Many detailed statistics are based on play-by-play accounts accumulated by Retrosheet. These totals may be incomplete (3.6% of all plays from 1925 to 1973 are missing or have incomplete accounts, click link for year and team summary of data completeness) for some players prior to 1974 and even complete seasons may not match the official totals due to errors in both the official totals and the play-by-play accounts. Pre-1954 seasons have a substantial numbers of games missing play-by-play accounts and should be viewed as essentially incomplete.

Summary of 146 Home Runs Allowed

4 leading off, 0 walk-off, 17 tying, 56 go ahead

2 Tms
CIN 141
vs RHB 86
vs LHB 60
Away 76
Home 70
0 57
1 53
2 36
14 Opps
SFG 18
HOU 17
ATL 16
PHI 16
PIT 14
18 Parks
Cinergy Fld 40
Crosley Fld 28
Atl-Fulton 11
Candlestick 9
Astrodome 8
Where Hit
7 55
9 55
8 14
89 5
78 3
General field locations
when available.
Game Totals
1·HR gms 87
2·HR gms 28
3·HR gms 1
Gms w/ this # = 0
are not shown.
--- 94
1-- 24
-2- 12
12- 9
--3 3
1 26
2 19
3 16
4 29
5 9
+4.. 2
+3 2
+2 8
+1 18
Tied 51
Before event,
for batter
1B 33
RF 26
LF 22
3B 21
CF 19
4th 40
5th 30
3rd 27
6th 15
2nd 10
High Lev 23
Medium Lev 74
Low Lev 49

Play By Play

Play By Play
1967 #car #yr #gm Date Batter @Bat   Score Inn Out RoB R BOP Pos bWPA bWE Notes Play Description
11111967-04-15Jim WynnHOU@CINbehind 1-4t 81-2-24811%19%Home Run; Landis Scores
22211967-04-25Jim Ray HartSFGCINtied 0-0b 121--24521%73%Home Run; Henderson Scores
33311967-04-30 (2)Tommy DavisNYM@CINbehind 0-2t 401--24719%50%Home Run; Luplow Scores
44411967-05-09Cleon JonesNYMCINtied 0-0b 40---12814%70%Home Run
55511967-06-01Billy WilliamsCHC@CINbehind 0-2t 40---13711%37%Home Run
66621967-06-01Billy WilliamsCHC@CINbehind 1-2t 711--23737%68%Home Run; Beckert Scores
77711967-06-07Willie McCoveySFG@CINbehind 0-3t 8212-34336%42%Home Run; Alou Scores; Haller Scores
88811967-06-19Willie MaysSFGCINahead 2-1b 301--23815%86%Home Run; Cline Scores
99921967-06-19Jim Ray HartSFGCINahead 4-1b 31---1556%91%Home Run
10101011967-06-24Donn ClendenonPIT@CINtied 0-0t 12--324318%67%Home Run (Deep LF); Alou Scores
11111111967-06-28Jim LefebvreLAD@CINbehind 0-5t 70---1553%5%Home Run
12121221967-06-28John RoseboroLAD@CINbehind 1-5t 70---1624%10%Home Run
13131311967-07-30 (1)Clarence JonesCHC@CINtied 3-3t 32-2-26921%69%Home Run; Banks Scores
14141411967-08-09Rusty StaubHOU@CINbehind 2-7t 91---1490%1%Home Run (Deep RF)
15151511967-08-19Jesus AlouSFGCINbehind 0-2b 52---11913%33%Home Run
16161611967-09-15Mike ShannonSTL@CINtied 0-0t 3112-36525%79%Home Run; Tolan Scores; McCarver Scores
17171711967-09-29Billy WilliamsCHC@CINtied 0-0t 12---13711%57%Home Run
18181821967-09-29Billy WilliamsCHC@CINahead 1-0t 62---13714%76%Home Run
