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The Hilldale Club, owned for most of its lifespan by Ed Bolden, was a Negro League powerhouse in the 1920s. The club won the first three pennants in the Eastern Colored League; in 1924 they lost a close match-up with the Kansas City Monarchs in the first Negro World Series. The next year, 1925, they beat the Monarchs 5 games to 1, the only ECL team to topple a Negro National League champ in the Series. Franchise players included Judy Johnson, Phil Cockrell, Biz Mackey and Louis Santop. The most prominent player to appear in a Hilldale uniform was Oscar Charleston.

The team is often called the Hilldale Daisies in various sources, but that name was never official or in widespread use at the time the team was active.

Further Reading[edit]

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