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  • Schaumburg Flyers
    Ballpark Alexian Field
    League Northern League
    Address Springinsguth Rd
    Schaumburg, IL  60193
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    Schaumburg Flyers - User Comments Add your own

    bad experience -- 2008-05-10

    I live in the area so each year I go to games and each year I am shocked that it opens the next year. Flyers needs to take lessons from the Kent County Cougars! This year no way will I be going especially with all the bad press they have been receiving from their vendors and not paying their bills rent etc. Its a shame to have a place with all the bad press such as this in Schaumburg.

    David Simmons

    So-So Experience -- 2004-06-22

    Went to the game on June 20th, 2004. Nice park. Quality of play? LOUSY! If you're not a diehard baseball fan, you'll find that the friendly employees, affordable food, easy access, and other amenities outweigh the lack of quality ball. If you're a true fan, you'll be frustrated as pop up after pop up is misplayed, cut-offs are missed, and players look more like a local bar team than potential future stars.

    BTW, a previous input stated that you could only get to the gift store through an elevator. We initially thought this was true, but there is indeed a stairwell- it was just tucked in between a couple vendors, thus making it hard to see.

    So, if you have $10, the Cubs aren't on TV, and you want to watch a game where you think you could probably do just as well as the players, this is the place to be!

    Bill S.

    Old Reliable -- 2003-12-23

    Up until two months ago, my wife and I lived about 15 minutes from this ballpark. When I needed a live baseball "fix", this was a short car ride away.

    It's pretty easy to get to, and there's plentiful free parking. Tickets are inexpensive, and generally available on the day of the game. The staff, both promotions and concession, are very friendly and go out of their way to be helpful. If you're an aviation buff, Schaumburg's airport has a runway that virtually ends at the right field wall, so you get to see planes taking off and landing most evenings. The food is good, and they serve Goose Island beer.

    Negatives? Well, the only way to get to the gift shop once you're in the park is by elevator. The only other negative I can think of is that you have to climb an awful lot of steps to get into the ballpark.

    I've since moved so that I'm 3 miles from the Kane County Cougars, so I guess we'll be switching allegiances!

    Dan Doherty

    First visit to Alexian -- 2001-08-14

    I made my first trip to Alexian Field last night and was very pleased with the entire experience. Parking is plentiful (and free!!), the stadium is clean and nicely designed, and the view from the seats are great. I took my two sons (9 and 7) and they had a great time between the game, the food, and the between-innings stunts that the Flyers put on. I'd say the food was overall pretty good, although being a White Sox fan I am spoiled by the quality of the chow at Comiskey. As for the baseball, I was surprised at the quality of both the pitching and fielding--something that previous trips to the local--and oh-so-trendy--Kane County Cougars has never produced. I'd recommend this to anybody wanting a decent--and affordable--baseball experience for their family. (note: the Flyers offer a 15-game "flex" season ticket plan which is very affordable--I'm considering hopping on board next year. The tickets I don't use I can either sell or give away as gifts)

    Procol Harum

    Be prepared for kids and walks -- 2001-06-07

    Alexian Field is a nice minor league park. I think it's dimensions were patterned after Wrigley. It's in Schaumburg, just off the Elgin-O'Hare Expressway and next to the Metra station.

    I don't know about the quality of play. I saw an awful lot of walks and wild pitches at those games. Also, be prepared to deal with kids. Lots of families at these games, and lots of kids running around.

    Ron Kittle is the manager. Watch for him coaching 3rd base. Seems like he spends a lot of time waving or saying hi to various buddies and business associates in the stands.

    David Lair

    Take me out to the ball game! -- 2001-05-18

    The Flyers are the pinnacle of the minor league experience. I happen to enjoy minor league ball more than major league ball, and the Flyers may just be the ultimate package. The Northern League (independent of MLB) runs a great show. The quality is right up there with good AA ball in general, and every now and again you'll see a true major-leaguer rehabbing his career. The pitching is quite good, you'll definitely see mid-90s fastballs and some super movement.

    One thing I like is that Alexian Field is nice and roomy -- it takes quite a shot to take one out of there, so you're not there for a home run derby.

    The ballpark is just a mile or so from a little regional airport so on the right days you get a little airshow as small, private air craft take off and land on flight paths just above your seats. There is easy access and lpenty of parking and the park is beautiful.

    A must see!


    Matt Dick

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