Summary of 165 Home Runs Allowed

1 leading off, 1 walk-off, 19 tying, 48 go ahead

3 Tms
PIT 94
COL 54
CIN 17
vs RHB 88
vs LHB 77
Home 85
Away 80
0 65
1 51
2 49
24 Opps
CHC 21
HOU 17
CIN 15
MIL 14
STL 12
108 Batters
Jeff Kent 6
Lance Berkman 6
Chad Tracy 4
Adam Dunn 4
Geoff Jenkins 4
21 Parks
PNC Pk 45
Coors Fld 34
GreatAmer BP 20
Wrigley Fld 11
MinuteMaidPk 10
Where Hit
7 63
9 48
8 21
89 18
78 15
General field locations
when available.
3 36
1 33
2 27
4 23
5 20
Pitches in PA
when available.
Game Totals
1·HR gms 89
2·HR gms 26
3·HR gms 4
4·HR gms 3
Gms w/ this # = 0
are not shown.
--- 94
1-- 30
12- 18
-2- 7
1-3 5
1 24
2 25
3 30
4 29
5 20
+4.. 12
+3 11
+2 18
+1 17
Tied 38
Before event,
for batter
0-0 33
3-2 22
1-1 20
0-1 17
2-1 15
RF 31
1B 27
3B 21
LF 20
2B 19
3rd 37
4th 28
5th 21
6th 20
7th 19
High Lev 31
Medium Lev 71
Low Lev 63

Play By Play

Play By Play
2002 #car #yr #gm Date Batter @Bat   Score Inn Out RoB Pit(cnt) R BOP Pos bWPA bWE Notes Play Description
11112002-04-13Delino DeShieldsCHC@PITbehind 0-1t 62---2,(1-0) BX11417%44%Home Run (Fly Ball)
22212002-04-19Bobby AbreuPHI@PITbehind 0-3t 41---4,(2-1) FBBX1398%24%Home Run (Fly Ball)
33312002-05-01Larry WalkerCOLPITahead 3-0b 60---3,(2-0) BBX1394%94%Home Run (Fly Ball)
44412002-05-11Lance BerkmanHOU@PITbehind 0-2t 42---6,(3-2) BCBBCX14810%33%Home Run (Fly Ball to LF-CF)
55512002-05-16Lance BerkmanHOUPITtied 0-0b 20---3,(0-2) CFX14810%66%Home Run (Fly Ball)
66612002-05-21 (2)Sammy SosaCHCPITbehind 1-3b 611-34,(2-1) CBBX33937%72%Home Run (Fly Ball); DeShields Scores; Mueller Scores
77712002-05-26Albert PujolsSTL@PITtied 0-0t 12---3,(2-0) BBX13510%56%Home Run (Fly Ball)
88822002-05-26Fernando VinaSTL@PITbehind 1-2t 221233,(1-1) CBX41433%76%Home Run (Fly Ball); Matheny Scores; Marrero Scores; Simontacchi Scores
99932002-05-26Jim EdmondsSTL@PITahead 6-2t 51---3,(1-1) BFX1484%93%Home Run (Fly Ball to CF-RF)
10101012002-05-31J.D. DrewSTLPITbehind 0-3b 70---6,(3-2) CBBBFX1299%21%Home Run (Fly Ball)
11111112002-06-05Brad WilkersonMONPITahead 2-0b 62---5,(3-1) BBBCX1198%90%Home Run (Fly Ball)
12121212002-06-11Brad FullmerANAPITbehind 1-4b 70---6,(3-2) BFBFBX16DH9%23%Home Run (Fly Ball)
13131322002-06-11Scott SpiezioANAPITbehind 2-4b 70---4,(2-1) CBBX17314%37%Home Run (Fly Ball)
14141412002-06-18Ramon HernandezOAK@PITahead 3-1t 40---1,(0-0) X1728%82%Home Run (Fly Ball)
15151512002-06-23Alex RodriguezTEX@PITahead 2-1t 311--3,(1-1) SBX23617%78%Home Run (Fly Ball to LF-CF); Lamb Scores
16161612002-06-28Brandon IngeDETPITbehind 0-3b 72---3,(2-0) BBX1627%15%Home Run (Fly Ball)
17171712002-07-11Jose HernandezMILPITbehind 1-2b 70---5,(2-2) CBBFX17623%59%Home Run (Fly Ball)
18181812002-07-16Daryle WardHOUPITbehind 1-6b 52---4,(2-1) BBCX1574%9%Home Run (Fly Ball)
19191922002-07-16Richard HidalgoHOUPITbehind 2-6b 52---2,(1-0) BX1696%15%Home Run (Fly Ball)
20202012002-07-21Albert PujolsSTL@PITtied 1-1t 3112-1,(0-0) X34724%78%Home Run (Fly Ball); Polanco Scores; Edmonds Scores
