Summary of 146 Home Runs

1 leading off, 0 walk-off, 17 tying, 58 go ahead

2 Tms
NYM 120
SFG 26
vs RHP 108
vs LHP 38
Away 78
Home 68
0 55
1 50
2 41
23 Opps
PHI 12
SDP 11
LAD 11
COL 10
HOU 10
128 Pitchers
Kevin Millwood 3
Pedro Astacio 3
Kevin Tapani 2
Kevin Brown 2
Brian Meadows 2
24 Parks
Shea Stad 52
AT&T Pk 16
VeteransStad 9
Qualcomm St 8
Dodger Stad 7
Where Hit
7 82
78 40
8 12
9 7
89 5
General field locations
when available.
2 34
3 28
4 27
1 18
5 17
Pitches in PA
when available.
Game Totals
1·HR gms 137
2·HR gms 3
3·HR gms 1
Gms w/ this # = 0
are not shown.
--- 73
1-- 37
-2- 17
12- 5
123 4
1 24
2 6
3 26
4 18
5 17
+4.. 15
+3 11
+2 3
+1 17
Tied 41
Before event,
for batter
1-1 23
1-2 19
0-0 18
1-0 18
2-2 17
3B 73
2B 72
PH 1
2nd 72
3rd 33
5th 27
7th 5
1st 3
High Lev 30
Medium Lev 50
Low Lev 66

Play By Play

Play By Play
1995 #car #yr #gm Date @Bat   Pitcher Score Inn Out RoB Pit(cnt) RBI BOP Pos WPA bWE Notes Play Description
11111995-05-06NYM@CINMatt Grottahead 5-2t 52--35,(2-2) BFLBX2640.09793%IPHRInside-the-park Home Run to CF (Fly Ball); Bonilla Scores
22211995-06-05NYM@SFGTerry Mulhollandahead 5-1t 421--2250.07695%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep LF); Thompson Scores
33311995-06-07NYM@SFGMark Portugalbehind 0-3t 3112-1,(0-0) X3250.23747%Home Run (Line Drive); Thompson Scores; Butler Scores
44411995-07-25NYM@STLMike Morgantied 0-0t 11---3,(2-0) BBX1250.10058%Home Run (Line Drive to Deep LF)
1996 #car #yr #gm Date @Bat   Pitcher Score Inn Out RoB Pit(cnt) RBI BOP Pos WPA bWE Notes Play Description
55111996-07-14 (2)NYMHOUJohn Johnstoneahead 6-1b 42---1240.02497%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep LF-CF)
66211996-07-29NYMPITChris Peterstied 0-0b 22-2-1,(0-0) X2740.19072%Home Run (Line Drive to Deep LF); Hundley Scores
77311996-09-19NYM@PHIRich Huntertied 0-0t 41---2,(1-0) BX1250.12760%Home Run (Line Drive to Deep LF)
88421996-09-19NYM@PHIRich Hunterahead 3-1t 60---1,(0-0) X1250.08486%Home Run (Line Drive to Deep LF-CF)
1997 #car #yr #gm Date @Bat   Pitcher Score Inn Out RoB Pit(cnt) RBI BOP Pos WPA bWE Notes Play Description
99111997-04-02NYM@SDPAndy Ashbyahead 3-2t 71---4,(1-2) CBCX1750.13381%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep LF-CF); Alfonzo Scores
1010211997-05-21NYM@FLAAl Leitertied 0-0t 51---3,(2-0) BBX1250.15062%Home Run (Line Drive to Deep LF)
1111311997-05-27NYM@MONCarlos Perezbehind 0-1t 32--37,(2-2) CB.BFFFX2250.20358%Home Run (Line Drive to Deep LF Line); Alexander Scores
1212411997-06-10NYM@CHCMel Rojasahead 8-6t 81---1,(0-0) X1250.07392%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep LF); Alfonzo Scores
1313511997-06-21NYMPITMarc Wilkinsbehind 1-2b 82-2-2,(1-0) BX2250.58585%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep LF-CF); Hardtke Scores
