Many detailed statistics are based on play-by-play accounts accumulated by Retrosheet. These totals may be incomplete (3.6% of all plays from 1914 to 1972 are missing or have incomplete accounts, click link for year and team summary of data completeness) for some players prior to 1973 and even complete seasons may not match the official totals due to errors in both the official totals and the play-by-play accounts. Pre-1954 seasons have a substantial numbers of games missing play-by-play accounts and should be viewed as essentially incomplete.

Summary of 563 Home Runs

0 leading off, 10 walk-off, 54 tying, 215 go ahead

4 Tms
NYY 144
CAL 123
BAL 27
vs RHP 384
vs LHP 179
Away 283
Home 280
1 203
2 192
0 168
14 Opps
MIN 51
BOS 51
CHW 46
306 Pitchers
Wilbur Wood 8
Joe Coleman 7
Jim Slaton 7
Clyde Wright 6
Jerry Augustine 6
19 Parks
RingCentral Col (OAK) 146
Angel Stad (ANA) 87
Yankee Stad (NYC) 85
County Stad (MIL) 31
Memor. Stad (BAL) 30
Where Hit
9 234
8 75
7 62
78 18
89 16
General field locations
when available.
Game Totals
1·HR gms 477
2·HR gms 40
3·HR gms 2
Gms w/ this # = 0
are not shown.
--- 308
1-- 113
-2- 53
12- 41
1-3 22
1 97
2 43
3 52
4 72
5 58
+4.. 56
+3 33
+2 48
+1 71
Tied 180
Before event,
for batter
RF 429
DH 98
CF 30
PH 3
4th 239
3rd 181
5th 65
6th 47
2nd 18
High Lev 113
Medium Lev 205
Low Lev 245

Play By Play

Play By Play
1967 #car #yr #gm Date @Bat   Pitcher Score Inn Out RoB RBI BOP Pos WPA bWE Notes Play Description
11111967-09-17KCA@CALJim Weavertied 0-0t 22---1680.12959%Home Run (Deep RF)
1968 #car #yr #gm Date @Bat   Pitcher Score Inn Out RoB RBI BOP Pos WPA bWE Notes Play Description
22111968-04-10OAK@BALTom Phoebusbehind 0-2t 80---1290.11122%Home Run (LF-CF)
33211968-04-15OAK@NYYMel Stottlemyrebehind 0-1t 41---1290.15948%Home Run (CF-RF)
44311968-04-16OAK@NYYFritz Petersonbehind 0-3t 31---1290.08122%Home Run (Deep RF)
55411968-04-26OAK@CALSammy Ellisahead 7-4t 91---1290.01499%Home Run (Deep RF)
66511968-05-06OAKMINDean Chancetied 1-1b 40---1290.16171%Home Run
77611968-06-02OAKCALJim McGlothlinahead 3-1b 42---1780.08089%IPHRInside-the-park Home Run to CF
88711968-06-12OAK@CLEBilly Rohrahead 4-0t 41---1890.03895%Home Run
99811968-06-24OAK@CALRickey Clarkbehind 0-2t 6212-3590.49667%Home Run (Deep CF); Monday Scores; Bando Scores
1010911968-06-29 (1)OAK@NYYMel Stottlemyretied 2-2t 82---1590.33377%Home Run
11111011968-06-30OAK@NYYSteve Barbertied 0-0t 21---1690.13461%Home Run
12121111968-07-05OAK@DETMickey Lolichbehind 0-4t 30---1790.06117%Home Run
13131211968-07-07 (1)OAK@DETDenny McLainbehind 2-4t 42---1590.11231%IPHRInside-the-park Home Run
14141311968-07-07 (2)OAK@DETJoe Sparmabehind 1-2t 20---1590.12450%Home Run
15151411968-07-11OAKCLEMike Paultied 3-3b 81---1590.33788%Home Run
16161511968-07-15OAKBOSLee Stangeahead 6-3b 7112-3790.030100%Home Run (Deep RF); Rudi Scores; Donaldson Scores
17171611968-07-19OAK@MINJim Merritttied 0-0t 1212-3590.28178%Home Run (Deep LF); Monday Scores; Bando Scores
18181711968-07-22OAK@CHWHoyt Wilhelmahead 3-0t 90---1590.01499%Home Run
19191811968-07-27OAKMINBob Millerahead 4-2b 7112-3590.06399%Home Run (Deep RF); Donaldson Scores; Bando Scores
20201911968-08-10OAK@WSAFrank Bertainatied 1-1t 52---1290.18864%Home Run (Deep CF)
21212011968-08-11OAK@WSAJoe Colemantied 0-0t 10-2-2290.15873%Home Run (Deep CF); Campaneris Scores
22222111968-08-14OAKBALDave Leonhardbehind 0-1b 601--2290.36677%Home Run (Deep RF); Campaneris Scores
23232211968-08-15OAKNYYMel Stottlemyreahead 2-0b 51-2-2290.08995%Home Run (Deep RF); Campaneris Scores
24242311968-08-18OAKNYYSteve Barberbehind 0-4b 31---1290.06115%Home Run (CF-RF)
25252411968-08-26 (1)OAK@BALDave McNallybehind 1-8t 50---1290.0102%Home Run
26262511968-08-27 (1)OAK@BALDave Leonhardbehind 0-3t 70---1290.06915%Home Run (Deep RF)
27272611968-09-01OAK@CALClyde Wrightahead 1-0t 62-2-2290.20089%Home Run (Deep RF); Odom Scores
28282711968-09-14OAK@DETDenny McLaintied 0-0t 41-2-2590.22375%Home Run; Cater Scores
29292821968-09-14OAK@DETDenny McLaintied 3-3t 62---1590.20966%Home Run
30302911968-09-29OAKMINJim Merritttied 1-1b 61-2-2290.26987%Home Run (Deep RF); Campaneris Scores
1969 #car #yr #gm Date @Bat   Pitcher Score Inn Out RoB RBI BOP Pos WPA bWE Notes Play Description
3131111969-04-13 (2)OAKKCRWally Bunkertied 0-0b 12---1390.11562%Home Run (Deep RF)
3232211969-04-20 (2)OAK@KCRWally Bunkerbehind 2-4t 501--2390.22050%Home Run (Deep CF); Reynolds Scores
3333311969-04-24OAK@MINDave Boswelltied 0-0t 11-2-2390.16168%Home Run (Deep LF); Campaneris Scores/unER
3434421969-04-24OAK@MINDave Boswellahead 3-0t 31---1390.06786%Home Run (Deep RF)
3535511969-04-25OAK@SEPGary Belltied 0-0t 12---1390.11157%Home Run
3636621969-04-25OAK@SEPJohn Morrisahead 6-2t 711--2390.03499%Home Run; Reynolds Scores
3737711969-05-01OAK@CALRudy Maybehind 0-2t 911--2390.37245%Home Run (Deep CF); Reynolds Scores
3838811969-05-04 (2)OAKSEPJack Akerahead 8-0b 41---1390.004100%Home Run
3939921969-05-04 (2)OAKSEPDiego Seguíahead 10-7b 82---1390.01599%Home Run
40401011969-05-06OAKWSAJim Hannanahead 1-0b 321--2390.18584%Home Run (Deep RF); Reynolds Scores
41411111969-05-13OAKBOSMike Nagybehind 1-2b 52-2-2390.31869%Home Run (Deep LF-CF); Campaneris Scores
42421211969-05-21OAK@NYYStan Bahnsentied 1-1t 32---1390.13159%IPHRInside-the-park Home Run to LF
43431321969-05-21OAK@NYYStan Bahnsentied 2-2t 52--32390.25975%Home Run (Deep RF); Campaneris Scores
44441411969-05-30 (2)OAKCLEMike Paultied 0-0b 12---1390.11562%Home Run
45451521969-05-30 (2)OAKCLEStan Williamsahead 4-0b 62---1390.02298%Home Run
46461611969-06-01OAKCLESteve Harganahead 8-1b 7212-3380.002100%Home Run; Campaneris Scores; Reynolds Scores
47471711969-06-03OAKBALMike Cuellarbehind 0-1b 70---1380.24858%Home Run (Deep RF)
48481811969-06-11OAK@WSABarry Mooretied 0-0t 11---1290.11259%Home Run (Deep RF)
49491921969-06-11OAK@WSAFrank Bertainatied 4-4t 130---1290.35586%Home Run (Deep CF)
50502011969-06-13OAK@BOSJim Lonborgtied 0-0t 12---1390.10457%Home Run (Deep CF-RF)
51512111969-06-14OAK@BOSRay Jarvisahead 2-1t 30-2-2390.12780%Home Run (Deep CF); Reynolds Scores
52522221969-06-14OAK@BOSLee Stangeahead 8-1t 521--2390.01499%Home Run (Deep CF); Reynolds Scores/unER; Jackson Scores/unER
53532311969-06-15OAK@BOSSonny Siebertahead 6-1t 71---1390.01598%Home Run (Deep RF)
54542411969-06-16 (1)OAK@KCRBill Butlerahead 2-0t 32---1390.09279%Home Run (Deep RF)
55552511969-06-18 (1)OAK@KCRDick Dragobehind 3-4t 52-2-2390.28461%Home Run (CF-RF); Rudi Scores
56562611969-06-18 (2)OAK@KCRDave Moreheadahead 7-1t 62---1390.01199%Home Run (Deep LF-CF)
57572711969-06-22 (1)OAKMINJim Kaatahead 3-2b 32---1390.11276%Home Run (Deep CF)
