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  • Durham Bulls
    Ballpark Durham Bulls Athletic Park
    League International League
    Address 409 Blackwell St.
    Durham, NC  27701
    Telephone 919/687-6500
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    Durham Bulls - User Comments Add your own

    Great Stadium and Food Options -- 2008-07-16

    Obviously, the Bulls are one of the most well known teams in all of minor league baseball due to their immortalization in Bull Durham. However, the best thing about the Bulls may actually be that a trip to the stadium is very well worth the trip. The first thing you need to know is that this stadium is not the one from the movie. It is an entirely updated version (though they still have the Bull on the big blue wall in Left which they call the Blue Monster). What the stadium loses in nostalgia, however, is more than made up for in the amenities in and around the stadium. The food inside is probably some of the best and regionally specific I've ever had at a minor league game. By regionally specific I am really refering to the NC BBQ which, though far from the best in the state, is very good relative to most minor league baseball fare. However, right outside the stadium are several restaurants set in a great public space. I'd highly recommend the pizza at Mellow Mushroom, which is probably the best you can get in the NC area. So besides the wonderful stadium and food you actually get to see AAA baseball. Last year while I was there I saw a bunch of prospects including Seth McClung (now starting for the Brewers and doing suprizingly well) and Josh Hamilton on a rehab assignment from the Reds. If you are around Durham, and are a baseball fan, you cannot miss it. Just don't expect the stadium from the movie, which is not far down the road.


    -- 2006-11-05

    Just to correct a comment made previously...

    The Durham Bulls Athletic Park (the "D-Bap"), which replaced the old Durham Athletic Park (the "Dap"), was around before the Bulls made the leap from Single A to Triple A. It opened in 1995 and then was expanded for the team's ascension to Triple A ball in 1998.

    Although the DBAP is now more than a decade old, it is maintained impeccibly and remains one of the premier minor league parks in the country. The area around the park has also been significantly upgraded in recent years, thanks to the opening of the American Tabacco Warehouse District next door to the stadium which gives fans a number of dining and entertainment options before and after many games.

    Warren Kurtzman

    Great ballpark to visit! -- 2002-07-11

    Lots of tradition abounds in this great team. The Durham Bulls (yes the same one from the movie) are now the triple A team for the Tampa Bay Rays. They are in a nice state of the art stadium only 6 years old and provide great entertainment on a nice summer night. There is parking around along the street, mostly free, and a shuttle bus to take you to the park from your car if you want. Please try out the Bulls when you are in town sometime.

    Nick McBride

    General Review. -- 2001-06-08

    The Bulls park is NOT what you've seen in the movie :). Since the Bulls became a AAA team, they have a still-shiny new stadium seating about 10,000. You can't go wrong with any of the seats, really. Even the cheaper ones down the lines in the upper part of the stands are pretty close with a great view. There is also outfield lawn seating, but it's not a whole lot cheaper than actual seats along the baselines. My biggest complaints about the seating are the cupholders--great that they're there, but they're on the backs of the seats in front of you, and slanted!

    Parking is willy-nilly; there are lots of pay lots (~$4-5), and on-street (free) parking fills up quickly. There is a free lot that always seems to be empty when I've been to games; it's right across from a pay lot even. That lot is underneath a building (but still street-level, it's on a hill) across the street and farther along from the car dealership behind the ballpark. Wherever you park, you'll probably end up with a 5-10 minute walk, so take that into account. I'm sure there's some kind of public transportation (read: bus or shuttle), but I'm from Raleigh and hence always driven.

    The food is surprisingly expensive for a minor league game, but tastes ok. I believe there is kid stuff to do (playground-type thing) along the 3rd base side.

    By far the highlight of the Bulls is the daily appearance of former World Series MVP Pat Borders. Catch him while you can...

    Edward Clarkson

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