21212112002-08-11Jeff KentSFGPITbehind 0-1b 12---7,(3-2) CBFFBBX13411%51%Home Run (Fly Ball)
22222212002-08-16Jose HernandezMIL@PITahead 3-0t 3112-3,(1-1) BSX36612%94%Home Run (Fly Ball); Harris Scores; Sexson Scores
23232312002-08-27Matt FrancoATL@PITtied 0-0t 40---2,(1-0) BX12312%62%Home Run (Fly Ball)
24242412002-09-01Andy FoxFLAPITbehind 3-4b 30---6,(3-2) CBSBBX12612%55%Home Run (Fly Ball)
25252512002-09-13Jimmy RollinsPHIPITbehind 1-3b 421--1,(0-0) X21625%51%Home Run (Fly Ball); Valent Scores
26262612002-09-18Ken GriffeyCIN@PITtied 0-0t 41---1,(0-0) X13813%60%Home Run (Fly Ball to CF-RF)
27272722002-09-18Jose GuillenCIN@PITahead 1-0t 62---1,(0-0) X14913%75%Home Run (Fly Ball)
28282812002-09-29Sammy SosaCHCPITtied 0-0b 11--36,(3-2) FBSBBX23913%72%Home Run (Fly Ball to LF-CF); Hill Scores
2003 #car #yr #gm Date Batter @Bat   Score Inn Out RoB Pit(cnt) R BOP Pos bWPA bWE Notes Play Description
2929112003-04-03Sean CaseyCINPITbehind 1-5b 321--2,(1-0) BX25314%28%Home Run (Fly Ball to CF-RF); Kearns Scores
3030222003-04-03Aaron BooneCINPITbehind 3-7b 721--1,(0-0) X22410%15%Home Run (Fly Ball); Lopez Scores
3131312003-04-09Geoff JenkinsMIL@PITahead 1-0t 611--2,(0-1) CX24719%85%Home Run (Fly Ball); Sexson Scores
3232412003-04-15Jeromy BurnitzNYM@PITbehind 0-1t 501--1,(0-0) X27922%64%Home Run (Fly Ball); Wigginton Scores/unER
3333512003-04-20Sammy SosaCHC@PITtied 0-0t 111--4,(2-1) BSBX23916%67%Home Run (Fly Ball); Grudzielanek Scores
3434612003-06-01J.D. DrewSTLPITbehind 2-3b 30---2,(0-1) SX12912%56%Home Run (Fly Ball)
3535712003-06-08Javy LopezATLPITbehind 0-2b 50---5,(2-2) FBBSX17213%42%Home Run (Fly Ball)
3636822003-06-08Rafael FurcalATLPITbehind 1-2b 52---2,(0-1) CX11616%52%Home Run (Fly Ball)
3737932003-06-08Andruw JonesATLPITbehind 2-4b 61-2-1,(0-0) X25825%54%Home Run (Fly Ball to LF-CF); Sheffield Scores
38381042003-06-08Javy LopezATLPITtied 4-4b 611--3,(1-1) 1BFX27225%83%Home Run (Fly Ball); Fick Scores
39391112003-06-27Charles JohnsonCOL@PITtied 0-0t 22---3,(1-1) CBX18211%57%Home Run (Fly Ball to LF-CF)
40401212003-07-08Richie SexsonMILPITbehind 0-5b 621-31,(0-0) X34314%20%Home Run (Fly Ball); Podsednik Scores; Jenkins Scores
41411312003-07-13Lance BerkmanHOUPITahead 2-0b 30---7,(3-2) CSFBBBX1477%84%Home Run (Fly Ball)
42421412003-07-21Jeff BagwellHOU@PITbehind 1-5t 60---3,(2-0) BBX1336%14%Home Run (Fly Ball)
43431522003-07-21Jeff KentHOU@PITbehind 2-5t 60---2,(0-1) CX1448%22%Home Run (Fly Ball)
44441612003-07-26Scott RolenSTLPITahead 4-2b 421-32,(0-1) FX35515%94%Home Run (Fly Ball); Drew Scores; Martinez Scores
45451712003-08-12Albert PujolsSTL@PITtied 0-0t 1012-5,(3-1) C*BBBX33717%76%Home Run (Fly Ball to CF-RF); Hart Scores; Robinson Scores
46461822003-08-12Tino MartinezSTL@PITahead 3-0t 1012-2,(0-1) CX36310%91%Home Run (Fly Ball); Edmonds Scores; Rolen Scores
47471912003-08-23Geoff JenkinsMILPITtied 1-1b 5212-5,(3-1) BBSBX33731%87%Home Run (Fly Ball); Obermueller Scores; Podsednik Scores