58582811969-06-26OAKKCRRoger Nelsonbehind 0-1b 111--2390.20164%Home Run (Deep RF); Kubiak Scores
59592911969-06-29 (2)OAKCHWPaul Edmondsonbehind 2-3b 50---1390.17156%Home Run
60603011969-07-01OAKSEPGene Brabendertied 0-0b 12---1390.11562%Home Run
61613111969-07-02OAKSEPMarty Pattintied 0-0b 12---1390.11562%Home Run
62623221969-07-02OAKSEPMarty Pattinahead 3-0b 60---1390.03596%Home Run
63633331969-07-02OAKSEPDiego Seguíahead 4-0b 81---1390.006100%Home Run
64643411969-07-05OAK@MINJim Perrytied 0-0t 12---1390.10657%Home Run (Deep RF)
65653511969-07-13 (2)OAKCALClyde Wrightahead 3-1b 511--2390.10894%Home Run (Deep RF); Kubiak Scores
66663611969-07-19OAK@CALTom Murphybehind 0-2t 7112-3390.46769%Home Run (Deep RF); Tartabull Scores; Kubiak Scores
67673711969-07-20 (2)OAK@CALGeorge Brunettied 0-0t 12---1390.11358%Home Run (Deep CF)
68683811969-07-25OAKWSADarold Knowlesbehind 2-3b 721--2390.49478%Home Run (Deep RF); Campaneris Scores/unER; Jackson Scores/Team unER
69693911969-07-26OAKWSAJim Shellenbackbehind 0-1b 90---1390.44762%Home Run (Deep RF)
70704011969-07-29OAKNYYStan Bahnsentied 0-0b 12---1390.11562%Home Run (Deep RF)
71714111969-08-02OAKBOSSparky Lylebehind 3-4b 91---1390.47457%Home Run (Deep RF)
72724211969-08-12OAK@BALPete Richertbehind 1-3t 901--2390.36050%Home Run (CF-RF); Tartabull Scores
73734311969-08-17OAKDETDenny McLaintied 0-0b 111--2390.18774%Home Run (Deep RF); Campaneris Scores
74744411969-08-24 (1)OAKBALDave McNallytied 0-0b 12---1390.11562%Home Run (CF-RF)
75754511969-08-24 (2)OAKBALJim Hardinbehind 1-2b 311-33390.26277%Home Run (Deep RF); Odom Scores; Tartabull Scores
76764611969-09-06OAKMINTom Hallbehind 2-5b 5212-3390.35451%Home Run (Deep LF); Campaneris Scores/unER; Tartabull Scores/unER; Jackson Scores/unER
77774711969-09-23 (2)OAKCHWBilly Wynnetied 0-0b 12---1390.11562%Home Run
1970 #car #yr #gm Date @Bat   Pitcher Score Inn Out RoB RBI BOP Pos WPA bWE Notes Play Description
7878111970-04-11OAK@MINJim Kaatbehind 1-8t 92---1490.0000%Home Run (Deep LF)
7979211970-04-19OAKMINJim Perrybehind 1-6b 701--2790.06111%Home Run; Green Scores
8080311970-04-21OAKKCRDave Moreheadbehind 0-1b 211--2790.21164%Home Run; Green Scores
8181411970-05-02OAK@WSAJoe Colemanahead 4-2t 52---1390.09484%Home Run (Deep RF)
8282511970-05-03 (1)OAK@WSADick Bosmanahead 1-0t 41---1480.11973%Home Run (Deep RF)
8383611970-05-19OAK@MILJohn Morrisbehind 1-5t 60-2-2480.09621%Home Run; Alou Scores
8484711970-05-26OAK@CALTom Murphytied 0-0t 12---1390.11057%Home Run (Deep LF)
8585811970-05-31OAKCLEMike Paulbehind 0-1b 60---1380.19657%Home Run
8686911970-06-13OAK@BALDave McNallyahead 3-0t 311--2380.10291%Home Run (Deep RF); Rudi Scores
87871011970-06-23OAKKCRDick Dragobehind 3-7b 81---1380.0275%Home Run (Deep LF)
88881111970-07-02OAK@CHWLee Stangeahead 7-4t 60-2-2380.05696%Home Run; Alou Scores
89891211970-07-04OAK@CALRudy Maytied 3-3t 5212-3380.34584%Home Run (Deep LF); Hunter Scores; Alou Scores
90901311970-07-18OAK@NYYSteve Klinetied 0-0t 11-2-2390.16869%Home Run (Deep RF); Campaneris Scores
91911411970-07-21OAK@WSADick Bosmanahead 2-0t 50---1790.08586%Home Run (Deep RF)
92921511970-07-28OAKBOSVicente Romobehind 2-3b 40---1690.14556%Home Run (Deep RF)
93931611970-08-30OAK@DETTom Timmermannbehind 3-4t 811--29PH0.48574%Home Run (Deep CF); Hovley Scores
94941711970-09-05OAKKCRTom Burgmeierahead 4-3b 8212349PH0.109100%Home Run; Alou Scores; Bando Scores; Green Scores
95951811970-09-06OAKKCRWally Bunkerahead 3-1b 61---1690.06992%Home Run (Deep RF)
96961911970-09-07 (2)OAK@CHWJim Magnusonahead 6-5t 92---1680.10192%Home Run
97972011970-09-12OAK@KCRBob Johnsonbehind 1-2t 821--2690.54272%Home Run (Deep RF); Davis Scores
98982111970-09-13 (1)OAK@KCRJim Rookertied 2-2t 41---1690.13861%Home Run (Deep CF)
99992211970-09-20OAKCALClyde Wrighttied 1-1b 61---1680.19373%Home Run (Deep RF)
1001002311970-09-27OAK@CALGreg Garrettbehind 3-7t 61---1580.04410%Home Run (Deep CF)
1971 #car #yr #gm Date @Bat   Pitcher Score Inn Out RoB RBI BOP Pos WPA bWE Notes Play Description
101101111971-04-14OAK@MINTom Halltied 0-0t 60---1390.17668%Home Run (Deep RF)
102102221971-04-14OAK@MINSal Campisiahead 5-0t 71---1390.01399%Home Run (Deep CF)
103103311971-04-16OAK@CHWDon Eddytied 4-4t 102---1390.42283%Home Run
104104411971-05-02 (1)OAKCLESam McDowellbehind 0-2b 1012-3390.22866%Home Run (Deep CF); Brown Scores; Rudi Scores
105105511971-05-04OAK@DETJoe Colemantied 0-0t 12---1390.10957%Home Run
106106611971-05-19OAKMILBill Parsonsahead 1-0b 711--2390.14195%Home Run; Rudi Scores
107107711971-05-22OAKMINRay Corbinahead 3-1b 70---1390.05095%Home Run (Deep CF)
108108811971-05-25OAKCALEddie Fishertied 5-5b 131-2-2390.314100%Walk-OffHome Run (Deep LF); Campaneris Scores/unER
109109911971-05-28OAK@BOSSonny Sieberttied 0-0t 12---1390.10757%Home Run (Deep RF)
1101101011971-05-31 (2)OAK@NYYLindy McDanielahead 5-3t 90---1390.03497%Home Run (Deep RF)
1111111111971-06-01OAK@NYYSteve Klineahead 2-1t 301--2390.16283%Home Run (Deep RF); Rudi Scores
1121121211971-06-11OAKNYYSteve Klinebehind 0-2b 41---1390.12438%Home Run (Deep LF)
1131131311971-06-19OAK@MILKen Sandersahead 1-0t 90---1390.08294%Home Run
1141141411971-06-20 (1)OAK@MILJim Slatontied 4-4t 50---1390.15866%Home Run
1151151511971-06-20 (2)OAK@MILMarcelino Lópeztied 0-0t 12---1390.11458%Home Run
1161161611971-06-22OAK@MINJim Perrybehind 0-10t 70---1390.0010%Home Run (Deep RF)
1171171711971-07-06OAK@CHWTom Bradleyahead 7-1t 62---1390.01199%Home Run
1181181811971-08-04OAKMILMarcelino Lópeztied 4-4b 51---1390.17170%Home Run
1191191911971-08-05OAKMILBill Parsonstied 0-0b 11-2-2390.17274%Home Run; Monday Scores
1201202011971-08-10 (2)OAK@BOSBill Leeahead 5-4t 70---1390.12483%Home Run (Deep RF)
1211212111971-08-21OAKBOSRay Culpahead 1-0b 301--2390.14886%Home Run (Deep LF); Rudi Scores
1221222221971-08-21OAKBOSLuis Tiantahead 3-1b 81---1390.03298%Home Run (LF-CF)
1231232311971-08-22 (2)OAKBOSSonny Sieberttied 1-1b 92---1390.470100%Walk-Off,IPHRInside-the-park Home Run to CF
1241242411971-08-25OAKNYYSteve Klinebehind 0-2b 12---1390.10539%Home Run (Deep CF)
1251252511971-08-29 (1)OAKWSAPete Brobergahead 2-0b 31---1390.08185%Home Run (LF-CF)
1261262611971-09-01OAK@CALAndy Messersmithahead 2-0t 51---1390.08986%Home Run (Deep RF)
1271272711971-09-11OAKMINPete Hammtied 3-3b 1011--2390.378100%Walk-OffHome Run (Deep RF); Monday Scores
1281282811971-09-12OAKMINJim Perrybehind 1-5b 80---1390.0357%Home Run (Deep RF)
1291292921971-09-12OAKMINRay Corbinbehind 4-5b 91---1390.47457%Home Run (Deep CF)
1301303011971-09-17OAK@MILMarty Pattinbehind 2-5t 60---1390.08119%Home Run
1311313111971-09-26OAKMILLew Krausseahead 4-0b 721--2390.01999%Home Run; Blefary Scores
