For all seasons after 1973, the play-by-play data is complete (summary of missing data for pre-1974). For some games from 1954 to 1973, we do not have complete play-by-play.

Summary of 239 Home Runs

0 leading off, 5 walk-off, 25 tying, 63 go ahead, 41 lacking some details

4 Tms
BRO 139
PHI 92
vs RHP 186
vs LHP 53
Home 144
Away 95
0 72
2 71
1 54
Unk 42
10 Opps
NYG 47
CIN 39
BSN 35
STL 33
PIT 29
114 Pitchers
Lon Warneke 12
Carl Hubbell 11
Harry Gumbert 8
Bucky Walters 8
Bill Lee 7
10 Parks
Ebbets Fld 82
Baker Bowl 62
Crosley Fld 21
Polo Grounds 17
Wrigley Fld 17
Where Hit
9 72
8 8
89 5
7 5
78 1
General field locations
when available.
Game Totals
1·HR gms 201
2·HR gms 19
Gms w/ this # = 0
are not shown.
--- 102
1-- 44
-2- 20
12- 16
1-3 7
1 22
2 31
3 15
4 25
5 25
+4.. 14
+3 8
+2 18
+1 28
Tied 49
Before event,
for batter
1B 239
4th 78
5th 72
Unk 40
6th 40
3rd 7
High Lev 43
Medium Lev 79
Low Lev 75

Play By Play

Play By Play
1933 #car #yr #gm Date @Bat   Pitcher Score Inn Out RoB RBI BOP Pos WPA bWE Notes Play Description
11111933-09-10 (2)CHCPHIJack Berlyb 623
22211933-09-16 (2)CHCNYGBill Shoresbehind 2-4b 70---1630.14534%Home Run
1934 #car #yr #gm Date @Bat   Pitcher Score Inn Out RoB RBI BOP Pos WPA bWE Notes Play Description
33111934-05-04CHCBSNTom Zacharyahead 2-1b 20---1730.09175%Home Run
44211934-05-09CHCBROBoom-Boom Beckbehind 3-5b 32--32630.20151%Home Run; Cuyler Scores
55311934-05-14CHCNYGHal Schumacherbehind 1-2b 91---1630.46758%Home Run (LF-CF)
66411934-05-15CHCNYGCarl Hubbellbehind 2-7b 61---1630.0348%Home Run
77511934-06-15PHI@CHCLon Warnekebehind 1-3t 921--2530.35839%Home Run; Moore Scores
88611934-06-16PHI@STLDizzy Deantied 2-2t 61---1530.15862%Home Run
99721934-06-16PHI@STLDizzy Deanahead 4-3t 80---1530.11985%Home Run
1010811934-06-26 (2)PHI@PITRed Lucast 213
1111911934-07-05PHIBSNBob Smithb 833
12121011934-07-07 (1)PHIBSNFred Frankhouseb 323
13131111934-07-08PHIBSNDick Barrettb 623
14141211934-07-21 (2)PHICHCBill Leeb 613
15151311934-07-29 (1)PHI@NYGRoy Parmeleet 613
16161411934-08-28 (1)PHI@CINSi Johnsonbehind 0-6t 6112-3530.07311%Home Run (CF-RF); Allen Scores; Moore Scores
17171511934-09-05PHICINSi Johnsontied 0-0b 21---1630.09863%Home Run
18181611934-09-11 (1)PHISTLTex Carletonahead 2-0b 40---1630.07385%Home Run
1935 #car #yr #gm Date @Bat   Pitcher Score Inn Out RoB RBI BOP Pos WPA bWE Notes Play Description
1919111935-04-18PHIBRODutch Leonardbehind 0-5b 401--2530.10124%Home Run; Moore Scores
2020221935-04-18PHIBRODutch Leonardbehind 3-5b 521--2530.24552%Home Run; Moore Scores
2121311935-04-19PHINYGFreddie Fitzsimmonsahead 2-0b 11-2-2530.10484%Home Run; Moore Scores
2222421935-04-19PHINYGSlick Castlemanahead 9-2b 411-33530.01299%Home Run; Chiozza Scores; Moore Scores
2323511935-04-22PHINYGCarl Hubbellbehind 0-3b 42---1530.08728%Home Run
2424611935-04-23PHI@BRODutch Leonardtied 1-1t 20---1530.10360%Home Run
2525711935-05-30 (2)PHIBSNLarry Bentonb 713
