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By: David in Toledo Fri, 30 Nov 2007 01:27:47 +0000 The following is based on Bill James's Win Shares (Stats, 2002).

I take the following win shares totals to be Hall of Fame career-total presumption-carriers, by position. After each number, I name someone who is just over the bar, and someone else who is just under it. 1b, 365 (Willie Stargell, 370 or Harmon Killebrew, 371; Tony Perez, 349). 2b, 335 (Ryne Sandberg, 349 or Robby Alomar, 345; Bobby Grich, 329). 3b, 350 (Brooks Robinson, 356; Ron Santo, 324). SS, 320 (Ozzie Smith, 325 or Barry Larkin, 320; Alan Trammell, 318). LF, 380 (Tim Raines, 390; Billy Williams, 374). CF, 350 (Duke Snider, 352 or Max Carey, 351; Richie Ashburn, 329). RF, 365 (Roberto Clemente, 377; Rusty Staub, 358 or Dwight Evans, 347). C, 300 (Bill Dickey, 314 or Ivan Rodriguez, 312; Mickey Cochrane, 275 or Bill Freehan, 267). DH, 400 (Frank Thomas, 401; Edgar Martinez, c. 295). SP, 300 (Bert Blyleven, 339 or Tom Glavine, 314; Tommy John, 289 or John Smoltz, 285). Relief pitchers, consideration postponed.

Are my cutoffs arbitrary? Yes. Do they comport with common sense? You decide. Note that I defined them as "presumption-carriers." That is, if a player is over the bar, he deserves admission unless a good argument can be made against him. If a player is under the bar, he shouldn't get in unless a good case can be made for him.

For example, Ron Santo. Brooks Robinson played in 2900 games, including a full season at age 38 (batting .201). Santo played in only 2243 games, did not play after age 34, and the 15 years he played were with early-onset diabetes. Given a few more years, Santo would have easily reached 350 win shares.

Whatever you think of this starting place for argument, I figure the idea has some pertinence to Hall of Fame voting.

By: Andy Thu, 29 Nov 2007 14:48:36 +0000 I just noticed from above that Gaylord Perry homered off Blyleven. I looked it up, and Perry hit 6 career homers: 1 each off of Bert, Nino Espinoza, Bill Hands, Claude Osteen, Dick Ruthven, and Mike Wegener.