202311962-07-13Leon WagnerLAANYYahead 3-1b 51-2-23910%93%Home Run; Pearson Scores
1211212411962-07-21Harry BrightWSA@NYYbehind 2-4t 82---1438%16%Home Run
1221222511962-07-29 (1)Charlie MaxwellCHW@NYYbehind 0-5t 3212-35715%24%Home Run; Cunningham Scores; Robinson Scores
1231232611962-08-11 (1)Rocky ColavitoDET@NYYtied 0-0t 11-2334717%76%Home Run; Buddin Scores/unER; Bruton Scores
1241242721962-08-11 (1)Rocky ColavitoDET@NYYahead 3-1t 5112-34715%94%Home Run; Buddin Scores; Kaline Scores
1251252811962-08-15Lenny GreenMINNYYbehind 0-2b 60---11814%40%Home Run
1261262921962-08-15Earl BatteyMINNYYbehind 1-9b 921--2620%0%Home Run; Allison Scores
1271273011962-08-19Norm SiebernKCANYYbehind 1-14b 621--2430%0%Home Run; Lumpe Scores
1281283121962-08-19Gino CimoliKCANYYbehind 3-14b 70---1690%0%Home Run
1291293231962-08-19Wayne CauseyKCANYYbehind 4-14b 70---1760%0%Home Run
1301303341962-08-19Billy BryanKCANYYbehind 5-14b 70---1820%1%Home Run (LF-CF)
1311313411962-08-23Billy MoranLAANYYbehind 0-4b 321--22414%27%Home Run; Pearson Scores
1321323521962-08-23Billy MoranLAANYYbehind 3-4b 82---12434%53%Home Run
1331333611962-09-01Jerry LumpeKCA@NYYtied 0-0t 41---13413%61%Home Run
1341343711962-09-06Lee ThomasLAA@NYYbehind 0-2t 41---13311%34%Home Run (CF-RF)
1351353811962-09-10Al KalineDETNYYtied 0-0b 12---13910%61%Home Run
1361363911962-09-30Brian McCallCHW@NYYahead 6-4t 70---1188%90%Home Run
1371374021962-09-30Nellie FoxCHW@NYYahead 7-4t 70---1245%95%Home Run
1963 #car #yr #gm Date Batter @Bat   Score Inn Out RoB R BOP Pos bWPA bWE Notes Play Description
138138111963-04-09Billy BryanKCANYYbehind 0-8b 81---1820%0%Home Run
139139221963-04-09Chuck EssegianKCANYYbehind 1-8b 92---1570%0%Home Run
140140311963-04-13Al SmithBAL@NYYbehind 0-3t 50---1599%23%Home Run
141141411963-04-17Gus TriandosDET@NYYtied 1-1t 72---17224%67%Home Run
142142511963-05-01George ThomasLAANYYtied 0-0b 1112345923%88%Home Run (LF-CF); Moran Scores; Thomas Scores; Wagner Scores
143143611963-05-05Lenny GreenMINNYYtied 0-0b 10---11810%65%Lead-OffHome Run
144144711963-05-19 (2)Leon WagnerLAA@NYYbehind 1-8t 521-33375%6%Home Run (CF-RF); Pearson Scores; Moran Scores
145145811963-05-22Ed CharlesKCA@NYYbehind 6-7t 92---15537%40%Home Run
146146911963-05-30Dick StuartBOSNYYbehind 0-1b 201--26319%66%Home Run; Clinton Scores
1471471021963-05-30Eddie BressoudBOSNYYahead 2-1b 201--28614%83%Home Run; Nixon Scores
1481481131963-05-30Eddie BressoudBOSNYYbehind 4-5b 92---18649%53%Home Run
1491491211963-06-04Boog PowellBALNYYbehind 0-1b 501--26727%72%Home Run; Robinson Scores
1501501311963-06-08Norm CashDETNYYtied 1-1b 32-2-24321%75%Home Run; Kaline Scores
1511511421963-06-08Rocky ColavitoDETNYYahead 3-1b 321--26713%89%Home Run; McAuliffe Scores
1521521511963-06-21Gary GeigerBOSNYYahead 3-2b 22---12810%73%Home Run
