Comments on: 500+ Doubles & SLG% Under .471 This and that about baseball stats. Tue, 16 Jul 2013 17:01:55 +0000 hourly 1 By: Johnny Twisto Wed, 19 Jan 2011 21:20:00 +0000 I smell an Andy graph brewing on those doubles % numbers...

By: John Autin Wed, 19 Jan 2011 08:43:59 +0000 P.S. to Lawrence Azrin -- The Polo Grounds was definitely a bad doubles park, due to extremely short foul lines.

In 1954, for example, there were 127 doubles in the Giants' home games, but 200 in their road games.

The flip side of that was all the cheap HRs (which you somehow never hear about when people are guesstimating how many career HRs Mays lost to Candlestick Park): In '54, there were 187 HRs in the Giants' home games, just 112 in their road games.

By: John Autin Wed, 19 Jan 2011 08:38:48 +0000 @38, Lawrence Azrin -- Good point. I checked the rate of doubles (as a % of total hits) in the NL for two 3-year periods during Mays's career, and compared to the last 3 years:

NL -- Doubles as % of total hits:

1954-56 -- 15.8%
1966-68 -- 15.1%
2008-10 -- 20.2%

P.S. I had read somewhere that doubles accounted for about 20% of hits on a pretty consistent basis throughout the live-ball era. Not so!

By: TheIronHorse Tue, 18 Jan 2011 15:51:35 +0000 Before Willie Mays' catch in the 1954 World Series against Vic Wertz, the greatest catch in Series history was considered to be Sam Rice's catch in the 1925 World Series for the Senators against the Pirates. He caught the ball and tumbled over the outfield wall, re-emerging with the ball triumphantly held high.

Naturally, no video exists. It was debated for years whether Rice held the ball. An interesting sidebar was that Rice had written his recollections in
a letter to be opened upon his death. The HOF knowing of the existence of this letter, searched vainly after his death in 1965 but could not find it.

Finally, an attorney in New York City, reading of the search, announced that he had the letter. In it Rice wrote that he, "had a death grip on it."

So not only was Rice improperly remembered because he ended up 13 hits shy of 3,000, he also lost his spot as the best WS catch ever to Mays catch and the power of video.

By: topper009 Tue, 18 Jan 2011 00:19:19 +0000 Looks like the worst HOF non-pitcher in terms of 2B% is Wee Willie Keeler with only 241 2Bs out of 2932 hits for 8%. I guess he could only hit singles where they aint.

By: topper009 Mon, 17 Jan 2011 23:02:20 +0000 Surprising Eddie Collins did not make the list, 438 2Bs out of 3315 hits, only 13%, lower than Mays' rate.

Sam Rice was very close, with 498 2Bs and a .427 SLG%. He missed 500 2Bs by 2 and 3000 hits by only 13. If he would have only played 1 more month he would probably be remembered much more.

By: Lawrence Azrin Mon, 17 Jan 2011 18:55:16 +0000 #6/#17/#19- Willie Mays' doubles totals - I don't think they were unusually low; there were just fewer doubles hit in the NLof the 50s and 60s, than other eras that produced high single-season doubles totals.

Here is where he ranks on the Giants in doubles for his full years (1954-71), he is usually first or second on the Giants:
YEAR../RANK../Leading doubles total on the Giants
'54 2nd 35
'55 4th 21
'56 1st 27
'57 2nd 31
'58 2nd 38
'59 1st 43
'60 2nd 36
'61 1st 32
'62 1st 36
'63 2nd 33
'64 2nd 27
'65 1st 30
'66 1st 29
'67 3rd 26
'68 1st 20
'69 4th 26
'70 5th 35
'71 4th 32

Perhaps someone with better P-I abilities than myself can determine if the Giants' home park had below-average doubles totals for these years...

By: JSE Mon, 17 Jan 2011 17:03:46 +0000 If he stays healthy, Brian Roberts could end up pretty high on this list -- at 32 he's got 332 doubles, and has been a safe bet for 45 2B every time he plays a full season. Career SLG now at .419.

By: fourfriends1679 Mon, 17 Jan 2011 15:38:42 +0000 @#27: I used war rankings in my all-time dream team selections. Come by and take a look. (Name linked to blog.)

By: John Autin Mon, 17 Jan 2011 07:03:01 +0000 P.S. to Bells -- There have been 28 MLB players with the last name "Bell," including 7 All-Stars. But the only Bell in the HOF never played in the majors: Negro Leagues great Cool Papa Bell.