48482012003-09-19 (1)Alex GonzalezCHC@PITtied 0-0t 201--1,(0-0) X27616%70%Home Run (Fly Ball); Ramirez Scores
49492122003-09-19 (1)Aramis RamirezCHC@PITbehind 3-4t 311--4,(1-2) CBCX26520%59%Home Run (Fly Ball); Simon Scores
50502212003-09-27 (1)Damian MillerCHCPITahead 2-1b 50---6,(3-2) BCFBBX18210%81%Home Run (Fly Ball to CF-RF)
2004 #car #yr #gm Date Batter @Bat   Score Inn Out RoB Pit(cnt) R BOP Pos bWPA bWE Notes Play Description
5151112004-04-09Ken GriffeyCINPITtied 0-0b 111--2,(1-0) B>X23817%72%Home Run (Fly Ball); Freel Scores
5252222004-04-09Adam DunnCINPITahead 2-1b 20---5,(2-2) BBCCX1679%75%Home Run (Line Drive)
5353312004-04-15Aramis RamirezCHCPITbehind 0-1b 12-235,(3-1) BBCBX35524%70%Home Run (Fly Ball); Walker Scores; Patterson Scores
5454422004-04-15Michael BarrettCHCPITahead 3-1b 201--3,(1-1) 1BFX28211%88%Home Run (Fly Ball); Gonzalez Scores
5555532004-04-15Michael BarrettCHCPITahead 5-1b 40---2,(0-1) FX1823%94%Home Run (Fly Ball)
5656642004-04-15Moises AlouCHCPITahead 7-1b 42-2-4,(1-2) FCBX2472%99%Home Run (Fly Ball); Sosa Scores
5757712004-05-04Craig BiggioHOUPITbehind 0-1b 10---1,(0-0) X11810%55%Lead-OffHome Run (Fly Ball)
5858822004-05-04Jeff KentHOUPITahead 2-1b 601--3,(1-1) FBX24414%91%Home Run (Fly Ball to LF-CF); Bagwell Scores
5959912004-05-29Derrek LeeCHC@PITahead 2-0t 121--6,(3-2) CBBSBX26314%81%Home Run (Fly Ball to LF-CF); Ramirez Scores
60601012004-06-10 (2)Mark TeixeiraTEXPITtied 2-2b 32-235,(3-1) CBBB2X35323%80%Home Run (Fly Ball); Young Scores; Blalock Scores
61611112004-06-27Adam DunnCINPITtied 0-0b 21---1,(0-0) X15711%64%Home Run (Line Drive)
62621212004-07-02 (2)Geoff JenkinsMIL@PITbehind 0-6t 70---4,(2-1) FBBX1372%3%Home Run (Fly Ball)
63631312004-07-24Barry LarkinCIN@PITtied 0-0t 11---1,(0-0) X12610%58%Home Run (Fly Ball)
64641412004-08-04Alex CoraLADPITtied 1-1b 72---4,(2-1) BCBX11424%76%Home Run (Fly Ball)
65651512004-08-10Michael TuckerSFG@PITtied 0-0t 21---2,(1-0) BX17911%58%Home Run (Fly Ball to CF-RF)
66661612004-09-21Aramis RamirezCHC@PITahead 2-1t 521--3,(0-2) S1FX23521%82%Home Run (Fly Ball); Perez Scores
67671712004-10-02Darren BraggCINPITbehind 0-3b 50---3,(2-0) BBX16810%29%Home Run (Fly Ball)
2005 #car #yr #gm Date Batter @Bat   Score Inn Out RoB Pit(cnt) R BOP Pos bWPA bWE Notes Play Description
6868112005-04-08Ryan KleskoSDPPITbehind 0-2b 71---5,(2-2) FCBBX15713%30%Home Run (Fly Ball)
6969212005-04-13Geoff JenkinsMILPITbehind 0-2b 41---3,(1-1) FBX15912%40%Home Run (Fly Ball to LF-CF)
7070322005-04-13Lyle OverbayMILPITbehind 1-2b 60---1,(0-0) X13318%58%Home Run (Fly Ball)
7171412005-04-19Jim EdmondsSTL@PITtied 0-0t 20---5,(3-1) BBCBX15811%61%Home Run (Fly Ball)
7272512005-05-02Craig BiggioHOUPITahead 5-0b 42-235,(3-1) BBBCX3244%99%Home Run (Fly Ball); Everett Scores; Ausmus Scores
7373612005-05-07Chad TracyARIPITbehind 0-3b 50---4,(2-1) BBCX16310%29%Home Run (Fly Ball)
7474712005-05-17Derrek LeeCHC@PITbehind 1-3t 72---6,(3-2) BCBCBX13311%23%Home Run (Fly Ball)