1414611997-07-05NYMFLAAlex Fernandezbehind 0-1b 30---1250.12155%Home Run
1515711997-07-22NYM@LADTom Candiottibehind 2-7t 70---5,(3-1) BBBCX1550.0255%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep LF)
1616811997-08-14NYM@STLDonovan Osborneahead 1-0t 521235,(1-2) FBCFX4250.26793%Home Run (Line Drive to Deep LF); Pratt Scores; Ordonez Scores; McRae Scores; Alfonzo Scores
1717911997-08-23NYMSDPPaul Menhartbehind 1-2b 511--3,(1-1) BCX2250.27469%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep LF); Mlicki Scores
18181011997-09-11NYMMONRick DeHartahead 3-1b 70-2-7,(3-2) BB+11CFFB.X2250.05397%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep LF); McRae Scores
1998 #car #yr #gm Date @Bat   Pitcher Score Inn Out RoB Pit(cnt) RBI BOP Pos WPA bWE Notes Play Description
1919111998-04-05NYMPITJeff Tabakaahead 5-0b 82-2-4,(2-2) BFBX2150.004100%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep LF); McRae Scores
2020211998-04-16NYMCHCKevin Tapanitied 0-0b 10---5,(1-2) BCCFX1150.09965%Lead-OffHome Run (Fly Ball to Deep LF)
2121311998-05-29NYM@PHIMatt Whitesideahead 7-0t 821--4,(2-1) BBFX2550.004100%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep LF Line); Piazza Scores
2222411998-06-26NYMNYYHideki Irabutied 2-2b 52---2,(1-0) BX1150.15767%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep LF)
2323511998-07-01NYM@TORWoody Williamsbehind 0-1t 32-2-4,(2-1) BBCX2250.19457%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep LF); Lopez Scores
2424621998-07-01NYM@TORRobert Persontied 6-6t 71---7,(1-2) CFFBFFX1250.19565%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep LF)
2525711998-08-06NYMSFGOrel Hershiserbehind 0-2b 511-32,(1-0) BX3250.31169%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep RF); Ordonez Scores; Phillips Scores
2626811998-08-08NYM@COLBobby Jonestied 1-1t 301--4,(2-1) C1BBX2250.15369%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep RF); Phillips Scores
2727911998-08-18 (1)NYMCOLPedro Astacioahead 1-0b 30---6,(3-2) BBBCFX1250.09777%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep LF Line)
28281011998-08-21 (2)NYMSTLManny Aybartied 0-0b 11---3,(1-1) BCX1250.10263%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep LF)
29291111998-08-23NYMARIBrian Andersonbehind 0-3b 40---5,(1-2) CCBFX1250.09531%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep LF)
30301211998-08-29NYM@LADJeff Shawbehind 2-3t 921--7,(2-2) BCFFBFX2250.73681%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep LF-CF); Phillips Scores
31311311998-08-30NYM@LADDave Mlickiahead 1-0t 30---3,(1-1) CBX1250.10372%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep LF-CF)
32321411998-09-01NYM@SDPStan Spencerbehind 0-5t 61---6,(3-2) BCBFBX1250.0276%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep LF Line)
