For all seasons after 1973, the play-by-play data is complete (summary of missing data for pre-1974). For some games from 1954 to 1973, we do not have complete play-by-play.

Summary of 95 Home Runs

0 leading off, 2 walk-off, 6 tying, 36 go ahead, 1 lacking some details

2 Tms
CIN 91
vs RHP 77
vs LHP 18
Away 60
Home 35
1 35
2 33
0 26
Unk 1
7 Opps
NYG 21
CHC 17
PIT 15
PHI 14
STL 12
9 Parks
Crosley Fld 35
Polo Grounds 17
Wrigley Fld 10
Baker Bowl 8
Sprtsmn3/Busch 8
Where Hit
9 69
8 6
89 2
1 Inside the Park
General field locations
when available.
Game Totals
1·HR gms 87
2·HR gms 4
Gms w/ this # = 0
are not shown.
--- 48
1-- 20
-2- 12
12- 8
1-3 3
1 16
2 2
3 12
4 9
5 16
+4.. 6
+3 1
+2 10
+1 14
Tied 28
Before event,
for batter
RF 85
LF 8
CF 1
PH 1
3rd 59
2nd 14
6th 7
1st 6
5th 6
High Lev 21
Medium Lev 33
Low Lev 40

Play By Play

Play By Play
1935 #car #yr #gm Date @Bat   Pitcher Score Inn Out RoB RBI BOP Pos WPA bWE Notes Play Description
11111935-04-21CIN@CHCCharlie Roottied 2-2t 52---1690.14459%Home Run
22211935-05-08 (2)CIN@PHIJim Bivinbehind 1-2t 311--2370.18158%Home Run; Myers Scores
33311935-06-04CIN@CHCRoy Henshawtied 0-0t 12---1390.09756%Home Run
44411935-06-07CIN@PITJack Salvesonahead 7-2t 411-33490.04498%Home Run; Myers Scores; Riggs Scores
55511935-06-12CIN@NYGCarl Hubbellbehind 0-10t 70---1490.0010%IPHRInside-the-park Home Run to CF
66611935-06-16 (2)CIN@BSNFred Frankhousebehind 0-3t 40---1590.08526%Home Run
77711935-06-23 (1)CIN@PHIJoe Bowmantied 4-4t 91-2-2390.35190%Home Run; Riggs Scores
88811935-06-26CIN@PHISyl Johnsonbehind 4-12t 92---1390.0000%Home Run
99911935-06-29CINSTLPaul Deanbehind 2-5b 52---1390.08723%Home Run
10101011935-07-27 (2)CIN@CHCLon Warnekebehind 0-1t 40---1390.12050%Home Run
11111111935-07-28CIN@CHCCharlie Roottied 0-0t 11---1290.09657%Home Run
12121211935-08-27 (1)CIN@BROVan Mungotied 0-0t 11---1290.09858%Home Run (CF-RF)
1936 #car #yr #gm Date @Bat   Pitcher Score Inn Out RoB RBI BOP Pos WPA bWE Notes Play Description
1313111936-04-16CINPITJim Weaverbehind 1-3b 42---1690.11737%Home Run
1414211936-04-19CIN@CHCBill Leeahead 1-0t 21---1690.09668%Home Run
1515311936-04-23CINSTLPaul Deanahead 4-3b 72---1590.11387%Home Run
1616411936-05-30 (1)CIN@STLPaul Deanbehind 0-1t 21---1670.10448%Home Run
1717511936-06-02CINPHIJoe Bowmantied 8-8b 90---1290.365100%Walk-OffHome Run
1818611936-06-22CIN@BROGeorge Earnshawtied 0-0t 5112-3390.27182%Home Run; Derringer Scores; Riggs Scores
1919711936-06-25 (1)CIN@BROVan Mungoahead 4-3t 80---1390.11986%Home Run
2020811936-06-25 (2)CIN@BROGeorge Jeffcoatahead 4-1t 82---1390.04396%Home Run
2121911936-06-27CIN@PHIJoe Bowmanbehind 2-3t 30-2-2390.14260%Home Run; Riggs Scores
22221021936-06-27CIN@PHIFabian Kowaliktied 6-6t 41-2-2390.17670%Home Run; Cuyler Scores
23231111936-07-26 (2)CIN@NYGFrank Gablerahead 2-0t 411--2590.13686%Home Run; Cuyler Scores
24241211936-07-28 (2)CIN@NYGAl Smithbehind 1-11t 70-2-2690.0030%Home Run; Lombardi Scores
25251311936-08-09 (1)CIN@STLJim Winfordahead 5-1t 61--32290.03697%Home Run; Chapman Scores
26261411936-08-21CIN@CHCBill Leetied 0-0t 11---1290.09657%Home Run
27271511936-09-06 (2)CINSTLCotton Pippenahead 4-2b 721--2290.08897%Home Run; Cuyler Scores
