Babe Ruth's called shot

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One of baseball's all-time greatest legends is "Babe Ruth's Called Shot" in the 1932 World Series. With the New York Yankees facing the Chicago Cubs on October 1st in Game 3 of the Series at Wrigley Field, Babe Ruth faced Cubs hurler Charlie Root in the 4th inning. After Root's first two pitches were strikes, accounts say Ruth pointed to the centerfield bleachers. He then deposited the next pitch in the same spot.

After the games, sportswriters stated that Ruth had "called" his shot (an allusion to pocket billiards, in which a player has to indicate that he will sink a ball into a specific pocket). Ruth went along with the claim, although Root contended to his dying day that this was not the case: he claims Ruth instead held up his bat to indicate he had one strike left.

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