Hit location and pitches data is shown only for seasons after 1988 (completeness summary of pitch data and hit data).

Summary of 162 Home Runs

0 leading off, 1 walk-off, 24 tying, 59 go ahead

3 Tms
STL 81
NYM 80
vs RHP 105
vs LHP 57
Away 88
Home 74
2 60
0 55
1 47
13 Opps
CHC 18
PHI 17
SDP 17
CIN 17
NYM 15
122 Pitchers
Mike Scott 6
Burt Hooton 4
Randy Jones 3
Mike Krukow 3
Dick Ruthven 3
14 Parks
Shea Stad 46
Busch Stad 38
Wrigley Fld 12
Cinergy Fld 11
Atl-Fulton 10
Where Hit
9 96
8 10
89 6
7 5
78 5
General field locations
when available.
Unk 145
2 5
1 4
4 3
3 3
Pitches in PA
when available.
Game Totals
1·HR gms 156
2·HR gms 3
Gms w/ this # = 0
are not shown.
--- 75
1-- 29
-2- 19
12- 11
--3 10
1 24
2 6
3 17
4 29
5 16
+4.. 22
+3 10
+2 6
+1 13
Tied 50
Before event,
for batter
Unk 145
0-0 4
0-1 3
1-0 2
2-0 2
Pitch data mostly complete since 1988.
1B 159
PH 3
3rd 129
5th 20
6th 7
7th 3
1st 1
High Lev 42
Medium Lev 58
Low Lev 62

Play By Play

Play By Play
1975 #car #yr #gm Date @Bat   Pitcher Score Inn Out RoB Pit(cnt) RBI BOP Pos WPA bWE Notes Play Description
11111975-05-24STL@LADDoug Rautied 1-1t 721--2730.35982%Home Run (Deep RF); Hahn Scores
22211975-09-10STL@CHCSteve Stonebehind 2-6t 4212-39PH0.21232%Home Run (Deep RF); Fairly Scores; Reitz Scores
33311975-09-11STL@CHCRick Reuschelbehind 1-6t 401--2330.08318%Home Run (Deep LF); Sizemore Scores
1976 #car #yr #gm Date @Bat   Pitcher Score Inn Out RoB Pit(cnt) RBI BOP Pos WPA bWE Notes Play Description
44111976-07-11STLLADBurt Hootonahead 1-0b 40---1630.10680%Home Run (Deep RF)
55211976-08-22STLATLFrank LaCortetied 0-0b 4012-3530.20988%Home Run (Deep RF); Crawford Scores; Simmons Scores
66311976-08-31STLCINGary Nolanahead 1-0b 40---1630.10680%Home Run (Deep RF)
77411976-09-03STL@CHCBuddy Schultzbehind 3-5t 61--32630.20447%Home Run (Deep RF); Simmons Scores
88511976-09-06 (2)STL@MONSteve Dunningbehind 0-1t 61---1330.17447%Home Run (Deep RF)
99611976-09-12STLNYMJon Matlackbehind 2-3b 70---1530.24358%Home Run (Deep RF)
1010711976-09-16STL@NYMJerry Koosmanbehind 0-3t 82---1330.0356%Home Run (Deep RF)
1977 #car #yr #gm Date @Bat   Pitcher Score Inn Out RoB Pit(cnt) RBI BOP Pos WPA bWE Notes Play Description
1111111977-04-07STL@PITTerry Forsterahead 10-3t 82--32630.003100%Home Run (Deep RF); Scott Scores
1212211977-04-09STL@PITGrant Jacksonahead 6-1t 71---1530.01698%Home Run (Deep RF)
1313311977-04-13STL@NYMBob Myrickahead 5-1t 521--2630.06497%Home Run (Deep RF); Simmons Scores/unER; Hernandez Scores/unER
1414411977-04-22STL@PHIRon Reedahead 7-1t 721-33530.014100%Home Run (Deep RF); Mumphrey Scores; Simmons Scores
1515511977-05-09STLCINRawly Eastwickbehind 4-5b 80---1630.30860%Home Run (Deep RF)
1616611977-05-14STL@ATLRick Campahead 6-4t 91---1530.04996%Home Run (Deep RF)
1717711977-06-21STL@LADDoug Rauahead 2-0t 30---1330.08480%Home Run (CF-RF)
1818811977-07-21STLHOUJ.R. Richardtied 0-0b 22---1630.11563%Home Run (Deep RF)
1919911977-07-26STLATLDick Ruthvenahead 1-0b 12-2-2530.15779%IPHRInside-the-park Home Run to CF; Simmons Scores
