For all seasons after 1973, the play-by-play data is complete (summary of missing data for pre-1974). For some games from 1954 to 1973, we do not have complete play-by-play.

Summary of 184 Home Runs Allowed

2 leading off, 0 walk-off, 22 tying, 68 go ahead, 1 lacking some details

2 Tms
HOU 177
vs RHB 104
vs LHB 80
Away 110
Home 74
0 78
1 55
2 50
Unk 1
11 Opps
SFG 21
CIN 20
PHI 18
PIT 17
19 Parks
Astrodome 69
Atl-Fulton 16
Busch Stad 15
Wrigley Fld 13
Candlestick 12
Where Hit
Unk 62
9 49
7 47
8 14
78 7
General field locations
when available.
Game Totals
1·HR gms 97
2·HR gms 31
3·HR gms 7
4·HR gms 1
Gms w/ this # = 0
are not shown.
--- 112
1-- 33
-2- 16
12- 12
--3 3
1 27
2 22
3 20
4 28
5 24
+4.. 6
+3 9
+2 12
+1 23
Tied 58
Before event,
for batter
1B 33
RF 32
3B 30
CF 29
LF 23
3rd 43
5th 29
4th 29
6th 25
2nd 18
High Lev 38
Medium Lev 78
Low Lev 67

Play By Play

Play By Play
1964 #car #yr #gm Date Batter @Bat   Score Inn Out RoB R BOP Pos bWPA bWE Notes Play Description
11111964-09-22Orlando CepedaSFG@HOUtied 0-0t 20---16312%62%Home Run
1965 #car #yr #gm Date Batter @Bat   Score Inn Out RoB R BOP Pos bWPA bWE Notes Play Description
22111965-04-19Dick AllenPHIHOUahead 5-0b 70-2-2251%100%Home Run; Taylor Scores
33211965-05-04Hank AaronMLNHOUahead 7-1b 61---1391%99%Home Run
44311965-05-08George AltmanCHCHOUbehind 5-10b 72---1272%3%Home Run
55411965-05-15Willie McCoveySFGHOUtied 0-0b 1012-33318%82%Home Run; Alou Scores; Alou Scores/unER
66521965-05-15Willie MaysSFGHOUahead 3-0b 10---1486%88%Home Run
77611965-05-30Mack JonesMLN@HOUtied 0-0t 20---15812%62%Home Run
88721965-05-30Felipe AlouMLN@HOUbehind 2-3t 50---11316%50%Home Run
99831965-05-30Hank AaronMLN@HOUtied 3-3t 501--23923%78%Home Run; Mathews Scores
1010911965-07-27Felipe AlouMLN@HOUtied 0-0t 10---11711%61%Lead-OffHome Run
11111021965-07-27Joe TorreMLN@HOUahead 2-1t 40---15212%76%Home Run
12121111965-08-03 (1)Lou BrockSTLHOUbehind 0-2b 32---11711%38%Home Run
13131221965-08-03 (1)Tim McCarverSTLHOUbehind 1-3b 511--28225%54%Home Run; Gagliano Scores
14141311965-08-08 (2)Felipe AlouMLNHOUahead 4-3b 50---11711%83%Home Run
15151421965-08-08 (2)Joe TorreMLNHOUahead 5-3b 60---1536%92%Home Run
16161511965-08-28Willie StargellPITHOUbehind 0-3b 1012344723%65%Home Run; Bailey Scores; Mota Scores; Clemente Scores
17171611965-09-12Lou JohnsonLADHOUahead 1-0b 41---15711%80%Home Run
1966 #car #yr #gm Date Batter @Bat   Score Inn Out RoB R BOP Pos bWPA bWE Notes Play Description
1818111966-04-13Jim LefebvreLADHOUtied 0-0b 121-335526%81%Home Run; Wills Scores; Fairly Scores
1919221966-04-13John RoseboroLADHOUbehind 3-5b 321--27224%51%Home Run; Johnson Scores
2020311966-04-30Lee ThomasATLHOUbehind 0-3b 621--25320%31%Home Run; Torre Scores
2121411966-05-14Bill WhitePHIHOUbehind 0-1b 40---13314%56%IPHRInside-the-park Home Run to CF (CF-RF)