7575812005-05-27Javier ValentinCINPITbehind 1-3b 50---8,(3-2) BBCBFFFX18213%41%Home Run (Line Drive)
7676922005-05-27Adam DunnCINPITbehind 2-3b 60---1,(0-0) X15318%58%Home Run (Fly Ball to LF-CF)
77771012005-06-06Miguel TejadaBAL@PITtied 0-0t 12--34,(1-2) CBFX24617%66%Home Run (Fly Ball); Newhan Scores
78781122005-06-06B.J. SurhoffBAL@PITahead 2-0t 42---6,(2-2) CBFBFX1779%80%Home Run (Fly Ball)
79791212005-06-17Mark BellhornBOSPITbehind 1-3b 22-236,(3-2) BFBBFX39426%62%Home Run (Fly Ball); Varitek Scores; Mueller Scores
80801312005-06-22Jose GuillenWSN@PITtied 0-0t 12---4,(1-2) CF*BX13910%56%Home Run (Fly Ball)
81811422005-06-22Jose GuillenWSN@PITbehind 2-4t 32---5,(2-2) BBSSX13910%34%Home Run (Fly Ball to LF-CF)
82821512005-07-03Rickie WeeksMILPITbehind 1-2b 321--3,(1-1) 1BFX22423%63%Home Run (Line Drive); Clark Scores
83831612005-07-08Ramon CastroNYM@PITahead 2-1t 71---3,(2-0) BBX17213%80%Home Run (Fly Ball)
84841712005-07-15Aramis RamirezCHCPITahead 3-1b 311-31,(0-0) X35512%93%Home Run (Fly Ball); Lee Scores; Burnitz Scores
85851812005-07-20Lance BerkmanHOU@PITtied 0-0t 12---1,(0-0) X13910%56%Home Run (Fly Ball)
86861922005-07-20Mike LambHOU@PITahead 2-0t 6212-1,(0-0) X35317%95%Home Run (Line Drive); Berkman Scores; Ensberg Scores
87872012005-07-31Rafael FurcalATLPITbehind 2-3b 50---2,(1-0) BX11615%57%Home Run (Fly Ball to CF-RF)
88882112005-08-05Jeff KentLAD@PITtied 0-0t 20---4,(1-2) BFTX14411%61%Home Run (Fly Ball)
89892222005-08-05Olmedo SaenzLAD@PITtied 1-1t 4212-4,(1-2) CF*BX36330%80%Home Run (Fly Ball); Robles Scores/unER; Bradley Scores/unER; Saenz Scores/unER
90902332005-08-05Ricky LedeeLAD@PITahead 4-2t 62---2,(0-1) SX1599%85%Home Run (Fly Ball)
91912412005-08-11Todd HeltonCOLPITbehind 1-9b 511--3,(1-1) F*BX2332%4%Home Run (Line Drive); Sullivan Scores
92922512005-09-02Nomar GarciaparraCHC@PITahead 1-0t 601--1,(0-0) X24517%87%Home Run (Fly Ball); Walker Scores
93932622005-09-02Michael BarrettCHC@PITahead 3-0t 61---5,(2-2) FBFBX1626%91%Home Run (Fly Ball)
94942712005-09-08Tony ClarkARI@PITtied 0-0t 12--311,(3-2) CCFFBBFFFBX24317%66%Home Run (Fly Ball to CF-RF); Counsell Scores
2006 #car #yr #gm Date Batter @Bat   Score Inn Out RoB Pit(cnt) R BOP Pos bWPA bWE Notes Play Description
9595112006-04-13Chad TracyARICOLbehind 0-3b 41---3,(1-1) BCX1359%30%Home Run (Fly Ball)
9696212006-05-04Jason LaRueCIN@COLahead 1-0t 2112-4,(2-1) CBBX38218%81%Home Run (Fly Ball); Hatteberg Scores; Kearns Scores
9797322006-05-04Adam DunnCIN@COLahead 4-1t 60---3,(1-1) CBX1376%90%Home Run (Fly Ball to CF-RF)
9898412006-05-15Jose CruzLAD@COLbehind 0-1t 21---6,(3-2) BFBFBX17710%48%Home Run (Fly Ball to CF-RF)
9999512006-05-21Alex RiosTOR@COLbehind 0-5t 5112-4,(1-2) .CSBX39PH14%24%Home Run (Fly Ball); Zaun Scores; Hinske Scores
100100612006-06-02Jeremy HermidaFLA@COLahead 2-1t 61---3,(1-1) CBX16912%74%Home Run (Fly Ball)
101101712006-06-07Jeromy BurnitzPIT@COLbehind 0-4t 201--1,(0-0) X25911%32%Home Run (Fly Ball to CF-RF); Bay Scores