33331511998-09-02NYM@SDPAndy Ashbytied 1-1t 32-2-4,(1-2) CCBX2250.21270%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep LF); Reynoso Scores
34341611998-09-07NYMATLJohn Rockerbehind 6-7b 821--7,(3-2) BBCBCFX2250.61284%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep LF); Phillips Scores
35351711998-09-08NYM@PHIPaul Byrdbehind 1-11t 62-2-2,(1-0) BX2250.0030%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep LF-CF); Lopez Scores
1999 #car #yr #gm Date @Bat   Pitcher Score Inn Out RoB Pit(cnt) RBI BOP Pos WPA bWE Notes Play Description
3636111999-04-08NYM@MONMiguel Batistabehind 0-2t 32---4,(1-2) 2CB12..FX1240.09535%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep LF-CF)
3737211999-04-25NYM@CHCBrad Woodalltied 0-0t 11---2,(0-1) CX1240.09657%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep LF-CF)
3838311999-05-01NYMSFGChris Brocktied 0-0b 11---8,(3-2) BBFFFFBX1240.09862%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep LF)
3939411999-05-07NYM@ARITodd Stottlemyrebehind 2-5t 4212-4,(1-2) CFBX3240.26145%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep LF-CF); Bonilla Scores; Cedeno Scores
4040511999-05-12NYM@COLDave Wainhouseahead 8-1t 51-2-2,(0-1) CX2240.02098%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep CF-RF); Cedeno Scores
4141611999-05-14NYM@PHIChad Ogeaahead 4-1t 30---5,(3-1) BCBBX1240.06484%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep CF-RF)
4242711999-05-31NYMCINBrett Tomkotied 0-0b 11---3,(1-1) BCX1240.09862%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep LF-CF)
4343811999-06-08NYMTORPat Hentgentied 1-1b 311--3,(2-0) BBX2240.18674%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep LF-CF); Isringhausen Scores/unER
4444911999-06-15NYM@CINBrett Tomkoahead 4-0t 51---8,(3-2) BFFFBFBX1240.04692%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep LF)
45451011999-06-23NYMFLABrian Meadowsbehind 1-2b 40---4,(2-1) CBBX1240.12856%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep CF-RF)
46461111999-06-29NYM@FLALivan Hernandezahead 3-0t 70-2-6,(2-2) C1BBS.FX2240.04997%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep LF-CF); Henderson Scores
47471211999-07-04NYMATLJohn Smoltzbehind 4-6b 71-233,(1-1) CBX3240.38376%Home Run (Fly Ball); Ordonez Scores; McRae Scores
48481311999-07-19NYM@BALArthur Rhodesahead 2-1t 70---4,(1-2) BCCX1240.12280%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep LF-CF)
49491411999-07-24NYMCHCSteve Trachselbehind 0-1b 52---1,(0-0) X1240.15452%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep LF-CF)
50501511999-07-28NYMPITTodd Ritchietied 0-0b 11---5,(2-2) CBBFX1240.09862%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep LF-CF)
51511611999-08-04NYM@MILRafael Roqueahead 8-5t 72---2,(0-1) FX1240.05693%Home Run (Fly Ball)
