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Guerreros de Oaxaca

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The Oaxaca Warriors joined the Mexican League in 1996. They have yet to win a pennant. One thing that separates them from many other minor league clubs is the fact that they employ cheerleaders.

Year-by-Year Record[edit]

Year Record Finish Manager Playoffs
1996 46-64 14th Alfredo Ortiz
1997 53-69 12th Leonel Carreon
1998 68-50 5th Nelson Barrera League Champs
1999 49-70 14th Nelson Barrera
2000 59-57 7th Nelson Barrera Lost in 1st round
2001 50-69 13th Nelson Barrera / Enrique Aguilar
2002 62-45 3rd Houston Jimenez Lost in 2nd round
2003 57-52 7th Houston Jimenez Lost in 2nd round
2004 50-48 7th Houston Jimenez Lost in 2nd round
2005 57-50 5th (t) Homar Rojas Lost in 2nd round
2006 63-44 4th Homar Rojas Lost in 1st round
2007 52-57 10th Homar Rojas
2008 30-75 16th Homar Rojas
2009 42-63 12th Eddy Diaz
2010 60-45 3rd Eddy Diaz Lost in 2nd round
2011 51-51 7th (t) Marco Antonio Vazquez (11-16) / Abelardo Vega /Eddy Díaz Lost in 1st round
2012 56-52 8th Jesus Sommers Lost in 1st round
2013 64-48 2nd Hector Estrada Lost in 1st round
2014 55-57 10th Hector Estrada

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