For all seasons after 1973, the play-by-play data is complete (summary of missing data for pre-1974). For some games from 1930 to 1973, we do not have complete play-by-play.

Summary of 85 Home Runs

10 leading off, 2 walk-off, 7 tying, 19 go ahead, 26 lacking some details

1 Tm
BRO 85
vs RHP 59
vs LHP 26
Home 51
Away 34
0 26
Unk 24
2 20
1 15
7 Opps
PHI 20
NYG 15
STL 15
CHC 13
8 Parks
Ebbets Fld 51
Baker Bowl 10
Polo Grounds 7
Sprtsmn3/Busch 6
Wrigley Fld 6
Where Hit
9 56
General field locations
when available.
Game Totals
1·HR gms 81
2·HR gms 2
Gms w/ this # = 0
are not shown.
--- 31
1-- 13
-2- 5
12- 3
1-3 3
1 17
2 3
3 10
4 7
5 11
+4.. 3
+3 2
+2 10
+1 3
Tied 14
Before event,
for batter
CF 67
PH 8
RF 8
LF 2
1st 35
Unk 21
2nd 8
9th 7
3rd 5
High Lev 11
Medium Lev 23
Low Lev 24

Play By Play

Play By Play
1929 #car #yr #gm Date @Bat   Pitcher Score Inn Out RoB RBI BOP Pos WPA bWE Notes Play Description
11111929-05-16BRO@PHIClaude Willoughbyt 919PH
22211929-05-18 (1)BRO@PHIJim Hollowayt 628
33311929-05-22 (1)BRONYGLarry Bentonb 518
44411929-05-25BROPHIPhil Collinsb 318
55511929-05-30 (1)BRO@NYGJack Scottt 928
66611929-05-30 (2)BRO@NYGFreddie Fitzsimmonst 338
77711929-06-03BRO@STLSyl Johnsont 328
88811929-06-04 (1)BRO@STLJesse Hainest 10118Lead-Off
99911929-06-29 (2)BROBSNArt Delaneyb 628
10101011929-06-30 (2)BROBSNBob Smithb 318
11111111929-07-04 (1)BROPHILes Sweetlandb 618
12121211929-07-10BROSTLJesse Hainesb 118
13131311929-07-15BROCINRay Kolpb 10118Lead-Off
14141411929-07-18BROCHCHal Carlsonb 10118Lead-Off
15151511929-07-31 (2)BRO@STLBill Hallahant 638
16161611929-08-11BROPITRay Kremerb 818
17171711929-08-12BROPITCarmen Hilltied 2-2b 1028Walk-Off
18181811929-08-15 (1)BROCHCGuy Bushb 928
19191911929-08-16BROCHCCharlie Rootb 828
20202011929-08-18BROSTLJesse Hainesb 128
21212111929-08-20 (2)BROSTLSyl Johnsonb 818
22222211929-09-15BRO@CHCCharlie Roott 128
23232311929-09-26BRO@PHILes Sweetlandt 418
24242411929-09-28 (2)BRO@NYGRoy Parmeleet 718
1930 #car #yr #gm Date @Bat   Pitcher Score Inn Out RoB RBI BOP Pos WPA bWE Notes Play Description
2525111930-05-08BRO@CHCBob Osborntied 0-0t 10---1180.08458%Lead-OffHome Run
2626211930-05-09BRO@PITLil Stonerahead 6-4t 91---1180.05595%Home Run
2727311930-05-11BROPITLarry Frenchtied 0-0b 10---1180.08564%Lead-OffHome Run
2828411930-05-14BRO@CINEppa Rixeytied 3-3t 621-33180.32282%Home Run; Finn Scores; Luque Scores
2929511930-06-01BROPHILes Sweetlandahead 2-0b 221--2280.12984%Home Run; Gilbert Scores
3030621930-06-01BROPHIChet Nicholsahead 5-0b 411--2280.04097%Home Run; Gilbert Scores
3131711930-06-14BROSTLBill Hallahanbehind 2-5b 61---1280.09326%Home Run
3232811930-06-22BROPITLarry Frenchahead 8-6b 82---1180.04796%Home Run
3333911930-07-01BRO@STLJesse Hainest 518
34341011930-07-06BROBSNSocks Seiboldahead 8-4b 801--2180.011100%Home Run; Elliott Scores
35351111930-07-08BROBSNTom Zacharybehind 0-4b 60---1180.07220%Home Run
36361211930-08-02BRONYGBill Walkerbehind 0-2b 31---1180.09843%Home Run
37371311930-08-05BRONYGClarence Mitchelltied 0-0b 10---1180.08564%Lead-OffHome Run
38381411930-08-11BRO@STLSyl Johnsontied 0-0t 10---1180.08258%Lead-OffHome Run
39391511930-08-27BRO@NYGBill Walkerbehind 0-1t 521--2180.23557%Home Run; Elliott Scores
40401611930-09-06BROPHILes Sweetlandbehind 3-4b 201--2180.14865%Home Run; Luque Scores
41411711930-09-08 (1)BRO@PHISnipe Hansenahead 5-1t 50---1180.04791%Home Run
1931 #car #yr #gm Date @Bat   Pitcher Score Inn Out RoB RBI BOP Pos WPA bWE Notes Play Description
4242111931-04-30BROPHIJumbo Elliottahead 1-0b 311-33680.15889%Home Run; Herman Scores; Wright Scores
4343211931-05-03BRONYGCarl Hubbellahead 1-0b 20---1680.09275%Home Run
4444311931-05-18BROCINAl Eckertahead 2-0b 121--2680.13385%Home Run; Wright Scores