28281611936-09-10CIN@NYGFrank Gablerahead 2-1t 7212-3290.24993%Home Run; Derringer Scores; Walker Scores
29291711936-09-12 (2)CIN@PHIJoe Bowmanbehind 0-6t 821--2290.0132%Home Run; Chapman Scores
1937 #car #yr #gm Date @Bat   Pitcher Score Inn Out RoB RBI BOP Pos WPA bWE Notes Play Description
3030111937-04-23CIN@PITWaite Hoytbehind 2-4t 72---1390.10623%Home Run
3131211937-05-05CIN@NYGFrank Gablerahead 6-5t 921--2370.14596%Home Run; Outlaw Scores
3232311937-05-11CIN@PHIWayne LaMasterbehind 0-1t 5212-3390.35271%Home Run; Hollingsworth Scores; Cuyler Scores
3333411937-06-19CINNYGSlick Castlemantied 0-0b 31---1190.12365%Home Run
3434511937-07-10CIN@STLLon Warnekeahead 8-1t 52-2-2290.01599%Home Run; Jordan Scores
3535611937-07-21CIN@NYGSlick Castlemanbehind 1-3t 511--2270.21747%Home Run; Jordan Scores
3636711937-07-22CIN@NYGAl Smithbehind 3-5t 701--2270.25650%Home Run; Jordan Scores
3737811937-08-10CIN@STLLon Warnekebehind 1-3t 80---18PH0.11826%Home Run
3838911937-08-14CIN@CHCCurt Davisbehind 1-2t 50--32390.14764%Home Run (CF-RF); Walker Scores
39391011937-08-29CIN@NYGHarry Gumbertbehind 0-4t 60---1290.05514%Home Run
40401111937-09-03CINSTLJesse Hainesahead 7-1b 52-2-2290.01499%Home Run (Deep RF); Myers Scores
41411211937-09-19 (2)CINBSNJim Turnertied 0-0b 811--2290.33194%Home Run; Cuyler Scores
1938 #car #yr #gm Date @Bat   Pitcher Score Inn Out RoB RBI BOP Pos WPA bWE Notes Play Description
4242111938-04-20CINCHCDizzy Deanbehind 1-9b 51---1190.0082%Home Run
4343211938-04-21CINCHCTex Carletonbehind 0-2b 30---1190.11243%Home Run
4444311938-04-30CINPITMace Brownahead 1-0b 70---1190.09889%Home Run
4545411938-05-02CINPITCy Blantontied 2-2b 50---1190.14771%Home Run
4646521938-05-02CINPITBob Klingerahead 7-2b 81---1190.003100%Home Run
4747611938-05-15CIN@STLMax Lanierbehind 9-11t 811--2390.30745%Home Run; Cooke Scores
4848711938-05-19CIN@PHIHugh Mulcahytied 0-0t 1012-3390.17977%Home Run; Frey Scores; Cooke Scores
4949811938-05-21CIN@NYGCliff Meltontied 0-0t 12---1390.10256%Home Run
5050921938-05-21CIN@NYGCliff Meltonahead 1-0t 621--2390.21485%Home Run; Cooke Scores
51511011938-05-22CIN@BROFreddie Fitzsimmonsahead 3-1t 52---1390.09582%Home Run
52521111938-06-01CINBROVito Tamulisahead 2-1b 81---1390.07894%Home Run
53531211938-06-02CINBROMax Butcherbehind 3-7b 711--2390.10417%Home Run; Gamble Scores
54541311938-06-04CINNYGCarl Hubbellahead 2-0b 3112-3390.13793%Home Run; Kampouris Scores; Gamble Scores/unER
55551411938-06-12 (2)CINBSNJim Turnertied 0-0b 12---1390.10662%Home Run
56561511938-06-17 (1)CIN@BROVan Mungotied 3-3t 110---1390.33684%Home Run
57571611938-06-21CIN@NYGCarl Hubbellbehind 0-1t 41-2-2390.20560%Home Run; Cooke Scores
58581711938-06-22CIN@NYGHarry Gumberttied 0-0t 321--2390.21569%Home Run; Cooke Scores
59591811938-06-23CIN@NYGHal Schumachertied 0-0t 111--2390.17067%Home Run; Cooke Scores
60601911938-07-04 (2)CINPITBill Swifttied 0-0b 12---1390.10662%Home Run
61612021938-07-04 (2)CINPITBill Swiftbehind 1-3b 61---1390.13335%Home Run
62622111938-07-08CIN@CHCTex Carletonahead 2-0t 10---1390.07877%Home Run
63632211938-07-12CIN@STLLon Warnekeahead 3-1t 50---1390.08584%Home Run
64642311938-07-15CINNYGHal Schumacherbehind 1-3b 81---1390.12023%Home Run