52521711999-08-11NYMSDPSterling Hitchcockbehind 0-2b 10-2-6,(3-2) BF1FBB.X2240.13255%Home Run (Fly Ball); Henderson Scores
53531811999-08-15NYM@SFGLivan Hernandezahead 6-3t 70---3,(1-1) CBX1240.04894%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep LF)
54541911999-08-16NYM@SDPWill Cunnanetied 3-3t 101---2,(1-1) BX1240.37882%Home Run (Line Drive to Deep LF)
55552011999-08-23NYMHOUScott Elartontied 0-0b 11---2,(0-1) CX1240.09862%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep LF)
56562111999-08-30NYM@HOUShane Reynoldstied 0-0t 11---2,(0-1) CX1240.09557%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep LF-CF)
57572221999-08-30NYM@HOUBrian Williamsahead 7-0t 411--4,(1-2) CCBX2240.02099%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep LF); Henderson Scores
58582331999-08-30NYM@HOUSean Bergmanahead 10-0t 60---3,(1-1) BCX1240.001100%Home Run (Fly Ball)
59592411999-09-04NYMCOLBrian Bohanonbehind 1-2b 511--3,(1-1) CBX2240.25968%Home Run (Line Drive to Deep LF); Henderson Scores
60602511999-09-12NYM@LADEric Gagnetied 0-0t 10-2-4,(2-1) BBCX2240.12668%Home Run (Line Drive to Deep LF-CF); Cedeno Scores
61612611999-09-30NYMATLMike Remlingerbehind 2-3b 82---4,(2-1) BBCX1240.32353%Home Run (Line Drive to Deep LF)
62622711999-10-04NYM@CINSteve Parristied 0-0t 101--3,(1-1) 1CB1X2240.14168%Home Run (Fly Ball); Henderson Scores
2000 #car #yr #gm Date @Bat   Pitcher Score Inn Out RoB Pit(cnt) RBI BOP Pos WPA bWE Notes Play Description
6363112000-04-08NYMLADKevin Brownahead 1-0b 301--3,(1-1) CBX2340.13683%Home Run (Fly Ball); Nunnally Scores
6464212000-04-23NYMCHCKevin Tapanitied 0-0b 111--2,(1-0) BX2340.16271%Home Run (Fly Ball); Bell Scores
6565312000-04-25NYMCINRob Belltied 1-1b 311--6,(3-2) CBBBFX2340.18674%Home Run (Fly Ball); Henderson Scores
6666412000-04-30NYM@COLStan Belindaahead 9-3t 821--3,(2-0) BBX2340.013100%Home Run (Fly Ball to LF-CF); Bell Scores
6767512000-05-09NYM@PITKris Bensonahead 1-0t 32---1,(0-0) X1340.10367%Home Run (Fly Ball)
6868612000-05-20NYMARIGreg Swindellahead 6-0b 70-2-4,(1-2) BSFX2340.004100%Home Run (Fly Ball to LF-CF); Bell Scores/unER
6969712000-05-21NYMARIRandy Johnsonbehind 4-5b 72---2,(0-1) FX1340.23552%Home Run (Fly Ball)
7070812000-05-24NYM@SDPCarlos Almanzarbehind 3-4t 72---2,(0-1) SX1340.19943%Home Run (Fly Ball)
7171912000-05-28NYM@STLDarryl Kiletied 1-1t 321--3,(1-1) CBX2340.19967%Home Run (Fly Ball); Rusch Scores
72721012000-05-31NYM@LADKevin Browntied 0-0t 12---6,(1-2) CSBFFX1340.09856%Home Run (Fly Ball)
73731112000-06-07NYMBALScott Ericksontied 0-0b 12---5,(2-2) BBCFX1340.09961%Home Run (Fly Ball)
74741212000-06-09NYM@NYYRoger Clemensahead 7-2t 60-2-3,(1-1) CBX2340.02598%Home Run (Fly Ball); Bell Scores
75751312000-07-04NYM@FLAAntonio Alfonsecabehind 7-9t 90---2,(0-1) CX1340.09017%Home Run (Fly Ball to LF-CF)
