Hit location and pitches data is shown only for seasons after 1988 (completeness summary of pitch data and hit data).

Summary of 97 Home Runs Allowed

0 leading off, 10 walk-off, 7 tying, 29 go ahead

3 Tms
DET 52
CHC 36
vs RHB 80
vs LHB 17
Home 51
Away 46
0 38
2 32
1 27
25 Opps
21 Parks
Tiger Stad 26
Wrigley Fld 18
VeteransStad 9
ClevelandStd 6
Memor. Stad 5
Where Hit
7 41
9 13
8 6
78 4
89 2
General field locations
when available.
Unk 84
3 3
4 2
1 2
2 2
Pitches in PA
when available.
Game Totals
1·HR gms 74
2·HR gms 10
3·HR gms 1
Gms w/ this # = 0
are not shown.
--- 49
1-- 23
-2- 7
123 6
12- 6
1 2
2 2
3 3
4 2
5 2
+4.. 14
+3 4
+2 7
+1 11
Tied 18
Before event,
for batter
Unk 84
3-2 2
0-0 2
2-0 2
1-2 1
3B 13
DH 12
1B 11
PH 11
CF 11
6th 20
4th 15
3rd 11
5th 11
8th 11
High Lev 33
Medium Lev 17
Low Lev 47

Play By Play

Play By Play
1977 #car #yr #gm Date Batter @Bat   Score Inn Out RoB Pit(cnt) R BOP Pos bWPA bWE Notes Play Description
11111977-05-31Ken ReitzSTLCHCahead 5-0b 81---1650%100%Home Run
22211977-06-19Ron CeyLADCHCahead 2-1b 60---14511%85%Home Run (Line Drive)
33311977-06-20Jack ClarkSFGCHCbehind 2-4b 6112-32PH41%72%Home Run; Sadek Scores; Andrews Scores
44411977-07-28Cesar GeronimoCIN@CHCahead 13-10t 80---1684%96%Home Run
55511977-08-03George FosterCINCHCbehind 1-3b 801--24737%61%Home Run (Line Drive); Morgan Scores
66621977-08-03Dan DriessenCINCHCtied 3-3b 1011--25337%100%Walk-OffHome Run (Line Drive); Foster Scores
77711977-08-13Jay JohnstonePHI@CHCbehind 3-6t 82-2-26911%17%Home Run (Line Drive); Schmidt Scores
88821977-08-13Davey JohnsonPHI@CHCbehind 5-7t 90-2-29PH33%50%Home Run; Sizemore Scores
99911977-09-06Ted SimmonsSTL@CHCahead 1-0t 12---8,(3-2) BBBSSFFX1429%65%Home Run (Line Drive)
10101011977-09-12Hector CruzSTLCHCahead 6-5b 81-2-2799%97%Home Run; Hernandez Scores
11111111977-09-23Ed OttPIT@CHCtied 0-0t 821--26239%83%Home Run (Line Drive); Oliver Scores/unER; Ott Scores/unER
1978 #car #yr #gm Date Batter @Bat   Score Inn Out RoB Pit(cnt) R BOP Pos bWPA bWE Notes Play Description
1212111978-04-11Lee MazzilliNYMCHCbehind 1-4b 90---1684%8%Home Run
1313211978-05-30Warren CromartieMONCHCahead 5-1b 82-2-2671%100%Home Run; Valentine Scores
1414311978-06-25Garry MaddoxPHICHCahead 3-0b 40---1685%92%Home Run (Line Drive)
1515411978-08-08John MilnerPIT@CHCahead 4-2t 5112346713%96%Home Run (Line Drive); Stargell Scores; Parker Scores; Robinson Scores
1616511978-09-01Bruce BochyHOU@CHCbehind 9-11t 72---18211%23%Home Run
1717611978-09-16George HendrickSTL@CHCahead 3-1t 90---1384%97%Home Run
1979 #car #yr #gm Date Batter @Bat   Score Inn Out RoB Pit(cnt) R BOP Pos bWPA bWE Notes Play Description
