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  • Portland Sea Dogs
    Ballpark Hadlock Field
    League Eastern League
    Address 271 Park Ave.
    Portland, ME  04102
    Telephone 207/874-9300
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    Portland Sea Dogs - User Comments Add your own

    3rd base side -- 2009-08-30

    we all love hadlock ,great lil park .prices are good for beer & peanuts(sorry about the mess of shells on the 3rd base side on the 8/22)

    larry reynolds

    rainout? -- 2008-08-03

    2008-03-08 Stay away. Team allowed fans to sit in the stadium for three hours while a decision was made on an "un-playable" field. I have been to over 100 minor league parks and this was a horrible experience. Team was more than happy to open gates and allow me to spend my money on food and souviners, but when I asked for my tickets to be refunded (I was in from Chicago and would never have occasion to return to Portland)I was given the run around. Even if I lived in Portland I would never return after this "scam".


    Great night out with family. -- 2007-11-08

    My family and I always take in a Seadog game in July while vacationing at Sebago Lake for the past 4-5 years.Could not believe how much fun you could have for so little money.Tickets for my wife and I (Seniors) My son and his wife (Adults) and two grandchildren (child) came to about 28.00.Entertainment between innings was super.Food reasonable,and employees very courteous.We get a chance to see future major leaguers.If I lived in the Portland area I would certainly have season tickets.

    David C. Farrell Sr.

    Advice -- 2005-04-24

    Hi. I'm one of the Sea Dogs top fans, so I thought I'd post a bit of autograph advice on here. I know that more and more fans are starting to hound minor league teams for autographs, so here's a bit of advice:

    When going to Portland Sea Dogs games to collect autographs, I'd advice to NOT go down to the dugout to collect autographs. Players seldom sign down there, and when they do they are usually lesser-known ones. Instead, here are instructions to get to the best place to collect autographs.

    First, when you enter the ballpark, take a right and walk all the way down the concourse until you get to outside. You should then see a large grilled food place on your right. Straight ahead there will (most likely) be a group of fans standing behind a gate. this is where players come out to sign.

    Just a bit of advise. Simon

    by the way- check out my website for more tips:


    Stadium Review for 2003 -- 2003-09-14

    Overall Rating: A-

    Stadium A-

    It is been a couple of years since we last visited here and I must admit to having a warm place in my heart for Historic Hadlock Field. The statue of Slugger near the front gate sets the tone. The small seating bowl is comprised of box seats on the lower level and General Admission metal seats with backs on the upper level. Nondescript luxury boxes sit on the top.

    The view is dominated by Portland's answer to the Green Monster in left and a red brick auditorium behind first place. The red brick used in the stadium (like Asheville makes for a classy look). The field is modeled after Fenway in much the same manner that Scranton was designed to look like the Vet. Behind the outfield fence are trees making for a picturesque setting.

    The concession and gift stores are under the stands. Because of the limited size of the gift store and large crowds the team has opened up others along the concourse. Prices and selection are pretty good. Numerous food stands keep the lines down.

    The box and General Admission seats are comfortable and offer adequate legroom. The walkways in the seating area are narrow and it takes some moderate skill to move up and down. Try to sit so that the walkway is not between you and home plate. If it is people passing up and down the stairs will obstruct your view.

    The staff is friendly and helpful and very professional with one exception (see below).

    Atmosphere B+

    The team switched affiliation to the Red Sox this year and is reaping the benefits. Attendance is up and many fans are wearing Red Sox and Sea Dog merchandise. It is Jim Rice night and the place is packed. Tickets are hard to get. When we called we had to settle for the General Admission seats. Since parking around the stadium is limited the team included parking instructions, which is a great idea.

    A lot of groups in attendance.

    Value A-

    Box seats are $7; General Admission is a dollar less. By way of comparison we can purchase two box seats and spend $5 on parking and be just a $1 over the cost of two General Admission seats at Bowie, I won't mention Frisco.

    The food is good and prices not bad. The popcorn chicken at $3.50 were tasty; the Slugger Biscuit (cookies with ice cream in the middle) at $2 were the big hit. Also popular is the fried dough, $2. I had the fish sandwich and at $3 it was dry and tasteless. Not a lot of people buying the hot dogs and we didn't try one on this visit. The root beer float consists of root beer with soft serve ice cream on the top of the cup making for an empty space between it and the root beer. It looks great but could make for a mess.

    Parking around the park is limited. There is a large parking garage nearby but the cost at $5 seems high. The locals might know a better option but we didn't hear one.

    Odds and Ends

    Slugger is pretty active and popular. He has that in your face look to him but Karen thought he was cute.