76761412000-08-11NYMSFGMark Gardnerahead 2-1b 611--3,(1-1) BCX2340.16190%Home Run (Fly Ball to LF-CF); Hamilton Scores
77771512000-08-16NYMCOLBrian Bohanonbehind 2-7b 821--5,(2-2) CBBCX2340.0335%Home Run (Fly Ball); Bell Scores
78781612000-08-20NYM@LADDarren Dreiforttied 0-0t 11-2-1,(0-0) X2340.14967%Home Run (Fly Ball to CF-RF); Bell Scores
79791712000-08-28NYMHOUBrian Powellbehind 0-1b 101-32,(1-0) BX3340.15173%Home Run (Fly Ball to LF-CF); Agbayani Scores; Bell Scores
80801812000-08-29NYMHOUWade Millerbehind 0-6b 40---4,(2-1) BCBX1340.03610%Home Run (Fly Ball)
81811912000-09-12NYMMILValerio De Los Santosahead 9-2b 80---4,(2-1) BBCX1340.001100%Home Run (Fly Ball)
82822012000-09-14NYM@MONMike Thurmantied 0-0t 12---2,(1-0) BX1340.09355%Home Run (Fly Ball)
83832112000-09-16NYM@MONDustin Hermansonahead 3-0t 421-34,(2-1) CBBX3340.13693%Home Run (Fly Ball); Agbayani Scores/unER; Hamilton Scores/unER; Alfonzo Scores/unER
84842212000-09-20NYM@ATLTom Glavineahead 1-0t 60---3,(1-1) BCX1340.11777%Home Run (Fly Ball)
85852312000-09-23NYM@PHICliff Politteahead 1-0t 31---5,(2-2) CBBSX1340.10068%Home Run (Fly Ball)
86862412000-09-26NYMATLJohn Burkettbehind 0-4b 60---4,(1-2) CBSX1340.06617%Home Run (Fly Ball to LF-CF)
87872512000-09-27NYMATLKevin Millwoodahead 2-1b 521--1,(0-0) X2340.18486%Home Run (Fly Ball); Hamilton Scores
2001 #car #yr #gm Date @Bat   Pitcher Score Inn Out RoB Pit(cnt) RBI BOP Pos WPA bWE Notes Play Description
8888112001-04-22NYM@CINElmer Dessenstied 0-0t 40---3,(1-1) CBX1240.11762%Home Run (Fly Ball)
8989212001-04-24NYM@MILJamey Wrightbehind 0-1t 32--32,(1-0) BX2240.20357%Home Run (Fly Ball); McEwing Scores
9090312001-04-25NYM@MILJimmy Haynesbehind 0-3t 51---2,(1-0) BX1240.07922%Home Run (Fly Ball to LF-CF)
9191412001-04-26NYM@MILCurt Leskanicbehind 7-12t 90---3,(2-0) BBX1340.0091%Home Run (Fly Ball)
9292512001-05-02NYMHOUJose Limatied 0-0b 11--34,(3-0) BBBX2340.12672%Home Run (Fly Ball); Agbayani Scores
9393612001-05-08NYM@COLPedro Astaciobehind 2-10t 60---1,(0-0) X1340.0102%Home Run (Fly Ball)
9494712001-05-19NYMLADLuke Prokopecbehind 0-3b 62---2,(0-1) CX1340.08220%Home Run (Fly Ball to LF-CF)
9595812001-05-23NYM@MONMasato Yoshiibehind 0-1t 31---3,(1-1) CBX1240.11147%Home Run (Fly Ball)
9696912001-06-07NYM@PHIBruce Chenbehind 0-1t 311--3,(1-1) BFX2340.20059%Home Run (Fly Ball); McEwing Scores
97971012001-07-12NYMBOSTim Wakefieldtied 0-0b 32---2,(0-1) CX1240.12464%Home Run (Fly Ball)
98981112001-08-01NYM@HOUMichael Jacksonahead 3-2t 10112-2,(1-0) BX3240.13098%Home Run (Fly Ball); Shinjo Scores; Lawton Scores
99991212001-08-08NYMMILAllen Levraulttied 2-2b 52---6,(2-2) CBSFBX1240.15967%Home Run (Fly Ball)
1001001312001-08-18NYM@LADJames Baldwinbehind 0-2t 32---4,(0-2) CFFX1240.10034%Home Run (Fly Ball)
1011011412001-08-24NYMSFGKirk Rueterbehind 0-1b 31---6,(2-2) CBCFBX1240.12453%Home Run (Fly Ball)
