2007 National High School Baseball Invitational Tournament

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The 2007 National High School Baseball Invitational Tournament, was the seventy-ninth edition of the tournament. It was held from March 23 to April 3 and won by Tokoha Gakuen Kikugawa Chuu of Shizuoka Prefecture.

Participating Teams[edit]

Region (Teams) School Prefecture Appearances Logo
Hokkaido (1) Hokkaido Asahikawa Minami High School Hokkaido First appearance Asahigawa Minami.JPG
Touhoku (2) Seikou Gakuin High School Fukushima First appearance Seikou Gakuin.JPG
Sendai Ikuei Gakuen High School Miyagi 9th appearance, first in 6 years Sendai Ikuei.JPG
Kanto (5) Chiba Keizai University - High School Chiba First appearance Chiba Keizai.JPG
Kiryuu Daiichi High School Gunma 3rd appearance, first in 3 years Kiryuu Daiichi.JPG
Narita High School Chiba 2nd appearance, second consecutive Narita Koukou.JPG
Nihon University Fujisawa High School Kanagawa 3rd appearance, first in 9 years Nihon Fujisawa.JPG
Sano Nihon University Junior and Senior High School Tochigi 3rd appearance, first in 13 years Sano Nihon.JPG
Tokyo (1) Teikyou Junior and Senior High School Tokyo 13th appearance, first in 11 years Teikyou Koukou.JPG
Hokushinetsu (2) Nihon Bunri High School Niigata 2nd appearance, second consecutive Nihon Bunri.JPG
Souzou Gakuen University - High School Nagano First appearance Souzou Gakuen.JPG
Tokai (2) Chuukyou High School Gifu 5th appearance, first in 4 years Chuukyou Koukou.JPG
Tokoha Gakuen Kikugawa Chuu High School Shizuoka 2nd appearance, first in 3 years Tokoha Gakuen Kikugawa.JPG
Kinki (6) Hokuyou High School Osaka 8th appearance, first in 13 years Hokuyou Koukou.JPG
Houtoku Gakuen Junior and Senior High School Hyogo 16th appearance, first in 3 years Houtoku Gakuen.JPG
Ichikawa High School Hyogo First appearance Ichikawa Koukou.JPG
Osaka Touin Junior and Senior High School Osaka 3rd appearance, first in 3 years Osaka Touin.JPG
Shiga Prefectural Kita Ootsu High School Shiga 2nd appearance, second consecutive Kita Ootsu Koukou.JPG
Wakayama Prefectural Wakayama Commercial High School Wakayama 3rd appearance, first in 70 years Wakayama Shougyou.JPG
Chugoku (3) Kanzei High School Okayama 9th appearance, third consecutive Kanzei Koukou.JPG
Kouryou High School Hiroshima 21st appearance, first in 3 years Kouryou Koukou.JPG
Yamaguchi Prefectural Ube Commercial High School Yamaguchi 7th appearance, first in 2 years Ube Shougyou.JPG
Shikoku (3) Ehime Prefectural Imabari Nishi High School Ehime 9th appearance, first in 7 years Imabari Nishi.JPG
Kouchi Junior and Senior High School Kochi 14th appearance, first in 6 years Kochi Shougyou.JPG
Kouchi Prefectural Muroto High School Kochi First appearance Muroto Koukou.JPG
Kyushu (4) Kagoshima Municipal Kagoshima Commercial High School Kagoshima 12th appearance, first in 21 years Kagoshima Kougyou.JPG
Kumamoto Prefectural Kumamoto Technical High School Kumamoto 20th appearance, first in 3 years Kumamoto Kougyou.JPG
Oomuta Junior and Senior High School Fukuoka First appearance Oomuta Koukou.JPG
Saga Prefectural Ogi High School Saga First appearance Ogi Koukou.JPG
21st Century (2) Miyazaki Prefectural Miyakonojou Izumigaoka High School Miyazaki First appearance Miyakonojyou Izumigaoka Koukou.JPG
Yamanashi Prefectural Tsuru High School Yamanashi First appearance Tsuru Koukou.JPG
University (1) Oogaki Nihon University High School Gifu First appearance Oogaki Nihon.JPG

Tournament Summary[edit]

