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  • Sacramento River Cats
    Ballpark Raley Field
    League Pacific Coast League
    Address 1001 Second St.
    Sacramento, CA  95814
    Telephone 916/319-4700
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    Sacramento River Cats - User Comments Add your own

    " Day vs. Night " -- 2004-06-24

    Going to Raley Field can be an adventure with expensive parking and the dust plus the walk, but the night games are fun. It's a good brand of baseball to watch in the evening, but day games can be nearly unbearable because of the hot summers in Sacramento. Eat before you go and plan on taking your time getting out of there because the traffic can be really heavy.

    Skip Branton

    Public Transportation -- 2004-04-23

    Yes, you can get to the River Cat games cheap. RT, Sacramento Regional Transit, offers a shuttle that takes you to the game. It makes a small loop around downtown. If it's a night or weekend game, you can just park on the street downtown for free and catch the shuttle. Alternately, the shuttle goes by the lightrail station on 8th near Capitol, so you can take that downtown and then ride to the game. See the River Cats website ( for a map.

    It costs 50 cents, and comes by every 5 minutes.

    Raley Field is the perfect place to watch a ballgame, except day games from June on, as it tends to be scorching hot in Sacramento in the summer. Oh, and while all seats are good in such a small park, you can't get the seats at the lowest level behind home plate, as they are for season ticket holders only.

    Tom Spaulding

    Tom Spaulding

    River Cats -- 2003-07-28

    I have lived in Sacramento all of my life, have loved baseball for most of my life. For this reason, I am glad to have the River Cats here to go and see when I don't feel like driving to the Bay Area to the Giants or A's. The only thing I would recomend to anyone is to make sure that if you attend a night game (most games are night games at Raley Field), to sit on the 3rd base side to avoid looking directly into the sun for 2-3 innings before it drops below the stadium walls. Sure food is a little spendy, but where can you get cheap food at a game anymore anyways?!?

    B. Rhoten

    Have to agree. . . . -- 2001-08-10

    Because I enjoy Raley Field, I'm reluctant to agree with the other comments here -- but they're right. When I've been there, the seats have been comfortable (especially in the shade), the team played well, and the crowd was civilized (which means something, since Sacramento's not the friendliest of places). However, the food, while OK, is far more expensive than minor-league park food should be, and the ban on outside food is a mistake (though I see why the team, with certainly high overhead, gouges its fans). Also, the parking was the worst I've seen anywhere in ages. You have to park across the main road (with some of the more hostile attendants I've dealt with) and hike through thick dust to reach the park. Couldn't they lay down some gravel? While I recommend being at River Cats games themselves, the parking and the prices are some serious drawbacks which the team really needs to solve.

    L. Bernard

    Raley Field -- 2001-07-28

    I went to the park in May 2001. Parking is relatively expensive (especially what you get for it, which is a long walk and a lot of dust). There doesnt' seem to be any free or low cost alternative, and traffic after the game is bad. The park itself is pleasant, but not much more than that. The seats (I paid $15 for the equivalent of a box seat)are quite a ways from the field; the lawn area may be more enjoyable, especially for families. The fans (at least the night I went) seemed polite and relaxed, and certainly not hard core or fanatic, or even particularly engrossed in the game. The view is good, the weather is nice, the food is unimaginative and limited. It's a fairly bland experience overall and a bit of a disappointment.

    Eddie Wood

    ballpark -- 2001-07-25

    Raley field is a decent place for a ball game, but as a purist, there are way too many pointless events between innings to entertain fans. Stupid games and ridiculous contests are just too much. As a media member, I've been around and I must say that Raley Field is a pretty nice place and the view of downtown Sacramento is absolutely wonderful. But the fans seemed docile and easily amused to me, which is a shock because I've been to a few Kings games and the crowd never stops screaming at Arco. I've been there about 5 times now and the crowd was only loud in one game (last year). The lack of volume could be due to their record. Everything is way too expensive. Food is a joke. 4 bucks for a crappy hot dog. Parking - the worst anywhere. There are 2 roads that can take you out to where I live, both are one lane each way and the backup lasts forever. The lots are 6 bucks and are actually in dirt, giving your car a wondewrful tint of dust. My advice is, go see a game there, it's a good time. But eat before you go and take a bus from Cal Expo or downtown. The money saved is worth the extra time. In my mind, season tickets just aren't worth it.

    lee gordon

    great place to see a game -- 2001-07-12

    For 2 years now, I share season tixs with 4 other people on some great seats at Raley Field. This is a great place to see a ball game. The stadium is nice, the organization does lots durring the game to keep fans entertained. Fun for all ages!! I only have 2 issues with Raley field: 1) It's not cheap. If you want to sit in the outfield grass, it's reasonable, but good seats cost $15-18 then there is $6 for parking! Food is very pricey as well (beer $6, water $2.75, about the same as in the major league parks. 2) No coolers, no outside food or beverages allowed in the park. At least at Pac Bell Park you can bring in a sandwhich and a bottle of water! I guess the mgmt feel that as loong as 10K people show up every night, pricing is not an issue. god bless america. be creative, and have a great time!

    Mike Gianotti

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