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Rk Year #Matching
119138Ind. Games
220167Ind. Games
319916Ind. Games
419736Ind. Games
519576Ind. Games
619496Ind. Games
719236Ind. Games
819216Ind. Games
919156Ind. Games
1019086Ind. Games
1120185Ind. Games
1220015Ind. Games
1319925Ind. Games
1419825Ind. Games
1519795Ind. Games
1619775Ind. Games
1719745Ind. Games
1819505Ind. Games
1920174Ind. Games
2020074Ind. Games
2120004Ind. Games
2219904Ind. Games
2319834Ind. Games
2419804Ind. Games
2519714Ind. Games
Rk Year #Matching
2619704Ind. Games
2719634Ind. Games
2819614Ind. Games
2919454Ind. Games
3019434Ind. Games
3119364Ind. Games
3219334Ind. Games
3319194Ind. Games
3419184Ind. Games
3520153Ind. Games
3620103Ind. Games
3720063Ind. Games
3820053Ind. Games
3919873Ind. Games
4019813Ind. Games
4119783Ind. Games
4219763Ind. Games
4319693Ind. Games
4419683Ind. Games
4519653Ind. Games
4619643Ind. Games
4719583Ind. Games
4819473Ind. Games
4919413Ind. Games
5019383Ind. Games
Rk Year #Matching
5119173Ind. Games
5219163Ind. Games
5319123Ind. Games
5419113Ind. Games
5519103Ind. Games
5620142Ind. Games
5720132Ind. Games
5820122Ind. Games
5920112Ind. Games
6020082Ind. Games
6120032Ind. Games
6220022Ind. Games
6319962Ind. Games
6419952Ind. Games
6519932Ind. Games
6619892Ind. Games
6719882Ind. Games
6819752Ind. Games
6919672Ind. Games
7019622Ind. Games
7119592Ind. Games
7219552Ind. Games
7319542Ind. Games
7419532Ind. Games
7519522Ind. Games
Rk Year #Matching
7619512Ind. Games
7719482Ind. Games
7819462Ind. Games
7919442Ind. Games
8019402Ind. Games
8119392Ind. Games
8219372Ind. Games
8319352Ind. Games
8419342Ind. Games
8519292Ind. Games
8619242Ind. Games
8719222Ind. Games
8819142Ind. Games
8919092Ind. Games
9020091Ind. Games
9120041Ind. Games
9219981Ind. Games
9319971Ind. Games
9419861Ind. Games
9519851Ind. Games
9619841Ind. Games
9719721Ind. Games
9819661Ind. Games
9919601Ind. Games
10019561Ind. Games
Rk Year #Matching
10119421Ind. Games
10219311Ind. Games
10319271Ind. Games
10419261Ind. Games
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