1321323211971-09-28OAKKCRMike Hedlundtied 0-0b 41---1390.15068%Home Run (Deep RF)
1972 #car #yr #gm Date @Bat   Pitcher Score Inn Out RoB RBI BOP Pos WPA bWE Notes Play Description
133133111972-04-23OAK@MINBert Blyleventied 0-0t 12---1390.11758%Home Run
134134211972-05-06OAKNYYMike Kekichahead 1-0b 52--32390.17391%Home Run (Deep RF); Campaneris Scores
135135311972-05-13OAKBOSLew Kraussebehind 0-2b 1012-3390.25166%Home Run (Deep LF); Campaneris Scores; Rudi Scores
136136421972-05-13OAKBOSGary Petersbehind 5-9b 91---1390.0071%Home Run (Deep CF)
137137511972-05-14OAKBOSMarty Pattinahead 2-0b 60---1390.05994%Home Run (Deep RF)
138138611972-05-22OAKCALNolan Ryantied 1-1b 711-33390.24396%Home Run (Deep RF); Hunter Scores; Rudi Scores
139139711972-05-23OAKCALEddie Fishertied 2-2b 90---1390.392100%Walk-OffHome Run (Deep RF)
140140811972-05-26OAKCHWWilbur Woodtied 0-0b 12---1390.12864%Home Run
141141911972-05-29 (2)OAK@TEXJim Pantherahead 6-1t 71---1390.01199%Home Run (Deep LF)
1421421011972-05-31OAK@TEXDick Bosmantied 0-0t 12---1390.12459%Home Run (LF-CF)
1431431111972-06-05OAK@CLEGaylord Perrytied 0-0t 32--32390.22772%Home Run (Deep CF); Odom Scores
1441441211972-06-06OAK@CLEEd Farmerahead 4-2t 921-33390.053100%Home Run (Deep RF); Campaneris Scores; Rudi Scores
1451451311972-06-16OAKCLEDick Tidrowtied 0-0b 111--2380.20775%Home Run (Deep RF); Rudi Scores
1461461411972-06-23OAKCALNolan Ryantied 0-0b 12---1380.12864%Home Run (Deep CF)
1471471511972-06-24OAKCALClyde Wrighttied 0-0b 32---1380.15266%Home Run (Deep RF)
1481481611972-07-14 (1)OAK@NYYSteve Klinebehind 0-3t 701-33380.28650%Home Run (Deep RF); Campaneris Scores; Rudi Scores
1491491711972-07-15OAK@NYYFritz Petersontied 2-2t 71---1380.24971%Home Run (Deep RF)
1501501811972-07-18 (1)OAK@MILEarl Stephensontied 0-0t 41---1380.15863%Home Run
1511511911972-07-29OAKMINRay Corbinahead 1-0b 32---1380.11878%Home Run (Deep RF)
1521522021972-07-29OAKMINJim Stricklandahead 6-1b 72---1380.006100%Home Run (Deep RF); Jackson Scores/unER
1531532111972-08-01OAKKCRPaul Splittorffahead 2-0b 51-2-2380.09195%Home Run (Deep CF); Rudi Scores
1541542211972-08-25OAKBALMike Cuellarbehind 0-1b 12---1380.12951%Home Run (LF-CF)
1551552311972-09-06OAK@CHWSteve Kealeyahead 8-1t 41---1480.00999%Home Run
1561562411972-09-16OAKTEXJim Rolandahead 3-0b 80---1480.01199%Home Run (Deep LF)
1571572511972-09-20OAKCHWWilbur Woodtied 0-0b 20---1480.13168%Home Run
1973 #car #yr #gm Date @Bat   Pitcher Score Inn Out RoB RBI BOP Pos WPA bWE Notes Play Description
158158111973-04-07OAKMINKen Sandersbehind 2-5b 90---1490.0468%Home Run (Deep RF)
159159211973-04-13OAK@MINJim Kaatbehind 0-8t 421--2490.0203%Home Run (Deep RF); North Scores
160160311973-04-14OAK@MINBert Blyleventied 0-0t 12-2-2490.17766%Home Run (Deep LF); Campaneris Scores
161161411973-04-29OAKBALDave McNallytied 0-0b 1112-3490.22481%Home Run (LF-CF); North Scores; Rudi Scores
162162511973-05-09OAK@BALDave McNallyahead 2-1t 61---1490.13078%Home Run (Deep LF)
163163611973-05-14OAKCHWWilbur Woodtied 0-0b 1112-3490.22481%Home Run; Rudi Scores; Tenace Scores
164164711973-05-31OAK@NYYMel Stottlemyreahead 5-0t 52---1490.02697%Home Run (Deep RF)
165165811973-06-06OAKMILJim Slatontied 0-0b 111-33490.19481%Home Run; Rudi Scores; Bando Scores/unER
166166911973-06-08OAKDETMickey Lolichbehind 0-4b 62---1490.04710%Home Run (Deep RF)
1671671011973-06-14OAKNYYDoc Medichahead 2-0b 61---1490.06992%Home Run (Deep CF)
1681681111973-06-15OAKBOSMarty Pattinbehind 0-3b 421--2490.19536%Home Run; Bando Scores
1691691211973-06-17OAKBOSLuis Tiantbehind 0-3b 62---1490.08018%Home Run (Deep LF)
1701701321973-06-17OAKBOSLuis Tiantbehind 1-4b 90---1490.0468%Home Run (Deep RF)
1711711411973-06-24 (2)OAK@CHWBart Johnsonbehind 0-3t 62---1490.07016%Home Run
1721721511973-06-30OAKCHWWilbur Woodahead 1-0b 12---1490.09972%Home Run
1731731621973-06-30OAKCHWWilbur Woodtied 2-2b 40---1490.13769%Home Run
1741741711973-07-07OAK@BALMike Cuellarbehind 3-4t 70---1490.20350%Home Run (Deep RF)
1751751811973-07-10OAK@CLEDick Tidrowahead 4-0t 51---1490.04294%Home Run (Deep CF)
1761761911973-07-12OAK@MILJim Slatontied 0-0t 32-2-2490.21470%Home Run; Campaneris Scores/unER; Jackson Scores/unER
1771772011973-07-15OAK@MILChris Shortahead 6-5t 92-2-2490.12797%Home Run; North Scores
1781782111973-07-20OAKCLEGaylord Perryahead 2-1b 52--32490.17388%Home Run; Campaneris Scores
1791792211973-07-22OAKCLEDick Bosmanbehind 0-2b 3112-3490.30066%Home Run; North Scores; Bando Scores/unER
1801802321973-07-22OAKCLEDick Tidrowahead 4-2b 80---1490.03198%Home Run
1811812411973-07-29 (2)OAKTEXDon Durhamahead 4-3b 52---1490.12080%Home Run (Deep LF)
1821822511973-08-10OAK@NYYLindy McDanielbehind 3-5t 61---1490.11729%Home Run
1831832621973-08-10OAK@NYYLindy McDanielbehind 5-10t 801--2490.0376%Home Run (Deep RF); Bando Scores
1841842711973-08-12OAK@NYYSam McDowelltied 0-0t 12-2-2490.18667%Home Run (Deep RF); North Scores
1851852811973-08-16OAK@BOSJohn Curtisahead 2-0t 52---1490.09582%Home Run (Deep RF)
1861862921973-08-16OAK@BOSJohn Curtisahead 3-0t 711-33490.05998%Home Run (Deep LF); Campaneris Scores; Bando Scores
1871873011973-08-18OAKMILJim Slatontied 0-0b 111-33490.19481%Home Run; North Scores; Bando Scores
1881883111973-08-22OAKDETJoe Colemanbehind 2-3b 81---1490.33256%Home Run (Deep LF)
1891893211973-09-24OAKMINDanny Fifetied 0-0b 1112-3490.22481%Home Run (Deep LF); Rudi Scores; Bando Scores
1974 #car #yr #gm Date @Bat   Pitcher Score Inn Out RoB RBI BOP Pos WPA bWE Notes Play Description
190190111974-04-04OAK@TEXSteve Harganahead 6-0t 71---1490.00799%Home Run (Deep RF)
191191211974-04-07OAK@TEXPete Brobergahead 2-1t 5012-3490.17091%Home Run (Deep CF); Campaneris Scores; Bando Scores
192192321974-04-07OAK@TEXJim Merrittahead 5-4t 9012-3490.08499%Home Run (Deep RF); Campaneris Scores; Bando Scores
193193411974-04-14 (1)OAKTEXSteve Hargantied 0-0b 20---1490.11867%Home Run (Deep CF)
194194521974-04-14 (1)OAKTEXSteve Harganbehind 1-2b 82-233490.62794%Home Run (Deep CF); North Scores/unER; Bando Scores/unER; Jackson Scores/unER
195195611974-04-16OAKCHWWilbur Woodbehind 0-1b 42---1480.15651%Home Run
196196711974-04-19OAKCALBill Singerahead 2-1b 321--2490.18584%Home Run (Deep RF); Bando Scores
197197811974-04-26OAK@BALJim Palmertied 0-0t 401--2490.20575%Home Run (Deep RF); Bando Scores
198198921974-04-26OAK@BALBob Reynoldstied 4-4t 121---1490.39284%Home Run (Deep LF)
1991991011974-04-30OAK@NYYMel Stottlemyretied 1-1t 40---14DH0.13463%Home Run (Deep CF-RF)
2002001111974-05-06OAKBALMike Cuellartied 1-1b 12---1490.11562%Home Run