1531531621963-06-21Frank MalzoneBOSNYYahead 5-2b 50--32453%97%Home Run; Yastrzemski Scores
1541541711963-06-25Floyd RobinsonCHWNYYtied 1-1b 71---14924%78%Home Run
1551551811963-07-03Jim LandisCHW@NYYbehind 1-4t 72-2-21815%22%Home Run (Line Drive); Weis Scores
1561561911963-07-07 (1)Max AlvisCLENYYtied 0-0b 121--24520%72%Home Run; Kirkland Scores
1571572011963-07-22Lee ThomasLAA@NYYbehind 0-7t 401--2433%7%Home Run (Line Drive); Wagner Scores
1581582111963-07-27Harmon KillebrewMIN@NYYbehind 0-5t 90---1371%1%Home Run
1591592211963-08-04 (1)Steve BarberBAL@NYYbehind 0-1t 32---19112%46%Home Run
1601602321963-08-04 (1)Boog PowellBAL@NYYahead 3-2t 60---13712%80%Home Run
1611612411963-08-22Tito FranconaCLE@NYYtied 0-0t 11---12711%59%Home Run
1621622521963-08-22Fred WhitfieldCLE@NYYahead 1-0t 12---14310%67%Home Run
1631632631963-08-22Willie KirklandCLE@NYYahead 2-0t 40---1399%83%Home Run
1641642711963-09-01John OrsinoBALNYYahead 1-0b 32--324217%84%Home Run; Snyder Scores
1651652811963-09-05Dick PhillipsWSA@NYYtied 0-0t 511--22325%75%Home Run; Blasingame Scores
1661662911963-09-24Leon WagnerLAA@NYYbehind 0-8t 90---1370%0%Home Run
1964 #car #yr #gm Date Batter @Bat   Score Inn Out RoB R BOP Pos bWPA bWE Notes Play Description
167167111964-05-08Bob ChanceCLENYYbehind 0-5b 62---19PH3%5%Home Run
168168221964-05-08Leon WagnerCLENYYbehind 1-10b 921--2370%0%Home Run; Brown Scores
169169311964-05-15Rocky ColavitoKCA@NYYtied 0-0t 20---15911%61%Home Run
170170411964-05-20Tony OlivaMIN@NYYahead 1-0t 10--32399%78%Home Run; Rollins Scores
171171521964-05-20Harmon KillebrewMIN@NYYahead 3-0t 11-2-2679%89%Home Run; Allison Scores
172172611964-05-24 (2)Ed KirkpatrickLAA@NYYtied 0-0t 21-2-27717%69%Home Run; Moran Scores
173173711964-06-01Don MincherMINNYYtied 0-0b 20---14311%66%Home Run (Deep CF-RF)
174174811964-06-05Lou ClintonLAANYYbehind 0-2b 311--23923%53%Home Run; Moran Scores
175175911964-06-10 (2)Lee ThomasBOSNYYbehind 4-5b 511--25928%69%Home Run; Stuart Scores/unER
1761761011964-06-28 (1)Dick McAuliffeDET@NYYahead 5-2t 60---1865%93%Home Run
1771771111964-07-01Billy BryanKCA@NYYtied 4-4t 111---19239%83%Home Run (RF Line)
1781781211964-08-01Jimmie HallMINNYYbehind 0-1b 201--25819%66%Home Run; Killebrew Scores
1791791321964-08-01Bob AllisonMINNYYbehind 2-5b 72---1637%14%Home Run
1801801411964-08-06Nelson MathewsKCANYYtied 0-0b 32---12813%64%Home Run
1811811521964-08-06Rocky ColavitoKCANYYbehind 1-5b 821--2496%8%Home Run; Charles Scores
1821821611964-08-11 (1)Floyd RobinsonCHW@NYYahead 1-0t 30---13711%73%Home Run (Deep RF)
1831831721964-08-11 (1)Pete WardCHW@NYYbehind 2-3t 721--24542%67%Home Run (Deep CF-RF); Buford Scores
1841841811964-08-21Dick StuartBOSNYYtied 0-0b 40---14313%69%Home Run (Deep LF)
1851851921964-08-21Eddie BressoudBOSNYYahead 1-0b 42---17611%77%Home Run (Deep LF)