1968 #car #yr #gm Date Batter @Bat   Score Inn Out RoB R BOP Pos bWPA bWE Notes Play Description
1919111968-05-31Johnny CallisonPHICINbehind 0-1b 20---14913%55%Home Run; Callison Scores/unER
2020221968-05-31Bill WhitePHICINtied 1-1b 42-2-25326%80%Home Run; Briggs Scores
2121311968-06-10Ernie BanksCHCCINbehind 0-1b 20---15313%55%Home Run
2222421968-06-10Ernie BanksCHCCINtied 1-1b 40---15315%70%Home Run
2323511968-06-20Joe TorreATLCINbehind 0-1b 40---14216%55%Home Run
2424611968-07-12Willie McCoveySFG@CINbehind 0-2t 40---14312%35%Home Run
2525711968-07-29 (1)Johnny CallisonPHICINbehind 1-2b 40---15916%55%Home Run
2626811968-09-20Norm MillerHOUCINtied 0-0b 11---12913%65%Home Run (CF-RF)
2727911968-09-24Willie StargellPITCINtied 0-0b 70---15724%82%Home Run
28281011968-09-28Willie McCoveySFG@CINbehind 2-3t 5212-34343%76%Home Run; Hunt Scores/unER; Marshall Scores/unER; McCovey Scores/unER
1969 #car #yr #gm Date Batter @Bat   Score Inn Out RoB R BOP Pos bWPA bWE Notes Play Description
2929111969-04-12Hank AaronATLCINbehind 0-3b 41---1399%26%Home Run
3030221969-04-12Felipe AlouATLCINbehind 1-6b 60---1184%8%Home Run
3131311969-05-06Wayne GarrettNYMCINtied 1-1b 60---12518%75%Home Run
3232421969-05-06Cleon JonesNYMCINahead 2-1b 61---14711%84%Home Run
3333511969-08-05 (1)Art ShamskyNYM@CINbehind 0-4t 41-2-24911%23%Home Run; Jones Scores
3434611969-08-15Richie HebnerPIT@CINtied 0-0t 11---12510%58%Home Run
3535721969-08-15Gene AlleyPIT@CINahead 2-0t 21---1849%78%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep LF-CF)
3636831969-08-15Al OliverPIT@CINahead 3-1t 40---1539%83%Home Run
3737911969-08-25Jim HickmanCHCCINbehind 3-6b 81---1686%12%Home Run
38381011969-09-11Roberto PenaSDP@CINbehind 0-6t 511--2264%8%Home Run; Williams Scores
39391111969-09-25Jim WynnHOU@CINtied 0-0t 41---13813%61%Home Run
1970 #car #yr #gm Date Batter @Bat   Score Inn Out RoB R BOP Pos bWPA bWE Notes Play Description
4040111970-04-21Rico CartyATLCINbehind 3-4b 31---14712%53%Home Run
4141221970-04-21Orlando CepedaATLCINbehind 4-7b 60---15310%26%Home Run
4242311970-04-28John MayberryHOU@CINbehind 1-4t 90---19PH4%8%Home Run
4343411970-05-04Joe TorreSTL@CINbehind 2-4t 62---15211%28%Home Run
4444511970-05-09Jim HickmanCHCCINbehind 0-1b 2012-37819%74%Home Run; Callison Scores; Banks Scores
4545611970-05-15Hank AaronATL@CINtied 1-1t 811--23935%85%Home Run; Millan Scores
4646711970-06-03Tony TaylorPHI@CINtied 0-0t 10---11510%60%Lead-OffHome Run
4747821970-06-03Denny DoylePHI@CINbehind 1-2t 32---12411%46%Home Run
4848911970-06-13Deron JohnsonPHICINtied 0-0b 1112-34321%80%Home Run; Bowa Scores; Gamble Scores
49491021970-06-13Deron JohnsonPHICINahead 3-1b 601--2438%95%Home Run; Gamble Scores
50501111970-06-19Andy KoscoLAD@CINahead 2-0t 60---1478%86%Home Run
