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  • Columbus Clippers
    Ballpark Cooper Stadium
    League International League
    Address 1155 W Mound St.
    Columbus, OH  43223
    Telephone 614/462-5250
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    Columbus Clippers - User Comments Add your own

    Update -- 2006-03-23

    Personally I love going to Clippers games with some friends and just sitting close to the players. Like others have said the stadium is a bit run down and in an odd part of town. That doesn't matter much longer because the stadium is being relocated to one of the best parts of town, the Arena District. Nothing has been built yet, but based on designs I have seen the new stadium is going to be real nice. Now it will be in a good part of town with plenty of venues and places to eat close by.

    Daniel Leitnick

    The Good and Bad of the Coop -- 2002-07-12


    Dime-a-Dog night, 10 cents a hot dog!

    You can move down to closer seats really easily.

    If you sit front row, you are close enough to talk to the players.

    Finally got rid of the artificial turf, field looks much better

    Merchandise shop has quite a wide variety of major league and minor league apparel


    Stadium sits in kind of a rough neighborhood

    Stadium looks a bit dilapidated

    Very few MLB score updates

    Team makes no effort to acquant players with fans. No player profiles are featured on the jumbotron.

    Not much of a selection of ballpark food. Hope you like hot dogs.

    Max Rieper

    General -- 2002-07-10

    All seats have backs. The sight lines are good, and there is very little screenage to obstruct views. Parking is $2, and is very easy to get in from I-70. However, exits are unmarked. When exiting the parking lot, you'll need to know to take the left lane and go left at the light, if you are going west. Go straight through to go east or proceeding to I-71 north or south. Generally, a nice AAA experience at Columbus.

    Jim Turner

    How apt -- 2001-07-24

    I thought the person who wrote about the rather elderly nature of the atmosphere hit it right on the head. Being in Columbus, the park and team are money-driven, of course, as is the rest of that city.

    Interestingly, the biggest promo night is 'Dime-a-dog' night, hot dogs for 10 cents.

    A lot of local gentry shows up and eats like true swine to the point of sickness. Very entertaining.

    Follow the signs closely on exiting, you could wind up somewheres where you might not want to be. FJ

    Flaco Jimenez

    Poop on the Coop -- 2001-07-20

    The thing that struck me about the Coop was the atmosphere. It felt like the "The old boys club". The ushers, concession workers, and even the ball "boy" were older persons. It just felt like visiting an old folks home rather than a family venue where all ages and etnic groups should be represented. Given that the Coop is half a mile away from a very low-income area of Columbus, I think some of these jobs could be better distributed. The scoreboard did not give any player info. Rather it was a constant stream of advertisements. Such as pushing a program or yearbook to win stuff. There were plenty of concessions and there is a nice park beyond rightfield celebrating Columbus' baseball history.

    Dale Stamann

    great atmosphere -- 2001-07-02

    i just saw a game at the coop as they call cooper stadium and must say that of the many many minor league ballparks i've been to it was one of my favorites. they have many giveaways, most in the nation this year, and the teams fun to watch. u get to see the million dollar man drew henson and other up and coming soon to be yankees. the price at the gate was very low and then almost every day thiers a discount of some kind, weather it be on food or admintence. their novilty shop was the best i've ever been to period. good prices, like $2 for a pennant, and great variety. so if u want to have some real fun and enjoy a good game the clippers r the team to go see.


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