102102812006-06-18Scott RolenSTLCOLtied 0-0b 111--6,(2-2) BFF*BFX23516%71%Home Run (Fly Ball); Taguchi Scores
103103912006-06-24Gary MatthewsTEX@COLbehind 0-7t 30---3,(0-2) FFX1183%7%Home Run (Fly Ball)
1041041012006-07-05Pedro FelizSFG@COLbehind 0-4t 30---2,(0-1) FX1756%22%Home Run (Fly Ball)
1051051122006-07-05Eliezer AlfonzoSFG@COLbehind 1-5t 70---1,(0-0) X1825%12%Home Run (Line Drive)
1061061212006-07-22Chad TracyARICOLbehind 0-2b 20---3,(2-0) BBX14510%45%Home Run (Fly Ball to CF-RF)
1071071322006-07-22Carlos QuentinARICOLbehind 2-3b 41---1,(0-0) X17913%53%Home Run (Fly Ball)
1081081412006-07-27Josh BarfieldSDP@COLahead 1-0t 211--1,(0-0) X28415%74%Home Run (Fly Ball); Greene Scores
1091091522006-07-27Brian GilesSDP@COLahead 3-0t 31---5,(3-1) BCBBX1397%83%Home Run (Fly Ball)
1101101632006-07-27Josh BarfieldSDP@COLahead 4-0t 41-2-2,(1-0) BX2847%93%Home Run (Fly Ball); Greene Scores
1111111712006-08-07Jeff KentLADCOLahead 2-0b 301--1,(0-0) X24310%89%Home Run (Fly Ball); Drew Scores
1121121812006-08-12Matt MurtonCHC@COLbehind 3-8t 61---4,(2-1) BFBX1673%8%Home Run (Fly Ball)
1131131912006-08-24Bill HallMILCOLtied 0-0b 20---4,(2-1) BCBX14610%65%Home Run (Fly Ball to LF-CF)
1141142012006-08-30David WrightNYM@COLtied 0-0t 111234,(2-1) BFBX45521%80%Home Run (Fly Ball); Lo Duca Scores; Beltran Scores; Delgado Scores
1151152122006-08-30Jose ValentinNYM@COLahead 4-0t 12---3,(2-0) BBX1746%84%Home Run (Fly Ball)
1161162212006-09-04Brian GilesSDPCOLtied 2-2b 32---7,(3-2) FBBFBFX12913%64%Home Run (Fly Ball)
1171172312006-09-09Alfonso SorianoWSN@COLbehind 2-3t 41---6,(0-2) CFFFFX11711%47%Home Run (Line Drive)
1181182412006-09-16Chad TracyARICOLbehind 0-3b 321-33,(2-0) BBX34526%51%Home Run (Fly Ball); Byrnes Scores; Gonzalez Scores
2007 #car #yr #gm Date Batter @Bat   Score Inn Out RoB Pit(cnt) R BOP Pos bWPA bWE Notes Play Description
119119112007-04-07Russell BranyanSDPCOLbehind 0-2b 41---5,(2-2) FBBSX16512%39%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep LF Line)
120120212007-04-13Eric ByrnesARICOLbehind 1-3b 601--3,(1-1) CBX22924%58%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep LF); Drew Scores
121121312007-04-20Adrian GonzalezSDP@COLtied 0-0t 1112-7,(3-2) C*BCFBBX34320%74%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep CF-RF); Cruz Scores; Giles Scores
122122412007-04-30Pedro FelizSFGCOLahead 2-1b 1212-6,(3-2) BCBBS>X37520%84%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep LF); Bonds Scores/unER; Molina Scores/unER; Feliz Scores/unER
123123512007-05-06Alex GonzalezCINCOLahead 2-0b 30---3,(2-0) BBX1667%83%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep LF-CF)
124124622007-05-06Josh HamiltonCINCOLahead 3-0b 511--4,(2-1) BSBX2787%95%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep LF-CF); Gonzalez Scores
125125712007-06-07Lance BerkmanHOU@COLtied 1-1t 311--1,(0-0) X23318%68%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep RF); Pence Scores