Date Round Game # Away Score Home Notes
March 23 1st 1 Sano Nihon Koukou (Tochigi) 7 - 0 Oomuta Koukou (Fukuoka)
1st 2 Nihon Bunri Koukou (Niigata) 0 - 7 Osaka Touin Koukou (Osaka)
1st 3 Tokoha Gakuen Kikugawa Koukou (Shizuoka) 2 - 1 Sendai Ikuei Gakuen (Miyagi)
March 24 1st 4 Tsuru Koukou (Yamanashi) 2 - 3 Imabari Nishi Koukou (Ehime) Tsuru Koukou looks to move on as a 21st century team, only to see it slip away in the bottom of the 8th.
1st 5 Wakayama Shougyou (Wakayama) 4 - 6 Kumamoto Kougyou (Kumamoto)
1st 6 Chukyou Koukou (Gifu) PPD Chiba Keizai Koukou (Chiba)
March 25 1st 6 Chukyou Koukou (Gifu) 4 - 5 Chiba Keizai Koukou (Chiba)
1st 7 Muroto Koukou (Kochi) 2 - 1 Houtoku Gakuen (Hyogo)
1st 8 Nihon Daigaku - Fujisawa Koukou (Kanagawa) 3 - 4x Ube Shougyou (Yamaguchi) After P Furuya-kun ties the game in the 8th with a HR, SS Hayashi-kun takes the first pitch in the bottom of the 9th around the left field foul pole for the sayonara home run.
1st 9 Teikyou Koukou (Tokyo) 9 - 1 Ogi Koukou (Saga) Ogi Koukou never had a chance to get into the game as Teikyou came out scoring 6 and taking advantage of a nervous pitcher. Teikyou's Ooda-kun would strike out 20 on the day.
March 26 1st 10 Ichikawa Koukou (Hyogo) 4 - 2 Seikou Gakuin (Fukushima)
1st 11 Kouryou Gakuen (Hiroshima) 2 - 1 (12) Narita Koukou (Chiba) This was a game of missed opportunities on both sides until Uemoto-kun dribbled a ball up the 3rd base line scoring the go-ahead run from 3rd in the 12th inning.
1st 12 Hokuyou Koukou (Osaka) 1 - 0 Kagoshima Kougyou (Kagoshima)
March 27 1st 13 Asahigawa Minami Koukou (Hokkaido) 0 - 1 Souzou Gakuen Daigaku Fuzoku Koukou (Nagano)
1st 14 Kochi Shougyou (Kochi) 2 - 4 Kanzei Koukou (Okayama)
1st 15 Miyakonojyou Izumigaoka Koukou (Miyazaki) 2 - 0 Kiryi Daiichi Koukou (Kumamoto) Miyakonojyou plays the Cinderella, albeit with a scare in the 9th and moves on on the 2-hitter by Suwa-kun.
March 28 1st 16 Oogaki Nihon Daigaku Koukou (Gifu) 7 - 4 Kita Ootsu Koukou (Shiga)
2nd 17 Osaka Touin Koukou (Osaka) 11 - 8 Sano Nihon Koukou (Tochigi) Nakata Sho would take a break from pitching to focus on offense, and proceeded to hit HR's in back-to-back at-bats, the first of which was estimated at close to 150 m (492 feet)!!
2nd 18 Tokoha Gakuen Kikugawa Koukou (Shizuoka) 10 - 0 Imabari Nishi Koukou (Ehime)
March 29 2nd 19 Kumamoto Kougyou (Kumamoto) 6 - 3 (12) Chiba Keizai Koukou (Chiba)
2nd 20 Muroto Koukou (Kochi) 4 - 1 Ube Shougyou (Yamaguchi)
2nd 21 Teikyou Koukou (Tokyo) 12 - 4 Ichikawa Koukou (Hyogo)
March 30 2nd 22 Hokuyou Koukou (Osaka) 3 - 5 Kouryou Gakuen (Hiroshima)
2nd 23 Kanzei Koukou (Okayama) 12 - 0 Souzou Gakuen Daigaku Fuzoku Koukou (Nagano)
2nd 24 Miyakonojyou Izumigaoka Koukou (Miyazaki) 1 - 4 Oogaki Nihon Daigaku Koukou (Gifu)
March 31 Best 8 25 Tokoha Gakuen Kikugawa Koukou (Shizuoka) 2 - 1 Osaka Touin Koukou (Osaka) Tokoha Gakuen had other plans than going home as they rally late against Tanaka Sho with runs in the 8th and 9th to upset favored Osaka Touin.
Best 8 26 Muroto Koukou (Kochi) 3 - 5 Kumamoto Kougyou (Kumamoto) Muroto tries to rally in the 9th, but P Morisawa-kun's struggles in the 3rd were too much to overcome.
April 1 Best 8 27 Teikyou Koukou (Tokyo) 7 - 1 Kouryou Gakuen (Hiroshima) Powerhouse Teikyou rolls on yet again, pegging Kouryou Gakuen to an insurmountable 0-6 deficit in the first inning.
Best 8 28 Oogaki Nihon Daigaku Koukou (Gifu) 9 - 1 Kanzei Koukou (Okayama) Kanzei's run falls short yet again as debutants Oogaki Nihon move on to the Best 4 with ease.
April 2 Best 4 29 Tokoha Gakuen Kikugawa Koukou (Shizuoka) 6 - 4 Kumamoto Kougyou (Kumamoto) Tokoha proves that beating Osaka Touin was no fluke as they rally in the 9th, with the possible help of a untimely pitching change to beat a strong Kumamoto team.
Best 4 30 Teikyou Koukou (Tokyo) 4 - 5 Oogaki Nihon Daigaku Koukou (Gifu) Oogaki Nihon turns the tables on Teikyou surviving the initial barrage and taking advantage of the uncertain pitching situation that developed during the tournament.
April 3 Final 31 Oogaki Nihon Daigaku Koukou (Gifu) 5 - 6 Tokoha Gakuen Kikugawa Koukou (Shizuoka) In a replay of the semifinal game of the Tokai regional tournament, Oogaki would get out to the early lead but Tokoha would not be denied. They show the true hears of a champion as they rally once again with 1 run in the 7th and 2 in the 8th to beat Oogaki once again and win the Koushien Tournament.