1021021512001-08-26NYMSFGRuss Ortizbehind 0-1b 3112-6,(2-2) BBCCFX3240.27175%Home Run (Fly Ball); Ordonez Scores/unER; Lawton Scores
1031031612001-09-30NYM@ATLKevin Millwoodtied 0-0t 101--3,(0-2) CFX2240.14668%Home Run (Fly Ball to LF-CF); Lawton Scores
1041041722001-09-30NYM@ATLKevin Millwoodahead 3-0t 31---2,(1-0) BX1240.06884%Home Run (Fly Ball to LF-CF)
2002 #car #yr #gm Date @Bat   Pitcher Score Inn Out RoB Pit(cnt) RBI BOP Pos WPA bWE Notes Play Description
105105112002-05-22NYM@PHITerry Adamsbehind 1-5t 61---5,(1-2) BFCFX1550.04510%Home Run (Fly Ball)
106106212002-06-07NYM@CLEDanys Baeztied 0-0t 11---4,(1-2) CBFX1250.09757%Home Run (Fly Ball)
107107312002-06-20NYMMINLaTroy Hawkinsahead 1-0b 821--2,(0-1) FX2250.11397%Home Run (Fly Ball to LF-CF); Trachsel Scores
108108412002-06-21NYMKCRDarrell Maybehind 1-2b 40---5,(2-2) FFBBX1550.14056%Home Run (Fly Ball)
109109512002-07-12NYMPHIRheal Cormierbehind 4-9b 80---1,(0-0) X1550.0204%Home Run (Fly Ball to CF-RF)
110110612002-07-13NYMPHIVicente Padillabehind 0-3b 51---1,(0-0) X1550.09124%Home Run (Fly Ball)
111111712002-07-16NYMFLAJosh Beckettahead 5-2b 301--2,(0-1) CX2550.07494%Home Run (Fly Ball); Vaughn Scores/unER
112112812002-07-19NYM@CINJared Fernandezahead 2-1t 41---2,(0-1) CX1550.11171%Home Run (Fly Ball)
113113912002-07-20NYM@CINChris Reitsmabehind 4-5t 40---1,(0-0) X1550.12350%Home Run (Fly Ball to LF-CF)
1141141012002-08-03 (1)NYMARIMike Myersbehind 3-4b 801--3,(1-1) BFX2550.48087%Home Run (Fly Ball to LF-CF); McEwing Scores
1151151112002-08-25NYM@COLDenny Neagletied 0-0t 40-2-1,(0-0) X2450.14772%Home Run (Fly Ball to LF-CF); Piazza Scores
1161161212002-08-30NYMPHIVicente Padillabehind 0-2b 40-231,(0-0) X3550.20669%Home Run (Fly Ball); Piazza Scores; Vaughn Scores/unER
1171171312002-09-04NYMFLAToby Borlandahead 6-3b 71---2,(1-0) BX1550.03097%Home Run (Fly Ball to LF-CF)
1181181412002-09-07NYM@PHIJoe Roabehind 0-1t 21---4,(2-1) BCBX1550.11148%Home Run (Fly Ball)
1191191512002-09-11 (1)NYM@ATLTim Spooneybargerbehind 1-6t 80---1,(0-0) X1550.0184%Home Run (Fly Ball to LF-CF)
1201201612002-09-25NYM@PITBrian Meadowsbehind 1-3t 601--2,(1-0) BX2550.22850%Home Run (Fly Ball to LF-CF); Vaughn Scores
2003 #car #yr #gm Date @Bat   Pitcher Score Inn Out RoB Pit(cnt) RBI BOP Pos WPA bWE Notes Play Description
121121112003-04-07SFGSDPMike Bynumahead 5-4b 80-2-7,(1-2) 1>B.CCFFFX2550.06797%Home Run (Fly Ball); Bonds Scores
122122212003-04-22SFG@PITJeff Suppanbehind 0-5t 31---3,(1-1) CBX1250.04313%Home Run (Line Drive)
123123312003-05-04SFGCINRyan Dempsterahead 1-0b 5212-2,(1-0) BX3350.22092%Home Run (Line Drive); Durham Scores; Aurilia Scores
124124412003-05-13SFGMONTomo Ohkabehind 0-4b 501-34,(2-1) CBBX3750.17742%Home Run (Line Drive); Santiago Scores; Snow Scores
