Comments on: Most hits since 2000 This and that about baseball stats. Tue, 16 Jul 2013 17:01:55 +0000 hourly 1 By: FBL Mon, 12 Jan 2009 06:12:22 +0000 I am not shocked that Miguel Tejada is here but so many under rate this player its sad .

I think hes a Hof for sure, Reasons for HOF

98-08 11 full season +27 games in 1997 sept call up.

85 hits away from 2000 hits entering in his 12th full season hit highs 177,179,199 200x 3

Doubles 9x 30+ or better highs 37-39-40-42-50

Hrs 8x 20+ or better highes 4x 30+

1 RBI away from 1100 next yr in 12th season early on reach 1,123 to move to 5th all time SS RBIS while playing SS,next up 4th is Ripken at 1267 .

1 of 3 SS ever to have 5 100 RBIs 5 seasons in a row a super rare feat Arod, Joe Croin amd now M.T add a 6th 100 RBIs season and to boot 3 80+

His 150 RBIs was most by a SS in 55 yrs.

need less than 11HRs to pass banks as 3rd all time in SS hrs 280 will pass E banks for 3rd hes at 272 and think 3 were at DH so 11 more

972 F% at SS with a insane 1100 doubles plays(in 11 full season as for TC PO ASST his up there yearly like inning double plays and TC ASST

1 AS game MVP
1 Hr Derby winner
2 sliver slugger
also helped in oakland win 3 west while getting MVP
batting 300 3x 296 other highs

Banks and yount played at postions and both games and stats are both almost evenly spilt
Ripken hit 431 but 345 as SS which is tied with Arod all time AL SS MT is 3rd in AL
all time in NL E banks 279 of 512 as ss

By end of it all should have 2500 hits 300+Hrs 450+ Doubles 1400 Rbis 1400 double plays top 3-4 Hrs RBIs even hits he be some what up there too.Over hes sure be in call when done.