2222511966-06-03Jim PagliaroniPITHOUtied 2-2b 601--26223%86%Home Run; Clemente Scores
2323621966-06-03Bill MazeroskiPITHOUahead 4-2b 60---1746%92%Home Run
2424711966-06-19 (2)Billy WilliamsCHCHOUtied 0-0b 12---13911%62%Home Run
2525811966-07-03Don PavletichCIN@HOUtied 0-0t 20---16212%62%Home Run
2626911966-07-09Jerry BuchekSTLHOUahead 3-0b 42-2-2248%95%Home Run; Brock Scores
27271011966-07-22Bob BaileyPIT@HOUbehind 0-4t 32---1255%15%Home Run
28281121966-07-22Willie StargellPIT@HOUbehind 1-4t 40---1479%24%Home Run
29291211966-07-27Ken BoyerNYM@HOUtied 0-0t 211--26520%71%Home Run; Jones Scores
30301311966-08-28Billy WilliamsCHC@HOUtied 0-0t 12---13911%58%Home Run
31311421966-08-28Byron BrowneCHC@HOUbehind 2-4t 62---18811%26%Home Run
32321511966-09-02 (1)Eddie MathewsATLHOUtied 0-0b 10-2-22513%74%Home Run; Alou Scores
33331621966-09-02 (1)Felipe AlouATLHOUahead 2-0b 21-2-21311%88%Home Run; Bolling Scores
34341711966-09-25Willie McCoveySFG@HOUbehind 2-4t 601--24325%50%Home Run; Mays Scores
1967 #car #yr #gm Date Batter @Bat   Score Inn Out RoB R BOP Pos bWPA bWE Notes Play Description
3535111967-05-03Johnny CallisonPHIHOUtied 0-0b 41---14915%68%Home Run
3636211967-06-08Julian JavierSTLHOUtied 2-2b 50---17416%72%Home Run (LF-CF)
3737311967-06-21Tony PerezCIN@HOUbehind 0-1t 20---14512%50%Home Run
3838421967-06-21Lee MayCIN@HOUbehind 1-2t 70---15322%50%Home Run
1968 #car #yr #gm Date Batter @Bat   Score Inn Out RoB R BOP Pos bWPA bWE Notes Play Description
3939111968-04-10Roberto ClementePIT@HOUtied 1-1t 31---13914%62%Home Run
4040211968-05-12Mike ShannonSTLHOUtied 1-1b 41---15516%69%Home Run
4141311968-06-11Dick AllenPHIHOUtied 0-0b 12---13712%63%Home Run
4242411968-06-20Cleon JonesNYMHOUahead 1-0b 521-333921%95%Home Run; Seaver Scores; Boswell Scores
4343521968-06-20Art ShamskyNYMHOUahead 4-1b 60---1573%97%Home Run
4444611968-07-03Tony PerezCIN@HOUtied 0-0t 121--24522%70%Home Run (LF-CF); Jones Scores
4545721968-07-03Lee MayCIN@HOUbehind 4-7t 61--326314%27%Home Run; Bench Scores
4646811968-07-07Hank AaronATLHOUbehind 0-5b 40---1394%10%Home Run
4747921968-07-07Hank AaronATLHOUbehind 1-5b 521--23912%19%Home Run; Millan Scores/unER; Aaron Scores/unER
48481011968-08-16J.C. MartinNYMHOUtied 0-0b 70---16224%82%Home Run
49491111968-08-30Ron SantoCHCHOUtied 0-0b 4012-34522%88%Home Run; Beckert Scores; Williams Scores
50501221968-08-30Ron SantoCHCHOUtied 3-3b 611--24529%86%Home Run; Beckert Scores
51511311968-09-03Willie StargellPITHOUb 6153
52521411968-09-20Leo CardenasCIN@HOUbehind 0-1t 31---18614%48%IPHRInside-the-park Home Run to RF
1969 #car #yr #gm Date Batter @Bat   Score Inn Out RoB R BOP Pos bWPA bWE Notes Play Description
5353111969-04-14Wes ParkerLAD@HOUbehind 0-8t 801--2230%1%Home Run; Crawford Scores