51511211970-06-23Willie McCoveySFG@CINtied 0-0t 411--24321%71%Home Run; Mays Scores
52521311970-07-11Orlando CepedaATLCINbehind 0-3b 201--25315%45%Home Run; Carty Scores
53531411970-07-16Willie StargellPITCINbehind 1-2b 62---15720%52%Home Run
54541511970-08-07Tom HallerLADCINahead 1-0b 21---16210%74%Home Run
55551611970-08-11Cleon JonesNYM@CINbehind 0-8t 90---1570%0%Home Run
56561711970-08-15John BriggsPHI@CINtied 0-0t 12---13710%56%Home Run
57571811970-08-23 (1)Tommie AgeeNYMCINbehind 0-1b 10---11810%55%Lead-OffHome Run
58581921970-08-23 (1)Tommie AgeeNYMCINbehind 1-3b 71---11913%31%Home Run
59592011970-08-28Bob BaileyMONCINtied 0-0b 20---14511%66%Home Run
60602111970-09-07 (1)Bobby BondsSFGCINtied 0-0b 10---11910%65%Lead-OffHome Run
61612211970-09-11Nate ColbertSDPCINtied 2-2b 70---15321%80%Home Run
62622311970-09-16Jim WynnHOUCINbehind 1-3b 90---13711%19%Home Run
63632411970-09-22Joe MorganHOU@CINahead 2-0t 51---1249%82%Home Run
64642511970-09-27Billy GrabarkewitzLAD@CINbehind 3-4t 40---18412%50%Home Run
1971 #car #yr #gm Date Batter @Bat   Score Inn Out RoB R BOP Pos bWPA bWE Notes Play Description
6565111971-04-27Don MasonSDP@CINtied 0-0t 11---12411%59%Home Run
6666211971-05-02Willie McCoveySFG@CINtied 0-0t 121--24321%69%Home Run; Mays Scores
6767311971-05-19Roberto ClementePIT@CINtied 1-1t 30---13913%63%IPHRInside-the-park Home Run to CF
6868411971-05-24Denny DoylePHICINtied 0-0b 22-2-27421%74%Home Run; Johnson Scores
6969511971-05-29Jim WynnHOU@CINtied 0-0t 41---13815%62%Home Run
7070611971-06-13Joe PepitoneCHCCINahead 1-0b 121--25316%79%Home Run; Williams Scores
7171711971-06-27Hank AaronATLCINbehind 0-5b 711--2395%9%Home Run; Millan Scores
7272811971-07-02Jim WynnHOUCINahead 1-0b 51---17912%82%Home Run
7373911971-07-30Dick AllenLADCINtied 0-0b 20---14512%67%Home Run (LF-CF)
74741021971-07-30Tom HallerLADCINahead 2-1b 711-338211%98%Home Run; Crawford Scores; Lefebvre Scores
75751111971-08-17Joe TorreSTL@CINtied 0-0t 121--24521%69%Home Run; Alou Scores
76761211971-09-13Earl WilliamsATL@CINbehind 0-1t 41---14214%47%Home Run
1972 #car #yr #gm Date Batter @Bat   Score Inn Out RoB R BOP Pos bWPA bWE Notes Play Description
7777111972-04-21Rico CartyATLCINbehind 0-2b 41---14712%39%Home Run
7878221972-04-21Darrell EvansATLCINtied 2-2b 72---13525%77%Home Run
7979311972-04-30Ron SantoCHCCINbehind 0-3b 32-2-24518%38%Home Run; Williams Scores
8080411972-05-05Manny SanguillenPIT@CINbehind 1-3t 7112-36248%70%Home Run; Stargell Scores; Hebner Scores
8181511972-05-16 (1)Dave KingmanSFGCINbehind 0-3b 41-2-24317%38%Home Run; Bonds Scores
8282611972-05-31Doug RaderHOUCINtied 0-0b 2112-37524%83%Home Run; May Scores/unER; Watson Scores
