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  • Brooklyn Cyclones
    Ballpark Keyspan Park
    League New York-Penn League
    Address 1904 Surf Avenue
    Brooklyn, NY  11224
    Telephone 718/449-TIXS
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    Brooklyn Cyclones - User Comments Add your own

    A Fun Stadium for a Short Season Single A Team -- 2009-05-24

    If you are interested in seeing Brooklyn Baseball, there is no other place to go. They have a Brooklyn Baseball Museum at the park, a monument to Jackie Robinson and Pee Wee Reese. The stadium itself is a little quirky, but its neon fixtures fit in perfectly with Coney Island, the Cyclone roller coaster from which the team gets its name (that still works just a walk away down the board walk), and Astroland. The other awesome feature of this park, besides being a Mets affiliate in the same city (though different borough), is that it is literally on the beach. If you get to the game early, you can walk on the beach before catching the game, and even go to the original Nathans. I did not think the concessions were amazing, mostly basic ballpark fare. All in all it was a good experience. Also, unlike the first five seasons of the teams existence, the games do not sell out nearly as often. Thus, tickets are much easier to come by.


    Great Times -- 2005-04-18

    I've been to a dozen minor league parks from A to AAA, from Savannah to Utica to Lexington, KY and Columbus, Ohio and this is the best park I've seen a game in, no question.

    Great fans, interesting neighborhood. Highly recommended to the out of towner that wants to see the real New York.


    Best atmosphere around -- 2004-11-11

    I hadn't gone to KeySpan Park in three years, probably because of what Yogi said: "Nobody goes there anymore, it's too crowded." Well, it's still crowded, but even if the game is sold out (and many are), you can find tickets outside easily. And once inside, you're looking at perhaps the best atmosphere in the minors. I'm a Reading Phillies fanatic -- I think their stadium is great even though it goes back to 1950, because they do such a good job with everything -- but you can't beat baseball at Coney Island. I think Staten Island's ballpark is prettier, but Brooklyn is a better baseball experience. By the way, now that the D train runs to Coney Island again, it's not a horrendous ride -- 51 minutes from Times Square.


    KeySpan fits right into organization & area -- 2003-08-20

    This is a great park, a jewel on Coney Island, but what struck me was the atmosphere. It looks and sounds like a carnival, with lots of advertising, the background views and the structure. The Cyclones have made an effort to also fit in with a beach feel (the ushers wear Hawaiian shirts and the "polo shirt patrol" aka roving game ops staff are called beach bums) but that kind of flopped. It also is much different than Staten Island's park, which has a very "Yankee" feel--tradition, a solid place without tackiness. Both Shea and Keyspan make it more fan-oriented, colorful, etc. If you like that, then go here. If you don't, head to Staten Island where they don't sell out (I got fifth row behind home an hour to gametime).

    By the way, parking sucks and the subway is under repair. First base is the preferred seating area, as a hyper redhead named Party Marty swings his rally monkey on the dugout and leads cheers (but not in a rah-rah way, just pure energy). There's a museum onsite, I havent been there yet so I can't review it. And don't leave before the game is over like some people, they toss softie baseballs to fans behind the dugout at game's end.


    It looks like you're in the minority on this one -- 2002-04-28

    After only the first day of single game ticket sales, the Cyclones have sold approximately 85% of their season capacity for the 2002 season. That's an average of more than 10,000 a day. KeySpan Park was also named the best new minor league park for 2001 by Joe Mack's, If you haven't yet experienced this jewel of Coney Island, I urge you to buy your tickets now before you're locked out until next season.

    Baseball fan

    Overpriced and overated -- 2002-04-19

    Keyspan Park is overated! The prices are Major League prices and the neighborbood look like Beruit! The parking stinks also! It's not a park it's a bandshell. Don't believe the hype!


    -- 2001-09-09

    I was always jealous of the fact my dad was able to experience Brooklyn in the fifties. I've always felt that Brooklyn was at its best in the fifties. He always talked about his team...the Brooklyn Dodgers! Well Brooklyn is excited about the Brooklyn Cyclones! They sell out every night. To sit at a baseball game situated at the ocean is life at it's best. Tonight the Cyclones beat the Staten Island Yankees and will now play the Williamsport team for the championship. Brooklyn is back in it's glory and I just wish my dad was alive to share in this with me. Go Cyclones!

    Daniel Migliarese

    Beautiful! -- 2001-08-07

    I've been to two games so far and enjoyed each immensely. It's a beautiful ballpark, with good sight lines and a warm atmosphere. Capacity was increased to over 8,000 and still the games sell out. I guess that's what happens when you put a minor league team in a major league city, especially one as baseball-hungry as Brooklyn.

    I would hate to be a lefthand hitter there however because on both days the wind was blowing in from right field, from the ocean (but that keeps the place cooler in the summer heat).

    John Telesca

    Keyspan Park - Jewel of Coney Isle -- 2001-07-13

    Through July 12, 2001, the Cyclones have drawn 82396 in 11 home dates. Thats an average of 7491 in a park whose capacity of 7500. The excitement at this stadium is huge. This is a minor league park, but the fans are major league in every way. Interest in the return of professional baseball to Brooklyn is international in scope, with fans coming in from as far away as Japan.

    The park is located on Surf Avenue in Coney Island, a world famous beach resort area that had experienced a spiral of deterioration over the past several decades. Much of the amusement park, including the world famous wooden Cyclone roller coaster, is visible over the left field wall of the ballyard. Nathans Famous, a classic for hot dogs and other beach delicacies, is located two blocks east of Keyspan across from the Stillwell Avenue subway station, where four subway lines from much of the city terminate. As one exits the cavernous Stillwell Avenue subway station, the feeling is that the area is down on its heels, until Keyspan comes into view. However, there is a noticeable police presence and never a feeling that danger is imminent.

    Keyspan Park is built on the site of the old Steeplechase Park. Tickets are priced at 5, 6, 8 and 10 dollars this season. The park is configured to roughly resemble the departed Ebbets Field, with seating on three sides of the square. Behind first base, around home to third base, the spectator gets an individual seat. Beyond the bags to the recessed bullpens, there is reserved metal bench seating. Just prior to the season opener, general admission bleachers consisting of metal bench seating built on a metal platform were added beyond the right field wall. All bench seats have backs. The left field wall is twice as high as the right field wall and both walls are covered with advertising.

    Howard Simms

    Baseball is back in brooklyn -- 2001-07-12

    Keyspan park is a top notch facility. I saw them play the Vermont Expos on monday night and was very impressed with everything it had to offer. The views are slendid. Over the right field wall is the water and behind the left field wall are the flashing lights of the rides of Coney Island. The house was packed and the crowd was hanging on every pitch. If you can get out there this season do so while the excitment is still in the air.

    Daniel Prior

    Opening Day -- 2001-05-24

    I went out to Coney Island a few months ago (around Feb.) & checked out KeySpan Park. Things looked like they were coming along, but there was obviously a lot more work to be done. With the Cykes' home opener just one month away (June 25th), I was wondering if anyone else had been out to see the ballpark. How's it looking?




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