2010 Central American Games

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The 2010 Central American Games were held in April 2010 at Rod Carew Stadium in Panama City. Two teams could claim to be defending titles - Flag of Nicaragua Nicaragua had won in 2006 Central American Games, while host Flag of Panama Panama had won in 1997, the last time they had competed. The two countries dominated the first round - Panama went 3-0 while Nicaragua was 2-0. Meanwhile, Flag of Costa Rica Costa Rica had gone 1-1 in their first appearance since 1994. Flag of Honduras Honduras and Flag of El Salvador El Salvador rounded out the field.

In the Gold Medal Game, former major leaguer Davis Romero handcuffed Nicaragua as Panama cruised to an anticlimactic 12-2 win.

Nicaragua then trounced Costa Rica, 17-2, for the Silver; it was still Costa Rica's second-best performance in the Central American Games to that point.

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