8383711972-06-06John MilnerNYMCINbehind 0-2b 42---15712%35%Home Run
8484811972-06-11Ken SingletonMONCINbehind 0-10b 71---1670%0%Home Run
8585911972-07-08Jim HickmanCHC@CINbehind 0-1t 42---16915%46%Home Run
86861011972-08-02Cesar CedenoHOUCINtied 0-0b 32--322822%76%Home Run; Helms Scores
87871111972-09-02Ken SingletonMON@CINtied 0-0t 42---13715%61%Home Run
88881221972-09-02Hal BreedenMON@CINahead 1-0t 71-2-26317%91%Home Run; Fairly Scores
89891311972-09-07 (1)Leron LeeSDPCINtied 0-0b 12---13712%63%Home Run
1973 #car #yr #gm Date Batter @Bat   Score Inn Out RoB R BOP Pos bWPA bWE Notes Play Description
9090111973-07-29 (1)Nate ColbertSDPCINahead 3-1b 31---1438%85%Home Run
1975 #car #yr #gm Date Batter @Bat   Score Inn Out RoB R BOP Pos bWPA bWE Notes Play Description
9191111975-04-27Bob WatsonHOUCINbehind 0-2b 50---15313%39%Home Run
9292211975-05-08Dave WinfieldSDP@CINahead 1-0t 40---14911%74%Home Run
9393311975-05-13Greg LuzinskiPHICINahead 1-0b 40---14710%79%Home Run (LF-CF)
9494411975-05-18Mike JorgensenMONCINtied 0-0b 12---13311%62%Home Run (CF-RF)
9595511975-06-03Dave ParkerPITCINbehind 0-3b 20---1599%32%Home Run
9696621975-06-03Duffy DyerPITCINbehind 1-6b 501--2829%17%Home Run; Hebner Scores
9797711975-06-17Dave MayATL@CINtied 0-0t 6112344828%92%Home Run (CF-RF); Garr Scores; Lum Scores; Baker Scores
9898811975-06-22Cliff JohnsonHOUCINbehind 0-1b 20---15212%55%Home Run
9999921975-06-22Cesar CedenoHOUCINahead 3-2b 30---13810%79%Home Run
1001001011975-06-28Willie McCoveySDP@CINtied 0-0t 121--24319%67%Home Run (CF-RF); Fuentes Scores
1011011111975-07-18Gary CarterMONCINbehind 1-8b 60---1491%3%Home Run
1021021211975-07-28Chris SpeierSFG@CINbehind 0-3t 21---1668%27%Home Run
1031031311975-08-14Manny SanguillenPIT@CINbehind 0-6t 81---1721%1%Home Run
1041041411975-08-24Al OliverPITCINahead 2-1b 321--23818%84%Home Run; Stennett Scores
1051051511975-09-08Willie McCoveySDPCINtied 0-0b 121--24320%73%Home Run; Torres Scores
1061061611975-09-14 (1)Dave RaderSFGCINtied 2-2b 70---16221%80%Home Run
1071071721975-09-14 (1)Steve OntiverosSFGCINahead 3-2b 70---17510%89%Home Run
1081081811975-09-26Ed GoodsonATL@CINbehind 4-7t 60---1538%21%Home Run
1976 #car #yr #gm Date Batter @Bat   Score Inn Out RoB R BOP Pos bWPA bWE Notes Play Description
109109111976-04-08Cesar CedenoHOU@CINbehind 1-6t 611--2386%10%Home Run; Cabell Scores
110110221976-04-08Bob WatsonHOU@CINbehind 3-6t 61---1437%17%Home Run
111111311976-04-13Ken HendersonATLCINtied 0-0b 20---15911%66%Home Run
112112411976-04-23Gary CarterMONCINbehind 0-1b 621--24238%71%Home Run; Jorgensen Scores
113113511976-04-30Ellis ValentineMON@CINbehind 0-4t 811--2896%9%Home Run; Foli Scores
114114611976-05-16 (1)Ed KranepoolNYM@CINbehind 0-2t 201--25317%50%Home Run; Kingman Scores
