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It should be 4.01 runs per game not 3.52.

By: John Q Wed, 06 Jul 2011 02:32:57 +0000 @35 Anon,

The 1976 Orioles are a very interesting team IMO. They were a transitional team from those early 70's O's with Reggie Jackson playing RF.

Yeah Jackson came to the O's in a trade because Charlie Finley didn't want to pay him. Then Jackson held out for a month before he started with the Orioles. It definitely didn't help the Orioles chances against the Yankees that they didn't have Jackson for month.

B. Robinson was done as player in 1975 and should have retired at the end of that year. Blair just fell off a cliff in 1975 and never rebounded and was done as a productive player.

That Orioles team had a lot of very good/great seasons from players like Jackson, Grich, Palmer, Garland, Singleton and Belanger. Then you had solid support from guys like May and Bumbry.

But on the other had they had awful years from a few veteran players.

Paul Blair hit .197/.245/.264
B. Robinson hit .211/.240/.307
And at 32 & 39 years old, Blair & Robinson were at best average fielders.

I've never understood why T. Muser got 356 plate appearances mostly at first. First Base is hitter's position and Muser had a .227/.270/.264 line.

Mike Cueller was awful in '76 with a 4.96 ERA and a 66 ERA+.

As far as Slugging percentage goes, the AL was a very low run scoring environment in '76 with only 3.52 Runs per game. I don't really know why exactly.

By: Anon Wed, 06 Jul 2011 01:45:23 +0000 People always forget about Reggie on the Orioles - led the league in slugging that year with a .502 SLG. .502!!!!! How bad was that era offensively? You have to go back to 1919 in the NL and 1916 in the AL to find a league leader with that low of a SLG.

Was reminded by the 22+ HR in 81 games post just how much of a beast Reggie was in his early days with the A's. That 1969 was just unreal. Put him in a decent park in a better offensive era and he clears 600 HR easily. Put him in the 90's and he's pushing 700. . . . .

By: John Q Tue, 05 Jul 2011 23:42:11 +0000 Anon,

The tougher ones are the players from pre 1980 before all the different traded baseball card sets came out, before ESPN, 24 hr sports network etc.

There's a surreal picture of Steve Carlton on the GIANTS getting his 4000 k at Candlestick Park.

How about Reggie Jackson on the Orioles in 1976:

By: Fireworks Tue, 05 Jul 2011 22:48:30 +0000 'offensive error' <3

By: Fireworks Tue, 05 Jul 2011 22:45:50 +0000 @ Neil L

I don't think that we've seen the end of the likes of the big, tall, strong middle-infielder whose primary value is through his offensive contribution, but I think that those guys are more likely to have their position switched. A lesser offensive era will make anemic offensive middle-infielders less harmful, relatively, and thus a more viable option. But teams are still going to want an A-Rod or Jeter instead of a Vizquel or Guillen starting at SS.

But the biggest factor affecting the future of those kinds of players in the middle infield is whether or not positions outside of middle infielders begin to have more marginal contributors as starters--because if you have a Jeter and a Vizquel (with an average Vizquel bat for his career--not in his youth) in your minor league system and a Juan Pierre and a Guillen as your starting LF and SS, I think you begin to groom the Jeter to replace the Juan Pierre and the Vizquel to replace the Guillen.

Ultimately, though, since statistical analysis is much better than prior to the last high offensive error, teams aren't going to as much look at a quick, agile man of average height with a butter-smooth glove and rifle arm and start excitedly talking amongst themselves that he "looks" like a great middle infielder. They're going to do the legwork and try to figure out his contribution and if the other gangly, not super-fundamental or good all-around middle infielder's bat projects him to be a better guy, then I think it's his job.

Still, though, the keyest factor is if the Juan Pierres and Brett Gardners become the norm in the corner outfield it becomes more likely that the A-Rods and Jeters of the future get pushed to lesser defensive positions so that position has the right amount of 'offense'.

P.S. I wrote this hours and hours ago and then forgot to finish editing and click 'submit'. Luckily if there's one thing modern browsers can do (other than hog memory), it's restore a session and put whatever you entered into an unsubmitted form back into it.

By: Anon Tue, 05 Jul 2011 18:58:42 +0000 @30, John Q

There are a lot of interesting ones:
Eddie Matthews
TOm Seaver
Reggie Jackson
Babe Ruth
Dave Winfield
Eddie Murray
Frank Robinson
Joe Morgan
Andre Dawson
Robbie Alomar
Frank thomas
Sammy Sosa
Greg Maddux
Steve Carlton
Don Sutton
Phil Niekro

I tried to avoid vagabonds like Gaylord Perry & RIckey Henderson but some of those can be interesting too (Perry finished with the ROyals in 1983 for example)

By: John Q Tue, 05 Jul 2011 18:06:57 +0000 @26 Anon,

That's an interesting idea.

Topps had a air-brushed card of Aaron on the Brewers in 1975. They put out a 1976 card with him in a Brewers uniform.

There's a Billy Williams air brushed card on the A's in 1975 and a regular photo of Williams on the A's in the 1976 set.

There was never a Topps Dodger card with Marichal because I think he only played about 4 games and then retired. There's an airbrushed Marichal card of him on the Red Sox in the 1974 set. I'm not sure if Topps produced a 1975 card of Marichal on the Red Sox.

Topps never put out a 1976 card with Killebrew card which would have featured him in a Royals uniform. I guy did a prototype of what a card like that would have looked like.

There were two cards put out (1975-76) with Vada Pinson on the Royals.

There's also a few cards from the early 70's with Pinson on the Indians and the Angels which is very strange.

By: obsessivegiantscompulsive Tue, 05 Jul 2011 17:28:30 +0000 #24: Yes, Wes, that is the rumor. From what I read, Helton killed a deer and asked the rook to help him carry the carcass up the stairs. Barmes hasn't been the same hitter since.

Of course, that presumes he was that good a hitter to begin with. He didn't do all that well in the minors and those stats were already juiced by being in offensive oriented home parks (as seemingly all the Rockies affiliates seem to have).

To wit, his first 86 games (in 2005, not for career, I would note; he was in high 700 OPS range in 2003 and 2004), his BABIP was .340 while he was hitting well, but his career numbers is .281. His BABIP has been up and down since then, reaching a peak .328 in one season where he played a good number of games/ABs, and that was his best season since, 2008 with a .790 OPS.

He's never been much of a runner, so the only way he could maintain that high a BABIP is either luck or being a good hitter. While his K-rate in the minors was good, it was not great and that is what it was in 2005, great, where he wasn't striking out very much, much much better than in the minors. When his career numbers regressed to be over that of his minor's stats, he hasn't done that well since.

It just seems like he caught lightening in the bottle that season and the BABIP gods gave to him then, then took away later. Unfortunately, Helton had to kill that deer and knock Barmes off that runaway train he was on, we'll never know if the confidence of hitting like that over a full season might have done for his future seasons.

Then again, Coors seems to be conducive to high BABIP seasons, as CarGon was great last season, but had a very high.384 BABIP, but this season, which some might view as a down one, his BABIP of .340 is in range of where it was before. He's still good, high 800 is very good, but just not as great as he showed in 2010 when the BABIP gods gave to him. But at least it got him that great contract, good thing, Helton's contract should be ending soon.

By: Chuck Tue, 05 Jul 2011 16:39:01 +0000 Why are Mark Teixeira and Nick Swisher missing from the Yanks' stat page?