WAR Download Glossary and Column Headings


name_common,player_ID,year_ID,team_ID,stint_ID,lg_ID - self explanatory

PA - plate appearances

G - games played

Inn - innings played in field

runs_bat - batting runs from our modified wRAA

runs_br - baserunning runs, includes SB and CS runs

runs_dp - runs from avoiding GIDP's in DP situation GB's.

runs_field - total fielding runs from TZR and DRS

runs_infield - defensive dp turn runs

runs_outfield - outfield arm ratings

runs_catcher - catcher defense

runs_good_plays - superlative defensive plays

runs_defense - overall defensive ability

runs_position - runs from the position they play (non-pitching)

runs_position_p - adjustment to zero out the negative contribution of pitcher offense.

runs_replacement - the replacement level adjustment for the league

runs_above_rep - the sum of the above components (double-counting excluded)

runs_above_avg - same as runs_above_rep without runs_replacement

runs_above_avg_off - save as runs_above_avg without defense

runs_above_avg_def - defense plus position

WAA - wins above average

WAA_off - wins above average using runs_above_avg_off

WAA_def - wins above average using runs_above_avg_def

WAR - wins above replacement the final number

WAR_def - just defense and position

WAR_off - just offense, position and replacement level

WAR_rep - WAR attributable to replacement level

salary - what it says

pitcher - yes or no

teamRpG - an avg team runs scored with this player

oppRpG - an avg team runs allowed with this player

oppRpPA_rep - an avg team runs allowed per pa by a replacement player

oppRpG_rep - an avg team runs allowed per g by a replacement player

pyth_exponent - pythagenpat exponent based on run environment for avg teams

pyth_exponent_rep - pythagenpat exponent based on a run environment for a replacement player

waa_win_perc - the win percentage using the pyth_exponent and team and opp R/G

waa_win_perc_off - just for offense

waa_win_perc_def - just for defense

waa_win_perc_rep - how a replacent player would do.


name_common player_ID year_ID team_ID stint_ID lg_ID



IPouts - IP * 3

IPouts_start - as a starter

IPouts_relief - as a reliever

RA - actual runs allowed

xRA - expected runs allowed based on offenses faced and interleague play

xRA_sprp_adj - adjustment based on whether innings were as a starter or reliever

xRA_def_pitcher - adjustment based on the quality of the pitcher's defense behind them

PPF - the pitcher's team park factor

PPF_custom - the park factor based on where they pitched

xRA_final - xRA with all needed adjustments

BIP - balls in play

BIP_perc - percentage of team's balls in play (used for defensive adjustment)

RS_def_total - teams defensive runs saved

runs_above_avg - xRA_final - RA

runs_above_avg_adj - adjustment, so the runs_above_avg equal zero

runs_above_rep - runs_above_avg multiplied by the league replacement level factor

RpO_replacement - runs per out for a replacement level pitcher (used to get the win_loss_perc for WAR later)

GR_leverage_index_avg - leverage in relief games

WAR - wins above replacement


teamRpG - the R/G for an average team in games this pitcher pitched

oppRpG - an avg opp's R/G in games this pitcher pitched

pyth_exponent - pythagenpat exponent

waa_win_perc - wins above average W-L perc

WAA - wins above avg

WAA_adj - adjustment to make these sum to zero.

oppRpG_rep - the run scoring of an avg team facing a replacement level pitcher

pyth_exponent_rep - that pythagenpat exponent

waa_win_perc_rep - and their W-L perc

WAR_rep - the amount of WAR attributable to replacement level