125125512003-05-16SFGNYMPedro Astaciobehind 0-1b 201--5,(2-2) BBCFX2550.17466%Home Run (Line Drive); Santiago Scores
126126612003-07-30SFG@CHCKerry Woodtied 0-0t 211234,(2-1) BBSX4850.22983%Home Run (Fly Ball); Bonds Scores; Galarraga Scores; Hammonds Scores
127127712003-07-31SFG@CHCCarlos Zambranobehind 0-5t 601--1,(0-0) X2650.07114%Home Run (Fly Ball); Galarraga Scores
128128812003-09-09SFG@SDPMike Bynumahead 6-3t 901--5,(2-2) SBBSX2550.02099%Home Run (Fly Ball); Bonds Scores
129129912003-09-10SFG@SDPJoe Roaahead 5-1t 801--7,(1-2) FBF>FFF1X2550.02099%Home Run (Fly Ball); Bonds Scores
1301301012003-09-11SFG@SDPAdam Eatonahead 2-1t 40---1,(0-0) X1550.11074%Home Run (Fly Ball)
1311311112003-09-13SFGMILDoug Davisbehind 1-5b 80---2,(0-1) CX1550.0439%Home Run (Fly Ball)
1321321212003-09-23SFG@HOURicky Stoneahead 6-0t 221232,(1-0) .BX4750.05698%Home Run (Fly Ball); Aurilia Scores/unER; Bonds Scores/unER; Santiago Scores/unER; Alfonzo Scores/Team unER
1331331312003-09-28SFGLADWilson Alvareztied 1-1b 121--4,(1-2) BCSX2550.18471%Home Run (Line Drive); Bonds Scores
2004 #car #yr #gm Date @Bat   Pitcher Score Inn Out RoB Pit(cnt) RBI BOP Pos WPA bWE Notes Play Description
134134112004-05-15SFGPITSalomon Torresbehind 3-6b 80---2,(1-0) BX1450.08117%Home Run (Line Drive)
135135212004-05-25SFGARICasey Fossumtied 0-0b 101--5,(1-2) BCFFX2250.14873%Home Run (Line Drive); Perez Scores
136136312004-06-12 (1)SFG@BALRodrigo Lopezbehind 1-4t 61-2-6,(3-2) BB.BCCX2550.14931%Home Run (Fly Ball); Bonds Scores
137137412004-06-19SFGBOSAlan Embreetied 4-4b 821--3,(1-1) .CBX27PH0.37593%Home Run (Line Drive); Pierzynski Scores
138138512004-06-20SFGBOSMike Timlintied 0-0b 711233,(1-1) ..CBX4550.23197%Home Run (Fly Ball to LF-CF); Tucker Scores; Grissom Scores; Bonds Scores
139139612004-07-08SFGARIElmer Dessensbehind 0-3b 401--2,(1-0) BX2550.17043%Home Run (Line Drive to LF-CF); Bonds Scores
140140712004-07-24SFG@STLRay Kingtied 3-3t 1001--5,(2-2) LBBFX2350.34392%Home Run (Fly Ball to LF-CF); Mohr Scores
141141812004-08-20SFGNYMSteve Trachseltied 0-0b 111--3,(1-1) 111CBX2350.16572%Home Run (Line Drive to LF-CF); Durham Scores
142142912004-09-03SFGARIEdgar Gonzalezahead 6-3b 20---4,(2-1) BBCX1250.05788%Home Run (Fly Ball)
1431431012004-09-05SFGARIRandy Johnsonbehind 0-1b 611--4,(2-1) 1BBC1X2250.31472%Home Run (Fly Ball); Durham Scores
1441441112004-09-08SFG@COLJoe Kennedybehind 0-1t 61---1,(0-0) X1550.14946%Home Run (Fly Ball)
2005 #car #yr #gm Date @Bat   Pitcher Score Inn Out RoB Pit(cnt) RBI BOP Pos WPA bWE Notes Play Description
145145112005-04-05SFGLADDerek Lowebehind 0-2b 401--2,(0-1) SX2650.20356%Home Run (Line Drive); Feliz Scores
146146212005-04-08SFGCOLJeff Francisahead 4-0b 501--5,(2-2) BFB11FX2550.03898%Home Run (Line Drive); Feliz Scores

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