2012011211974-05-21OAK@MINTom Burgmeierahead 4-1t 72-2-24DH0.07197%Home Run (Deep RF); North Scores
2022021311974-05-22OAK@MINDave Goltzbehind 0-2t 40---14DH0.11037%Home Run (Deep RF)
2032031411974-06-02OAKMILClyde Wrightbehind 0-1b 20---1490.12355%Home Run
2042041521974-06-02OAKMILClyde Wrighttied 1-1b 41---1490.14968%Home Run
2052051611974-07-05OAKBALMike Cuellarahead 2-0b 611--2490.09496%Home Run (CF-RF); Bando Scores
2062061711974-07-13OAK@NYYDick Tidrowahead 1-0t 401--2490.16283%Home Run (Deep RF); Bando Scores
2072071811974-07-30OAKTEXJim Bibbyahead 2-1b 311--2490.16885%Home Run (Deep CF); Bando Scores
2082081921974-07-30OAKTEXJim Bibbyahead 5-2b 50---1490.04394%Home Run (CF-RF)
2092092011974-08-05 (1)OAK@MINBert Blyleventied 1-1t 82---1490.29772%Home Run (Deep RF)
2102102111974-08-07OAK@TEXJim Bibbytied 0-0t 1112-3490.23377%Home Run (Deep CF); Alou Scores; Washington Scores
2112112211974-08-16OAKDETMickey Lolichtied 1-1b 621--2390.31285%Home Run (CF-RF); North Scores
2122122311974-08-18OAKDETJoe Colemanahead 7-3b 8212-3490.009100%Home Run; Bourque Scores/unER; Bando Scores/unER; Jackson Scores/unER
2132132411974-08-21OAKMILKevin Kobelbehind 0-4b 721--2490.09113%Home Run; Bando Scores
2142142511974-08-28OAK@MILJim Colborntied 1-1t 70---1390.20871%Home Run
2152152621974-08-28OAK@MILJim Colbornahead 2-1t 90---1390.08593%Home Run
2162162711974-08-30OAK@DETLuke Walkerahead 7-3t 82-2-2390.02599%Home Run (Deep LF); Washington Scores
2172172811974-09-02OAKCALFrank Tananatied 0-0b 111--2390.18874%Home Run (Deep RF); Campaneris Scores
2182182911974-09-14OAK@TEXJackie Brownahead 2-1t 40---1490.11375%Home Run (Deep CF)
1975 #car #yr #gm Date @Bat   Pitcher Score Inn Out RoB RBI BOP Pos WPA bWE Notes Play Description
219219111975-04-10OAKCHWStan Bahnsentied 0-0b 3212-3490.28583%Home Run; North Scores; Washington Scores
220220211975-04-11OAK@TEXBill Handsbehind 0-1t 20---1490.10950%Home Run (Deep RF)
221221311975-04-19OAKMINRay Corbinahead 2-1b 621--2490.18391%Home Run (Deep RF); Bando Scores
222222411975-05-04OAK@CHWJim Kaatbehind 0-3t 40---1390.08526%Home Run
223223511975-05-09OAKNYYPat Dobsontied 1-1b 30---1390.12167%Home Run (Deep RF)
224224611975-05-17OAK@NYYDoc Medichahead 3-1t 60---1390.08387%Home Run (Deep RF)
225225711975-05-21OAK@BOSReggie Clevelandbehind 2-7t 81---1390.0132%Home Run
226226811975-05-27OAKBALRoss Grimsleybehind 0-1b 60---1390.19157%Home Run (Deep RF)
227227911975-05-28OAKBALMike Torrezahead 3-0b 81-2-2390.017100%Home Run; Hopkins Scores/unER
2282281011975-05-30OAKCLETom Buskeyahead 4-1b 70---1390.02797%Home Run
2292291111975-06-03OAKMILBill Championahead 3-1b 42---1390.08385%Home Run
2302301211975-06-11OAK@MILJim Slatonbehind 1-2t 601--25DH0.27567%Home Run; Rudi Scores
2312311311975-06-13OAK@DETJoe Colemanahead 1-0t 12--32590.15875%Home Run (Deep RF); Washington Scores
2322321411975-06-16OAK@MINBill Campbelltied 4-4t 82---1590.29371%Home Run (Deep RF)
2332331511975-06-17 (1)OAK@MINDave Goltzahead 2-0t 40---1490.08582%Home Run (Deep CF)
2342341611975-06-22 (1)OAKKCRAl Fitzmorrisahead 2-1b 50---1490.10782%Home Run
2352351711975-06-28OAK@CALBill Singerbehind 0-2t 311--2490.20348%Home Run (Deep RF); North Scores
2362361821975-06-28OAK@CALBill Singerahead 5-4t 42---1490.12372%Home Run (Deep RF)
2372371911975-07-17OAK@CLEEric Raichbehind 0-2t 20---1490.09839%Home Run (Deep LF)
2382382011975-07-19 (1)OAK@BALPaul Mitchelltied 1-1t 40---1490.13563%Home Run (Deep LF)
2392392111975-07-22 (2)OAK@DETBob Reynoldsahead 6-1t 421-33490.05698%Home Run (Deep RF); North Scores/Team unER; Washington Scores/Team unER; Jackson Scores/Team unER
2402402211975-07-24OAK@DETJoe Colemantied 0-0t 20---14DH0.10661%Home Run (Deep LF)
2412412311975-07-25OAKCHWCecil Upshawtied 6-6b 1321--2490.439100%Walk-OffHome Run; Williams Scores
2422422411975-07-27 (1)OAKCHWJesse Jeffersontied 0-0b 321--2490.22475%Home Run; North Scores
2432432511975-07-27 (2)OAKCHWLloyd Allenahead 1-0b 111--2490.15280%Home Run; North Scores
2442442611975-07-28OAKTEXBill Handsbehind 0-3b 411--2490.18439%Home Run (Deep LF); Washington Scores
2452452711975-08-02OAK@KCRMarty Pattinbehind 0-1t 42---1490.12945%Home Run (Deep RF)
2462462811975-08-08OAKBOSReggie Clevelandbehind 0-2b 72---1490.12527%Home Run
2472472911975-08-30OAK@BOSLuis Tianttied 0-0t 121--2490.18165%Home Run; Bando Scores
2482483011975-09-01OAK@CALEd Figueroaahead 4-3t 80-2-2490.11594%Home Run (Deep RF); Hopkins Scores
2492493111975-09-06OAKTEXFergie Jenkinstied 1-1b 70---1490.21280%Home Run (Deep RF)
2502503211975-09-16 (2)OAK@TEXFergie Jenkinstied 0-0t 121--2490.19267%Home Run (Deep RF); Washington Scores
2512513311975-09-24OAKCHWJesse Jeffersontied 0-0b 12-2-2490.18472%Home Run; Bando Scores
2522523421975-09-24OAKCHWJesse Jeffersonahead 3-1b 31---1490.08084%Home Run
2532533511975-09-28OAKCALGary Rossahead 2-0b 31---1490.08084%Home Run
2542543621975-09-28OAKCALSid Mongeahead 3-0b 721--2490.04499%Home Run; Washington Scores
1976 #car #yr #gm Date @Bat   Pitcher Score Inn Out RoB RBI BOP Pos WPA bWE Notes Play Description
255255111976-05-12BAL@MILJerry Augustinebehind 3-6t 611234390.42066%Home Run (Deep RF); DeCinces Scores; Bumbry Scores; Belanger Scores
256256211976-05-14BAL@NYYCatfish Huntertied 0-0t 111--2380.18569%Home Run (Deep RF); Belanger Scores
257257311976-05-23BALDETVern Ruhlebehind 0-1b 11-2-2380.18864%Home Run (Deep RF); Belanger Scores
258258411976-06-12BAL@KCRSteve Mingoribehind 3-7t 921-33390.0243%Home Run (Deep CF); Belanger Scores; Grich Scores
259259511976-06-17BAL@TEXNelson Brilestied 1-1t 8212-3490.44393%Home Run (Deep CF); Bumbry Scores/unER; Grich Scores/unER; Jackson Scores/unER
260260611976-06-18BAL@TEXJim Umbargertied 0-0t 20---1490.11361%Home Run (Deep RF)
261261711976-06-22BALBOSDick Polebehind 1-4b 101-33490.18354%Home Run (Deep CF); Blair Scores; Grich Scores
262262811976-06-25BALCLETom Buskeybehind 3-4b 61---1490.21354%Home Run (Deep RF)
263263911976-07-11BAL@CALNolan Ryantied 0-0t 111--2390.19370%Home Run (Deep RF); Nordbrook Scores
2642641011976-07-15BALCALGary Rossahead 1-0b 31-2-2390.15285%Home Run; Bumbry Scores
2652651111976-07-18BALCALSid Mongebehind 2-4b 52-233390.41969%Home Run; Belanger Scores/unER; Grich Scores/unER; Jackson Scores/unER
2662661211976-07-19BAL@KCRDennis Leonardahead 2-1t 601--2390.16988%Home Run (Deep CF); Grich Scores
2672671311976-07-20BAL@KCRLarry Guraahead 5-3t 51--32390.09590%Home Run; Grich Scores
2682681411976-07-21BAL@TEXBert Blyleventied 0-0t 11-2-2390.16568%Home Run (Deep RF); Grich Scores
2692691511976-07-22BAL@TEXGaylord Perrytied 3-3t 90---1390.34985%Home Run (Deep RF)
2702701611976-07-23BALMILDanny Frisellabehind 2-4b 132---1390.0274%Home Run (Deep LF)