1818111979-05-17Garry MaddoxPHI@CHCahead 12-6t 32-233684%98%Home Run; Rose Scores; Schmidt Scores
1919211979-05-20Omar MorenoPIT@CHCahead 4-3t 72--321820%88%Home Run; Stennett Scores
2020311979-05-27Greg LuzinskiPHICHCahead 5-3b 80---1473%97%Home Run
2121411979-05-30Bill RobinsonPITCHCahead 6-2b 701--25PH2%99%Home Run; Stargell Scores
2222511979-07-12George FosterCINCHCahead 5-0b 601--2471%99%Home Run (CF-RF); Morgan Scores
2323611979-07-22 (1)Dave ConcepcionCIN@CHCahead 6-1t 801234561%100%Home Run; Kennedy Scores; Griffey Scores; Bench Scores
2424721979-07-22 (1)Junior KennedyCIN@CHCahead 10-1t 911--2240%100%Home Run (LF-CF); Collins Scores
2525811979-08-01Rodney ScottMONCHCtied 5-5b 1221--22444%100%Walk-OffHome Run; Cromartie Scores
1980 #car #yr #gm Date Batter @Bat   Score Inn Out RoB Pit(cnt) R BOP Pos bWPA bWE Notes Play Description
2626111980-05-31Mike SchmidtPHI@CHCahead 1-0t 311--23517%79%Home Run; Rose Scores
2727211980-06-14Dale MurphyATL@CHCbehind 4-10t 92---1280%0%Home Run
2828311980-06-21Dale MurphyATLCHCtied 0-0b 10-2-22814%74%Home Run; Hubbard Scores
2929421980-06-21Bob HornerATLCHCahead 2-0b 20---1658%83%Home Run
3030531980-06-21Chris ChamblissATLCHCahead 4-0b 221-33338%97%Home Run; Hubbard Scores; Murphy Scores
3131611980-07-23Joe PettiniSFG@CHCahead 9-3t 70---1861%99%Home Run
3232711980-08-07Bill MadlockPIT@CHCtied 3-3t 521--25527%73%Home Run; Parker Scores
3333811980-08-11Mike SchmidtPHI@CHCahead 2-1t 30---14510%72%Home Run
1982 #car #yr #gm Date Batter @Bat   Score Inn Out RoB Pit(cnt) R BOP Pos bWPA bWE Notes Play Description
3434111982-04-13Ozzie SmithSTL@CHCahead 3-2t 90---1869%93%Home Run
3535211982-05-05George HendrickSTLCHCtied 6-6b 71---14923%78%Home Run
3636311982-06-13Tim WallachMONCHCtied 3-3b 1021--26544%100%Walk-OffHome Run; White Scores
1983 #car #yr #gm Date Batter @Bat   Score Inn Out RoB Pit(cnt) R BOP Pos bWPA bWE Notes Play Description
3737111983-07-02 (1)Dave KingmanNYM@PHIbehind 2-5t 71--328PH13%25%Home Run; Bailor Scores
3838211983-07-11Cesar CedenoCINPHIbehind 5-7b 621--29PH31%52%Home Run; Knicely Scores
3939311983-07-14Bob HornerATL@PHItied 1-1t 90---15535%85%Home Run
4040411983-07-17Nick EsaskyCIN@PHIahead 4-2t 90---1654%97%Home Run
4141511983-08-29 (2)Luis SalazarSDP@PHIbehind 4-8t 901--2754%7%Home Run; Templeton Scores
4242611983-09-04Jack ClarkSFG@PHIahead 5-3t 421--23915%88%Home Run; O'Malley Scores
4343711983-09-19Bill BucknerCHC@PHIahead 5-4t 70---13312%83%Home Run
4444811983-09-20Gary WoodsCHC@PHIbehind 3-6t 71-2-21814%25%Home Run; Carter Scores
4545911983-09-22 (1)Tim RainesMONPHIbehind 4-7b 71---1178%16%Home Run
1984 #car #yr #gm Date Batter @Bat   Score Inn Out RoB Pit(cnt) R BOP Pos bWPA bWE Notes Play Description