126126812007-06-13Mike LowellBOSCOLbehind 0-3b 22---2,(1-0) BX1658%31%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep LF)
127127912007-06-24Vernon WellsTORCOLtied 0-0b 3012-2,(0-1) CX31818%83%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep LF); Clark Scores; McDonald Scores
1281281022007-06-24Frank ThomasTORCOLahead 3-0b 40---1,(0-0) X15DH5%91%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep LF Line)
1291291112007-06-29Lance BerkmanHOUCOLtied 2-2b 31---2,(1-0) BX13312%65%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep RF)
1301301212007-07-04David WrightNYM@COLtied 0-0t 1112-3,(2-0) BBX34520%74%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep LF); Reyes Scores/unER; Beltran Scores
1311311312007-07-17Nate McLouthPITCOLbehind 1-5b 30---2,(0-1) CX1187%23%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep RF Line)
1321321412007-08-01Miguel CabreraFLACOLahead 3-2b 52---6,(3-2) BFBBCX13512%79%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep CF-RF)
1331331512007-08-06Prince FielderMIL@COLbehind 0-4t 20---3,(1-1) CBX1436%23%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep RF)
1341341622007-08-06Ryan BraunMIL@COLbehind 1-6t 41---3,(1-1) CBX1354%12%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep LF)
1351351712007-08-17Jeff KentLADCOLtied 0-0b 20---1,(0-0) X14410%65%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep CF)
1361361812007-08-22Jack WilsonPIT@COLahead 2-0t 2012-1,(0-0) X38612%88%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep LF); Bay Scores; Paulino Scores
1371371922007-08-22Nate McLouthPIT@COLahead 5-0t 21---2,(0-1) CX1184%91%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep RF)
1381382032007-08-22Xavier NadyPIT@COLahead 6-0t 30---1,(0-0) X1592%95%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep LF Line)
1391392142007-08-22Nate McLouthPIT@COLahead 7-0t 40---3,(1-1) CBX1181%98%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep RF Line)
1401402212007-09-14Jeremy HermidaFLA@COLbehind 3-5t 50---4,(2-1) BBCX13911%37%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep RF)
1411412312007-10-01Adrian GonzalezSDP@COLbehind 0-3t 311231,(0-0) X44327%58%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep RF); Peavy Scores; Giles Scores; Hairston Scores
2008 #car #yr #gm Date Batter @Bat   Score Inn Out RoB Pit(cnt) R BOP Pos bWPA bWE Notes Play Description
142142112008-04-04Pat BurrellPHI@CINahead 1-0t 12-2-8,(2-2) CBCBFFFX25716%74%Home Run (Line Drive to Deep LF); Utley Scores
143143222008-04-04Chase UtleyPHI@CINahead 3-1t 31--32,(0-1) FX23410%85%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep RF); Rollins Scores
144144312008-04-09Ryan BraunMILCINbehind 0-2b 42---9,(3-2) CBBFBFFFX14712%37%Home Run (Line Drive to Deep CF-RF)
145145412008-04-16Derrek LeeCHCCINahead 4-1b 30---2,(0-1) FX1336%89%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep CF)
146146512008-04-21Nomar GarciaparraLAD@CINahead 7-1t 601--2,(0-1) CX2352%99%Home Run (Line Drive to Deep LF); Martin Scores