2712711711976-07-31BALDETDave Lemanczyktied 0-0b 111--23DH0.19174%Home Run (Deep CF); Bumbry Scores
2722721811976-08-01BALDETRay Baretied 0-0b 12---13DH0.11863%Home Run (LF-CF)
2732731911976-08-08BAL@NYYCatfish Huntertied 0-0t 11-2-2390.16869%Home Run (Deep RF); Bumbry Scores
2742742011976-08-14 (1)BALCHWTerry Forstertied 0-0b 111--2390.19174%Home Run (Deep RF); Grich Scores
2752752111976-08-14 (2)BALCHWKen Brettbehind 2-4b 501234390.32283%Home Run; Duncan Scores; Belanger Scores/unER; Grich Scores
2762762211976-08-22 (1)BAL@CHWTerry Forstertied 2-2t 9112341PH/DH0.26899%Home Run (Deep RF); Singleton Scores; Duncan Scores; Robinson Scores
2772772311976-09-08BALCLEDennis Eckersleyahead 2-1b 60---1390.10887%Home Run (Deep LF)
2782782411976-09-11 (1)BAL@MILEduardo Rodrígueztied 0-0t 12---1390.11258%Home Run (LF-CF)
2792792511976-09-12BAL@MILJerry Augustineahead 1-0t 61---1390.13279%Home Run (CF-RF)
2802802611976-09-28 (2)BALMILJim Colborntied 0-0b 111--23DH0.19174%Home Run; Bumbry Scores
2812812711976-10-01BAL@BOSRick Wisetied 3-3t 71---13DH0.21067%Home Run (Deep RF)
1977 #car #yr #gm Date @Bat   Pitcher Score Inn Out RoB RBI BOP Pos WPA bWE Notes Play Description
282282111977-04-11NYY@KCRPaul Splittorffbehind 1-3t 42---1690.10233%Home Run (Deep RF)
283283211977-04-25NYY@BALDennis Martínezbehind 4-5t 501--2390.23965%Home Run; Munson Scores
284284311977-04-30NYYSEAGary Wheelockahead 3-1b 30---1390.07584%Home Run (Deep RF)
285285411977-05-03NYYCALDick Dragoahead 6-0b 421--2390.02299%Home Run (Deep RF); Munson Scores
286286511977-05-11NYY@SEAGlenn Abbotttied 0-0t 12-2-2490.17666%Home Run (Deep RF); Rivers Scores
287287611977-05-23NYYBOSBill Leebehind 1-2b 71---1690.23855%Home Run (Deep RF)
288288711977-05-27NYYCHWKen Brettbehind 0-5b 20---1690.05518%Home Run (Deep RF)
289289811977-05-30NYY@BOSBill Leebehind 0-1t 22---1690.09846%Home Run (Deep RF)
290290911977-06-05NYY@CHWSteve Stoneahead 3-2t 321--2590.18677%Home Run (Deep RF); White Scores
2912911011977-06-06NYY@TEXDoyle Alexandertied 0-0t 20---1590.10460%Home Run (Deep LF)
2922921121977-06-06NYY@TEXDoyle Alexanderahead 1-0t 621--2590.21484%Home Run (Deep RF); Chambliss Scores
2932931211977-06-08NYY@MILJerry Augustinetied 1-1t 21---1690.10758%Home Run (Deep LF)
2942941311977-06-28 (1)NYY@TORDave Lemanczykbehind 4-7t 81---1590.05110%Home Run (Deep CF)
2952951411977-07-14NYY@MILJerry Augustinebehind 0-1t 21---1690.10548%Home Run (Deep RF)
2962961521977-07-14NYY@MILJerry Augustinetied 1-1t 711--2690.29980%Home Run (Deep RF); Chambliss Scores
2972971611977-07-17NYY@KCRAndy Hasslerbehind 0-2t 42---1690.10233%Home Run (Deep RF)
2982981711977-07-26NYYBALScott McGregortied 4-4b 100---16DH0.363100%Walk-OffHome Run (CF-RF)
2992991811977-07-30NYY@OAKRick Langfordtied 0-0t 21---1590.10959%Home Run (Deep CF)
3003001911977-08-05NYY@SEADick Polebehind 0-3t 41-2-2590.14835%Home Run (Deep CF); Chambliss Scores
3013012011977-08-12 (2)NYYCALMike Barlowtied 3-3b 60---1490.16774%Home Run (Deep RF)
3023022121977-08-12 (2)NYYCALMike Barlowahead 7-3b 72---1490.01798%Home Run (Deep RF)
3033032211977-08-19NYY@TEXPaul Lindbladahead 6-0t 71---1490.00999%Home Run (Deep RF)
3043042311977-09-05 (1)NYY@CLEJim Kernbehind 2-4t 81---1490.09919%Home Run (Deep LF)
3053052411977-09-06NYY@CLEDennis Eckersleyahead 4-2t 721-33490.14397%Home Run (Deep RF); Nettles Scores; Munson Scores
3063062511977-09-11 (1)NYYTORJeff Byrdbehind 1-2b 31-2-2490.19465%Home Run (Deep RF); Nettles Scores
3073072611977-09-14NYYBOSReggie Clevelandtied 0-0b 901--2490.289100%Walk-OffHome Run (Deep RF); Munson Scores
3083082711977-09-15NYYBOSLuis Tiantbehind 0-1b 40---1490.13556%Home Run (Deep RF)
3093092811977-09-17NYY@DETVern Ruhleahead 4-2t 511--2490.13688%Home Run (Deep LF); Munson Scores
3103102921977-09-17NYY@DETEd Glynnahead 8-2t 82---1490.00699%Home Run (Deep RF)
3113113011977-09-18NYY@DETBob Sykesahead 2-0t 3112-3490.15889%Home Run (Deep RF); Nettles Scores; Munson Scores
3123123111977-09-25 (1)NYY@TORJerry Garvintied 0-0t 111-33490.18875%Home Run (Deep LF); Rivers Scores; Nettles Scores
3133133211977-09-28NYYCLEAl Fitzmorristied 0-0b 101234490.15987%Home Run (Deep RF); Rivers Scores/unER; White Scores; Munson Scores
1978 #car #yr #gm Date @Bat   Pitcher Score Inn Out RoB RBI BOP Pos WPA bWE Notes Play Description
314314111978-04-13NYYCHWWilbur Woodtied 0-0b 1112-3490.22381%Home Run (Deep RF); Randolph Scores; Rivers Scores
315315211978-04-18NYYBALTippy Martineztied 3-3b 90---1490.372100%Walk-OffHome Run (Deep RF)
316316311978-04-23NYYMILLary Sorensenbehind 0-3b 71---1490.07616%Home Run (Deep RF)
317317411978-05-03NYYKCRDennis Leonardtied 3-3b 30---1490.12368%Home Run (Deep LF)
318318511978-05-06NYYTEXJim Umbargerbehind 3-9b 91-2-2490.0031%Home Run (Deep RF); Munson Scores/unER
319319611978-05-09NYYMINPaul Thormodsgardahead 1-0b 41---1490.11178%Home Run (Deep LF)
320320711978-05-13NYY@KCRDennis Leonardbehind 0-1t 421--2490.25259%Home Run (Deep LF); Munson Scores
321321811978-06-04NYY@OAKJohn Henry Johnsonbehind 0-2t 20---1490.10239%Home Run
322322911978-06-07NYY@SEAJohn Montagueahead 6-1t 711--2490.01999%Home Run; Munson Scores
3233231021978-06-07NYY@SEAJim Toddahead 8-1t 92---1490.001100%Home Run
3243241111978-06-20NYY@BOSDick Dragoahead 7-4t 9112-3490.027100%Home Run (Deep RF); White Scores/unER; Randolph Scores
3253251211978-06-22NYY@DETDave Rozemabehind 0-1t 91---1490.35544%Home Run (Deep RF)
3263261311978-06-30NYYDETSteve Bakerahead 2-1b 3012346DH0.12494%Home Run (Deep LF); Nettles Scores; Chambliss Scores; Piniella Scores/unER
3273271411978-07-13NYYCHWWilbur Woodbehind 0-6b 90---15DH0.0041%Home Run (Deep RF)
3283281511978-07-27 (1)NYYCLEPaul Reuschelahead 9-0b 40---1690.002100%Home Run (Deep RF)
3293291611978-08-01NYYTEXPaul Mirabellaahead 7-0b 71---1590.002100%Home Run (Deep RF)
3303301711978-08-15NYY@OAKDave Heaverloahead 4-0t 521--2790.06197%Home Run (Deep LF); Piniella Scores
3313311811978-08-25NYYOAKJohn Henry Johnsontied 1-1b 621234790.34995%Home Run (Deep RF); Randolph Scores; Piniella Scores; Nettles Scores
3323321911978-08-29NYYCALChris Knappbehind 0-2b 711--2490.34055%Home Run (Deep RF); Munson Scores
3333332011978-09-02NYYSEAJim Colborntied 0-0b 12-2-2490.18772%Home Run (Deep RF); Randolph Scores
3343342111978-09-08NYY@BOSTom Burgmeierahead 4-0t 2212-34DH0.10894%Home Run (Deep RF); Rivers Scores; Munson Scores
3353352211978-09-12NYY@DETKip Youngbehind 1-6t 8212-3490.0577%Home Run (Deep RF); Dent Scores; Munson Scores
3363362311978-09-16NYYBOSMike Torrezbehind 1-2b 52---1490.17251%Home Run (Deep RF)
3373372411978-09-18NYYMILBill Traverstied 0-0b 20---14DH0.11366%Home Run (Deep RF)