4646111984-05-11Doug DeCincesCAL@DETbehind 0-8t 80---1450%0%Home Run
4747211984-05-20Mike HeathOAK@DETbehind 2-4t 80---18912%25%Home Run
4848311984-06-10 (1)Mike YoungBALDETbehind 3-10b 82---16PH0%0%Home Run
4949411984-07-03Marc HillCHWDETahead 8-5b 80---1822%99%Home Run
5050511984-07-14Tim TeufelMINDETbehind 4-6b 122---1843%5%Home Run
5151611984-07-24Chris BandoCLEDETbehind 4-9b 90---17PH1%2%Home Run
1985 #car #yr #gm Date Batter @Bat   Score Inn Out RoB Pit(cnt) R BOP Pos bWPA bWE Notes Play Description
5252111985-06-04Phil BradleySEA@DETtied 6-6t 121---12738%82%Home Run
5353211985-06-10Floyd RayfordBAL@DETbehind 5-6t 92---12PH36%40%Home Run
5454311985-06-17Dwight EvansBOS@DETbehind 1-2t 901--26956%84%Home Run; Nichols Scores
5555411985-07-02Cal RipkenBALDETbehind 3-4b 92---13649%53%Home Run
5656521985-07-02Mike YoungBALDETtied 4-4b 100---15736%100%Walk-OffHome Run
5757611985-07-30George BrettKCR@DETbehind 4-10t 70-2-2353%6%Home Run; Smith Scores
5858711985-08-05Steve BalboniKCRDETbehind 3-8b 91---1730%1%Home Run
5959811985-08-09Andre ThorntonCLEDETbehind 1-2b 811--24DH54%85%Home Run; Franco Scores
6060921985-08-09Pat TablerCLEDETahead 3-2b 81---1538%93%Home Run
61611011985-08-13Ted SimmonsMILDETbehind 3-5b 132---15DH3%5%Home Run
62621111985-08-15Andre ThorntonCLE@DETbehind 4-6t 9012-34DH56%84%Home Run; Castillo Scores; Franco Scores
63631211985-09-28Glenn HoffmanBOS@DETtied 0-0t 101---19638%82%Home Run
64641321985-09-28Dwight EvansBOS@DETahead 1-0t 101---11DH10%92%Home Run
1986 #car #yr #gm Date Batter @Bat   Score Inn Out RoB Pit(cnt) R BOP Pos bWPA bWE Notes Play Description
6565111986-04-12Pat TablerCLEDETahead 5-2b 82---1732%99%Home Run
6666211986-04-26Ron KittleCHW@DETbehind 2-3t 811--24DH46%72%Home Run; Baines Scores
6767311986-05-13Steve BalboniKCRDETbehind 1-2b 91---16347%58%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep LF)
6868421986-05-13Hal McRaeKCRDETtied 2-2b 1111--25DH36%100%Walk-OffHome Run (Fly Ball to Deep LF); White Scores
6969511986-06-13Cliff JohnsonTORDETbehind 4-10b 80---17DH1%2%Home Run
7070611986-06-14Cliff JohnsonTORDETbehind 3-5b 901--27DH45%64%Home Run; Barfield Scores
7171721986-06-14Buck MartinezTORDETtied 5-5b 90---18PH36%100%Walk-OffHome Run
7272811986-06-16Mike YoungBALDETbehind 1-5b 82-2336DH15%20%Home Run; Lacy Scores; Ripken Scores
7373911986-07-01Dale BerraNYYDETtied 4-4b 101---18542%100%Walk-OffHome Run
74741011986-07-19Don SlaughtTEX@DETtied 2-2t 121---17238%82%Home Run
75751111986-08-05 (2)Carmelo CastilloCLE@DETbehind 5-11t 90---1190%1%Home Run (Fly Ball)
76761211986-08-10Rich GedmanBOS@DETbehind 5-6t 8212349PH61%92%Home Run; Evans Scores; Buckner Scores; Quinones Scores