2626811935-06-05 (1)PHINYGFreddie Fitzsimmonstied 0-0b 1112-3430.19378%Home Run; Watkins Scores; Moore Scores
2727911935-06-13 (1)PHICHCLon Warnekebehind 4-12b 90-2-2430.0020%Home Run; Moore Scores
28281011935-06-15PHIPITGuy Bushb 413
29291121935-06-15PHIPITGuy Bushb 513
30301211935-06-20PHISTLDizzy Deanb 213
31311311935-06-25PHICINTony Freitasahead 2-1b 52--32430.16685%Home Run; Allen Scores
32321411935-06-26PHICINSi Johnsonahead 10-4b 811--2430.002100%Home Run; Moore Scores
33331511935-06-28PHI@BSNBob Smithtied 2-2t 10243
34341611935-07-03PHI@NYGCarl Hubbellahead 2-1t 61---1430.12776%Home Run
35351711935-07-04 (2)PHI@BROGeorge Earnshawahead 3-2t 81---1430.12985%Home Run
36361811935-07-25PHI@PITBill Swiftahead 2-1t 32---1530.10467%Home Run
37371911935-07-28 (1)PHI@BSNBob Smitht 613
38382011935-07-31PHI@NYGCarl Hubbellahead 1-0t 20---1530.09470%Home Run
39392111935-08-05PHIBSNLarry Bentonb 333
40402211935-08-24 (1)PHICINPaul Derringertied 2-2b 52---1430.14366%Home Run
41412311935-09-17 (2)PHI@CINLeroy Herrmanntied 0-0t 70---1430.19369%Home Run
42422411935-09-24 (2)PHI@NYGAllyn Stoutbehind 1-6t 60---1430.0358%Home Run
43432511935-09-29 (2)PHI@BROTom Bakerbehind 1-3t 60---1430.11934%Home Run (CF-RF)
1936 #car #yr #gm Date @Bat   Pitcher Score Inn Out RoB RBI BOP Pos WPA bWE Notes Play Description
4444111936-05-09PHINYGFrank Gablerahead 4-3b 71---1430.10887%Home Run
4545211936-05-11PHINYGAl Smithbehind 3-5b 411--2630.20354%Home Run; Whitney Scores
4646321936-05-11PHINYGHarry Gumbertahead 11-10b 72---1630.11586%Home Run
4747411936-05-12PHICINLee Grissombehind 0-1b 40---1430.12256%Home Run
4848511936-05-15PHICHCBill Leeahead 1-0b 121--2530.15377%Home Run; Moore Scores
4949611936-05-17PHISTLDizzy Deanb 213
5050711936-06-14PHI@STLBill Walkert 823
5151811936-06-21PHIPITRed Lucasbehind 3-5b 61---1430.12937%Home Run
5252921936-06-21PHIPITRed Lucasbehind 4-7b 82---1430.05510%Home Run
53531011936-06-25 (1)PHISTLLes Munnsahead 10-4b 811-33530.002100%Home Run; Sulik Scores; Klein Scores
54541111936-06-25 (2)PHISTLBill Walkertied 0-0b 121-33530.22177%Home Run; Moore Scores; Klein Scores
55551211936-07-04 (1)PHIBROEd Brandtahead 1-0b 121--2530.15377%Home Run; Klein Scores
56561311936-07-12 (1)PHI@CINPaul Derringertied 0-0t 401--2430.19374%Home Run; Klein Scores
57571411936-07-23PHIPITCy Blantonbehind 0-6b 70---1430.0225%Home Run
58581511936-07-25PHICHCCurt Davisbehind 3-17b 91---1430.0000%Home Run
59591611936-07-26 (2)PHICHCLon Warnekeb 613
60601721936-07-26 (2)PHICHCLon Warnekeb 823
61611811936-07-28PHICHCRoy Henshawbehind 0-3b 61---1430.09224%Home Run
62621921936-07-28PHICHCLarry Frenchtied 3-3b 921--2430.430100%Walk-OffHome Run; Moore Scores
63632011936-07-31 (2)PHICINGene Schottahead 4-1b 50---1430.04992%Home Run
64642111936-08-26 (2)PHI@CHCLarry Frencht 813
65652211936-08-30 (1)PHI@CINPaul Derringerbehind 0-2t 52-233430.34560%Home Run; Sulik Scores/unER; Chiozza Scores/unER; Camilli Scores/unER
66662311936-09-10PHICHCBill Leetied 0-0b 20---1530.09765%Home Run