20201011977-07-29 (2)STL@CINJack Billinghamahead 5-0t 221234530.07898%Home Run (Deep RF); Templeton Scores; Mumphrey Scores; Simmons Scores
21211111977-07-30STL@CINFred Normanbehind 0-1t 62---1530.16844%Home Run (Deep RF)
22221211977-08-20STLSDPRandy Jonesahead 2-1b 6112-3530.17395%Home Run (Deep RF); Templeton Scores; Simmons Scores
23231311977-09-03STL@SFGGary Lavellebehind 1-4t 821234330.60671%Home Run (Deep RF); Phillips Scores; Brock Scores; Templeton Scores
24241411977-09-07STL@PITGrant Jacksonbehind 3-5t 90---1530.08916%Home Run (Deep RF)
25251511977-09-18STLPHIWarren Brusstarahead 5-0b 211234530.04199%Home Run (Deep RF); Bosetti Scores; Templeton Scores; Simmons Scores/unER
1978 #car #yr #gm Date @Bat   Pitcher Score Inn Out RoB Pit(cnt) RBI BOP Pos WPA bWE Notes Play Description
2626111978-04-09STL@PHIRandy Lerchbehind 1-5t 411--2530.11823%Home Run; Simmons Scores
2727211978-04-15STLPHILarry Christensonbehind 1-2b 62---1530.20952%Home Run
2828311978-05-07STLSDPBob Owchinkobehind 0-3b 32---1330.08826%Home Run (Deep RF)
2929411978-05-29 (1)STL@NYMPat Zachrytied 0-0t 42--32530.23873%Home Run (Deep RF); Templeton Scores
3030511978-06-12STL@ATLMickey Mahlerbehind 0-1t 40---1330.12550%Home Run (Deep RF)
3131611978-06-17STL@CINTom Humebehind 1-2t 32--32530.22459%Home Run (LF-CF); Mumphrey Scores
3232711978-06-18STL@CINFred Normantied 0-0t 12---1330.11057%Home Run (Deep RF)
3333811978-06-22STL@PHISteve Carltonbehind 0-2t 82---1330.08315%Home Run (Deep RF)
3434911978-06-28STL@PITJim Bibbytied 0-0t 20---1530.11061%Home Run (Deep CF)
35351011978-07-18STLSDPEric Rasmussenbehind 1-3b 91---1530.06210%Home Run (Deep RF)
36361111978-09-20STLNYMKevin Kobelbehind 1-3b 611--2330.30154%Home Run (Deep RF); Morales Scores
1979 #car #yr #gm Date @Bat   Pitcher Score Inn Out RoB Pit(cnt) RBI BOP Pos WPA bWE Notes Play Description
3737111979-04-07STLPHIRandy Lerchbehind 0-2b 401--2330.21256%Home Run (Deep RF); Scott Scores
3838211979-04-12STL@PITDon Robinsontied 0-0t 41---1330.13160%Home Run (Deep RF)
3939311979-05-19STL@NYMMike Scotttied 0-0t 111--2330.18369%Home Run (Deep RF); Oberkfell Scores
4040411979-05-21STL@PHISteve Carltonahead 2-0t 30---1330.08480%Home Run (Deep RF)
4141511979-05-31STLNYMMike Scotttied 0-0b 1012-3330.17781%Home Run (Deep RF); Templeton Scores; Brock Scores
4242611979-06-01STLLADAndy Messersmithtied 1-1b 101--2330.15774%Home Run (Deep CF); Brock Scores
4343711979-06-07STLSFGBob Knepperbehind 0-2b 1012-4,(1-2) BCFX3330.20965%Home Run (Deep RF); Templeton Scores; Mumphrey Scores
4444811979-07-30 (1)STL@MONWoodie Frymantied 2-2t 811234330.28297%Home Run (Deep RF); Denny Scores; Templeton Scores; Mumphrey Scores
4545911979-09-01STL@SDPRandy Jonestied 2-2t 72-233330.38290%Home Run (Deep RF); Martinez Scores; Templeton Scores
46461011979-09-08STLMONBill Leebehind 0-7b 90---1330.0020%Home Run (Deep RF)
47471111979-09-22 (1)STL@NYMRoy Lee Jacksonahead 4-1t 42-2-2330.10093%Home Run (Deep RF); Brock Scores
1980 #car #yr #gm Date @Bat   Pitcher Score Inn Out RoB Pit(cnt) RBI BOP Pos WPA bWE Notes Play Description
