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These folk were Veterans of the Indian War(s), as identified by the Baseball and the Armed Forces Committee of the Society for American Baseball Research (SABR).

This information has been dug out of numerous sources including newspaper obituaries (OB), VA Hospital Records (VA), Miltary Cemetery websites (CM), Soldier & Sailors System (CW), Sporting Life (SL), The Sporting News (TSN), Stars&Stripes (S&S), the SABR BIOProject (BP), The Sports Encyclopedia:Baseball 2006 by David Neft & Richard Cohen (N&C), old Who's Who in Baseballs (WW), old Baseball Registers (BR), Commissioners Lists (CL), The Baseball Necrology (BN), Baseball in World War II Europe by Gary Bedingfield (GB), independent research by Walter Kephart and Frank Russo and others.

See also The Deadball Era, Society for American Baseball Research, Veterans Affairs Gravesite Locator, The Encyclopedia of Catchers, Soldiers & Sailors System and reconstruction).

Indian Wars is the name used by historians in the United States to describe a series of conflicts between the United States and Native American peoples ("Indians") of North America.

The wars, which ranged from colonial times to the Wounded Knee massacre and "closing" of the American frontier in 1890, collectively resulted in the conquest of American Indian peoples and their decimation, assimilation, or forced relocation to Indian reservations.

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