History of baseball in the Oceania

From BR Bullpen

Baseball in Oceania is a limited affair. Australia is clearly the top country in Oceania when it comes to baseball, with a history dating to 1857. The Claxton Shield was established in 1934. The first Australian to sign a minor league contract was Bob Nilsson in 1978, while Craig Shipley made the majors in 1986 (Joe Quinn had played in the 19th Century; while born in Australia, he was raised in the US, unlike Nilsson and Shipley). Bob Nilsson's brother Dave Nilsson was the first Australian to play in the All-Star Game. Australia won the Silver Medal at the 2004 Olympics.

Other countries in Oceania have produced major leaguers on occasion - American Samoa had Tony Solaita and Guam had John Hattig. New Zealand came close with Scott Campbell and Travis Wilson both peaked at AAA.