4848111980-04-19STL@PITBert Blylevenbehind 0-1t 31---1330.12248%Home Run (Deep RF)
4949211980-04-30STLCHCLynn McGlothenahead 5-1b 621-33330.03699%Home Run (Deep CF); Templeton Scores; Oberkfell Scores
5050311980-05-25STLSDPRandy Jonestied 1-1b 32---1330.13064%Home Run (Deep RF)
5151411980-06-03STL@NYMRay Burrisahead 3-0t 2212-3330.13894%Home Run (Deep RF); Fulgham Scores/unER; Ramsey Scores/unER; Hernandez Scores/unER
5252521980-06-03STL@NYMKevin Kobelahead 6-0t 50-2-2330.01399%Home Run (Deep RF); Ramsey Scores
5353611980-06-10STL@ATLPhil Niekrotied 0-0t 321--2330.22670%Home Run (Deep RF); Iorg Scores
5454711980-06-22STL@CINDave Tomlinahead 7-2t 6012-3330.02199%Home Run (Deep RF); Bonds Scores; Templeton Scores
5555811980-07-17STLSDPEric Rasmussenahead 11-3b 711-33330.001100%Home Run (Deep RF); Kaat Scores; Ramsey Scores
5656911980-08-03STL@LADBurt Hootonahead 1-0t 31-2-2330.16180%Home Run (Deep CF); Herr Scores
57571011980-08-11STLMONTom Huttonahead 13-0b 81---1330.000100%Home Run (Deep RF)
58581111980-08-15STLCHCLynn McGlothenbehind 0-4b 621--2330.11919%Home Run (Deep RF); Templeton Scores
59591211980-08-22STL@ATLRick Matulatied 0-0t 40-2-2330.16874%Home Run (Deep RF); Oberkfell Scores
60601311980-09-02STLCINPaul Moskautied 0-0b 111--2330.17873%Home Run (Deep RF); Scott Scores
61611411980-09-10STLPITJim Bibbybehind 2-7b 701-33330.10420%Home Run (Deep RF); Oberkfell Scores; Iorg Scores
62621511980-09-16STL@CHCBill Caudillbehind 4-6t 90---1330.08716%Home Run (Deep RF)
63631611980-10-04STLNYMMark Bombackbehind 0-5b 82---1330.0092%Home Run (Deep CF)
1981 #car #yr #gm Date @Bat   Pitcher Score Inn Out RoB Pit(cnt) RBI BOP Pos WPA bWE Notes Play Description
6464111981-04-16STL@NYMMike Scotttied 1-1t 501--2330.22978%Home Run (Deep RF); Oberkfell Scores
6565211981-04-29 (1)STL@CHCMike Krukowbehind 0-1t 62---1330.17944%Home Run (Deep LF)
6666311981-05-24STLNYMMike Scottbehind 0-1b 90---1330.44563%Home Run (Deep RF)
6767411981-06-06STLSDPJohn Littlefieldahead 7-1b 811234330.001100%Home Run (Deep RF); Martin Scores; Herr Scores; Templeton Scores
6868511981-08-10STL@PHILarry Christensontied 0-0t 12---1330.10957%Home Run
6969611981-08-12STL@PHIDickie Nolesahead 6-3t 91---1330.01899%Home Run
7070711981-08-23STLLADBob Welchbehind 0-1b 11-2-2330.17963%Home Run (Deep RF); Herr Scores
7171811981-08-26STLSFGGary Lavellebehind 0-2b 42---1330.12136%Home Run (Deep RF)
1982 #car #yr #gm Date @Bat   Pitcher Score Inn Out RoB Pit(cnt) RBI BOP Pos WPA bWE Notes Play Description
7272111982-05-04STLCHCFergie Jenkinstied 0-0b 31-2-2330.18676%Home Run (CF-RF); Smith Scores
7373211982-06-20STLNYMMike Scottbehind 2-3b 92---17PH0.49053%Home Run (Deep RF)
7474311982-06-29STL@PHIPorfi Altamiranoahead 7-1t 6212-3330.019100%Home Run; Smith Scores; Herr Scores
7575411982-07-18STLCINCharlie Leibrandttied 2-2b 22-233330.25682%Home Run (Deep RF); Smith Scores; Smith Scores
7676511982-07-31STL@MONRay Burrisahead 2-0t 60---1330.08288%Home Run (Deep RF)
7777611982-08-01STL@MONSteve Rogerstied 0-0t 12---1330.10757%Home Run (CF-RF)