4545411931-05-19BROSTLBill Hallahantied 1-1b 50---1680.14371%Home Run
4646511931-05-22 (2)BRO@PHIPhil Collinsahead 3-1t 60---1580.08486%Home Run
4747611931-05-30 (1)BRO@NYGCarl Hubbellbehind 0-1t 52---1180.14545%Home Run
4848711931-06-07 (1)BRO@STLBurleigh Grimesahead 3-0t 411--2180.10191%Home Run; Vance Scores
4949811931-06-26BROSTLJim Lindseyahead 5-3b 1212-3180.16790%Home Run; Lopez Scores; Thurston Scores
5050911931-06-29BROCINEppa Rixeybehind 1-4b 511234180.37369%Home Run; Finn Scores/unER; Lopez Scores; Thompson Scores
51511011931-07-09BRO@BSNSocks Seiboldahead 4-1t 821--2180.05698%Home Run; Clark Scores
52521111931-07-19BRO@CHCBud Teachouttied 3-3t 62--32180.26675%Home Run; Thurston Scores
53531211931-08-02 (2)BROPHIPhil Collinsbehind 0-5b 3012-3180.15033%Home Run; Lopez Scores; Heimach Scores
54541311931-08-12 (2)BROSTLFlint Rhembehind 0-1b 10---1180.10255%Lead-OffHome Run
55551421931-08-12 (2)BROSTLFlint Rhembehind 1-6b 60---1180.04010%Home Run
56561511931-09-08BROBSNBill Sherdelbehind 3-4b 41--32180.17867%Home Run; Lopez Scores
57571611931-09-19BRO@CHCGuy Bushbehind 0-1t 32---1180.11446%Home Run
58581711931-09-27BRONYGFreddie Fitzsimmonstied 0-0b 10---1180.09965%Lead-OffHome Run
1932 #car #yr #gm Date @Bat   Pitcher Score Inn Out RoB RBI BOP Pos WPA bWE Notes Play Description
5959111932-04-28BRO@PHIEd Holleytied 0-0t 10---1180.09059%Lead-OffHome Run
6060211932-05-03BRO@NYGJim Mooneybehind 3-7t 901--2180.0427%Home Run; Picinich Scores
6161311932-05-16BRO@PITErv Brameahead 3-1t 91-2-2290.05098%Home Run; Taylor Scores/unER
6262411932-05-29 (1)BROBSNBob Brownb 6218
6363511932-05-30 (1)BROPHIJack Berlyahead 6-4b 701--2180.06797%Home Run; Clark Scores
6464611932-06-05BROPHIHal Elliottahead 1-0b 421--2180.18385%Home Run; Mungo Scores
6565711932-06-28 (1)BRONYGFreddie Fitzsimmonsbehind 0-1b 30---1180.12155%Home Run
6666811932-06-28 (2)BRONYGBill Walkertied 3-3b 82-2-2180.34993%Home Run; Lopez Scores
6767911932-07-12BRO@PITBill Harrisbehind 6-7t 90---19PH0.33950%Home Run
68681011932-07-15BRO@CHCLon Warnekebehind 2-8t 82---19PH0.0041%Home Run
69691111932-07-22BRO@PHIRay Bengebehind 3-7t 721--2280.09014%Home Run; Slade Scores/unER; Frederick Scores/unER
70701211932-07-23 (2)BRO@PHIPhil Collinsbehind 0-2t 32---1280.09335%Home Run
71711311932-08-10 (2)BROCINRay Kolpbehind 3-7b 701-339PH0.18036%Home Run; Clancy Scores; Lopez Scores
72721411932-08-14 (1)BRO@NYGCarl Hubbellbehind 0-1t 92---19PH0.36040%Home Run
73731511932-09-10BROCHCPat Malonebehind 1-9b 82---19PH0.0010%Home Run
74741611932-09-12BROCHCBurleigh Grimesbehind 2-3b 91-2-27PH0.719100%Walk-OffHome Run; Wright Scores
1933 #car #yr #gm Date @Bat   Pitcher Score Inn Out RoB RBI BOP Pos WPA bWE Notes Play Description
7575111933-04-14BRO@PHICy Mooreahead 3-1t 511--2490.13689%Home Run; O'Doul Scores
7676211933-05-28BRONYGCarl Hubbellahead 2-0b 51-2-2290.09694%Home Run; Carroll Scores
7777311933-06-20BROSTLSyl Johnsonbehind 3-7b 71---1290.0398%Home Run
7878411933-08-16 (2)BROPITSteve Swetonicbehind 2-11b 80---1380.0010%Home Run
7979511933-08-26 (1)BROCINRay Kolptied 0-0b 41---1390.15068%Home Run
8080611933-09-18BRO@CHCLeroy Herrmanntied 0-0t 11-2-2370.16669%Home Run; Boyle Scores
8181711933-09-24 (1)BROPHIFlint Rhembehind 0-1b 12---1370.11751%Home Run
1934 #car #yr #gm Date @Bat   Pitcher Score Inn Out RoB RBI BOP Pos WPA bWE Notes Play Description
8282111934-06-09 (1)BROBSNBen Cantwellbehind 3-8b 9212-39PH0.0101%Home Run; Cuccinello Scores; Lopez Scores
8383211934-07-04 (1)BRO@PHIPhil Collinst 5139
8484311934-07-23BROCHCPat Malonebehind 0-7b 50---1790.0184%Home Run
8585411934-07-24BROCHCBill Leetied 2-2b 42---1790.13865%Home Run

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