MLB Silver Slugger Award Winners - National League

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Shading is not used to differentiate the players' performances. It is merely used to quickly illustrate long strings of games/years played by a single player. When a player in the column changes, so does the color of the shading.

List of Silver Slugger Winners

List of Silver Slugger Winners Table
Year & Common P C 1B 2B 3B SS OF OF OF
2018 NL Marquez Realmuto Goldschmidt Baez Arenado Story Yelich Markakis Peralta
2017 NL Wainwright Posey Goldschmidt Murphy Arenado Seager Ozuna Stanton Blackmon
2016 NL Arrieta Ramos Rizzo Murphy Arenado Seager Yelich Cespedes Blackmon
2015 NL Bumgarner Posey Goldschmidt Gordon Arenado Crawford Harper Gonzalez McCutchen
2014 NL Bumgarner Posey Gonzalez Walker Rendon Desmond Upton Stanton McCutchen
2013 NL Greinke Molina Goldschmidt Carpenter Alvarez Desmond Bruce Cuddyer McCutchen
2012 NL Strasburg Posey LaRoche Hill Headley Desmond Bruce Braun McCutchen
2011 NL Hudson McCann Fielder Phillips Ramirez Tulowitzki Upton Kemp Braun
2010 NL Gallardo McCann Pujols Uggla Zimmerman Tulowitzki Gonzalez Holliday Braun
2009 NL Zambrano McCann Pujols Utley Zimmerman Ramirez Ethier Kemp Braun
2008 NL Zambrano McCann Pujols Utley Wright Ramirez Ludwick Holliday Braun
2007 NL Owings Martin Fielder Utley Wright Rollins Lee Holliday Beltran
2006 NL Zambrano McCann Howard Utley Cabrera Reyes Soriano Holliday Beltran
2005 NL Marquis Barrett Lee Kent Ensberg Lopez Lee Cabrera Jones
2004 NL Hernandez Estrada Pujols Loretta Beltre Wilson Bonds Abreu Edmonds
2003 NL Hampton Lopez Helton Vidro Lowell Renteria Bonds Sheffield Pujols
2002 NL Hampton Piazza Helton Kent Rolen Renteria Guerrero Bonds Sosa
2001 NL Hampton Piazza Helton Kent Pujols Aurilia Bonds Gonzalez Sosa
2000 NL Hampton Piazza Helton Kent Jones Renteria Guerrero Bonds Sosa
1999 NL Hampton Piazza Bagwell Alfonzo Jones Larkin Guerrero Walker Sosa
1998 NL Glavine Piazza McGwire Biggio Castilla Larkin Vaughn Sosa Alou
1997 NL Smoltz Piazza Bagwell Biggio Castilla Blauser Bonds Walker Gwynn
1996 NL Glavine Piazza Galarraga Young Caminiti Larkin Bonds Sheffield Burks
1995 NL Glavine Piazza Karros Biggio Castilla Larkin Sosa Gwynn Bichette
1994 NL Portugal Piazza Bagwell Biggio Williams Cordero Bonds Gwynn Alou
1993 NL Hershiser Piazza McGriff Thompson Williams Bell Bonds Justice Dykstra
1992 NL Gooden Daulton McGriff Sandberg Sheffield Larkin Bonds Van Slyke Walker
1991 NL Glavine Santiago Clark Sandberg Johnson Larkin Bonilla Bonds Gant
1990 NL Robinson Santiago Murray Sandberg Williams Larkin Bonilla Bonds Strawberry
1989 NL Robinson Biggio Clark Sandberg Johnson Larkin Mitchell Davis Gwynn
1988 NL Leary Santiago Galarraga Sandberg Bonilla Larkin Van Slyke Gibson Strawberry
1987 NL Forsch Santiago Clark Samuel Wallach Smith Dawson Davis Gwynn
1986 NL Rhoden Carter Davis Sax Schmidt Brooks Raines Gwynn Parker
1985 NL Rhoden Carter Clark Sandberg Wallach Brooks McGee Murphy Parker
1984 NL Rhoden Carter Hernandez Sandberg Schmidt Templeton Cruz Gwynn Murphy
1983 NL Valenzuela Kennedy Hendrick Ray Schmidt Thon Dawson Cruz Murphy
1982 NL Robinson Carter Oliver Morgan Schmidt Concepcion Durham Guerrero Murphy
1981 NL Valenzuela Carter Rose Trillo Schmidt Concepcion Dawson Foster Baker
1980 NL Forsch Simmons Hernandez Trillo Schmidt Templeton Dawson Hendrick Baker
39 years 23 players 16 players 22 players 22 players 22 players 21 players 57 players
Most Common Hampton Piazza Goldschmidt Sandberg Schmidt Larkin Bonds Gwynn Sosa

Multiple Winners of the Silver Slugger Award


M Piazza (10)

I Rodriguez (7)

B McCann (6)

L Parrish (6)

G Carter (5)

J Mauer (5)

J Posada (5)

B Posey (4)

B Santiago (4)

C Fisk (3)

M Tettleton (3)

S Perez (2)


D Ortiz (7)

E Martinez (4)

P Molitor (4)

D Baylor (3)

F Thomas (2)

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