7878711982-09-10STLNYMJesse Oroscobehind 0-2b 90---1430.10419%Home Run (Deep RF)
1983 #car #yr #gm Date @Bat   Pitcher Score Inn Out RoB Pit(cnt) RBI BOP Pos WPA bWE Notes Play Description
7979111983-04-23STLSDPGary Lucasahead 7-4b 70--32330.01799%Home Run (Deep RF); Smith Scores
8080211983-04-26STLLADBurt Hootonbehind 0-3b 70---1330.08920%Home Run (Deep RF)
8181311983-05-03STL@SDPDave Draveckybehind 1-4t 60---1330.08220%Home Run (Deep RF)
8282411983-06-20 (2)NYMSTLJohn Stupertied 0-0b 11-2-2330.16473%Home Run (Deep RF); Wilson Scores/unER
8383511983-06-25NYMPHIKevin Grossbehind 0-2b 40---1330.12441%Home Run
8484611983-07-09NYMHOUJoe Niekrobehind 0-5b 411--2330.09117%Home Run (Deep RF); Wilson Scores
8585711983-07-14NYMCINCharlie Puleobehind 2-4b 51-2-2330.24353%Home Run (Deep RF); Wilson Scores
8686811983-07-22NYM@CINBen Hayesbehind 1-2t 90---1330.34550%Home Run (Deep RF)
8787911983-07-31 (1)NYMPITLee Tunnellbehind 2-6b 80---1330.0387%Home Run
88881011983-08-29 (2)NYMLADBurt Hootonbehind 0-4b 40---1330.06919%Home Run (Deep RF)
89891111983-08-30 (1)NYMLADAlejandro Penabehind 0-2b 40---1330.12441%Home Run (Deep RF)
90901211983-09-03NYMSDPTim Lollartied 1-1b 30--32330.11578%Home Run (Deep CF); Brooks Scores
1984 #car #yr #gm Date @Bat   Pitcher Score Inn Out RoB Pit(cnt) RBI BOP Pos WPA bWE Notes Play Description
9191111984-04-29NYMPHIBill Campbellahead 4-2b 71---1330.05695%Home Run
9292211984-05-01NYMCHCDick Ruthvenahead 2-1b 61-2-2330.14592%Home Run; Gardenhire Scores
9393311984-06-11NYMPITRick Rhodenahead 1-0b 611--2330.16392%Home Run; Wilson Scores
9494411984-06-15NYM@STLJoaquin Andujartied 0-0t 40-2-2330.17175%Home Run; Wilson Scores
9595511984-06-25NYM@PHIJim Kernahead 4-1t 411-33330.08996%Home Run; Darling Scores; Wilson Scores
9696611984-06-29NYMATLSteve Bedrosianbehind 0-3b 32-2-2330.18138%Home Run; Backman Scores
9797711984-07-03NYMHOUNolan Ryanbehind 2-3b 601--2330.31175%Home Run; Heep Scores
9898811984-07-14NYM@ATLGene Garberahead 4-0t 721--2330.04398%Home Run; Heep Scores
9999911984-07-18NYM@HOUNolan Ryantied 1-1t 521--2330.28876%Home Run; Heep Scores/unER; Hernandez Scores/unER
1001001011984-08-06NYM@CHCDick Ruthvenbehind 0-6t 41---1330.0256%Home Run
1011011111984-08-24 (2)NYMSFGMark Grantbehind 1-2b 101--2330.17865%Home Run; Wilson Scores
1021021211984-08-26NYMSFGMike Krukowbehind 3-5b 42-233330.35666%Home Run; Backman Scores; Wilson Scores
1031031311984-09-02NYMSDPTim Lollartied 0-0b 111--2330.18273%Home Run; Chapman Scores
1041041411984-09-11NYMSTLRicky Hortonbehind 1-3b 61---1330.13534%Home Run
1051051511984-09-13NYMPITLarry McWilliamsbehind 0-4b 42---1330.06015%Home Run
1985 #car #yr #gm Date @Bat   Pitcher Score Inn Out RoB Pit(cnt) RBI BOP Pos WPA bWE Notes Play Description
106106111985-05-03NYM@CINMario Sototied 0-0t 12---1330.10657%Home Run
107107211985-05-08NYMATLLen Barkertied 0-0b 11-2-2330.16673%Home Run; Backman Scores
108108311985-05-12NYMPHIKevin Grosstied 0-0b 12---1330.11262%Home Run
109109411985-05-27NYMLADBobby Castilloahead 4-0b 52---1330.03096%Home Run
