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By: Doug Fri, 08 Apr 2011 16:37:01 +0000 @21.

David, that's quite something that the As had three 3000+ hit men on their roster in '28. All three appeared together numerous times during the season, although Collins did not start in any of his appearances that year, and only played in the field 3 times.

This game was the last time all three played in the field and finished the game. Cobb and Speaker both doubled, and Collins scored a run, but the Yanks prevailed 12-6 behind Gehrig's 2 homers and 5 RBIs.

In '29, with Speaker and Cobb both gone and Collins reduced to just 9 hitless PH appearances. the As rolled to the AL pennant over the Yanks and bounced the Cubs in the series.

By: Doug Fri, 08 Apr 2011 16:09:46 +0000 @21.

I checked the Winfield/Brett and Winfield/Yount possibilities at the end of '93. Winfield got his 3000th hit for the Twins against Oakland on Sep 16, but there were no subsequent Twins games that year against the Royals or Brewers.

Similar story for Molitor in '96. He also got his 3000th hit for the Twins on Sep 16, but no games against Murray (then with the Orioles) until '97 when Eddie was with the Angels.

Looks like the only players to play in the World Series after reaching 3000 hits were Mays in '73, Rose in '80 and '83, and Murray in '95. Appears that Winfield was left off of the Tribe's post-season roster in '95.

By: DavidRF Fri, 08 Apr 2011 14:53:33 +0000 @17
That's a good list. I see Winfield/Brett/Yount permutations possible in late 1993 but but it the Twins didn't play the Royals or Brewers late that year.

Then interleague play increases the possibilities but it doesn't look like Gwynn ever played Ripken or Boggs after they each hit the milestone.

Speaker went to Philly in 1928 (Wheat had retired) so the A's had a 3300+ H trio.

By: DavidRF Fri, 08 Apr 2011 14:30:41 +0000 @18,@19
Yeah, I understand. There were a lot of 300-HR pairs, but I stopped listing them in when I switched to 300-HR trios in the early 70s. Here's more... information condensed to save space
FRobinson/Powell, Santo/Allen, BWilliams/McCovey, Perez/Yaz, Perez/Schmidt, Murphy, DaEvans, JClark/Lynn, GCarter/Murray, LarParrish/JCarter, McGwire/Canseco, McGwire/Gaetti, Fielder/Strawberry, Bonds/JCarter, CDavis/Strawberry, Sosa/Gaetti, Bonds/Galarraga, JGonzalez/Burks, McGriff/Sosa, Thome/Burks, Walker/GVaughn, Walker/Castilla, Walker/Edmonds, Burks/Ramirez, AJones/CJones, LGonzalez/Green, Finley/Helton, Ramirez/Thome (LA), AJones/IRod, Sheffield/Delgado, Glaus/Pujols, Thome/Griffey, DLee/Soriano, Edmonds/Rolen, Dunn/IRod, Helton/Giambi.... probably still missed a few... its a long list.

There's so many pairs that I missed a few trios that I should have listed above:

Parker/Parrish/Winfield 1991
Konerko/Thome/Dye 2009

By: dukeofflatbush Fri, 08 Apr 2011 13:16:50 +0000 David RF
Craig Nettles & Dale Murphy on the '87 Braves

By: dukeofflatbush Fri, 08 Apr 2011 13:14:02 +0000 David RF
Ron Cey & Reggie Jackson on '86 Athletics.

By: Doug Fri, 08 Apr 2011 05:54:26 +0000 Games featuring Speaker, Cobb and Collins are probably the only ones with three 3000+ hit players.

Even games with two 3000+ hit players are pretty rare. Probably only:
- Combinations of Speaker, Cobb and Collins
- Aaron and Mays
- Rose and Brock (2 games in Sep 1979)
- Brett and Yount
- Winfield and Murray (second half of 1995 season - first 3000-hit teammates since Cobb and Collins)
- Molitor and Murray (first half of 1997 season)
- Gwynn and Henderson (last game of 2001 season ONLY - another 3000-hit teammates)

Honorable mention: Roberto Clemente's 3000th hit in 1972 came against the Mets. Willie Mays didn't play in that game but was in uniform.

Any others?

By: DavidRF Fri, 08 Apr 2011 03:25:21 +0000 I chose 300 HR. It was not that common before 1970 or so for a team to have multiple 300 HR players. Then maybe 1-2 teams a year had them until 2000 or so. Last year there were eight teams with 300 HR teammates.

The first teammates were Ruth & Gehrig. Just for the one year (1934). After that, you have to wait until Mize/Dimaggio.

Ruth/Gehrig 1934
Mize/Dimaggio 1949-51
Hodges/Snider 1958-61,63
Berra/Mantle 1960-63
Mathews/Aaron 1963-66
Mays/Snider 1964
Mathews/Kaline 1967-68
Mantle/Colavito 1968
Aaron/Cepeda 1969-72
Mays/McCovey 1969-72

Switching to 3+ players....

Banks/Williams/Santo 1971
Cash/Kaline/Howard 1972-73
Baylor/Evans/Rice 1987
Ripken/Carter/Palmeiro/Baines 1998
Belle/Baines/Ripken 1999
Canseco/Vaughn/McGriff 2000
Thomas/Baines/Canseco 2001
ARod/Palmeiro/Gonzalez 2003
ARod/Sheffield/Sierra 2004
ARod/Sheffield/Sierra/Giambi/Martinez 2005
ARod/Sheffield/Giambi 2006
Delgado/Alou/Green 2007
Ramirez/AJones/Kent 2008
Berkman/IRodriguez/CLee 2009
Glaus/DLee/CJones 2010
Konerko/AJones/Ramirez 2010

By: dukeofflatbush Fri, 08 Apr 2011 00:55:39 +0000 DavidRF

The New York Yankees, hypothetically say -100-150 games into the year, might field a team with a line-up with these HR totals:

Rodriguez - DH – 640
Jones- CF- 420
Teixeira -1B – 300
Posada – C - 280
Chavez – 3B - 240
Jeter – SS - 240
Swisher – RF - 180
Granderson –LF – 150
Cano -2B - 130

Imagine if they go after a Big Bopper at the trading deadline. Say - move Posada behind the plate nd bring in a big DH if the offense is struggling, you could have 3 - 400 HR players.