5454211969-04-28Hank AaronATLHOUahead 2-0b 3012-33911%94%Home Run; Alou Scores; Millan Scores
5555311969-05-07Johnny CallisonPHIHOUbehind 0-3b 72---1497%13%Home Run
5656411969-05-11 (1)Tommie AgeeNYMHOUbehind 0-4b 61---1195%12%Home Run
5757511969-06-16 (1)Tony GonzalezATLHOUbehind 0-2b 10-2-22815%55%Home Run; Jackson Scores
5858621969-06-16 (1)Tony GonzalezATLHOUahead 3-2b 30---12810%78%Home Run
5959711969-06-20 (1)Nate ColbertSDP@HOUtied 0-0t 20---14311%61%Home Run
6060811969-07-12Tony PerezCIN@HOUbehind 0-3t 20---1458%28%Home Run
6161921969-07-12Pat CorralesCIN@HOUbehind 1-3t 30---18211%38%Home Run
62621011969-07-16Willie DavisLAD@HOUbehind 0-2t 40---13811%36%IPHRInside-the-park Home Run to LF
63631111969-07-30 (2)Ed KranepoolNYMHOUbehind 2-11b 811-33670%0%Home Run; Swoboda Scores; Garrett Scores
64641211969-08-13Tommie AgeeNYM@HOUbehind 1-8t 51---1181%2%Home Run
65651311969-08-17Dick AllenPHIHOUbehind 1-3b 90---13310%18%Home Run
66661411969-08-26 (1)Julian JavierSTLHOUtied 0-0b 30---17412%68%Home Run
67671511969-08-30Gene AlleyPIT@HOUbehind 0-2t 60---12412%32%Home Run
68681611969-09-09Ivan MurrellSDP@HOUbehind 0-9t 921--2390%0%Home Run; Morales Scores
69691711969-09-26 (2)Lee MayCINHOUtied 0-0b 201--26317%76%Home Run; Bench Scores
70701821969-09-26 (2)Johnny BenchCINHOUtied 3-3b 60---15217%75%Home Run
1970 #car #yr #gm Date Batter @Bat   Score Inn Out RoB R BOP Pos bWPA bWE Notes Play Description
7171111970-04-12Orlando CepedaATL@HOUbehind 0-8t 91-2-2530%0%Home Run; Carty Scores
7272211970-04-21Roberto ClementePITHOUahead 7-4b 621--2396%97%Home Run; Hebner Scores
7373311970-04-26Billy WilliamsCHCHOUtied 0-0b 41---13712%66%Home Run
7474421970-04-26Ron SantoCHCHOUahead 1-0b 6012344510%97%Home Run; Kessinger Scores; Beckert Scores/unER; Williams Scores
7575531970-04-26Jim HickmanCHCHOUahead 5-0b 62---1782%98%Home Run; Hickman Scores/unER
7676611970-05-01Lou BrockSTLHOUbehind 0-6b 511--2176%10%Home Run; Maxvill Scores
7777711970-05-05Ron SantoCHC@HOUbehind 0-2t 62---14511%27%Home Run
7878811970-05-10Willie StargellPIT@HOUbehind 0-3t 20---1478%29%Home Run
7979911970-05-22Tony PerezCIN@HOUbehind 0-1t 40---13513%50%Home Run
80801021970-05-22Bernie CarboCIN@HOUahead 4-2t 60---1678%87%Home Run
81811111970-05-26Bob TillmanATLHOUtied 3-3b 62-2-27227%82%Home Run; Carty Scores
82821211970-06-07Byron BrownePHI@HOUahead 1-0t 20---15810%71%Home Run
83831311970-06-21Hank AaronATLHOUtied 0-0b 111--23916%71%Home Run; Jackson Scores
84841421970-06-21Rico CartyATLHOUahead 2-0b 11---1478%79%Home Run
85851531970-06-21Hank AaronATLHOUahead 4-2b 42-2-23912%90%Home Run; Jackson Scores
86861611970-07-01Billy GrabarkewitzLADHOUbehind 0-2b 5212-31641%68%Home Run; Haller Scores; Crawford Scores
87871711970-07-11Willie McCoveySFG@HOUbehind 0-2t 711--24328%46%Home Run; Hunt Scores