147147612008-05-31Greg NortonATL@CINbehind 0-3t 201--6,(3-2) CBBFBX27714%40%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep RF); Francoeur Scores
148148722008-05-31Mark TeixeiraATL@CINbehind 2-5t 3012-3,(1-1) FBX34320%50%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep CF); Johnson Scores; Jones Scores
149149812008-07-11Ryan BraunMILCINbehind 0-1b 12---3,(0-2) CFX13710%51%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep LF)
150150912008-07-19David WrightNYM@CINtied 1-1t 40---5,(1-2) CFBFX13512%62%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep LF)
1511511012008-07-27Jeff BakerCOL@CINahead 3-0t 411--5,(1-2) P1FFF>X22410%91%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep LF-CF); Podsednik Scores
1521521122008-07-27Garrett AtkinsCOL@CINahead 5-0t 421--1,(0-0) 11X2535%97%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep LF Line); Holliday Scores
1531531212008-08-07Hunter PenceHOU@CINahead 2-0t 3112-3,(2-0) BBX35916%90%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep LF-CF); Berkman Scores; Lee Scores
1541541312008-08-13Jason MichaelsPITCINbehind 0-1b 50-2-5,(2-2) BFFBX27921%71%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep LF); Moss Scores
1551551412008-08-21Mark DeRosaCHCCINahead 1-0b 21---1,(0-0) X1649%73%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep LF)
1561561522008-08-21Carlos ZambranoCHCCINahead 2-0b 30---4,(1-2) CFBX1917%83%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep CF-RF)
1571571612008-08-27Hunter PenceHOUCINbehind 0-1b 42-2-2,(0-1) FX26925%65%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep LF Line); Berkman Scores
1581581712008-09-04Chris GomezPIT@CINahead 3-0t 22-2-6,(3-2) BFBCBX22411%88%Home Run (Line Drive to Deep LF); Chavez Scores
2009 #car #yr #gm Date Batter @Bat   Score Inn Out RoB Pit(cnt) R BOP Pos bWPA bWE Notes Play Description
159159112009-06-02Miguel TejadaHOUCOLtied 2-2b 111---5,(2-2) CFBBX12642%100%Walk-OffHome Run (Fly Ball to Deep LF)
160160212009-06-05Ryan LudwickSTLCOLbehind 3-11b 80---3,(1-1) ...BCX1490%0%Home Run (Line Drive to Deep LF)
161161312009-06-16Carlos PenaTBR@COLahead 7-1t 50---2,(0-1) CX1432%97%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep LF)
162162412009-08-21Aaron RowandSFG@COLahead 3-1t 4012-4,(2-1) BSBX37812%91%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep RF); Schierholtz Scores; Ishikawa Scores/unER
163163512009-08-26Andre EthierLAD@COLtied 0-0t 111--5,(3-1) C*B11BB1>X23916%66%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep CF-RF); Kemp Scores
164164622009-08-26Andre EthierLAD@COLahead 2-1t 40---6,(3-2) CFBBBX13910%72%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep CF-RF)
165165732009-08-26James LoneyLAD@COLahead 3-1t 4012-1,(0-0) X36312%91%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep RF); Ramirez Scores; Blake Scores

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