3383382511978-09-27NYYTORTom Murphyahead 4-1b 50---14DH0.04494%Home Run (Deep RF)
3393392611978-09-30NYYCLERick Wiseahead 6-0b 50---1390.00899%Home Run (Deep RF)
3403402711978-10-02NYY@BOSBob Stanleyahead 4-2t 80---14DH0.06793%Home Run (Deep CF)
1979 #car #yr #gm Date @Bat   Pitcher Score Inn Out RoB RBI BOP Pos WPA bWE Notes Play Description
341341111979-04-10NYY@BALSammy Stewartbehind 3-4t 811--25PH/DH0.46272%Home Run (Deep LF); Johnstone Scores
342342211979-04-17NYYBALMike Flanagantied 1-1b 70---1590.20079%Home Run (Deep RF)
343343311979-04-18NYYBALDennis Martínezahead 2-1b 62---1490.11982%Home Run (Deep CF)
344344411979-04-27NYY@SEARick Honeycuttahead 2-0t 12---1590.08273%Home Run (Deep RF)
345345511979-05-08NYYSEAFloyd Bannisterbehind 0-3b 50---1690.09729%Home Run (Deep LF)
346346611979-05-09NYYSEAGlenn Abbottahead 2-0b 72-233490.09398%Home Run (Deep LF); Munson Scores; Nettles Scores
347347711979-05-11NYYCALJim Barrbehind 0-4b 90---1490.0244%Home Run (Deep CF)
348348811979-05-20NYY@BOSDennis Eckersleytied 0-0t 41---1590.12159%Home Run (Deep LF)
349349911979-05-29NYY@MILMoose Haastied 0-0t 21---1590.10558%Home Run (Deep LF-CF); Jackson Scores
3503501011979-05-31NYY@MILJim Slatontied 0-0t 21---1590.10558%Home Run (Deep RF)
3513511111979-07-01NYYBOSDennis Eckersleybehind 4-5b 60---1490.18058%Home Run (Deep RF)
3523521211979-07-02NYYBOSJoel Finchahead 2-1b 61---1490.11383%Home Run (Deep RF)
3533531311979-07-04NYYMILBill Traversahead 1-0b 321-33590.21288%Home Run (Deep RF); Munson Scores; Piniella Scores
3543541411979-07-07NYY@OAKMike Morganahead 6-3t 72---1490.05394%Home Run (Deep LF)
3553551511979-07-08NYY@OAKBrian Kingmantied 0-0t 20---1490.10661%Home Run (Deep RF)
3563561611979-07-12NYY@SEAJohn Montagueahead 8-2t 70---1490.00999%Home Run (Deep RF)
3573571711979-07-19NYYOAKDave Heaverloahead 4-2b 62-2-2490.10794%Home Run (Deep RF); Chambliss Scores
3583581811979-07-21NYYOAKJim Toddahead 6-1b 5112-3590.02799%Home Run (Deep RF); Munson Scores/unER; Piniella Scores/Team unER; Jackson Scores/Team unER
3593591911979-08-01NYY@CHWKen Kravectied 0-0t 121--2490.18065%Home Run (Deep CF); Munson Scores; Jackson Scores
3603602011979-08-07NYYCHWRandy Scarberybehind 4-7b 80---1390.08017%Home Run (Deep RF); Jackson Scores
3613612111979-08-17NYYMINJerry Koosmantied 0-0b 20---1490.10566%Home Run (Deep RF)
3623622211979-08-31NYYKCRPaul Splittorffahead 1-0b 12-2-2590.15278%Home Run (Deep RF); Scott Scores
3633632311979-09-06NYY@DETMilt Wilcoxtied 0-0t 50---1490.13463%Home Run (Deep RF)
3643642411979-09-11NYY@BOSBill Campbellahead 6-3t 911--2490.03099%Home Run (Deep RF); Piniella Scores
3653652511979-09-17 (2)NYY@CLESid Mongebehind 4-5t 81---1490.25045%Home Run (Deep CF)
3663662611979-09-19NYY@CLERick Wisetied 0-0t 20---1490.10260%Home Run (Deep RF)
3673672711979-09-22NYY@TORJerry Garvinahead 6-3t 81---1490.03996%Home Run (Deep LF)
3683682811979-09-28NYYTORButch Edgetied 2-2b 4212-3490.29084%Home Run (Deep RF); Randolph Scores; Gamble Scores
3693692911979-09-29NYYTORBalor Mooreahead 4-0b 4112-3490.05798%Home Run (Deep RF); Murcer Scores; Randolph Scores
1980 #car #yr #gm Date @Bat   Pitcher Score Inn Out RoB RBI BOP Pos WPA bWE Notes Play Description
370370111980-04-13 (2)NYY@TEXSparky Lyleahead 6-2t 92--32490.011100%Home Run (Deep LF); Brown Scores
371371211980-04-20NYYMILBill Castroahead 7-5b 80-2-2490.03099%Home Run (Deep RF); Watson Scores/unER
372372311980-04-23NYYBALJim Palmertied 4-4b 521--2490.26179%Home Run (Deep RF); Gamble Scores
373373411980-04-29NYY@BALScott McGregorahead 3-2t 60---1490.12178%Home Run (Deep RF)
374374511980-05-02NYY@MINGeoff Zahntied 0-0t 121--2490.17765%Home Run (Deep CF); Watson Scores
375375611980-05-04NYY@MINJerry Koosmantied 0-0t 20---1490.10060%Home Run (Deep CF)
376376711980-05-06NYY@MILMike Caldwelltied 0-0t 20---1490.10761%Home Run (Deep RF)
377377811980-05-16NYYTEXDave Rajsichahead 5-2b 71---14DH0.03197%Home Run (Deep RF)
378378911980-05-31NYYTORJoey McLaughlintied 6-6b 1111--24DH0.367100%Walk-OffHome Run (Deep RF); Piniella Scores
3793791011980-06-07NYY@SEARick Honeycutttied 0-0t 20---14DH0.10460%Home Run (Deep RF)
3803801111980-06-09NYY@CALDave LaRochebehind 6-7t 91---14DH0.35544%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep RF)
3813811211980-06-11NYY@CALChris Knappahead 5-1t 50---1490.03994%Home Run (Deep CF)
3823821311980-06-13 (2)NYY@OAKMatt Keoughbehind 2-4t 7212344DH0.58681%Home Run (Deep RF); Randolph Scores/unER; Lefebvre Scores/unER; Watson Scores/unER; Jackson Scores/unER
3833831411980-06-15NYY@OAKSteve McCattytied 0-0t 121--24DH0.19567%Home Run (Deep CF); Watson Scores
3843841521980-06-15NYY@OAKJeff Jonesahead 7-2t 91---14DH0.003100%Home Run (Deep RF)
3853851611980-06-19NYYCALDave Lemanczykbehind 3-4b 31---14DH0.12553%Home Run (Deep RF)
3863861711980-06-20NYYOAKSteve McCattyahead 6-1b 52-2-2490.02699%Home Run (Deep RF); Randolph Scores
3873871811980-06-24NYYBOSSkip Lockwoodahead 7-5b 811-33490.03599%Home Run (CF-RF); Murcer Scores; Nettles Scores
3883881911980-07-01NYY@BOSDennis Eckersleyahead 2-0t 31---14DH0.08678%Home Run (Deep RF)
3893892011980-07-06NYY@CLERick Waitstied 0-0t 12-2-2490.17466%Home Run (Deep CF); Piniella Scores
3903902111980-07-10NYY@TEXSparky Lyleahead 10-1t 32-2-2490.00899%Home Run (Deep RF); Randolph Scores
3913912211980-07-11NYY@TEXJon Matlackbehind 4-9t 7212-3490.09412%Home Run (Deep CF); Piniella Scores/unER; Watson Scores/unER; Jackson Scores/unER
3923922311980-07-15NYYMINJerry Koosmantied 0-0b 111-33490.18680%Home Run (Deep LF); Randolph Scores; Piniella Scores
3933932411980-07-17NYYMINGeoff Zahnahead 4-1b 30---1490.05590%Home Run (Deep RF)
3943942511980-07-19NYYKCRRawly Eastwickahead 7-4b 411--2490.08095%Home Run (Deep RF); Watson Scores
3953952611980-07-20NYYKCRRich Galebehind 0-7b 20---1490.0288%Home Run (Deep RF)
3963962711980-07-25NYY@KCRRich Galebehind 0-4t 62---14DH0.04210%Home Run (LF-CF)
3973972811980-07-26NYY@KCRDan Quisenberryahead 4-3t 80---1490.11887%Home Run (Deep CF)
3983982911980-07-31NYY@MILBob McClurebehind 3-6t 9212-3490.36640%Home Run (Deep LF); Randolph Scores; Watson Scores
3993993011980-08-04NYYTEXDave Rajsichahead 6-1b 51---1490.01898%Home Run (Deep RF)
4004003111980-08-11NYYCHWBritt Burnstied 0-0b 41---1490.13567%Home Run (Deep RF)
4014013211980-08-14NYY@BALSteve Stonebehind 0-2t 20---1490.09639%Home Run (Deep RF)
4024023311980-08-15NYY@BALMike Flanagantied 1-1t 411--2490.21472%Home Run (Deep LF); Piniella Scores
4034033411980-08-19NYY@SEARick Honeycuttahead 2-1t 81---1490.12985%Home Run (Deep RF)
4044043511980-09-01NYYOAKRick Langfordahead 4-0b 61---1490.02497%Home Run (Deep RF)
