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  • Staten Island Yankees
    Ballpark Richmond County Bank Ballpark at St. George
    League New York-Penn League
    Address 75 Richmond Terr
    Staten Island, NY  10314
    Telephone 718/698-9265
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    Staten Island Yankees - User Comments Add your own

    A Great Stadium, even for a Mets fan -- 2009-05-24

    I agree with previous comments that the stadium is beautiful as far as minor league parks go. It is right on the bay, and the seats are all directed towards home plate. I also think that the food selection has improved a bit since years past. It is a worthwhile trip, especially for a Yankee fan.

    Best Professional Park in the USA for sightseers! -- 2009-01-12

    The best minor league baseball park, without question! No other ballpark in American offers the views of Richmond County Ballpark of Staten Island. That includes the Major Leagues as well! The Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, Manhattan skyline, and Brooklyn Bridge, are constantly in view, as streamlined Staten Island ferry boats shuttle back and forth between Manhattan & Staten Island. The three Yankees/Cyclones games I attended were all sold out, with each game exhibiting quality baseball. The entertainment between innings is cool, and doesn't get in the way of the game. As a bonus, there were lots of well dressed, good looking women scattered throughout the park. The Brooklyn ball park is OK, but it can't beat Staten Island this time! The breath taking views of New York City Harbor, always behind the outfield fences is worth the price of admission alone!


    Parking -- 2004-01-28

    Where would you suggest as the best place to park?


    The Gemstone Stadium of Staten Island -- 2003-08-31

    Hellow everyone. The Staten Island Yankees Stadium is one of the nicest stadiums in the New York Penn League.The ticket prices are from $8 to $10 dollars.The park offers a great view from anywhere you sit. You can clearly see Manhattan and its surroundings.The 2 parking lots are big but you must pay to get in and also foul balls may hit your car in the right parking lot(not good).I suggest parking on the streets for free.The food is basic baseball food but they do have funnel cake that is very good. The games are only packed when they play the Brooklyn Cyclones.All other games are not sold out. If you go to the game come to section 9. Thats all the people that yell "Left-Right" when the guy on the other team strikes out.


    The Sec. 9 Left-Righters Member

    Concessions Update -- 2003-03-08

    Just to let everyone know, there will be a new concessions company at Richmond Bank Ballpark. They're the same company that manages Yankee Stadium among others. The SI Yanks owners tried to manage food inhouse and as we all knew it stunk. So don't let that deter you, it should be much better for 2003.


    Coming from the north? -- 2002-12-31

    If you are coming from the north (upstate NY, MA, CT, even northern NJ), consider this plan: take the car in the early morning, park at a garage in downtown NY, tour the sights of Lower Manh. like South St. Seaport, Ground Zero, etc. then take the free Staten Is. Ferry which lets you off at the foot of the park. Stand out on the deck for maximum views of the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island. For the usual cost of a Minors game plus parking, you see a baseball game, great views of the NY Harbor, Stat. of Lib., Ellis Island and the wonderful, historic, safe neighborhood that is Lower Manhattan.


    A nice park lost on fans who don't appreciate what they have -- 2002-04-28

    The food is cheaper than KeySpan because Staten Island does everything itself in house, but sometimes the lines are too long and ownership seems to do very little about it. The PA announcer banters on and on all throughout the game, trying to rev up the fans and get them into the game and he's usually not very succesful at it. Staten Island fans seem to be more engrossed in chatting on their cell phones and making constant trips to the concession stands every other inning than actually watching the game. It's a shame because the Yankee organization has done their part by putting their higher level draft picks on Staten Island's roster every year since their 1st season in 1999. This seems lost on Staten Island Yankee fans who seem to cheer on their players when they do it at all by calling out their numbers instead of taking the time to learn their names. The stadium is impressive, but a little too overdone and imposing as a minor league ball park for my taste. On the plus side, you can usually walk up to the window at game time and get a decent seat for that night's game unless Brooklyn is in town. That's in stark contrast to KeySpan park where tickets were sold out for the most part for the entire season only 3 days after they first went on sale.

    Baseball fan

    Great place to watch a game! -- 2002-02-26

    As a mini plan ticket holder, I may be biased but the RCSB Ballpark @ St. George is a great place to enjoy a game.

    The stadium is very clean and there is plenty of parking and very accessable to public transportation.

    The prices are very reasonable (i.e. $3.00 for a ice cold Corona bottle (with lime), you can't find that in a bar during happy hour!) and half the the price you pay in that overpriced bandshell the Cyclones play in that dump Coney Island.

    Jeff Staten Island, NY

    Jeff B.

    -- 2001-11-03

    I have been to the ballpark. It's a very nice park. The players are very good. This is a place to go if you want to see a good ball game. I do recomend however, to buy your food and drinks before the game starts. You have at least a 20 to 30 min. to get your food.(No Kiding!) This is not due to the lines being too long but due to the incompetence and unfriendly people who run, and work in the consessions. They don't seem to care how long you have to wait or how much of the game you are missing. I missed three innings waiting on a line of only about 15 people, to get only two hotdogs, fries and a soda. I had to repeat my order about three times, and after waiting another 5 min. They still got my order wrong. I also found it kind of odd that the people who run the park want the fans to bend down and help clean the stadium, and make it seem like it was a game. Don't they have workers for this?


    The View -- 2001-09-29

    This little stadium hiding on the North Shore of Staten Island is the most impressive Minor league Park I have been to. It is well laid out with plenty of room for walking and concessions. All the seats are have excellent views. The PA system does not attempt to overpower the game. The Park is kept sparkling. The grass is of course perfectly manicured. So far nothing exceptional. Now most parks looks like they where designed to be a billboard display first and ballpark second. At St George the Outfield has minimal signs, all the signs there is are subdued and the outfield wall is low. This is all design to command a view from every seat in the house of The Harbor. That is to say New York City Harbor. This of course means what you see when you look to the outfield is The Statue of Liberty & Brooklyn Bridge framing lower Manhattan. A commanding view of the tragically lost Twin Towers of the World trade center, all the way up to the Old man of Skyscrapers the Empire State Building. As night fell, the glittering gem of an the isle Manhattan is brought into view. No major league park as such a simple and elegant view as the small park known as The Richmond County Bank Ballpark at St. George.

    Jim Franchi

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