110110511985-07-04NYM@ATLSteve Shieldsahead 6-4t 80---1330.06394%Home Run
111111611985-07-08NYM@CINJoe Pricebehind 1-3t 52-2-2330.23445%Home Run; Dykstra Scores
112112711985-07-09NYM@CINMario Sotoahead 1-0t 521--2330.20983%Home Run; Gooden Scores
113113811985-07-24NYMCINRon Robinsonbehind 1-2b 60---1330.19757%Home Run
114114911985-09-01NYM@SFGMark Davisbehind 2-3t 91-2-21PH0.62784%Home Run (Deep RF); Wilson Scores
1151151011985-09-02NYM@SDPBob Pattersonahead 10-3t 821--2330.003100%Home Run; Paciorek Scores
1986 #car #yr #gm Date @Bat   Pitcher Score Inn Out RoB Pit(cnt) RBI BOP Pos WPA bWE Notes Play Description
116116111986-05-03NYM@CINJohn Dennyahead 2-1t 72--32330.19689%Home Run (Deep RF); Dykstra Scores
117117211986-05-22NYM@SFGMike Krukowtied 0-0t 11-2-2330.16869%Home Run; Wilson Scores
118118311986-05-27NYMLADAlejandro Penaahead 7-1b 70---1330.003100%Home Run (Deep RF)
119119411986-06-13NYMPITRick Reuscheltied 3-3b 511--2330.24581%Home Run (Deep CF); Backman Scores
120120511986-06-20NYMCHCScott Sandersontied 2-2b 61---1330.19273%Home Run
121121611986-07-05NYMHOUBob Kneppertied 0-0b 12---1330.11162%Home Run (CF-RF)
122122711986-07-20NYM@HOUAurelio Lopezbehind 3-4t 80---1330.26350%Home Run
123123811986-07-26 (2)NYM@ATLEd Olwinebehind 3-7t 72--32330.07912%Home Run (Deep RF); Knight Scores
124124911986-08-05NYM@CHCJamie Moyerbehind 2-5t 8012-3330.31550%Home Run; Wilson Scores; Teufel Scores
1251251011986-08-06 (1)NYM@CHCEd Lynchtied 0-0t 12---1330.10256%Home Run
1261261111986-08-18NYM@LADOrel Hershiserahead 1-0t 30---1330.10873%Home Run (Deep LF)
1271271211986-09-10NYMMONSergio Valdeztied 0-0b 11--32330.13473%Home Run (Deep RF); Dykstra Scores
1281281311986-09-23NYMSTLGreg Mathewsahead 4-1b 42---1330.05691%Home Run (Deep RF)
1987 #car #yr #gm Date @Bat   Pitcher Score Inn Out RoB Pit(cnt) RBI BOP Pos WPA bWE Notes Play Description
129129111987-04-21NYM@PITBob Walkahead 6-2t 62---1330.03995%Home Run
130130211987-04-27NYMHOUJim Deshaiestied 0-0b 12---1330.10762%Home Run (Deep RF)
131131311987-04-29NYMHOUMike Scotttied 0-0b 40---1330.13269%Home Run (LF-CF)
132132411987-04-30NYMMONJay Tibbsbehind 0-3b 1012-3330.20055%Home Run; Dykstra Scores; Backman Scores
133133511987-05-29NYM@SDPCraig Leffertstied 4-4t 70---1330.20070%Home Run (Line Drive to Deep RF)
134134611987-06-10NYM@CHCScott Sandersonahead 3-0t 30--32330.05490%Home Run (Deep LF); Wilson Scores
135135721987-06-10NYM@CHCMike Masonahead 9-0t 62---1330.002100%Home Run (Deep RF)
136136811987-06-14NYM@PITBrian Fishertied 0-0t 40---1330.12562%Home Run (Deep CF)
137137911987-06-28NYM@PHIDon Carmantied 0-0t 40---1330.12262%Home Run (Deep RF)
1381381011987-06-29NYMSTLDanny Coxtied 0-0b 101-33330.14181%Home Run (Deep RF); Dykstra Scores; Backman Scores/unER
1391391111987-08-03NYMPHIKent Tekulvetied 2-2b 112---1330.466100%Walk-OffHome Run (Deep RF)
1401401211987-08-15NYM@CHCJamie Moyertied 0-0t 12---1330.09956%Home Run (Deep CF)
1411411311987-08-26NYMLADBob Welchahead 2-1b 62---1330.12083%Home Run (LF-CF)
