Comments on: The 20 most productive players of 2010 This and that about baseball stats. Tue, 16 Jul 2013 17:01:55 +0000 hourly 1 By: Michael E Sullivan Sat, 26 Mar 2011 19:32:19 +0000 32: what's your over under on Red Sox wins in 2011?

By: Michael E Sullivan Sat, 26 Mar 2011 19:31:46 +0000 BSK @13: IIRC, one of the headliners here did a post a few months back where they used a WAR/PA of .01 for a whole career (with some min PAs or WAR) as a proxy for who is an inner circle hall of famer.

So there are guys who've done it not just for a season but for their whole career. Looking for more than 700 PA in a season, doesn't just look for those who maintained it over a lot of PAs it also tends to eliminate a lot of players based purely on batting position and how good their team's offense was. It's pretty rare for guys in the 3/4 holes to get 700 PAs, usually only when they have a very good team OBP.

Also guys who are getting this level of WAR/PA are usually power hitters (with the exception of an occasional rickey or ichiro) who tend to get slotted in the 3/4 spots even when it might not be the best idea. If you have a huge walk guy with power (like AP or BB, Thome) and you don't have any (or two) classic leadoff guys (high OBP, low SLG, good speed), putting your monster slugger in the 1 or 2 spots might be better than people think. More PAs is valuable, maybe more valuable than having an extra mediocre OBP guy in front.

Of course, ideally, you want Rickey Henderson and Tim Raines in the 1 and 2 spots in front of your masher, but unless you are the yankees, that kind of perfect lineup doesn't happen often.

By: Jimbo Sat, 26 Mar 2011 16:55:26 +0000 Amazing that once again the Twins are NOT planning on using Thome as their primary DH.

It's just messed up. Barring injury, there's no way he shouldn't be starting 125+ games at DH.

I just don't get it.

By: Jon Sat, 26 Mar 2011 16:09:41 +0000 Considering that #5 on this list is more likely to repeat his performance than #7, and that the Red Sox could potentially pick up as many as 900 plate appearances between numbers 13, 14, and 18, and that cast-off outfielder they picked up from Tampa Bay looks pretty good too, this could be a scary season for pitchers facing the Red Sox.


By: John Q Fri, 25 Mar 2011 13:06:24 +0000 @30 Terrry,

Thome's "Position" was "DH".

Ruiz batted in the 6th spot 1 game, 7th spot 56 games, 8th spot 60 games and 9th spot 1 game. He actually hit much much better in the 7th spot than in the 8th spot with roughly the same amount of plate appearances:

7th: .337/.407/.524
8th: .263/.398/.351.

Overall, Ruiz had a great year in somewhat limited play (433 plate appearances). He hit .302/.400/.447 and remember this is coming from a Catcher who's a good defensive player.

Andy's point wasn't that Nix was the second most productive Red. It clearly says a ratio of WAR/Plate Appearance in the first paragraph. So the list refers to productivity/plate appearance. Just because Laynce Nix isn't a household name doesn't mean he didn't play well in his limited time.

Nix hit .291/.350/.455 and played very good defense in left field in only 182 plate appearances. So from that standpoint, Nix was very productive in his limited playing time.

Scott Boras's job isn't to be an impartial arbiter on Oliver Perez' career. His job is to get his client the best deal possible. So in this case his job was to accentuate Perez's positives. Perez was a 27 year old left handed pitcher with a career (2002-2008) 9.2 K/9 ratio, roughly the same as Sandy Koufax. On the flip side his job is also to down play the negative, Perez's 4.8 BB/9 ratio was slightly higher than Doug Sisk's career number and the fact that Perez led the National League in 2008 in Base on Balls.

Whether Omar Minaya was dumb enough to take Boras at face value and give Perez a 3 year 36 million dollar contract is another story.

By: Terry Fri, 25 Mar 2011 09:59:21 +0000 What *defensive* position did Jim Thome play?

Whould Ruiz still draw that many walks, without the pitcher after him?

Oh no, not the immortal Laynce Nix! Somebody tell Dusty that this is his team's second most productive player.

Did the ever-so-honest player agent Scott Boras, come up with a statistical comparison, on how well Oliver Perez rates among the games best left-handed starters?

It's amazing what a person can do with statistics 🙂

By: Paul E Fri, 25 Mar 2011 02:54:09 +0000 @19 Drew D.:

Maybe that rocket scientist Charlie Manual will get the Chooch out of the 8 hole? Perhaps we should write him now that the Phillies can bat their new MVP candidate, Luis Castillo, in the 8 hole? If that doesn't work, I gotta believe Wilson Valdez is a capable 8th hitter......

By: barkie Fri, 25 Mar 2011 01:16:04 +0000 #26 Phillyphan

the adventure begins

By: David M. Thu, 24 Mar 2011 23:20:04 +0000 This is great. I've been waiting (and I suppose I'm still waiting) for a WAR rate stat. I know that there's wOBA, wRC and all that, but it would be nice to see something that distills WAR into a per PA or inning type of thing. I'm sure there are problems inherent in this, but I'm sure there are smart enough and knowledgeable enough to overcome them.

By: PhillyPhan Thu, 24 Mar 2011 22:23:58 +0000 How is WAR calculated? I am not familiar with that stat? Can someone help me on this?