67672411936-09-11PHICINBill Hallahantied 1-1b 1112-3530.19478%Home Run; Whitney Scores; Norris Scores
68682511936-09-12 (1)PHICINPeaches Davistied 0-0b 121-33530.22177%Home Run; Moore Scores; Norris Scores
69692611936-09-14 (1)PHIPITBill Swiftb 633
70702711936-09-22 (2)PHINYGDick Coffmanb 513
71712811936-09-23PHINYGCarl Hubbellb 913
1937 #car #yr #gm Date @Bat   Pitcher Score Inn Out RoB RBI BOP Pos WPA bWE Notes Play Description
7272111937-05-22PHI@CINAl Hollingsworthahead 3-2t 50---1530.11676%Home Run
7373211937-05-27PHI@CHCLarry Frenchahead 2-1t 40---1530.10573%Home Run
7474311937-05-30PHINYGHarry Gumbertb 213
7575411937-05-31 (1)PHIBSNDanny MacFaydenbehind 1-2b 40---1530.12656%Home Run
7676511937-06-04PHICINDon Brennanbehind 5-9b 80---1530.04610%Home Run
7777611937-06-06 (1)PHISTLLon Warnekeb 213
7878711937-06-09PHIPITWaite Hoytahead 3-1b 50---1430.07288%Home Run
7979811937-06-10PHIPITBill Swifttied 1-1b 12---1430.09861%Home Run
8080911937-06-13 (1)PHICHCClyde Shounbehind 0-2b 321--2430.20751%Home Run; Klein Scores
81811011937-06-18PHI@CHCBill Leetied 2-2t 601--2430.22478%Home Run (CF-RF); Klein Scores
82821111937-06-19PHI@CHCLarry Frenchbehind 0-2t 71---1430.11427%Home Run
83831211937-07-16 (2)PHISTLLon Warnekeb 823
84841311937-07-21 (1)PHICHCBill Leebehind 0-4b 90---1530.0265%Home Run
85851411937-07-23PHICINBill Hallahanbehind 0-2b 41---1630.11341%Home Run
86861511937-07-25 (2)PHICINPaul Derringerahead 5-3b 701--2530.07097%Home Run; Arnovich Scores
87871611937-07-29PHI@PITCy Blantonbehind 2-7t 511234530.20333%Home Run; Browne Scores; Martin Scores; Klein Scores
88881711937-08-15PHI@NYGSlick Castlemant 9143
89891811937-08-20PHINYGDick Coffmanbehind 3-8b 501--2530.09520%Home Run; Moore Scores
90901911937-08-28PHISTLLon Warnekebehind 2-3b 611--2530.30371%Home Run; Klein Scores
91912021937-08-28PHISTLBob Weilandahead 7-6b 72-2-2530.15893%Home Run; Martin Scores
92922111937-09-05PHIBRORoy Henshawbehind 0-4b 20---1530.07226%Home Run
93932211937-09-11PHI@BROWaite Hoytbehind 2-10t 61---1430.0051%Home Run
94942321937-09-11PHI@BROWaite Hoytbehind 3-12t 81---1430.0010%Home Run
95952411937-09-15PHI@STLMike Rybat 133
96962521937-09-15PHI@STLMike Rybat 713
97972611937-09-23PHI@CINPeaches Davisbehind 0-1t 311234430.28879%Home Run; Mulcahy Scores; Martin Scores; Moore Scores
98982711937-09-30 (1)PHINYGCarl Hubbellbehind 0-2b 92---1430.0355%Home Run
1938 #car #yr #gm Date @Bat   Pitcher Score Inn Out RoB RBI BOP Pos WPA bWE Notes Play Description
9999111938-04-19BRO@PHIWayne LaMasterbehind 1-2t 41-2-2530.20760%Home Run; Koy Scores
100100211938-04-22BRONYGHarry Gumbertbehind 1-3b 80---1530.14231%Home Run
101101311938-05-05BRO@PITRed Lucasbehind 0-1t 62-2-2430.31262%Home Run; Hassett Scores
102102411938-05-15BROBSNLou Fettebehind 3-6b 50-2-2430.15941%Home Run; Lavagetto Scores
103103511938-05-22BROCINJim Weaverbehind 1-4b 611--2430.19035%Home Run; Hudson Scores