1421421411987-09-01NYM@SDPJimmy Jonestied 1-1t 5212-3330.33382%Home Run (Fly Ball to RF Line); Wilson Scores; Backman Scores
1431431511987-09-02NYM@SDPEd Whitsonbehind 0-2t 321--2330.20546%Home Run (Deep RF); Magadan Scores
1441441611987-09-04NYM@LADShawn Hillegastied 0-0t 32-2-2330.20569%Home Run (Deep RF); Backman Scores/unER; Hernandez Scores/unER
1451451711987-09-19NYM@PITVicente Palaciosbehind 1-2t 511234330.32683%Home Run (Deep RF); Santana Scores; Aguilera Scores; Dykstra Scores
1461461811987-10-04NYM@STLJoe Magranetied 5-5t 51---1330.14461%Home Run (CF-RF)
1988 #car #yr #gm Date @Bat   Pitcher Score Inn Out RoB Pit(cnt) RBI BOP Pos WPA bWE Notes Play Description
147147111988-04-26NYM@ATLTom Glavinebehind 2-4t 52-2-3,(1-1) BCX2330.24145%Home Run; Wilson Scores
148148221988-04-26NYM@ATLCharlie Puleoahead 9-4t 811233,(2-0) BBX4330.008100%Home Run (Line Drive to Deep RF); Gooden Scores; Wilson Scores; Teufel Scores
149149311988-04-27NYM@ATLPaul Assenmacherbehind 0-2t 901--2,(0-1) .CX2330.36250%Home Run (Line Drive to Deep RF); Backman Scores
150150411988-05-01NYM@CINDennis Rasmussenahead 3-0t 50---6,(3-2) CBBBFX1330.05791%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep CF)
151151511988-05-18NYM@SDPJimmy Jonestied 1-1t 721--3,(2-0) B111B+11X2330.36282%Home Run (Deep RF); Dykstra Scores
152152611988-08-05NYM@PITDave Ruckertied 1-1t 71-2-4,(3-0) .BBBX2330.29083%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep RF); Backman Scores
153153711988-08-22NYM@LADJohn Tudortied 0-0t 411--2,(1-0) .BX2330.23774%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep RF); Wilson Scores
154154811988-08-29NYMSDPEric Showahead 3-0b 51---5,(2-2) FBFBX1330.04594%Home Run (Fly Ball to RF Line)
155155911988-09-07NYM@CHCJeff Picobehind 4-8t 92-232,(1-0) BX3330.0193%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep LF-CF); Mazzilli Scores; Wilson Scores
1561561011988-09-10NYM@MONTim Burkeahead 3-0t 901--1,(0-0) X2330.019100%Home Run (Deep RF); Teufel Scores
1571571111988-10-02NYMSTLSteve Petersahead 5-0b 51---4,(2-1) FBBX1330.01498%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep LF-CF)
1989 #car #yr #gm Date @Bat   Pitcher Score Inn Out RoB Pit(cnt) RBI BOP Pos WPA bWE Notes Play Description
158158111989-04-17NYMPHIDon Carmanahead 4-0b 31---2,(0-1) CX1530.03695%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep CF-RF)
159159211989-04-22NYMCHCGreg Madduxahead 2-1b 60---1,(0-0) X1530.10887%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep LF)
160160311989-04-28NYM@HOURick Rhodenahead 1-0t 311-31,(0-0) 1X3330.18088%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep RF); Dykstra Scores; Jefferies Scores
161161411989-09-15NYM@MONDennis Martineztied 0-0t 401--1,(0-0) X2530.20575%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep RF); Strawberry Scores
1990 #car #yr #gm Date @Bat   Pitcher Score Inn Out RoB Pit(cnt) RBI BOP Pos WPA bWE Notes Play Description
162162111990-04-25CLE@TORTodd Stottlemyrebehind 1-3t 411--2,(0-1) FX2730.19947%Home Run (Deep RF); Jacoby Scores/unER

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