Summary of 47 Home Runs Allowed

1 leading off, 1 walk-off, 3 tying, 23 go ahead

2 Tms
ATL 36
TEX 11
vs LHB 24
vs RHB 23
Home 36
Away 11
0 20
1 16
2 11
17 Opps
10 Parks
Atl-Fulton 29
Arlington 7
Dodger Stad 2
Yankee Stad 2
Busch Stad 2
Where Hit
7 13
9 13
8 11
1 Inside the Park
General field locations
when available.
Game Totals
1·HR gms 27
2·HR gms 10
Gms w/ this # = 0
are not shown.
--- 22
1-- 11
12- 4
-2- 4
1-3 4
1 8
2 5
3 7
4 5
5 5
+4.. 3
+3 4
+2 4
+1 5
Tied 19
Before event,
for batter
RF 13
1B 9
LF 7
3B 5
CF 4
5th 9
4th 9
3rd 8
2nd 8
7th 4
High Lev 12
Medium Lev 20
Low Lev 15

Play By Play

Play By Play
1976 #car #yr #gm Date Batter @Bat   Score Inn Out RoB R BOP Pos bWPA bWE Notes Play Description
11111976-07-19Cecil CooperBOS@TEXbehind 0-3t 62-2-22DH16%27%Home Run; Burleson Scores
22221976-07-19Dwight EvansBOS@TEXbehind 2-3t 72---17922%44%Home Run
33311976-08-07Larry HisleMIN@TEXahead 1-0t 501--27717%85%Home Run; Cubbage Scores
44411976-08-12Boog PowellCLETEXbehind 0-2b 3212-35335%65%Home Run; Manning Scores; Carty Scores
55511976-08-17Oscar GambleNYYTEXtied 0-0b 52---17917%69%Home Run
66621976-08-17Graig NettlesNYYTEXtied 1-1b 90---16538%100%Walk-OffHome Run
77711976-09-23Dave CollinsCALTEXbehind 3-5b 80---11813%27%IPHRInside-the-park Home Run to RF
1977 #car #yr #gm Date Batter @Bat   Score Inn Out RoB R BOP Pos bWPA bWE Notes Play Description
88111977-05-09Jorge OrtaCHW@TEXbehind 0-1t 311--23420%59%Home Run; Bannister Scores
1978 #car #yr #gm Date Batter @Bat   Score Inn Out RoB R BOP Pos bWPA bWE Notes Play Description
99111978-04-09Steve GarveyLAD@ATLbehind 2-4t 601-335327%66%Home Run; Smith Scores; Cey Scores
1010211978-04-30Greg GrossCHC@ATLahead 2-0t 2212-32719%88%Home Run; Lamp Scores; de Jesus Scores
1111311978-05-05Bob WatsonHOU@ATLbehind 1-2t 61---14317%47%Home Run
1212411978-07-19 (1)Ellis ValentineMONATLbehind 0-5b 511--2398%14%Home Run; Dawson Scores
1313511978-07-30Andre DawsonMON@ATLahead 1-0t 30---12810%72%Home Run
1414621978-07-30Larry ParrishMON@ATLahead 2-0t 301-335510%91%Home Run; Valentine Scores; Perez Scores
1515711978-08-05 (2)Jose CruzHOU@ATLahead 3-0t 611--2498%95%Home Run; Cabell Scores
1616811978-08-26George HendrickSTL@ATLahead 8-2t 91---1380%100%Home Run
1980 #car #yr #gm Date Batter @Bat   Score Inn Out RoB R BOP Pos bWPA bWE Notes Play Description
1717111980-04-25Larry ParrishMON@ATLtied 0-0t 1212-35526%76%Home Run; Bernazard Scores; Dawson Scores
1818221980-04-25Larry ParrishMON@ATLahead 3-1t 401--25512%89%Home Run; Valentine Scores
1919311980-05-31Steve GarveyLADATLbehind 0-5b 62---1433%5%Home Run
2020411980-06-08Dusty BakerLAD@ATLtied 0-0t 21---15711%59%Home Run
