1973 Amateur World Series (FEMBA)

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The 1973 Amateur World Series run by FEMBA ran parallel to the 1973 Amateur World Series run by the FIBA in a period of international baseball conflict. Though the FEMBA event started and ended earlier, it went into the history books post-reconciliation as "Amateur World Series XXII" while the FIBA event was known as "Amateur World Series XXI". The FEMBA Series was held in Managua, Nicaragua from November 22 through December 5.

Flag of United States United States won the event, going 10-0 to take home Gold. It was their first Gold ever in an Amateur World Series and was aided by the absence of Cuba, a member of FIBA. Rich Wortham won the finale, 1-0, in a duel of future major leaguers and had a 0.00 ERA in 27 innings. Orlando Gonzalez scored 12 runs to lead all players. Jimmie Hacker was named the All-Star at 3B, Wayne Krenchicki was picked at SS, Danny Goodwin at C and Wortham as LHP.

Flag of Nicaragua Nicaragua went 8-2 to take home Silver. The home team featured Dennis Martinez, the final game loser to Wortham. Julio Cuarezma led with four doubles. Gersan Jarquin was the All-Star 2B, Pedro Selva the All-Star DH and Julio Juarez the All-Star RHP.

Flag of Puerto Rico Puerto Rico took home Bronze at 8-2. Rene Acevedo led with 3 homers and 11 RBI.

Flag of Colombia Colombia and Flag of Chinese Taipei Chinese Taipei tied for 4th at 7-3. Colombia's All-Star 1B Luis Gaviria led in average (.432), slugging (.614) and hits (19). They also had the All-Star CF, José Corpas‎ Jr. One of Taiwan's hurler was Shin-Ming Tan, who would be the first Taiwan native to play in the US minor leagues. All-Star RF Ming-Yung Hsieh led with 11 steals and two triples.

Flag of Canada Canada and Flag of Honduras Honduras tied for 6th with 4-6 records.

Flag of Costa Rica Costa Rica and Flag of Guatemala Guatemala split 8th place at 3-7. Guatemala's Jorge Cordero was the All-Star LF.

Flag of Mexico Mexico was 10th at 1-9.

Flag of Germany Germany finished last at 0-10, though they only lost 4-0 to the USA. They would not return to a Series until 2007.

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