88881821970-07-11Willie MaysSFG@HOUtied 2-2t 90---13834%84%Home Run
89891911970-07-22Dick AllenSTLHOUbehind 1-3b 3112-34527%65%Home Run; Brock Scores; Taylor Scores
90902021970-07-22Jose CardenalSTLHOUahead 4-3b 311--26816%83%Home Run; Torre Scores
91912111970-07-29Billy WilliamsCHCHOUtied 0-0b 11-2-23714%71%Home Run; Kessinger Scores
92922221970-07-29Johnny CallisonCHCHOUahead 3-0b 12--327810%88%Home Run; Smith Scores
93932331970-07-29Randy HundleyCHCHOUahead 5-0b 12---1824%92%Home Run
94942411970-08-03 (2)Orlando CepedaATL@HOUtied 0-0t 20---14311%61%Home Run
95952521970-08-03 (2)Hal KingATL@HOUahead 1-0t 20---15210%71%Home Run
96962611970-08-27John BatemanMONHOUbehind 1-2b 42-2-26225%65%Home Run; Bailey Scores
97972711970-09-01Al FerraraSDP@HOUtied 0-0t 62---14718%63%Home Run
98982811970-09-09Willie MaysSFGHOUtied 0-0b 11-2-23815%72%Home Run; Bonds Scores
99992921970-09-09Willie MaysSFGHOUbehind 3-4b 4212-33835%76%Home Run; Lanier Scores; Fuentes Scores
1001003011970-09-20Willie DavisLADHOUahead 2-0b 62---1387%91%Home Run
1011013111970-09-30Bobby BondsSFG@HOUtied 1-1t 52---11916%60%Home Run
1971 #car #yr #gm Date Batter @Bat   Score Inn Out RoB R BOP Pos bWPA bWE Notes Play Description
102102111971-04-15Bobby BondsSFGHOUbehind 1-2b 801--21951%88%Home Run; Johnson Scores
103103211971-06-15Al OliverPIT@HOUtied 0-0t 72---16824%68%Home Run
104104311971-06-26Bobby BondsSFG@HOUbehind 0-1t 40---13814%50%Home Run
105105411971-07-27 (1)Willie MontanezPHIHOUtied 0-0b 12---13811%62%Home Run
106106521971-07-27 (1)Deron JohnsonPHIHOUahead 1-0b 12---14310%72%Home Run (LF-CF)
107107631971-07-27 (1)Bobby PfeilPHIHOUtied 2-2b 421--27225%78%Home Run; Johnson Scores
108108741971-07-27 (1)Bobby PfeilPHIHOUahead 4-3b 70---17210%90%Home Run
109109811971-08-03Ron SantoCHC@HOUtied 0-0t 21---16512%60%Home Run
1972 #car #yr #gm Date Batter @Bat   Score Inn Out RoB R BOP Pos bWPA bWE Notes Play Description
110110111972-04-23Chris SpeierSFGHOUbehind 1-2b 60---11620%57%Home Run
111111211972-05-12Richie HebnerPIT@HOUbehind 0-2t 70---15512%28%Home Run
112112311972-06-13Mike JorgensenMON@HOUahead 2-0t 52-2-22314%91%Home Run; Foli Scores
113113411972-06-24Tony PerezCINHOUbehind 0-4b 91---1531%1%Home Run (CF-RF)
114114511972-07-09Dal MaxvillSTLHOUbehind 1-3b 42---18612%36%IPHRInside-the-park Home Run to CF
115115621972-07-09Matty AlouSTLHOUbehind 2-6b 511--23313%23%Home Run; Brock Scores
116116731972-07-09Bernie CarboSTLHOUbehind 4-6b 52--326927%51%Home Run; Torre Scores
117117811972-07-19Ted SimmonsSTL@HOUahead 3-0t 5112-3529%97%Home Run; Carbo Scores; Torre Scores
118118911972-08-06 (1)Dave RaderSFGHOUbehind 2-6b 71---1724%8%Home Run
1191191011972-08-11Ken HendersonSFG@HOUbehind 1-6t 821--2572%3%Home Run; Maddox Scores
