Comments on: Game Four Thoughts This and that about baseball stats. Tue, 16 Jul 2013 17:01:55 +0000 hourly 1 By: DoubleDiamond Thu, 04 Nov 2010 03:18:33 +0000 This topic is about to go to the 2nd page, but I just wanted to comment on the remark about the Reds getting a good starting pitcher for Hamilton. That pitcher, Edinson Volquez, now joins Sal Maglie as the only two pitchers to be the losing pitchers in postseason no-hitters.

By: John Autin Tue, 02 Nov 2010 02:53:04 +0000 @14 -- Only the first of your three points is a reasonable counterstatement to what I wrote. You are right that Michael Young does not neatly fit the "misfits/castoffs" tag just because Texas tried (but failed) to dump his contract.

On your other 2 points:

-- The fact that Hamilton was a good acquisition does not preclude him from wearing the "misfit/castoff" description. As I said before, he was out of the game for three whole years, then was exposed in the Rule 5 draft. If he's not a castoff, there's no such animal.

-- The fact that Guerrero was a free agent does not contradict the idea that he was "let go" by the Angels. When you make no effort to re-sign your own free agent, you're letting him go.

You note that other GMs were wrong to think Vlad was finished -- well, sure. But that just emphasizes my own point about a guy like Aubrey Huff. We've heard a dozen times during postseason broadcasts that Huff was SF's 3rd choice to play first base last offseason, and they were able to get him for about $3 million because no one else wanted to pay him more. And why was that? Because a lot of GMs are just like fans; they can't see past what the player did last year. Huff has had many good seasons, and in 2008 he hit .304/32/108 and led the league in extra-base hits. Huff's fine 2010 season is no more of a surprise than Vlad's.

Huff, Ross, Uribe, Burrell (33 HRs in 2008), F.Sanchez -- they were all "castoffs" in a sense, but mostly because of other teams' money decisions. They've all had good major-league careers, and there was no reason to think any of them were washed up heading into this year. The "castoffs" concept was just a storyline that sounded good for the media.

By: David Varet Tue, 02 Nov 2010 02:13:34 +0000 In Fox's defense (saying that makes me cringe), they did say the 4th youngest to start and win a WS game - not just win.

By: Richard Tue, 02 Nov 2010 01:08:32 +0000 @ 7
They may have tried to trade Michael Young, but that hardly makes him a misfit/castoff.

Josh Hamilton was just a great trade. Reds got a good starting pitcher for him.

Guerrero wasn't "let go" by the Angels. He was a free agent. He made less money because GMs thought one poor season meant he was finished. They were wrong.

By: DoubleDiamond Tue, 02 Nov 2010 00:55:59 +0000 I had already started my vowel initials list with Chase Utley and trying to recollect who was on the Dodgers in 2008 when I re-read the sentence and noticed that the game in question was in the American League Championship Series.

Costumes of the night were those two guys dressed as recent ex-Presidents sitting up front near the Rangers' on-deck circle. What? Those weren't costumes? Never mind!

The Rangers used a total of three relief pitchers with last names that start with "O". The other two, in addition to Ogando, were Oliver and O'Day.

When I see lefthander Derek Holland on the mound in uniform #45, I keep looking for the MUL at the beginning of his last name. Terry Mulholland pitched for 11 different teams, including multiple stints with the Giants, but the Rangers were one for whom he never pitched. He wore #45 for most of those teams at one time or another.

By: Johnny Twisto Mon, 01 Nov 2010 19:21:53 +0000 The all-time median age of a SP to win a WS game is 29 years, 64 days. Of a losing SP, it is 29 yrs, 266 days.

By: John Autin Mon, 01 Nov 2010 18:14:38 +0000 "FOX just listed Bumgarner as the fourth youngest to win a WS game. Should have used they Play Index, they missed K-Rod."

Indeed they did. Maybe they meant that he was the fourth youngest starter to win a WS game.

P.S. Kind of cool that Fernando Valenzuela and Jim Palmer, the 2nd & 3rd youngest SPs to win a WS game, were the exact same age at the time of their wins.

By: John Autin Mon, 01 Nov 2010 17:32:47 +0000 @9 -- Reasons not to start Lee in Game 4:

-- In his 9-year MLB career, he has never started on 3 days' rest. That includes the postseason -- particularly last year's WS, when the Phillies started Blanton in Game 4 while trailing 2 games to 1.

-- C.J. Wilson also has never started a game on 3 days' rest. Also, this is his first year as a starting pitcher since 2005, and he has already exceeded his previous season high by about 80 innings.

In any case, Texas has been shut out in 2 of 4 games, and their bullpen has been putrid. It's hard to see how Lee could have made a difference in Game 4, given that the Rangers mustered 3 hits and no runs.

By: JD Mon, 01 Nov 2010 16:55:20 +0000 Why in the world would you not start Lee in game 4. Texas should of started Lee in 4 and Wilson in 5 to try and win those games at home. That would of given them 2 chances to win one in SF

By: John Autin Mon, 01 Nov 2010 15:27:49 +0000 Sean's note on Peter Bourjos led me to check his fielding stats. Wow! -- ten outfield assists in 51 games, and RF/9 almost one full chance above the league average. Too bad he didn't hit a lick.