4054053611980-09-11NYY@BOSDick Dragobehind 0-1t 20---1490.10150%Home Run (Deep RF)
4064063711980-09-12NYY@BOSSteve Renkotied 0-0t 20---14DH0.10160%Home Run (Deep LF)
4074073811980-09-30NYY@CLERick Waitstied 0-0t 121--2490.18466%Home Run (Deep LF); Dent Scores
4084083911980-10-01NYY@CLEVíctor Cruzahead 17-5t 92---1490.000100%Home Run (Deep CF)
4094094011980-10-02NYYDETJack Morristied 1-1b 40---1490.12969%Home Run (Deep CF)
4104104111980-10-04 (1)NYYDETRoger Weavertied 2-2b 521-33490.30787%Home Run (Deep RF); Randolph Scores; Gamble Scores
1981 #car #yr #gm Date @Bat   Pitcher Score Inn Out RoB RBI BOP Pos WPA bWE Notes Play Description
411411111981-04-20NYYDETDave Rozematied 0-0b 121--24DH0.20072%Home Run (Deep LF); Mumphrey Scores
412412211981-04-22NYYDETHoward Baileyahead 1-0b 41---14DH0.11279%Home Run (Deep RF)
413413311981-05-09NYY@SEADick Dragotied 3-3t 81-2-2490.31686%Home Run (Deep RF); Winfield Scores
414414411981-05-13NYYOAKMatt Keoughbehind 2-5b 82-2-2490.12818%Home Run (Deep RF); Winfield Scores
415415511981-05-14NYYOAKJeff Jonesahead 6-5b 8212-3490.11599%Home Run (Deep RF); Randolph Scores; Murcer Scores
416416611981-05-25NYY@BALJim Palmerbehind 0-1t 20---1490.11250%Home Run (Deep RF)
417417711981-08-29NYY@CHWRichard Dotsontied 0-0t 20---1490.11461%Home Run (Deep RF)
418418811981-09-01NYY@MINJohn Verhoevenahead 8-2t 9112-3490.002100%Home Run (Deep RF); Mumphrey Scores; Murcer Scores
419419911981-09-02NYY@MINDoug Corbettbehind 1-2t 81-2-2490.43773%Home Run (Deep RF); Mumphrey Scores
4204201011981-09-14NYY@MILJerry Augustineahead 8-1t 711--2590.004100%Home Run (Deep CF); Winfield Scores
4214211111981-09-16NYY@MILRandy Lerchtied 0-0t 21---1590.11960%Home Run (Deep RF)
4224221211981-09-23NYYCLEJohn Dennyahead 4-1b 41-2-2490.06895%Home Run (Deep RF); Winfield Scores
4234231311981-09-26NYYBALMike Flanagantied 0-0b 41---1590.14568%Home Run (Deep RF)
4244241411981-09-27NYYBALDennis Martínezahead 1-0b 101-33490.11788%Home Run (Deep CF); Milbourne Scores; Winfield Scores
4254251511981-09-28NYY@CLETom Brennanbehind 1-3t 40---1490.11237%Home Run (LF-CF)
1982 #car #yr #gm Date @Bat   Pitcher Score Inn Out RoB RBI BOP Pos WPA bWE Notes Play Description
426426111982-04-27CAL@NYYRon Guidryahead 2-1t 70---1690.12482%Home Run (Deep RF)
427427211982-05-01CAL@BALSammy Stewartbehind 0-1t 611--2490.29664%Home Run; Carew Scores
428428311982-05-07CALBALScott McGregorbehind 1-5b 61---1690.05613%Home Run (Deep RF)
429429411982-05-12CALNYYMike Morganbehind 0-1b 121--2490.19661%Home Run (Deep RF); Grich Scores
430430511982-05-16CALCLEJohn Dennyahead 1-0b 80---1390.07294%Home Run (Deep LF)
431431611982-05-19CAL@MILJim Slatontied 0-0t 121--2490.19367%Home Run (Deep LF); Carew Scores
432432711982-05-29CALMILJamie Easterlytied 4-4b 101---1590.420100%Walk-OffHome Run (LF-CF)
433433811982-06-08CAL@TORDale Murrayahead 5-3t 50---1390.08583%Home Run (Deep CF)
434434911982-06-09CAL@TORJerry Garvintied 1-1t 401--2590.18072%Home Run (Deep CF); DeCinces Scores
4354351011982-06-13CAL@CHWDennis Lamptied 0-0t 20---1490.10561%Home Run (Deep LF)
4364361111982-06-18CALCHWDennis Lampbehind 0-1b 20---1490.11155%Home Run (Deep RF)
4374371211982-06-19CALCHWRichard Dotsonbehind 0-1b 12-2-2490.18661%Home Run (Deep RF); Downing Scores
4384381311982-06-20CALCHWLaMarr Hoytahead 2-1b 60---1490.10685%Home Run (Deep CF)
4394391411982-06-23CALTEXDoc Medichahead 2-1b 701--2490.12494%Home Run (Deep RF); Baylor Scores
4404401511982-06-24CALKCRKeith Creelahead 4-2b 521-33490.14196%Home Run (Deep RF); Carew Scores; Baylor Scores
4414411611982-07-03CAL@KCRLarry Gurabehind 0-6t 62-2-2690.0345%Home Run; Grich Scores
4424421711982-07-05CALBALScott McGregorbehind 1-8b 90---1490.0020%Home Run (Deep RF)
4434431811982-07-07CALCLEDan Spillnerbehind 3-8b 7212-3390.11615%Home Run (Deep CF); Foli Scores; Carew Scores
4444441911982-07-10CALNYYRon Guidrytied 0-0b 12---1390.10461%Home Run (Deep RF)
4454452021982-07-10CALNYYGeorge Frazierahead 9-2b 321--2390.01799%Home Run (Deep LF); Carew Scores/unER; Jackson Scores/unER
4464462111982-07-17CAL@CLERick Sutcliffeahead 2-0t 32---1390.09078%Home Run (Deep RF)
4474472211982-07-19CAL@BALScott McGregorbehind 0-1t 62---1490.16744%Home Run (Deep CF)
4484482311982-07-23CAL@NYYShane Rawleybehind 1-6t 81---1390.0122%Home Run (Deep RF)
4494492411982-07-26CALOAKTom Underwoodbehind 5-7b 601--2390.26158%Home Run (Deep LF); Carew Scores
4504502511982-07-27CALOAKMike Norrisbehind 3-5b 60---1390.13839%Home Run (Deep CF)
4514512611982-08-06CAL@SEAEd Vande Bergahead 5-4t 6212344DH0.26495%Home Run (Deep RF); Kelleher Scores; Downing Scores; Clark Scores
4524522711982-08-13CAL@OAKJeff Jonesahead 4-0t 30---1490.04592%Home Run (Deep CF)
4534532811982-08-20CALDETJerry Ujdurbehind 0-2b 111--2390.17553%Home Run (Deep RF); Carew Scores
4544542911982-08-22CALDETDave Ruckerbehind 4-5b 711--2390.40777%Home Run (Deep LF); Carew Scores
4554553011982-08-23CALMILBob McClureahead 4-1b 71---1490.03197%Home Run (Deep RF)
4564563111982-08-24CALMILPete Vuckovichbehind 2-4b 60---1390.13839%Home Run (Deep RF)
4574573211982-08-31CAL@DETJack Morrisahead 2-0t 50---1390.08584%Home Run (Deep CF)
4584583311982-09-01CAL@DETMilt Wilcoxbehind 1-3t 40---1390.10837%Home Run (Deep RF)
4594593411982-09-05CAL@MILMike Caldwellbehind 1-5t 711--2590.08514%Home Run (Deep LF); DeCinces Scores
4604603511982-09-18CAL@TORJim Gotttied 0-0t 12---13DH0.09656%Home Run (Deep RF)
4614613611982-09-26CAL@TEXCharlie Houghbehind 2-7t 721--2690.0426%Home Run (Deep RF); Baylor Scores
4624623711982-09-29CAL@KCRDennis Leonardtied 0-0t 12---1390.10256%Home Run (Deep RF)
4634633811982-10-02CALTEXCharlie Houghahead 1-0b 12---1490.09471%Home Run (Deep CF)
4644643911982-10-03CALTEXMike Smithsonahead 1-0b 10-2334DH0.10387%Home Run (Deep CF); Carew Scores; Pettis Scores
1983 #car #yr #gm Date @Bat   Pitcher Score Inn Out RoB RBI BOP Pos WPA bWE Notes Play Description
465465111983-04-15CAL@MINFrank Violabehind 0-1t 41---15DH0.12447%Home Run
466466211983-04-16CAL@MINRick Lysanderahead 5-3t 521-335DH0.17793%Home Run; Carew Scores; Lynn Scores
467467311983-04-17CAL@MINBrad Havensahead 4-3t 32---15DH0.10768%Home Run
468468411983-04-18CALOAKSteve Bakerbehind 2-5b 91---15DH0.0274%Home Run (Deep CF)
469469511983-05-14CALMINKen Schrombehind 0-2b 91---1590.06711%Home Run
470470611983-05-15CALMINJack O'Connorahead 4-1b 51---1390.05093%Home Run
471471711983-05-29CAL@CLEDan Spillnertied 4-4t 911--2390.41591%Home Run (Deep RF); Beniquez Scores
472472811983-05-30CAL@CLELary Sorensenbehind 1-5t 801--2390.07814%Home Run (Deep RF); Foli Scores
473473911983-06-05CAL@MILMoose Haastied 0-0t 11-2-2390.16268%Home Run (Deep RF); Carew Scores
