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Player Value--Pitching
Year Age Tm Lg IP G GS R RA9 RA9opp RA9def RA9role PPFp RA9avg RAA WAA gmLI WAAadj WAR
RAR waaWL% 162WL% Salary Awards
4 Seasons157.24720784.454.37-0.020.0797.84.37-4-0.2.68-$7,500,000
SDP (2 yrs)34.0270153.974.51-0.08-0.3490.43.85-1-0.1.68-
TEX (1 yr)57.11010436.754.19-0.190.16103.64.70-14-1.30.0-0.8-8.365.492
STL (1 yr)66.11010202.714.460.160.2096.74.35101.2-0.11.718.621.507$7,500,000
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