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  • Babe Ruth and Orioles Museum
    Address 216 Emory St
    Baltimore, MD  21230
    Telephone 410/727-1539
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    Babe Ruth and Orioles Museum - User Comments Add your own

    Make sure stop by Babe's when visiting Camden Yards -- 2002-06-02

    When planning a day trip to Camden Yards give yourself some extra time to visit the Bath Ruth Museum. It's a wonderful little museum only a few blocks away from the ballpark. Make sure you use your AAA card for a discount on admission.


    Nice little museum -- 2002-02-22

    I went just recently on the Camden Yard tour (I was the only one there since it was the middle of Feb.) While on the trip the tour lady told me about this Museum and she said with my tour ticket I could get in for half price. Since I didn't have anywhere else to go at the time, I took her up on it. I am very glad I did. This Museum is only 3-4 blocks west of Camden, plus there are 60 baseballs painted on the side walk that point you in the right direction. Inside there is a lot of neat memorabilia of Baltimore's sports legacy including the 83 WS trophy and an entire room dedicated to Cal Ripken and another room dedicated to the old Memeorial Stadium. I really had an enjoyable time.

    Dave Hinz

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