1201201111972-08-23Ed KranepoolNYMHOUbehind 2-7b 821--2432%3%Home Run; Agee Scores
1211211211972-09-08Chris SpeierSFGHOUbehind 1-4b 51---1269%23%Home Run
1221221321972-09-08Jim Ray HartSFGHOUbehind 2-5b 61---1659%20%Home Run
1231231411972-09-17Willie DavisLAD@HOUtied 0-0t 3212-33831%80%Home Run; Grabarkewitz Scores; Parker Scores
1973 #car #yr #gm Date Batter @Bat   Score Inn Out RoB R BOP Pos bWPA bWE Notes Play Description
124124111973-06-06Greg LuzinskiPHI@HOUtied 1-1t 601--24724%80%Home Run; Montanez Scores
125125211973-07-30Darrell EvansATL@HOUtied 0-0t 11-2-23516%68%Home Run; Garr Scores
126126321973-07-30Frank TepedinoATL@HOUahead 2-1t 21---17310%70%Home Run
1974 #car #yr #gm Date Batter @Bat   Score Inn Out RoB R BOP Pos bWPA bWE Notes Play Description
127127111974-04-20Mike LumATL@HOUbehind 0-2t 42-2332334%60%Home Run; Reed Scores; Garr Scores
128128211974-05-05Reggie SmithSTL@HOUahead 1-0t 601--23917%88%Home Run; Alvarado Scores
129129311974-05-10Dan DriessenCINHOUtied 0-0b 411--25522%78%Home Run; Perez Scores
130130411974-05-30Willie DavisMONHOUbehind 0-3b 8212-33845%53%Home Run; Day Scores; Hunt Scores
131131511974-06-16Billy WilliamsCHCHOUbehind 0-1b 51---13316%54%Home Run
132132611974-06-25Cesar GeronimoCIN@HOUbehind 0-1t 70---12821%50%Home Run
133133711974-07-05Willie StargellPIT@HOUbehind 0-6t 70---1471%2%Home Run
134134811974-07-10Jim DwyerSTL@HOUahead 1-0t 20---16910%72%Home Run
135135911974-07-21Ken ReitzSTLHOUahead 3-1b 611--27510%95%Home Run; Torre Scores
1361361011974-08-03Willie CrawfordLADHOUtied 0-0b 111--23918%73%Home Run; Buckner Scores
1371371121974-08-03Von JoshuaLADHOUahead 2-0b 1112-36814%92%Home Run (LF-CF); Garvey Scores; Cey Scores
1381381211974-08-07Darrell EvansATL@HOUbehind 1-3t 811--23533%46%Home Run; Perez Scores
1391391321974-08-07Dusty BakerATL@HOUtied 3-3t 81---14829%75%Home Run
1401401411974-08-11Jim NorthrupMON@HOUtied 0-0t 401--25921%75%Home Run; Jorgensen Scores
1411411511974-08-17Steve RenkoMONHOUbehind 0-2b 31---19111%40%Home Run
1421421611974-08-28Rusty StaubNYMHOUbehind 0-2b 90---14910%19%Home Run
1431431711974-09-02Joe MorganCIN@HOUahead 1-0t 30---12411%73%Home Run
1441441811974-09-09Bobby BondsSFG@HOUbehind 1-3t 621--23928%44%Home Run (Deep LF-CF); Fuentes Scores
1975 #car #yr #gm Date Batter @Bat   Score Inn Out RoB R BOP Pos bWPA bWE Notes Play Description
145145111975-04-16Dusty BakerATLHOUtied 0-0b 20---15911%66%Home Run (LF-CF)
146146211975-05-16Rusty StaubNYM@HOUahead 4-2t 30---1499%82%Home Run
147147311975-05-27Al OliverPITHOUbehind 2-4b 81---15812%22%Home Run
148148411975-06-01Jay JohnstonePHIHOUahead 4-0b 52---1393%96%Home Run
149149511975-06-06Ken ReitzSTL@HOUtied 0-0t 60-2337517%89%Home Run; Simmons Scores; McBride Scores
150150611975-06-16Willie CrawfordLADHOUtied 0-0b 20---15912%67%Home Run