104104611938-06-12 (2)BRO@CHCLarry Frenchahead 1-0t 321234630.26190%Home Run; Cuyler Scores; Hassett Scores; Lavagetto Scores
105105711938-06-29BROBSNLou Fetteb 313
106106821938-06-29BROBSNLou Fetteb 513
107107911938-07-02BRONYGCarl Hubbellbehind 0-8b 90---1430.0010%Home Run
1081081011938-07-13BRO@PITRuss Bauerst 823
1091091111938-07-17 (2)BRO@CINPaul Derringertied 2-2t 311-33430.21479%Home Run; Hudson Scores; Stainback Scores
1101101211938-07-21 (2)BRO@CHCCharlie Roottied 0-0t 20---1430.10460%Home Run
1111111311938-07-31BROPITRed Lucasb 123
1121121411938-08-02 (2)BROSTLCurt Davisb 213
1131131521938-08-02 (2)BROSTLMax Maconb 613
1141141611938-08-05BROCINPaul Derringerbehind 0-1b 40---1430.13356%Home Run
1151151711938-08-12BRO@BSNJim Turnerbehind 0-1t 20---1430.11450%Home Run
1161161811938-08-31BRO@CINRed Barrettbehind 2-9t 91---1630.0000%Home Run
1171171911938-09-03BRONYGJohnny Wittigbehind 0-3b 421--2630.19038%Home Run; Phelps Scores
1181182011938-09-08BROPHIMax Butcherb 713
1191192111938-09-22 (2)BROPITBob Klingerb 413
1201202211938-09-25 (1)BROPHIMax Butcherahead 3-1b 72-2-2430.08597%Home Run; Hockett Scores
1211212311938-09-29 (2)BROBSNDick Erricksonb 223
1221222411938-10-02 (2)BRO@PHIHugh Mulcahyt 523
1939 #car #yr #gm Date @Bat   Pitcher Score Inn Out RoB RBI BOP Pos WPA bWE Notes Play Description
123123111939-04-18BRONYGHarry Gumbertbehind 1-7b 70---1530.0194%Home Run
124124211939-04-23BRO@PHIHugh Mulcahybehind 1-3t 901--2530.35850%Home Run; Koy Scores
125125311939-04-29BROPHIHugh Mulcahyahead 2-0b 821--2430.05599%Home Run; Koy Scores
126126411939-05-09BROSTLCurt Davisbehind 0-6b 20---1430.04113%Home Run
127127511939-05-11BROCINBucky Waltersbehind 2-3b 521--2430.29167%Home Run; Rosen Scores
128128611939-05-16BRO@CHCJack Russellahead 9-0t 401-33430.002100%Home Run; Coscarart Scores; Rosen Scores
129129711939-05-22BRO@CINLee Grissombehind 0-3t 70---1430.07818%Home Run
130130811939-05-24BRO@PITJoe Bowmantied 0-0t 20---1430.10761%Home Run
131131911939-05-28BROBSNJoe Sullivanahead 7-2b 42-2-2430.03698%Home Run; Sington Scores
1321321021939-05-28BROBSNFred Frankhouseahead 11-9b 61---1430.07290%Home Run
1331331111939-06-11 (2)BROCINLee Grissombehind 2-4b 321--2430.21351%Home Run; Sington Scores
1341341211939-06-20BRO@CINBucky Walterstied 0-0t 12-2-2430.17466%Home Run; Almada Scores
1351351311939-06-21BRO@CINJohnny Vander Meertied 1-1t 91---1430.37882%Home Run
1361361411939-06-25BRO@PITBob Klingert 613
1371371511939-07-16 (2)BROCHCVance Pageahead 3-0b 72---1430.03596%Home Run
1381381611939-07-25 (1)BRO@CHCCharlie Rootahead 3-0t 601--2430.07395%Home Run; Parks Scores/unER
1391391711939-08-04BRO@CINBucky Waltersbehind 2-5t 90---1530.0418%Home Run
1401401811939-08-12BROBSNBill Posedelb 213
1411411911939-08-13 (1)BROBSNJim Turnerbehind 1-9b 62-2-2530.0132%Home Run; Parks Scores
1421422011939-08-21BROSTLTom Sunkelahead 2-0b 511--2530.11292%Home Run; Parks Scores
1431432111939-08-22BROSTLCurt Davisahead 2-1b 32-2-2530.16482%Home Run; Lavagetto Scores