    Part of the section to our right had been reserved for a group from Dunkin Donuts. In order to guard these reserved General Admission seats for the group an usher spent parts of two innings standing in the aisle way. Since he was between the fans in our section and home plate he blocked their view. He also made it hard for people to go up and down the aisle. When I asked him about this he told me that he had to guard the seats and could not sit down. Further a yellow chain was used to fence off the section. The staff let the chain remain in place nearly tripping several who tried to step into the aisle way. It was up to a frustrated fan to finally take it down.

    Karen and Kevin Flynn

    Portland -- 2002-07-02

    I've been to three Portland Sea Dogs games 1-2, including a pour of rain that went through 6 innings and it was cancelled and the other team got the win. It is a nice park. Views: 1: Right field line, there is a football field. 2: Far,far behind Right-Center Field, there is a view of the Portland Harbor if you're on top of the stadium 3: Around Center field Wall, every time there's a homerun, there is a lighthouse rising from the wall and fireworks exploding. Grady


    Fun place -- 2001-07-11

    Went to a SeaDogs game recently...a nice baseball park, indeed. All seats are great. There is no roof, so if the skies open up, prepare to run for cover. The seats are right next to the field, and this being AA, the players are all very friendly and are willing to sign some autographs and stop and chat after their work is done. Prices are good. Hot dogs are pretty good as well. No fans really get out of line, so it is a fun fan experience. And Slugger the SeaDog is the funnest mascot I've encountered so far in my life. :)


    Baseball is still fun -- 2001-06-07

    I often cover the EL for the Associated Press, but attend many games as a fan.

    I went to my first fan game last week with an old friend and I must say, it's quite a good presentation.

    My best thought is that this is what major leaguers were like before the big money hit.

    You can call a guy over after the game and chat or get an autograph or ask a question about something they did, it's no big deal.

    They don't have a cell phone, no posse with them, didn't just beat a drunk driving rap by having a $500,000 lawyer, still are excited about playing, and are happy to share that with you.

    I talked to the backup catcher on Bowie Baysox, the Orioles' AA club and he was polite and answered my questions about warming up relievers and pitch counts in the pen.

    BTW, his name is Tom McGee and I hope he makes it just for being a good guy.

    All seats at Hadlock are good ones, the crowd is very friendly and family-oriented, there's hardly anyone out-of-order, I can't even recall last time and that would never be tolerated.

    You are, of course, very near the players and the field and tickets are available for $4 and even those seats are great.

    The food is very good, especially Sea Dog Biscuits, an ice cream sandwich (very large one, too) that is just $2.00, which I have been known to indulge myself in on occasion!

    I like to sit behind home plate, so I can see the pitches coming in, it just kinds of centers everything out for me.

    I just usually hop a bus and head over, but if you are driving, there are plenty of parking places within a few minutes walk.

    I also like the old-time feel of it, with local businesses on the outfield fence, as opposed to ads, and wacky contests and the like.

    The thing I think I appreciate most is that I can watch a game with a friend or a date without having to duck two guys who have had way too many beers or without having to listen to profanity at full volume.

    The only downside of sitting in the stands rather than the press box, besides the camaraderie of the other media folks and team officials, is that in the regular seats, when I have two hot dogs, about three poporns, and a several sodas, is that it comes out of MY POCKET! :-)

    I would say that if you took in a game in Portland, ME's Hadlock Field, that you would have a very good time, feel a part of the crowd and add another good memory to your baseball experiences.

    Pete Estey

    Pete Estey

    Our trip to Portland, 8/00 -- 2000-09-29

    We included a trip to Portland to see the Sea Dogs this past summer. My two boys and I saw a game against the Rock Cats and had a wonderful time. Tickets were very reasonable, I think 6 or 7 dollars for excellent seats. There really isn't a bad seat in the stadium, however. One usher we met brought us up to speed on the team, and made sure we knew about promotions, where players would sign, etc. About the 7th inning he came over and told me it was time for us to move down to better seats! We had been to Fenway the night before, and while that was great, this was great too, just in a different sort of way. The cow milking contest was fun, one of the Rock Cats threw my son a ball, making him a Cleatus Davidson fan for life. He also talked to New Britain manager Stu Cliburn, after I told him I had seen him and his brother play on the Angels. The ballpark was clean, food was good, (get the fried dough), and people were friendly. We parked in a local lot for 5.00, and there are shuttles available from downtown. Overall, I would rate our experience an A. If you go to Portland, and you have kids (or even if you don't) go down to the harbor and take the lobster boat tour. Kids get to bait traps, measure the lobsters, throw back the small ones, and get a little dirty and smelly. Really a great time, and scenic lighthouses, etc..They only take 6 people out at one time so you're not crowded at all. Thanks..

    Mark Elliott

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