151151721975-06-16Steve GarveyLADHOUbehind 1-2b 701--24339%80%Home Run; Wynn Scores
152152811975-06-22Tony PerezCIN@HOUbehind 3-8t 81---1531%2%Home Run (LF-CF)
153153911975-07-02George FosterCINHOUbehind 1-3b 6212-35748%71%Home Run; Griffey Scores; Driessen Scores
1541541011975-07-13Mike SchmidtPHI@HOUahead 3-2t 32---16512%71%Home Run
1551551111975-07-24Steve RenkoMONHOUtied 2-2b 51---19116%69%Home Run
1561561221975-07-24Mike JorgensenMONHOUbehind 3-6b 80---1238%15%Home Run
1571571331975-07-24Pete MackaninMONHOUbehind 4-6b 90---17411%19%Home Run
1581581411975-08-02Von JoshuaSFGHOUbehind 0-1b 10---11811%55%Lead-OffHome Run
1591591521975-08-02Gary ThomassonSFGHOUbehind 1-6b 51---19PH4%9%Home Run
1601601611975-08-06Hector TorresSDPHOUahead 4-1b 32---1666%90%Home Run
1611611711975-08-19Del UnserNYM@HOUtied 0-0t 31---11813%61%Home Run
1621621821975-08-19Wayne GarrettNYM@HOUahead 1-0t 41---15512%74%Home Run
1631631911975-08-24Andre ThorntonCHCHOUbehind 3-5b 60---16314%38%Home Run
1641642011975-08-30Richie HebnerPITHOUbehind 3-7b 52---1255%13%Home Run
1651652111975-09-09Marty PerezATLHOUtied 0-0b 11---12411%63%Home Run
1661662221975-09-09Mike LumATLHOUahead 1-0b 11-2-24314%80%Home Run; May Scores
1671672331975-09-09Dave MayATLHOUahead 3-0b 31---1396%90%Home Run
1681682411975-09-24Joe MorganCIN@HOUbehind 2-3t 52---13416%45%Home Run
1976 #car #yr #gm Date Batter @Bat   Score Inn Out RoB R BOP Pos bWPA bWE Notes Play Description
169169111976-05-04Bobby TolanPHIHOUtied 0-0b 21---16812%64%Home Run
170170211976-05-15Mike SchmidtPHI@HOUahead 1-0t 40---13512%76%Home Run
171171311976-05-26Ken ReitzSFGHOUtied 1-1b 20---17511%66%Home Run
172172411976-06-03Joe MorganCIN@HOUtied 0-0t 1012-33420%80%Home Run; Rose Scores; Driessen Scores
173173511976-06-20Dave ParkerPITHOUtied 1-1b 20---15912%66%Home Run
174174611976-07-21 (1)Bill RobinsonPITHOUbehind 0-1b 421--26929%66%Home Run; Zisk Scores
175175711976-08-06Mike IvieSDPHOUbehind 0-1b 20---15313%55%Home Run
176176821976-08-06Jerry TurnerSDPHOUahead 4-1b 40---1175%93%Home Run (CF-RF)
177177911976-09-03Ron CeyLAD@HOUtied 0-0t 41-2-25522%75%Home Run; Garvey Scores
1977 #car #yr #gm Date Batter @Bat   Score Inn Out RoB R BOP Pos bWPA bWE Notes Play Description
178178111977-05-22Gary ThomassonSFG@STLahead 1-0t 40---16811%74%Home Run (CF-RF)
179179211977-05-27Santo AlcalaMON@STLahead 1-0t 30---19110%72%Home Run
180180311977-06-20Dusty BakerLADSTLahead 6-0b 51-2-2671%99%Home Run; Garvey Scores
181181411977-06-26Mike SchmidtPHI@STLtied 0-0t 42---13514%59%Home Run
182182521977-06-26Garry MaddoxPHI@STLahead 1-0t 51---16812%74%Home Run
183183611977-07-07Larry BiittnerCHCSTLahead 1-0b 60---13310%84%Home Run
184184711977-07-16Chris SpeierMONSTLtied 0-0b 11---12611%63%Home Run

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