1861862011964-09-30 (1)Al KalineDET@NYYbehind 3-6t 71---1396%14%IPHRInside-the-park Home Run to LF
1965 #car #yr #gm Date Batter @Bat   Score Inn Out RoB R BOP Pos bWPA bWE Notes Play Description
187187111965-04-18Jerry KindallMINCLEbehind 0-3b 31---1849%28%Home Run
188188221965-04-18Jimmie HallMINCLEbehind 2-3b 401--25823%69%Home Run (CF-RF); Killebrew Scores
189189311965-04-30Bob ChanceWSA@CLEbehind 0-5t 90-2-2331%3%Home Run; Held Scores
190190411965-05-16 (1)Frank HowardWSACLEahead 4-2b 721--2478%97%Home Run; King Scores
191191511965-05-22Felix MantillaBOS@CLEahead 5-3t 421--24415%88%Home Run; Jones Scores/unER; Mantilla Scores/unER
192192611965-05-28Don WertDETCLEtied 0-0b 81---18531%87%Home Run
193193711965-06-04Al KalineDET@CLEtied 0-0t 121--24820%68%Home Run; Cash Scores
194194811965-06-11Jim LandisKCACLEahead 4-2b 72---1386%94%Home Run
195195911965-06-29Felix MantillaBOSCLEbehind 0-7b 62---1481%2%Home Run
1961961021965-06-29Rico PetrocelliBOSCLEbehind 1-7b 72---1861%2%Home Run
1971971111965-07-09 (1)Willie SmithCALCLEbehind 0-1b 50---14717%56%Home Run
1981981221965-07-09 (1)Willie SmithCALCLEbehind 1-3b 70-2-24730%58%Home Run; Fregosi Scores
1991991311965-07-14Gary PetersCHW@CLEtied 0-0t 221-339128%78%Home Run; Hansen Scores; Berry Scores
2002001421965-07-14Ron HansenCHW@CLEahead 3-0t 411--27610%93%Home Run; Martin Scores
2012011511965-07-20Russ SnyderBAL@CLEtied 0-0t 101--22917%70%Home Run; Aparicio Scores
2022021611965-07-27Ron HansenCHW@CLEbehind 0-6t 421--2765%8%Home Run; Skowron Scores
2032031711965-08-01 (1)Roger RepozNYYCLEbehind 1-5b 60---1886%14%Home Run
2042041821965-08-01 (1)Joe PepitoneNYYCLEbehind 2-5b 6212-34938%52%Home Run (CF-RF); Kubek Scores; Tresh Scores
2052051911965-08-03Norm CashDET@CLEahead 11-7t 81---1332%99%Home Run
2062062011965-08-06John RomanoCHWCLEbehind 0-1b 12---13212%51%Home Run
2072072111965-08-25 (2)Joe AdcockCALCLEbehind 0-6b 711--2533%4%Home Run; Fregosi Scores
2082082211965-09-26 (1)Gates BrownDETCLEtied 0-0b 20---14712%66%Home Run
1966 #car #yr #gm Date Batter @Bat   Score Inn Out RoB R BOP Pos bWPA bWE Notes Play Description
209209111966-05-10Tony ConigliaroBOS@KCAbehind 0-1t 20---15912%50%Home Run
210210211966-05-22Dalton JonesBOSKCAbehind 0-1b 51---16416%54%Home Run
211211311966-06-11Jose CardenalCALKCAbehind 1-2b 60---19PH21%57%Home Run
212212411966-06-16 (2)Tommy McCrawCHWKCAbehind 0-2b 3212343344%77%Home Run; Berry Scores; Agee Scores; Buford Scores
213213521966-06-16 (2)Tommy McCrawCHWKCAahead 4-2b 61---1337%93%Home Run
214214611966-06-26 (2)Leon WagnerCLEKCAahead 7-3b 62-233373%99%Home Run; Curry Scores; Salmon Scores
215215711966-07-26Joe FoyBOSKCAahead 5-2b 40---1255%92%Home Run
216216811966-09-02Dick AllenPHI@NYMahead 5-0t 80---1451%99%Home Run

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