1441442211939-08-26 (2)BROCINJohnny Niggelingtied 0-0b 201--2530.15775%Home Run (Deep RF); Parks Scores
1451452311939-09-02 (1)BRO@NYGHarry Gumberttied 2-2t 62---1530.17762%Home Run
1461462411939-09-05BROBSNLou Fettebehind 0-1b 40-2-2430.17568%Home Run; Walker Scores
1471472511939-09-12BRO@CINBucky Walterstied 0-0t 20---1430.10460%Home Run
1481482611939-09-14 (1)BRO@PITMace Brownbehind 0-2t 611--2430.24847%Home Run; Walker Scores
1940 #car #yr #gm Date @Bat   Pitcher Score Inn Out RoB RBI BOP Pos WPA bWE Notes Play Description
149149111940-04-25BRO@PHIIke Pearsontied 1-1t 61---1530.18165%Home Run
150150211940-04-28BRO@NYGHarry Gumberttied 3-3t 901--2530.34693%Home Run; Lavagetto Scores
151151311940-05-06BRO@STLCurt Davisahead 3-2t 621--2630.21384%Home Run; Phelps Scores
152152411940-05-17BROSTLLon Warnekebehind 2-3b 41---1630.13453%Home Run
153153511940-06-03BRO@CHCClaude Passeauahead 2-1t 60---1630.12279%Home Run
154154611940-06-07BRO@CINBucky Walterstied 2-2t 112-2-2630.44891%Home Run; Koy Scores
155155711940-06-23 (2)BROPITKen Heintzelmanbehind 2-3b 801--2530.45687%Home Run; Medwick Scores
156156811940-07-24BROCINBucky Waltersbehind 1-6b 921--2530.0031%Home Run; Medwick Scores
157157911940-08-01 (1)BROPITBob Klingerahead 7-1b 72---1630.004100%Home Run
1581581011940-08-04 (1)BROCHCVern Olsenbehind 2-8b 70---1630.0194%Home Run
1591591111940-08-04 (2)BROCHCClaude Passeautied 6-6b 112---1330.463100%Walk-OffHome Run
1601601211940-08-08BRO@NYGBill Lohrmantied 3-3t 12212-3330.48496%Home Run; Reese Scores; Walker Scores
1611611311940-08-10BRO@BSNManny Salvoahead 1-0t 11---1330.09968%Home Run
1621621411940-08-14 (1)BROPHISi Johnsontied 0-0b 12---1330.10161%Home Run
1631631511940-08-18 (1)BROBSNJim Tobinahead 4-1b 7112-3330.04399%Home Run; Wyatt Scores; Walker Scores
1641641611940-08-20 (2)BRO@STLLon Warnekebehind 1-3t 601--2330.22750%Home Run; Walker Scores
1651651711940-08-25 (1)BRO@PITDick Lanahanbehind 2-4t 91---1630.0539%Home Run
1661661811940-08-30BRO@CINGene Thompsonahead 3-1t 62---1430.09485%Home Run
1671671911940-09-08 (1)BRO@NYGCarl Hubbelltied 2-2t 5012-3430.22384%Home Run; Walker Scores; Medwick Scores
1681682011940-09-12 (2)BROPITMax Butcherbehind 0-1b 21---1530.10953%Home Run
1691692111940-09-14 (1)BROPITDick Lanahanahead 1-0b 11-2-2430.13179%Home Run; Medwick Scores
1701702211940-09-18BROSTLCarl Doylebehind 5-12b 80-2-2430.0122%Home Run; Medwick Scores
1711712311940-09-23BRONYGRed Lynnb 913
1941 #car #yr #gm Date @Bat   Pitcher Score Inn Out RoB RBI BOP Pos WPA bWE Notes Play Description
172172111941-04-17BRONYGBump Hadleybehind 2-3b 321--2630.23464%Home Run; Medwick Scores
173173211941-04-21BRO@NYGJohnny Wittigbehind 4-5t 80---1630.25350%Home Run
174174311941-04-22BRO@NYGCliff Meltonahead 2-0t 521-33630.17493%Home Run; Walker Scores; Lavagetto Scores
175175411941-04-24BROPHIRoy Brunertied 0-0b 20---1530.10766%Home Run
