From BR Bullpen

Donruss was one of three companies producing baseball cards in the 1980's along with Topps and Fleer. Donruss and Fleer broke a monopoly which Topps had on baseball cards from 1956 through 1980 when the two companies both released their first sets in 1981. However, Topps was allowed to be the only company which included gum in packs. Therefore, Donruss included a cookie in 1981 and puzzle pieces from 1982 on. 1982 also started the tradition of the Diamond Kings cards. Diamond Kings were cards that featured portraits done by Dick Perez, originally each team received one Diamond King, this was later changed to accommodate top players on the same team. Perez also did the art on the puzzle pieces which featured Hall of Famers. Donruss made baseball cards from 1981 to 1998. The company was revived in 2001 but ceased making baseball cards in 2005 after MLB didn't renew their licensing contract.