  First Round Second Round Best Eight Best Four Championship
 Nihon Univ. - Sano JSHS 7  
 Oomuta JSHS 0  
   Nihon Univ. - Sano JSHS 8  
   Osaka Touin JSHS 11  
 Osaka Touin JSHS 7
 Nihon Bunri 0  
   Osaka Touin JSHS 1  
   Tokoha Gakuen Kikugawa 2  
 Tokoha Gakuen Kikugawa 2  
 Sendai Ikuei Gakuen 1  
   Tokoha Gakuen Kikugawa 10
   Imabari Nishi 0  
 Imabari Nishi 3
 Tsuru 2  
   Tokoha Gakuen Kikugawa 6  
   Kumamoto Technical 4  
 Wakayama Commercial 4  
 Kumamoto Technical 6  
   Kumamoto Technical 6 (12)
   Chiba Keizai Univ. HS 3  
 Chuukyou 4
 Chiba Keizai Univ. HS 5  
   Kumamoto Technical 5
   Muroto 3  
 Houtoku Gakuen 1  
 Muroto 2  
   Muroto 4
   Ube Commercial 1  
 Ube Commercial 4
 Nihon Univ. - Fujisawa HS 3  
 Tokoha Gakuen Kikugawa 6
 Nihon Univ. - Oogaki HS 5
 Teikyou JSHS 9  
 Ogi 1  
   Teikyou JSHS 12  
   Ichikawa (Hyogo) 4  
 Seikou Gakuin 2
 Ichikawa (Hyogo) 4  
   Teikyou JSHS 7  
   Kouryou (Hiroshima) 1  
 Kouryou (Hiroshima) 2 (12)  
 Narita 1  
   Kouryou (Hiroshima) 5
   Hokuyou 3  
 Hokuyou 1
 Kagoshima Commercial 0  
   Teikyou JSHS 4
   Nihon Univ. - Oogaki HS 5  
 Asahikawa Minami 0  
 Souzou Gakuen Univ. HS 1  
   Souzou Gakuen Univ. HS 0
   Kanzei 12  
 Kanzei 4
 Kouchi JSHS 2  
   Kanzei 1
   Nihon Univ. - Oogaki HS 9  
 Miyakonojou Izumigaoka 2  
 Kiryuu Daiichi 0  
   Miyakonojou Izumigaoka 1
   Nihon Univ. - Oogaki HS 4  
 Kita Ootsu 4
 Nihon Univ. - Oogaki HS 7