176176511941-04-25BROBSNManny Salvotied 0-0b 50---1530.14571%Home Run
177177611941-04-27BRONYGCarl Hubbellbehind 0-1b 20---1530.11155%Home Run
178178711941-05-02BROCHCBill Leeahead 4-3b 801--2530.08597%Home Run; Medwick Scores
179179811941-05-22BRO@STLLon Warnekebehind 2-7t 81---1630.0122%Home Run
180180911941-05-24BROPHITommy Hughesbehind 2-3b 82---1630.33253%Home Run
1811811011941-05-28BRO@PHIBill Crouchahead 4-0t 51---1530.03994%Home Run
1821821111941-05-30 (2)BRO@NYGCliff Meltonahead 5-2t 92---1730.02198%Home Run; Camilli Scores/unER
1831831211941-06-03BROSTLMort Cooperahead 2-0b 41---1430.07985%Home Run
1841841311941-06-10BROPITKen Heintzelmantied 0-0b 20---1630.10766%Home Run
1851851411941-06-14BRO@STLHarry Gumbertbehind 2-4t 6012-3430.30566%Home Run; Herman Scores; Reiser Scores
1861861511941-06-20BRO@CINBucky Walterstied 1-1t 621--2530.30276%Home Run; Riggs Scores
1871871611941-07-05BROBSNTom Earleybehind 0-1b 42---1630.14051%Home Run
1881881711941-07-29BRO@STLLon Warnekeahead 2-1t 40---1530.10773%Home Run
1891891821941-07-29BRO@STLLon Warnekeahead 3-1t 60---1530.08486%Home Run
1901901911941-07-31BRO@STLHarry Gumbertbehind 0-1t 20---1530.10450%Home Run
1911912011941-08-06BRO@NYGCarl Hubbelltied 0-0t 21---1530.11059%Home Run
1921922111941-08-09BROBSNJohnny Hutchingstied 0-0b 21---1530.11164%Home Run
1931932211941-08-11BRONYGBob Bowmanahead 7-0b 42---1530.00999%Home Run
1941942311941-08-13BROPHIJohnny Podgajnyahead 2-0b 3112-3530.13793%Home Run; Lavagetto Scores; Wasdell Scores
1951952411941-08-17 (1)BRO@BSNJim Tobintied 0-0t 20---1430.11461%Home Run
1961962511941-08-19 (2)BROPITKen Heintzelmanahead 3-2b 8212-3530.12299%Home Run; Reiser Scores; Medwick Scores
1971972611941-08-26 (1)BROSTLClyde Shounahead 5-1b 501--2630.03798%Home Run; Galan Scores
1981982711941-08-26 (2)BROSTLMort Cooperbehind 0-3b 81---1430.06112%Home Run
1991992811941-08-31BRO@NYGCliff Meltonbehind 4-6t 7112-3630.43368%Home Run; Reiser Scores; Medwick Scores
2002002911941-09-01 (1)BROBSNTom Earleybehind 3-4b 82---1430.33253%Home Run
2012013011941-09-06BRONYGBill McGeetied 0-0b 20---1430.10766%Home Run
2022023111941-09-07 (1)BRONYGBob Bowmanahead 4-1b 511--2630.07196%Home Run; Lavagetto Scores
2032033221941-09-07 (1)BRONYGBob Bowmanahead 9-1b 621--2630.003100%Home Run; Lavagetto Scores
2042043311941-09-11BRO@STLErnie Whitebehind 1-2t 4212-3630.33270%Home Run; Reiser Scores/unER; Medwick Scores/unER; Camilli Scores/unER
2052053411941-09-21 (1)BRO@PHILee Grissomahead 6-2t 921--2430.011100%Home Run; Reiser Scores
1942 #car #yr #gm Date @Bat   Pitcher Score Inn Out RoB RBI BOP Pos WPA bWE Notes Play Description
206206111942-04-17BROPHILefty Hoersttied 0-0b 20---1630.11666%Home Run
207207211942-04-20BROBSNTom Earleytied 0-0b 121--2430.20172%Home Run; Galan Scores
208208311942-04-28BRO@CINElmer Riddletied 0-0t 12-2-2430.19368%Home Run; Vaughan Scores
209209411942-04-29BRO@CINRay Starrbehind 1-2t 92---1430.37441%Home Run
