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  • Medicine Hat Blue Jays
    Ballpark Athletic Park
    League Pioneer League
    Address 1 Birch St Se
    Medicine Hat, AB  T1A2G2
    Telephone 403/526-0404
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    Medicine Hat Blue Jays - User Comments Add your own

    Simple Economics -- 2003-12-26

    The Medicine Hat Blue Jays attendance was so brutal there is no way the team could survive in the Hat. It's amazing that both Toronto, and the Hat's owners withstood it that long. The Franchise relocation has nothing to do with the Jays choosing to send its rookie level roster to Pulaski. There simply wasnt anyone local to Medicine Hat who wanted to buy the team.

    That said, Medicine Hat has a Western Major Baseball League team now - the Mavericks. Its made up of NCAA and NAIA college players playing over the summer. The quality of play isnt noticably different, since these are players a little older, and a little more experienced.


    Where did the Medicine Hat Blue Jays Go??? -- 2003-06-16

    Check out the above address and you will see where the Medicine Hat Blue Jays went to.


    Why arent they in Medicine Hat? -- 2003-05-22

    Why are the Blue Jays so blind and wont even have a Rookie level team in Canada? Do they not know that Toronto is in Canada and they should have minor league affiliation in Canada? Im mad!!!


    Are they still around? -- 2003-05-13

    Are the Medicine Hat Blue Jays playing in the 2003 season? If so where do I find schedule?

    Bill Darnell

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