65652411938-07-16CINBROBill Posedeltied 0-0b 111--2390.17472%Home Run; Frey Scores
66662511938-07-22 (1)CINPHIClaude Passeauahead 4-2b 82---1390.03897%Home Run
67672611938-07-23CINPHIHugh Mulcahybehind 1-4b 311--2390.17540%Home Run; Frey Scores
68682711938-08-03CIN@PHISyl Johnsonahead 4-3t 101-2-2390.11096%Home Run; Berger Scores
69692811938-08-21 (1)CIN@STLClyde Shounbehind 1-5t 6012-3390.17834%Home Run; Frey Scores; Berger Scores
70702911938-09-03 (1)CINCHCVance Pageahead 1-0b 321--2390.17983%Home Run; Cooke Scores
71713011938-09-04CINCHCCharlie Rootbehind 0-1b 91---1390.46958%Home Run
1939 #car #yr #gm Date @Bat   Pitcher Score Inn Out RoB RBI BOP Pos WPA bWE Notes Play Description
7272111939-04-22CINPITCy Blantontied 0-0b 111--2390.16872%Home Run; Frey Scores
7373211939-04-27CINCHCLarry Frenchbehind 0-1b 11-2-2390.16263%Home Run (Deep RF); Werber Scores
7474311939-04-28CINCHCBill Leebehind 4-6b 901-33390.634100%Walk-OffHome Run; Werber Scores; Frey Scores
7575411939-05-17CINBSNBill Posedeltied 0-0b 321--2390.21374%Home Run; Frey Scores
7676511939-08-27CIN@NYGCarl Hubbellahead 3-1t 511-33390.12793%Home Run (Deep RF); Werber Scores/unER; Joost Scores
7777611939-09-06 (2)CIN@PITJoe Bowmantied 1-1t 30---1390.11662%Home Run (Deep RF)
7878711939-09-18 (2)CINBSNGeorge Barniclebehind 3-5b 92---1390.0325%Home Run
1940 #car #yr #gm Date @Bat   Pitcher Score Inn Out RoB RBI BOP Pos WPA bWE Notes Play Description
7979111940-04-16CINCHCBill Leetied 1-1b 80---1390.26487%Home Run (Deep RF)
8080211940-04-27CINPITJoe Bowmanahead 2-0b 72---1390.06293%Home Run
8181311940-05-12 (1)CIN@STLBill McGeetied 0-0t 12---1390.10056%Home Run
8282411940-05-17CIN@PHILloyd Browntied 2-2t 1121234390.44898%Home Run; Vander Meer Scores; Werber Scores; Frey Scores
8383511940-07-04 (1)CINPITJohnny Lanningahead 6-0b 62-2-2390.010100%Home Run; Werber Scores
8484611940-07-05CINPITDanny MacFaydenbehind 0-3b 501--2390.18241%Home Run; Frey Scores
8585711940-07-07CIN@CHCBill Leeahead 1-0t 32-2-2390.18178%Home Run (Deep RF); Riggs Scores
8686811940-07-28 (1)CIN@PHIBoom-Boom Beckahead 2-1t 52-2-2390.19883%Home Run; Werber Scores
8787911940-07-29CIN@NYGCarl Hubbellahead 1-0t 51---1690.12174%Home Run (Deep RF)
88881011940-08-19CINNYGCarl Hubbellbehind 0-4b 12---1390.06622%Home Run
89891111940-09-07CIN@CHCCharlie Roottied 6-6t 90---1390.34484%Home Run (Deep RF)
90901211940-09-11 (1)CIN@BSNManny Salvotied 0-0t 12---1390.10957%Home Run
1941 #car #yr #gm Date @Bat   Pitcher Score Inn Out RoB RBI BOP Pos WPA bWE Notes Play Description
9191111941-06-03CIN@NYGBob Carpenterbehind 1-7t 901--2390.0091%Home Run; Frey Scores/unER
1943 #car #yr #gm Date @Bat   Pitcher Score Inn Out RoB RBI BOP Pos WPA bWE Notes Play Description
9292111943-06-17CHC@PITWally Hebertbehind 0-1t 4112-3680.31073%Home Run; Nicholson Scores; Novikoff Scores
9393211943-07-02CHC@BSNDave Odomt 7157
9494311943-08-27CHC@PITBob Klingerahead 1-0t 40---1570.11275%Home Run
1944 #car #yr #gm Date @Bat   Pitcher Score Inn Out RoB RBI BOP Pos WPA bWE Notes Play Description
9595111944-07-23 (2)CHC@NYGRube Fischerahead 2-0t 3112-3570.15991%Home Run; Cavarretta Scores; Nicholson Scores

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