4744741011983-06-07CALCHWRichard Dotsonahead 3-1b 31---1390.08083%Home Run
4754751111983-06-10CALTORLuis Lealbehind 0-3b 821-332PH0.44153%Home Run (Deep RF); Boone Scores; Carew Scores
4764761211983-06-18CAL@TORStan Clarkebehind 4-6t 9212-3390.72480%Home Run (Deep CF); Carew Scores; Beniquez Scores
4774771311983-07-25CALBALMike Boddickerahead 1-0b 20---1690.09375%Home Run (Deep RF)
4784781411983-07-31CALOAKKeith Athertonahead 3-0b 80---16DH0.01599%Home Run (Deep CF)
1984 #car #yr #gm Date @Bat   Pitcher Score Inn Out RoB RBI BOP Pos WPA bWE Notes Play Description
479479111984-04-06CALTORDoyle Alexanderbehind 1-6b 321--23DH0.10219%Home Run; Carew Scores
480480211984-04-08CALTORRoy Lee Jacksonbehind 1-3b 821--23DH0.41253%Home Run; Carew Scores
481481311984-04-15CAL@OAKLary Sorensenahead 1-0t 12-2-25DH0.16876%Home Run; Lynn Scores
482482411984-04-18CAL@MINLarry Pashnickahead 4-1t 311--25DH0.10390%Home Run; DeCinces Scores
483483511984-04-24CAL@BOSOil Can Boydbehind 1-5t 40---15DH0.06319%Home Run
484484611984-05-09CALMINPete Filsonbehind 1-2b 61---15DH0.19254%Home Run
485485711984-05-12CAL@DETJuan Berenguerbehind 0-2t 501--23DH0.21050%Home Run; Beniquez Scores
486486811984-05-28CALNYYDennis Rasmussenahead 1-0b 4112346DH0.17095%Home Run; Schofield Scores; Brown Scores; Downing Scores
487487911984-05-29CALNYYBob Shirleyahead 5-1b 51---15DH0.03096%Home Run
4884881011984-06-16CALCLESteve Farrtied 0-0b 3112-34DH0.23883%Home Run; Carew Scores; Beniquez Scores
4894891111984-06-19CALTEXDave Stewartbehind 0-3b 50---15DH0.09728%Home Run
4904901211984-06-28CAL@MILBob Gibsonbehind 0-1t 401--25DH0.21363%Home Run; DeCinces Scores
4914911311984-07-04CAL@TORRoy Lee Jacksonbehind 2-6t 91---15DH0.0091%Home Run
4924921411984-07-08 (2)CAL@BOSRoger Clemensahead 1-0t 5112-35DH0.21189%Home Run; Lynn Scores; DeCinces Scores
4934931511984-07-17CALTORJimmy Keyahead 3-2b 721--24DH0.16594%Home Run; Lynn Scores
4944941611984-07-31CAL@OAKLary Sorensenbehind 0-2t 411--25DH0.21547%Home Run; Lynn Scores
4954951711984-08-04CALMINPete Filsontied 1-1b 4012-36DH0.20087%Home Run; DeCinces Scores; Downing Scores
4964961811984-08-06CAL@SEASalomé Barojasahead 4-0t 31---16DH0.04991%Home Run
4974971911984-08-12CALOAKSteve McCattybehind 0-3b 20-2-26DH0.13644%Home Run (Deep CF); Downing Scores
4984982011984-09-14CALCHWFloyd Bannistertied 0-0b 4212-36DH0.29785%Home Run (Deep RF); DeCinces Scores; Downing Scores
4994992111984-09-15CALCHWTom Seavertied 1-1b 411--26DH0.21478%Home Run (Deep RF); DeCinces Scores
5005002211984-09-17CALKCRBud Blackbehind 0-7b 70---16DH0.0092%Home Run (Deep RF)
5015012311984-09-22CALTEXMike Masontied 1-1b 121-336DH0.24379%Home Run; DeCinces Scores; Downing Scores
5025022421984-09-22CALTEXMike Masonahead 5-3b 32---16DH0.08383%Home Run
5035032511984-09-27CAL@TEXRicky Wrighttied 0-0t 40---16DH0.12462%Home Run
1985 #car #yr #gm Date @Bat   Pitcher Score Inn Out RoB RBI BOP Pos WPA bWE Notes Play Description
504504111985-04-10CALMINMike Smithsontied 0-0b 111--2390.16772%Home Run; Carew Scores/unER
505505211985-04-23CALOAKMike Warrenbehind 0-1b 21---1590.11153%Home Run
506506321985-04-23CALOAKMike Warrenbehind 1-7b 42---1590.0277%Home Run
507507411985-05-01CALTORJimmy Keybehind 0-1b 50---1590.15257%Home Run
508508511985-05-05CALMILDanny Darwinahead 4-1b 80---1490.01599%Home Run
509509611985-05-10CAL@MILPete Vuckovichahead 1-0t 3112-3490.20285%Home Run; Carew Scores; Jones Scores
510510711985-05-11CAL@MILDanny Darwinbehind 1-2t 32-2-2490.20958%Home Run; Downing Scores/unER; Jackson Scores/unER
511511811985-06-16CALCHWTim Lollartied 0-0b 41---15DH0.13266%Home Run (Deep LF)
512512911985-06-18CAL@CLERich Thompsonahead 5-2t 611--25DH0.08495%Home Run; Brown Scores
5135131011985-06-20CAL@CLEDon Schulzetied 0-0t 20-2-2590.13770%Home Run; DeCinces Scores
5145141111985-06-26CALCLEBryan Clarkahead 6-5b 6212344DH0.21297%Home Run; Boone Scores; Carew Scores; DeCinces Scores
5155151211985-07-06CALBOSMike Trujilloahead 2-1b 52-2-2390.17587%Home Run; Carew Scores
5165161311985-07-07CALBOSJim Dorseyahead 2-1b 421--2390.18284%Home Run; Sconiers Scores
5175171411985-07-09CALMILMoose Haastied 0-0b 12---1390.10361%Home Run
5185181511985-07-10CALMILRay Burristied 0-0b 60---1390.16574%Home Run
5195191611985-07-21CAL@BOSSteve Crawfordbehind 2-8t 81---1590.0061%Home Run
5205201711985-07-28CAL@TORDoyle Alexanderbehind 0-5t 81---14DH0.0132%Home Run
5215211811985-08-12 (1)CAL@SEAFrank Willsahead 1-0t 121--25DH0.16774%Home Run; Jones Scores
5225221911985-08-17CALOAKBill Kruegerahead 7-4b 40---1490.05291%Home Run
5235232011985-08-19CALOAKDon Suttontied 0-0b 121--2490.18471%Home Run; Jones Scores
5245242111985-09-03CAL@DETDan Petrybehind 0-5t 41---1490.03910%Home Run
5255252221985-09-03CAL@DETBob Stoddardbehind 6-14t 921--2490.0000%Home Run; Downing Scores
5265262311985-09-13CALTEXCharlie Houghtied 0-0b 40--32490.11479%Home Run; Carew Scores
5275272411985-09-15CALTEXJosé Guzmántied 0-0b 111-334DH0.18279%Home Run; Pettis Scores; Carew Scores
5285282511985-09-19CAL@CHWDave Wehrmeisterahead 4-0t 80-2-26DH0.01999%Home Run (Deep LF); White Scores
5295292621985-09-19CAL@CHWEd Correaahead 7-0t 91---16DH0.001100%Home Run (Deep RF)
5305302711985-10-05CAL@TEXMatt Williamstied 0-0t 111--2390.16667%Home Run; Carew Scores
1986 #car #yr #gm Date @Bat   Pitcher Score Inn Out RoB RBI BOP Pos WPA bWE Notes Play Description
531531111986-04-08CAL@SEAMike Mooreahead 1-0t 111--24DH0.15175%Home Run (Deep LF); Jones Scores
532532211986-04-11CAL@OAKRick Langfordahead 1-0t 621--24DH0.21586%Home Run (Deep CF); Joyner Scores
533533311986-04-12CAL@OAKJoaquín Andújarahead 5-3t 50---14DH0.08585%Home Run (Deep RF)
534534411986-04-18CALMINMike Smithsonahead 1-0b 11---13DH0.09172%Home Run
535535511986-04-25CAL@MINBert Blylevenbehind 3-7t 91---15DH0.0091%Home Run (CF-RF)
536536611986-05-11CALMILBill Wegmanahead 3-1b 51---14DH0.07788%Home Run
537537711986-05-14CALBOSRoger Clemenstied 0-0b 121--24DH0.18471%Home Run; Downing Scores
538538811986-07-11CAL@BOSTom Seavertied 0-0t 20---14DH0.10360%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep RF)
539539921986-07-11CAL@BOSTom Seaverahead 2-0t 60---14DH0.08486%Home Run (Fly Ball to CF-RF)
5405401011986-08-06CAL@MINBert Blyleventied 0-0t 40---12DH0.12262%Home Run (Deep RF)
5415411111986-08-15CALOAKJosé Rijotied 0-0b 1112-34DH0.20979%Home Run (Deep RF); Joyner Scores; Downing Scores
5425421211986-09-05CALNYYDoug Drabekbehind 1-4b 41---14DH0.09128%Home Run (Deep RF)
5435431321986-09-05CALNYYDoug Drabekbehind 2-6b 611--24DH0.12422%Home Run; Joyner Scores
5445441411986-09-18CALKCRDennis Leonardtied 0-0b 121--24DH0.18471%Home Run (Deep RF); Jones Scores