210210511942-04-30BRO@CINGene Thompsonbehind 6-8t 61---1430.11829%Home Run (CF-RF)
211211621942-04-30BRO@CINJoe Beggstied 8-8t 9212-3430.48597%Home Run (CF-RF); Vaughan Scores/unER; Reiser Scores/unER; Camilli Scores/unER
212212711942-05-08BRONYGBill McGeeahead 6-5b 70---1630.09890%Home Run
213213811942-05-24BRO@NYGCarl Hubbelltied 0-0t 121--2430.20268%Home Run; Herman Scores
214214911942-06-14 (1)BRO@CINBucky Waltersahead 1-0t 8012-3630.12897%Home Run; Medwick Scores; Walker Scores
2152151011942-06-17BROCHCBill Leeahead 3-1b 811--2530.04299%Home Run; Medwick Scores
2162161111942-06-26BROCINElmer Riddlebehind 3-4b 80---1530.31960%Home Run
2172171211942-07-05 (1)BRO@BSNJim Tobinbehind 3-5t 82-2-2630.33743%Home Run; Medwick Scores
2182181311942-07-18 (2)BRO@STLMax Lanierahead 2-0t 62---1530.09386%Home Run
2192191411942-07-20BRO@PITJohnny Lanningahead 3-0t 80---1530.03197%Home Run
2202201511942-07-24BROPITKen Heintzelmantied 2-2b 12---1530.11362%Home Run
2212211611942-08-01BROCHCHi Bithornahead 4-2b 711--2530.07497%Home Run; Medwick Scores
2222221711942-08-03BRO@NYGVan Mungotied 3-3t 521234530.37190%Home Run; Reese Scores/unER; Walker Scores/unER; Medwick Scores/unER; Camilli Scores/unER
2232231811942-08-14 (1)BROBSNManny Salvoahead 1-0b 1212-3630.21887%Home Run; Medwick Scores; Walker Scores
2242241911942-08-14 (2)BROBSNJohnny Sainahead 2-0b 321--2630.13590%Home Run; Walker Scores
2252252011942-08-15BROBSNJim Tobinbehind 3-4b 921--2630.911100%Walk-OffHome Run; Medwick Scores
2262262111942-08-23 (1)BRONYGHarry Feldmanbehind 2-4b 1001234430.515100%Walk-OffHome Run; Reese Scores; Riggs Scores; Reiser Scores
2272272211942-09-07 (1)BRO@BSNAl Javerytied 0-0t 1212-3530.27577%Home Run; Vaughan Scores; Walker Scores
2282282311942-09-16BROPITHank Gornickiahead 2-0b 12---1530.08280%Home Run
2292292421942-09-16BROPITJohnny Lanningahead 7-3b 8212-3530.009100%Home Run; Vaughan Scores; Reiser Scores
2302302511942-09-22BRONYGBob Carpentertied 8-8b 120---1530.374100%Walk-OffHome Run
2312312611942-09-25BROBSNAl Javeryahead 2-1b 32-2-2430.17484%Home Run; Walker Scores
1943 #car #yr #gm Date @Bat   Pitcher Score Inn Out RoB RBI BOP Pos WPA bWE Notes Play Description
232232111943-05-01 (1)BRO@NYGCliff Meltonahead 3-0t 40---1530.06090%Home Run
233233211943-05-05BROPHIAndy Lapihuskaahead 4-0b 22-2-2430.06495%Home Run; Vaughan Scores
234234311943-06-04BRO@CHCPaul Derringertied 0-0t 121--2430.20568%Home Run; Walker Scores
235235411943-06-23 (1)BRONYGAce Adamsahead 6-2b 81---1330.006100%Home Run
236236511943-07-17BRO@BSNManny Salvobehind 1-4t 521--2630.17529%Home Run; Herman Scores/unER; Camilli Scores/unER
237237621943-07-17BRO@BSNDave Odomahead 6-5t 91---1630.09093%Home Run
1945 #car #yr #gm Date @Bat   Pitcher Score Inn Out RoB RBI BOP Pos WPA bWE Notes Play Description
238238111945-07-05BOS@DETWalter Wilsontied 5-5t 50-2-2530.18177%Home Run; Johnson Scores
239239211945-08-22 (1)BOS@SLBBob Muncrieft 623

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