77771311986-08-29Dick SchofieldCALDETbehind 9-12b 9212349690%100%Walk-OffHome Run; Hendrick Scores; Pettis Scores; Jones Scores
1987 #car #yr #gm Date Batter @Bat   Score Inn Out RoB Pit(cnt) R BOP Pos bWPA bWE Notes Play Description
7878111987-05-05Rey QuinonesSEA@DETtied 5-5t 921--28648%91%Home Run; Presley Scores
7979211987-05-31 (1)Kent HrbekMIN@DETahead 7-5t 901--2435%98%Home Run; Puckett Scores
8080311987-07-19Alvin DavisSEA@DETbehind 3-4t 901--23355%83%Home Run; Brantley Scores
8181411987-08-06Roberto KellyNYY@DETbehind 1-12t 8212-3490%0%Home Run; Tolleson Scores/unER; Washington Scores/unER; Kelly Scores/unER
8282511987-08-21 (2)Julio FrancoCLEDETahead 6-1b 81---1260%100%Home Run
8383621987-08-21 (2)Pat TablerCLEDETahead 7-1b 81---1330%100%Home Run
8484711987-09-09 (1)Ray KnightBALDETbehind 3-7b 80---1634%9%Home Run
8585811987-09-18Paul MolitorMIL@DETbehind 3-7t 911-331DH5%9%Home Run; Riles Scores; Stanicek Scores
1988 #car #yr #gm Date Batter @Bat   Score Inn Out RoB Pit(cnt) R BOP Pos bWPA bWE Notes Play Description
8686111988-05-15Tom HerrMIN@DETahead 8-2t 82---3,(2-0) BBX1240%100%Home Run
8787221988-05-15Kirby PuckettMIN@DETahead 9-2t 82---1,(0-0) X1380%100%Home Run
8888311988-05-17Dale SveumMILDETbehind 3-8b 82---3,(1-1) BCX1661%2%Home Run
8989411988-06-13Mickey TettletonBAL@DETbehind 3-4t 9112-4,(1-2) CSBX38265%92%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep LF-CF); Stanicek Scores; Traber Scores
9090511988-08-13Mike GreenwellBOSDETahead 5-4b 62---4,(2-1) .BBCX14712%82%Home Run (Fly Ball)
9191611988-09-05Ernie WhittTOR@DETtied 4-4t 100---5,(3-1) .BCBBX15235%85%Home Run (Fly Ball)
9292711988-09-08Gary WardNYYDETtied 4-4b 10212-3,(2-0) .BBX35DH39%100%Walk-OffHome Run (Fly Ball to Deep LF-CF); Mattingly Scores; Winfield Scores
9393811988-09-11Claudell WashingtonNYYDETbehind 3-4b 1801--2,(0-1) 1C111X22867%100%Walk-OffHome Run (Line Drive to Deep CF-RF); Henderson Scores
1989 #car #yr #gm Date Batter @Bat   Score Inn Out RoB Pit(cnt) R BOP Pos bWPA bWE Notes Play Description
9494111989-04-11Carmelo CastilloMIN@DETahead 8-0t 811236,(3-2) ..BBFFBX44PH0%100%Home Run (Line Drive to Deep LF); Gladden Scores; Backman Scores; Puckett Scores
9595211989-05-16Harold BainesCHW@DETbehind 4-9t 8212-1,(0-0) X33DH6%7%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep LF); Lyons Scores; Gallagher Scores
9696311989-07-07Pat BordersTOR@DETbehind 2-4t 801232,(1-0) BX46243%87%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep LF-CF); Gruber Scores; Bell Scores; McGriff Scores
9797411989-08-18Bob GerenNYY@DETbehind 1-7t 921--5,(2-2) BFFBX2620%0%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep LF Line); Barfield Scores

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