2121511980-06-20Ken HendersonCHC@ATLtied 0-0t 20---16711%61%Home Run
2222611980-07-03Denny WallingHOU@ATLtied 0-0t 60---12317%67%Home Run
2323711980-07-13 (2)Terry PuhlHOUATLtied 0-0b 32---12914%65%Home Run
2424811980-08-04Steve GarveyLAD@ATLtied 0-0t 20---14311%61%Home Run
2525921980-08-04Dusty BakerLAD@ATLahead 1-0t 411--25718%82%Home Run; Garvey Scores
26261011980-08-09Jack ClarkSFG@ATLtied 0-0t 101-333915%78%Home Run; North Scores; Pettini Scores/unER
27271111980-08-19Bill BucknerCHC@ATLtied 0-0t 11-2-23916%68%Home Run; de Jesus Scores
28281211980-09-03Carlos LezcanoCHCATLtied 0-0b 421--26824%77%Home Run; Vail Scores
29291311980-09-09Ken GriffeyCIN@ATLtied 1-1t 6112-32931%87%Home Run; Oester Scores; Collins Scores
30301421980-09-09Johnny BenchCIN@ATLahead 4-1t 70---1624%95%Home Run
1981 #car #yr #gm Date Batter @Bat   Score Inn Out RoB R BOP Pos bWPA bWE Notes Play Description
3131111981-04-10Dave CollinsCIN@ATLtied 0-0t 10---11911%61%Lead-OffHome Run
3232221981-04-10Ray KnightCIN@ATLtied 1-1t 51---17516%63%Home Run
3333311981-04-30Craig ReynoldsHOU@ATLtied 0-0t 101--22617%70%Home Run; Walling Scores
3434421981-04-30Jose CruzHOU@ATLahead 3-0t 321--24711%91%Home Run; Cedeno Scores
3535511981-05-05George HendrickSTLATLtied 0-0b 41---14914%68%Home Run
3636621981-05-05Darrell PorterSTLATLahead 1-0b 41---15211%79%Home Run
3737711981-05-10Bill BucknerCHC@ATLtied 0-0t 11-2-23317%69%Home Run (Line Drive); Thompson Scores
3838811981-05-16George HendrickSTL@ATLahead 3-0t 52-2-2499%94%Home Run; Scott Scores
3939911981-06-01Rick MondayLADATLtied 0-0b 101--22917%75%Home Run; Thomas Scores
40401011981-08-19Ellis ValentineNYM@ATLahead 1-0t 70---15912%83%Home Run
41411111981-09-25Ron OesterCIN@ATLahead 2-0t 20---1848%80%Home Run
1982 #car #yr #gm Date Batter @Bat   Score Inn Out RoB R BOP Pos bWPA bWE Notes Play Description
4242111982-09-11Dave ConcepcionCIN@ATLtied 0-0t 10-2333614%78%Home Run; Redus Scores; Milner Scores
4343211982-09-25Terry KennedySDP@ATLbehind 2-3t 30-2334317%72%Home Run; Bonilla Scores; Gwynn Scores
1983 #car #yr #gm Date Batter @Bat   Score Inn Out RoB R BOP Pos bWPA bWE Notes Play Description
4444111983-09-23Dusty BakerLAD@ATLahead 7-2t 611-33373%99%Home Run; Sax Scores; Russell Scores
1985 #car #yr #gm Date Batter @Bat   Score Inn Out RoB R BOP Pos bWPA bWE Notes Play Description
4545111985-04-27Willie UpshawTOR@TEXbehind 5-8t 81---1435%10%Home Run
4646221985-04-27Willie AikensTOR@TEXbehind 6-8t 911--29PH35%44%Home Run; Barfield Scores
4747311985-05-07Lou WhitakerDET@TEXahead 8-1t 80---1140%100%Home Run

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