115115721976-05-16 (1)Joe TorreNYM@CINtied 2-2t 411--26523%73%Home Run; Kingman Scores
116116811976-05-21Dave WinfieldSDPCINtied 0-0b 1112345923%88%Home Run; Fuentes Scores; Davis Scores; McCovey Scores
117117911976-06-09Al OliverPITCINbehind 0-2b 42---13812%36%Home Run
1181181011976-06-19Mike SchmidtPHICINbehind 2-3b 60---13519%57%Home Run
1191191111976-06-24Dick AllenPHI@CINahead 1-0t 421--25320%81%Home Run; Schmidt Scores
1201201221976-06-24Garry MaddoxPHI@CINahead 3-0t 50---1786%91%Home Run
1211211311976-06-29Willie McCoveySDPCINtied 0-0b 20---14312%67%Home Run
1221221421976-06-29Johnny GrubbSDPCINtied 1-1b 31-2-21720%78%Home Run (CF-RF); Kendall Scores/unER
1231231511976-07-04Cesar CedenoHOU@CINtied 0-0t 11--323814%68%Home Run; Cabell Scores/unER
1241241611976-07-09 (1)Bill RobinsonPIT@CINbehind 3-4t 61---15518%47%Home Run
1251251711976-07-25Jim WynnATLCINtied 5-5b 71---13823%78%Home Run
1261261811976-07-30 (2)Willie DavisSDP@CINbehind 1-3t 52---13811%30%Home Run
1271271911976-08-04Gary MatthewsSFGCINtied 0-0b 12-2-24719%72%Home Run; Herndon Scores
1281282011976-08-10Steve SwisherCHCCINtied 0-0b 2012-37218%83%Home Run (Line Drive); LaCock Scores; Trillo Scores
1291292111976-08-26Greg LuzinskiPHI@CINahead 2-1t 61-2-24717%87%Home Run; Schmidt Scores
1301302211976-08-31Keith HernandezSTLCINahead 1-0b 40---16311%80%Home Run
1311312311976-09-14Steve GarveyLAD@CINahead 1-0t 60---14312%80%Home Run
1321322421976-09-14Ed GoodsonLAD@CINahead 4-0t 721-33554%99%Home Run; Smith Scores; Garvey Scores
1331332511976-09-19Chris SpeierSFG@CINbehind 1-3t 20---17610%39%Home Run
1341342611976-09-25Davey LopesLADCINtied 0-0b 10---11411%65%Lead-OffHome Run
1351352721976-09-25Reggie SmithLADCINahead 1-0b 11---13910%73%Home Run
1361362811976-10-01Tom PaciorekATL@CINbehind 1-3t 71---16911%25%Home Run
1977 #car #yr #gm Date Batter @Bat   Score Inn Out RoB R BOP Pos bWPA bWE Notes Play Description
137137111977-05-15Bill MadlockSFG@CINbehind 0-3t 31---1258%26%Home Run
138138221977-05-15Terry WhitfieldSFG@CINbehind 1-3t 32---14910%34%Home Run
139139311977-05-20Ed KranepoolNYM@CINbehind 1-5t 60---1535%13%Home Run
140140411977-06-15Mike SchmidtPHI@CINtied 0-0t 111--23517%67%Home Run; Maddox Scores
141141521977-06-15Richie HebnerPHI@CINahead 2-0t 11-2-25312%82%Home Run; Luzinski Scores
142142611977-07-15Leroy StantonSEA@CALtied 0-0t 1212-35925%75%Home Run; Collins Scores; Meyer Scores
143143721977-07-15Leroy StantonSEA@CALahead 5-0t 30---1593%94%Home Run
144144811977-08-28Aurelio RodriguezDETCALbehind 3-5b 41---18511%40%Home Run
145145911977-09-18 (1)Oscar GambleCHWCALtied 0-0b 20---14DH11%66%Home Run
1461461021977-09-18 (1)Jim SpencerCHWCALahead 2-0b 40---1637%86%Home Run

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