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  • Kalamazoo Kings
    Ballpark Homer Stryker Field at Mayor's Riverfront Park
    League Frontier League
    Address 251 Mills Street
    Kalamazoo, MI  49001
    Telephone 616/388-8326
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    Kalamazoo Kings - User Comments Add your own

    -- 2006-10-23

    It's now called Homer Stryker Field. They've added a clubhouse and some other facilities so the park no longer has the barebones steel feel it used to have. General admission is five bucks, parking is free, and the concession offerings are not sophisticated but reasonably priced. It's a good place to see a game and recommended if you're in the area--and before or after the game if you're a craft beer fan, Bell's Eccentric Cafe and the Olde Penninsula brewpubs are a few minutes drive away.

    Alex Bensky

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